Restoring and customizing in one video to make the best sneaker release of 2022 even better! Today Vick Almighty cleans and repairs a Lost and Found Jordan 1 prior to turning it into a sample Black Toe Air Jordan 1.

These Jordan 1s were in rough shape to start, but since they are a must have sneaker we had to walk you through how to restore them. After a cleaning we noticed some scuffs and scratches; fixing scratches is easy, pick up some leather filler and follow the steps! After the scratch was filled Vick walks you through how to paint that classic Lost and Found red.

Once the restoration was done, in true Vick fashion, he thought of ways to make these even better. Although this custom was simple with a quick tongue swap, black paint on the toe cap and new laces, these sample inspired sneakers are top notch!

Do you think the Black Toe custom made the Lost and Founds better or should they have been left as is?

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What's going on everybody welcome back To the channel today we're going to be Restoring and customizing these lost and Found Jordan Ones a few weeks back I Showed you guys how to do a proper Deplete on this shoe in the shoe care Academy well since then I put them back On feet and trash them even more I even Had design our editor borrowed these Over the weekend he did some heavy Skating and got some heavy scratches all Around the sneakers well now it's time To fix that and made these look like the Sample black toe Jordan ones with the Black tongue you got some work ahead of Us so let's get started Laughs First things first we got to give this Shoe a good deep clean we're going to be Using our rejuvenator essential shoe Cleaning kit if you guys want to end up Step by step on how to properly clean The shoe click this link right here to Get all the tips and tricks to get the Best cleaning possible first things First let's take out our laces and Insole [Music] Next Step before we start cleaning the Shoe with water and solution we're going To grab our air compressor and blow off Any surface dust All prep ready to go next we're gonna Grab our solution and square two squares

Inside our bowl of water Next we're gonna grab our shoe tree Adjusting the size and put it inside the Shoe this is going to help us reshape The toe box once the cleaning is all Done Foreign To start we're going to be using our Soft bristle brush really for this Cleaning we're only going to be using The soft and the stiff we don't need the Medium however we don't want to over Saturate the shoe the biggest tip I Could share with you guys is the red Leather cam bleed if you scrub too much You can fade it or you can get it onto The white and it will stain so don't Over saturate the shoe let's start with The star bristle brush [Music] Foreign [Music] S look good no issues with that now We're on to the sole for this we're Going to be using our stay bristle brush [Music] This We're about 90 done with this cleaning Overall it looks really good however I Was starting to feel like I was cleaning A shoe with the same dirty water and Solution so I went ahead and grabbed Some fresh water and dumped out the old Stuff and got a fresh dried mat I was

Trying to feel like the wet Grime was Getting back onto the shoe as I was Cleaning it that's why it's good to have A backup for situations like this let's Go ahead and put some more solution into Our water and focus on using a medium Bristle brush really the only areas I Want to focus on is the stitching on the Sole and the stitching on the white Leather [Music] Episode Cleaning is complete the issue looks Great let's put it to the side real Quick and focus on the insole and the Lace for the install we're going to be Using our medium bristle brush and for The lace we're simply just going to put It in our leftover water and solution And let it marinate [Music] Cleaning is fully done the next step you Got to do is let the shoe air dry it's Really hot here in Arizona so I'll put The shoe outside the main thing I want To avoid is getting weird watermarks all Around the shoe after they dry so it's Really important to let the shoot evenly Dry Good to go with the cleaning we got the Shoe fully dried ready to go the white Is back to White same thing with the Stitching all around the sole we got rid Of all the dinginess the rest it looks

Good we didn't wash out too much of the Color the toe box is nicely reshaped Let's keep it moving with this Restoration The Next Step we're going to Do is take care of this super deep Scratch it's one of the worst scratches I've ever seen to start we have this big Piece of leather that's kind of hanging Off instead of chopping it off we're Gonna lay down some super glue to lay Down flat [Music] Good to go with that part we've got the Leather lay down nice and flat now the Rest of the area is still pretty chewed Up and shredded we got to get it nice And smooth so we're gonna start off with Using some 600 grit sandpaper to get rid Of the roughness [Music] Remember when you're doing this step you Got to take your time it's a process There's a lot of steps to it right now The next step we're going to do is lay Down some Angeles leather filter there's Some deep Critters thanks to the scratch We gotta go in and fill it in Once We Lay It Down we'll let it sit for an hour So let it fully dry and then we'll go Back and do some more sanding [Music] Thank you Leather filler's been applied we let it Sit next to the fan for a good hour and

A half it's ready to go now once again Using the 600 grit sandpaper we're going To sand it down to get the leather Filler even with the rest of the leather [Music] First session with the leather filler And setting is complete overall it looks A lot better and it feels better however As I rub my finger on that leather I can Still feel a little bit of that gash so I'm gonna go in one more time with the Leather filler and a small detail Q-tip And lay down some more filler after that We'll let it dry another hour and then We'll do some sanding [Music] Thank you [Music] The second coat of leather fill is fully Dried we wait about an hour once again We're gonna sand with a 600 grit All done with the sanding once again I'd Say we're about 95 there when you laid Down the paint job some of those Imperfections still show up so I'm gonna Go back lay down one more coat of Leather filler do some more sanding and Hopefully we don't see too many Imperfections for this step I'm gonna do It off camera good to go with this back Heel panel it looks good it's super Smooth let's move on to the front area Luckily for me these front scratches Aren't that deep so we're going to be

