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In today’s video I check out Air Jordan 1 Low Black Toe! The Air Jordan 1 Low Black Toe had a release date of July 28th 2023 and a retail price of $140! The Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Low features university blue hits accented by black leather. Check out the full Air Jordan 1 OG Low Black Toe review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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In my opinion this could be the best Jordan 1 low of 2023 maybe even the best Jordan one of 2023. what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and today I'm reviewing The upcoming Air Jordan 1 low black toe These are tall I would buy it if it was A golf shoe looking for the highest all Right so I ordered these a couple weeks Ago and they're finally here there was No instant ship options on Goat so I Just had to go with regular goats so it Took a while but they're here and I Think I got them for like I'll put it up On screen because I don't remember Exactly but not too too much not enough To wear I felt bad about it but more Than I probably should have paid for Them so Inside the Box we've got a pair Of shoes that I have not yet seen this Is my first impressions of them before I Do the full review and I wear them for a Couple days the box is a standard Jordan One box it looks like now Jordan one Lows have been incredibly popular over The last year year and a half I mean More so than they've ever been inside This box we've got a pair of shoes that I think could be one of the most popular Sneakers of the Year obviously it's a Jordan one as you guys probably saw from The thumbnail on the title and just the Box of the sneakers but you've got a Pretty standard Jordan one box black With a red Nike logo on the top and on

The sides the tag of the box is Different than standard Jordan one boxes Because it's Jordan one low size nine The official colorway of this shoe is White black Varsity Red and it's the Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG so because the CLG Version it has the OG tags it's it's a Little bit um in my opinion it's the Best version of the Jordan one low but With that being said let's pop the top And see what we've got Do that I've actually been really Looking forward to this shoe look at This oh it comes with red laces Pre-started in the shoe interesting Comes with black laces I was getting Worried I was like that I don't want to Wear these red laces I will but I don't Want to next to a 2016 black toe it's I Mean it's pretty similar to Sammy's ad Colorway it's like the bottom half of The shoe they just cut off the top That's interesting the leather seems a Little bit I wouldn't say softer maybe a Bit more papery but not bad definitely a Good looking shoe I'm really excited About this sneaker I can't wait to rock This shoe and uh see how it fits I'm Sure if it's like a standard Jordan one But we'll find out together a little bit Later on in the video yeah I'm down with This release probably one of the best Releases of the year so the Air Jordan One low black toe officially releases on

July 28 2023 for a retail price of 140 Bucks and this genuinely could be the Perfect Jordan sneaker for this summer It's a low top Jordan one Lowe's are More popular than ever right now and It's one of the original Air Jordan 1 Colorways and it's actually really Really close to the EOG it's also crazy To me that it seems like right now Jordan 1 lows are more popular than Jordan 1 highs as sure which has always Been the more popular version of the two It's the original version of the two and Now the low top variant of it is a shoe That everyone wants I mean a few years Ago you could walk into the Nike outlet And find a pair of Chicago one lows for Below Retail and now they cost like a Thousand dollars on the resale Market It's crazy how things have flipped and I Believe that this is the first time that We've gotten the black toe colorway on a Pair of Air Jordan 1 low ogs we've Gotten them on Air Jordan one lows Before but not the OG makeup of the shoe With like the Nike Air on the tongue and Things like that so it's really exciting To get this release and when you compare It to the 2016 black toes the only pair Of black toes that I have it's actually Very very similar in fact this is Actually even closer to the original Shoe obviously the high top of the Original shoe the red on this shoe is

Actually a little bit closer to the Original than the red on the 2016 pair And while I love the original black toes I mean this shoe is amazing it doesn't Get much better than this the Black Toe Lows are a lot more wearable especially In the summertime and I know I'm gonna Get a bunch of people saying in the Comments that I prefer highs to lows I Do it's true the Air Jordan 1 bred high Is my favorite sneaker of all time but In 2023 with a pair of shorts I would go With these over these and actually Earlier today I went to the Apothecary Office and got some other people's Opinions on this shoe too okay so Chris I'm gonna show you a pair of shoes and You have to guess what shoe it is and The colorway and the colorway and the Colorway think upcoming sneakers Okay all right Dunkle red red and white Colorway's right the shoe itself isn't Right oh no Jordan one low yeah yeah I Want these they're sick I want these Yeah do you like the lows over the highs Highs but these are this is a really Sick colorway I buy them would you buy Them for over retail for resale I would Buy it if it was uh if they made it into A golf a golf shoe and guess the the Shoe in the colorway Nike sign Jordan One low you feel the color tumble Leather here and I don't even know what Jordan one low is coming out it's the OG

