Patent leather seems like a fairly easy material to clean, but it can be tough. There are a few things that could go wrong, but the main one is the possibility of scratches. Luckily the RESHOEVN8R Soft Brush gives my sneakers a deep clean while protecting the materials! #shorts

All right I got a cheap shoe on off-road Paid 134 at no box we're just gonna Clean it up see how much you can get out Of it start with that soft bristle brush We don't want to damage the shoe what You're gonna get a little minor stains Out nice and easy we'll move it to the Medium we got a little bit of a deeper Clean on this white insole make sure it Gets nice and bright for so it can be More presentable gotta get rid of these Creases pretty easy for these you just Get a towel get it nice and wet you feel Me drape it on top of it make sure it's Evenly distributed you don't want no Folds on there or nothing and then from Here just simply iron out the creases as You would a shirt not much science to This one we're gonna take some fire Picks post them on off rub see what we Get any bites I got on from a really Chill dude on Snapchat and then he told Me to meet right away so I just pulled Up and then he gave me a nice 170 for it