Using 600 grit sandpaper to get it nice And smooth and then we'll finish it off With some 800. [Music] Sanding is complete we got the leather Nice and smooth now we're going to Continue the prep work by using episode And cotton balls to prep the leather Specifically this panel these two parts And these two as well we are going to be Making these into the black toe Customs So all of those areas got to be prepped Before we lay down the black paint All right [Music] Prepper is complete we're gonna take a Break from the red leather and jump onto Something else we do have to remove the Tongue and replace it with a black Tongue later on in this video so using a Seam ripper we're going to cut both of These Stitch lines to remove the tongue [Music] Tongue is off in a bit we'll come back And install the brand new black one the Idea is to cover up all the red and for This we're not going to be using any Tape The reason why I'm not using tape for This specific paint job is because it's A lot easier for me to do so without it I can get into the smaller details and Avoid having to do touch-ups at the end Of this paint job laying down black is

Pretty easy but you got to make sure you Get in between every single little Stitch every little hole and crevice Because that red will show up [Music] Black paint job is good to go it looks Really good all around the next thing we Got to do is move on to these tons we're Using these black tongues from the Merino blue Jordan Ones I pull this from The donors from the 1985 Royal ones Project that I did with flipping kicks If you want to check out that full Restoration check out this video next Step we got to remove this blue Nike Tongue tag we'll replace it with this Red and black version that we got from Foxtrot uniform first we gotta use a Seam ripper to remove all the stitching Blue tag is off we'll save this for a Future project next uses a double-sided Tape we're going to lock the tongue tack In place in the front then with the Post-up machine we're going to sew it [Music] Tongue tags are in place next we're Going to apply these tongues onto the Shoe first we'll apply a little bit of Glue onto the tongue and onto the shoe We'll wait about 10 minutes we'll heat It up and then we'll stick it together After that we'll go to the Patcher and Sew it in place the idea is to apply the Stitching on the original holes

[Music] Um [Music] Tongue is attached we're done with the Custom side of things we're back onto The restoration I'm gonna show you guys How to get the perfect match when it Comes to this red what I always start With is using Angela's paints I gather All my Reds and other tones that may Come close to the red that I'm working With and after that I start narrowing it Down off the rip this red isn't vibrant It's on the darker side so automatically I'm just going to eliminate chili red And fire red because those are on the Brighter side when it comes to Restorations on Jordans and Nikes There's tons of variations of the red so When I'm trying to mix the color I Always start off with Angelus red as my Base [Applause] One thing to note is you want to start Off with very little pain and add as you Go you don't want to be wasteful and add Too much of one color early on because That may potentially ruin your mix now That we've got the red in the jar I can Already tell that this color is way too Bright for the red on the leather so We're going to be using some Scarlet Red To darken up the tone [Music]

Next as I'm looking at the shoe once Again I can tell that there's a pink Hue To it a dark tone so we're going to be Using some raspberry in the mix after That we're going to shake it real well And test it out Foreign [Music] Foreign Got the paint mixed up after comparing It onto the leather I can already tell This color is way too dark so we're Going to be adding some white to the mix To lighten it up Looks pretty good just give it a shot so For this part we're going to test that Out on the opposite side where the red Leather is invaded the idea is to apply It use the heat gun and if it dries and We don't see it anymore that means the Mix is perfect we don't want to do it on This side where it's faded because That's not the original red [Music] Got the perfect color match both of These panels look the exact same with This custom color mix all you got to do Is mix these four colors and you'll get The perfect match every time Unfortunately I do not have exact ratios For you guys I always just eyeball it if You find yourself in a situation where The color isn't Red Enough add some more Red if it needs more pink add some

Raspberry if it's not dark enough add Some Scarlet Red or if it needs to be Lighter add some white it's not that Hard let's go ahead and lay down the red On this opposite side Foreign [Music] Is down the color match is on point real Quick with some 2500 grit sandpaper We're going to go back and sand it down To get rid of any small imperfections After that we're gonna lay down some More red paint and then with this little Piece of leather we're going to paint it Red press down on it to get that leather Texture onto this piece [Music] Foreign [Music] Restoration is complete now let's lace Them up for this we're going to complete The age look with some foxtrot cream Laces [Music] All right everybody that is going to Bring us to an end on this lost and Found restoration and this custom Conversion into the black toes these Look so good they look like two Completely different shoes it's a night And day difference I can't wait until Nike releases their version in the Reimagined black toes until then I gotta Finish up the second shoot and rock

These black toes I showed you guys how To properly clean up this sneaker how to Fix a deep scratch in the leather how to Mix a perfect red for the leather on This shoe and of course the Customization side of things how to Change the red into black leather and How to do a full tongue swab this was a Lot of work but at the same time it Wasn't that bad this was a fun project And I hope you guys enjoyed this video And learned something one more thing Before I leave you guys we have a huge Giveaway to celebrate hitting 1.5 Million subscribers we're giving away These off-white UNC ones and these Off-white Jordan Fives in dead stock Condition but that's not all we also Just published our thousand video so We're giving away a thousand dollars too Many rolls all you have to do to enter Is check out the description Down Below Good Luck everybody and thank you guys For the continued support we wouldn't be Here without you guys I'll catch you Guys next Monday Foreign