Colorway Chicago no I'm cool I prefer The highest would you rock these Probably no I wouldn't buy it but if I Acquired them through somewhere else I'd Wear it fair enough here you go shoe and The colorway Jordan one low yeah think Of upcoming Jordan one low colorways is It the black clothes you got it oh these Are tall I want to get these definitely Trying to go for these myself would you Pay resale for them uh maybe depending On what the price is but if I could snag Them for retail definitely get them for Retail but now it's dive into the Materials that make up this pair of Air Jordan 1 low black toes so starting off Around the toe of the sneaker you've got This surprisingly soft black leather mud Guard it's actually a lot softer than The unc's that we reviewed earlier this Week I don't know why that is but it Seems like a better material even though This is a much cheaper shoe I mean maybe That's not the case but the leather on The UNC ones felt a bit more plasticky Than this which feels super soft moving Up to the center of the toe you've got This white perforated leather which Isn't tumbled but it is pretty soft at The touch it looks like my pair also Came a little wrinkly too in fact goat Actually emailed me when I bought this Pair and they said hey your pair is a Little bit more wrinkled than other

People's pairs do you want to return it Or do you want to get a discount and I Said discount because I'm gonna wear This shoe and so the fact that it's a Little bit more creased doesn't really Matter to me because I'm going to crease It anyway but just keep in mind that the Retail pairs are the pairs that you buy From the store might not be as wrinkly As this pair continuing up on the shoe You've got more of that black leather on The eye stays of the sneaker which Actually looks pretty nicely tumbled and Then weaving through the eyelets you've Got these black laces Black Flag now What's interesting about these laces as You guys saw in the unboxing is that This shoe actually comes pre-laced with Red laces and these black laces come Inside that little cardboard box in the Main box I obviously went with black Laces and that's because I prefer this Color on this colorway of the shoe but The red laces also look good and I think More people might go with red laces just Because that's the lace set that comes Pre-started in the shoe then underneath The laces you've got this black nylon Tongue obviously significantly shorter Than a standard Air Jordan 1 ton and at The top of the tongue you've got this Black tag with the Nike Air logo Embroidered into it in red moving inside The sneaker you've got this black mesh

Fabric sock liner which wraps around the Heel of the shoe and then rounding off The inside of the sneaker you've got This white insole with a Nike Air Branding printed on the heel in black But at this point let's talk about Sizing and fit and to do that let me Show you guys me trying on this shoe for The first time I got another pair of Shoes polish pair of shoes are still out Yet we filmed both of them at the same Time guys I batch videos sometimes I'm Sorry what do you think of these I think They're nice let me see these I really Should have moved these yeah you like Them yeah they're nice one take one take Only here we go okay so I'm gonna try These shoes on for you guys let you guys Know how they feel on foot let you guys Know they fit like standard Jordan Ones And then uh give you my sizing a pin Opinion I guess and uh while I'm trying Them on my dog is sniffing my brand new Apothecary socks if you guys want to Grab a pair of puffcare socks they're Available on our website apothecary.com And also at Zoomies and also take out NY So grab a pair while you can they move Quickly tons of different styles tons of Different colors I don't know when this Video is coming out but we've got a Heskicks collaboration coming up which Is gonna be crazy grab yourself some Apothecary socks the most comfortable

Socks in the world and dogs love them Okay so without further Ado here we go Let's try on these Jordan one lows while Every bird in America is in our backyard I probably should have gone up one more Eyelet because the laces are a little Long looks like I love these Jordan Ones Too you like them do you actually like The one me yeah oh yeah they're cool They're nice right I like them a lot I Really I'm gonna go up one more eyelet And see it in the way yeah well yeah I'd Say I mean as you probably expected These do fit like a standard pair of Jordan one lows which for me is true to Size for you it's maybe something Different but I'm expecting it's true to Size so I would say go with your true Size unless you wear something different Than Jordan once but grab a size nine I Am a size nine these fit perfectly and Uh sizing wise as expected which is good Any last words George Just be careful You don't think I have the Seas Still need to hurt yourself I love these I actually really like these a lot but I Guess with all that being said back to The studio continuing back in the shoe You've got some more of that white Leather making up the midfoot panel of The shoe and on top of that you've got a Black leather Nike Swoosh then Continuing around to the back of the

Shoe you've got these two red leather Panels that make up the heel of the Sneaker and like I mentioned before the Red is actually a lot less saturated Than on the 2016 parrots visibly Noticeable but again I think that is Truer to the original Air Jordan 1 black Toe in addition to that the leather also Feels a little bit different than a Standard pair of Air Jordan Ones leather It feels a little bit more waxy a little Bit smoother which I actually don't mind It reminds me a lot of the Air Jordan 185s then to round things off on the top Half of the shoe you've got the Air Jordan wings logo printed on the heel in Black no debossing or unboxing in this Case it's just a straight on print which I'm fine with I would have preferred Embroidery like with the Travis Scotts But this is fine then moving down on the Sneaker you get to a pretty standard Air Jordan 1 midsole that comes in bright White and rounding off the sneaker You've got a Red Rubber outsole so I Really can't say it enough but this Might be the sneaker of the summer this Might be the best Air Jordan 1 drop all Year and it was a sleeper at least for Me I didn't think the shoe would be as Great as it actually is but now having It and wearing it and getting other People's opinions on it I just don't see Another Jordan one or even Jordan

Sneaker beating it out at least in the Summer but hey at this point I would Love to know your thoughts on this Sneaker so let me know in the comment Section down below thank you all so much For watching make sure to hit that Subscribe button and I'll see you all in The next one