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Today I’m reviewing the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Royal Reimagined! The Air Jordan 1 Royal Reimagined aka the Suede Air Jordan 1 Royal features a entirely suede upper in black and royal blue accented by a white midsole and blue outsole. The Air Jordan 1 Royal Reimagined has a release date of November 4th 2023 and a retail price of $180. Check out my full Air Jordan 1 Royal Reimagined unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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Jordan brand is trying something really Different with the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Royal reimagines it's a shoe that looks Like a classic sneaker but features very Different materials so the question is Is this newer Air Jordan 1 worth it so Just to get out of the way because I say It in every Jordan 1 review but the Air Jordan 1 is my favorite silhouette of All time and the Royal ones are a close Second behind well a close third behind The Brads and the Chicagos and I've had My pair of 2017 Royals since obviously 2017 it's one of my favorite pairs in my Collection and I've worn it a bunch and Honestly it's been 6 years since the Shoe released I feel it's time to get a Retro of the original Royal ones and I Guess in a way Jordan brand is giving us That retro but this time around in Suede And because this reimagined version of The royal ones it's such a huge Twist From the previous version I really want To know whether this shoe is not only Worth the retail price but also worth The resale price because I'm assuming When this shoe drops it will probably go For above retail because it's an Air Jordan 1 and it's a classic colorway now Obviously I don't think it's going to go For as much as the original Air Jordan One Royals but I definitely think there Is going to be a price premium so in Today's video we're going to do just

That that I'm going to review this shoe From all angles the materials The Styling the color way and also how this Shoe Fits and then at the end of the Review I'll tell you guys whether I Think this shoe is worth the retail Price and the resale price well why Don't we start things off with the Retail price which is $180 when this Shoe officially releases on November 4th And I know we're going through an Inflationary period and the prices of Everything are going up but $180 is a Lot to pay for a pair of Jordan Ones Granted we pay like $220 for other Sneakers like Jordan fors but still when You're used to paying 160 or even $1 170 For a pair Jordan 1es 180 does sting a Little bit more but hey maybe they raise The price not only because the materials Are slightly different but also because The box is different and speaking of That let's take a look at the box so the Air Jordan 1 Royal reimagines come in a Slightly reimagined box the main finish On the box is this satin black which I Think looks amazing and is pretty Standard for a pair of Air Jordan 1es However the main difference on this box Is the glossy blue accents on the logos And on the lines around the outside of The box and I know some people hate when I talk about boxes because at the end of The day no one's going to see the boxes

They're only ever going to see the shoes When you wear them so they don't really Matter that much much but in my opinion When it comes to product design Packaging is super important and so when You can package your sneakers in a box That looks better than a standard box I Say go for it and personally I think This box is really nice I might even Like it more than the shoes just kidding About that but am I on the front of the Box you've got the size tag as you can See I had to grab a size 10 grabbed it From fine line 1721 shout out to him Unfortunately he didn't have any size Nines at the moment so I went with the Size 10 but I have other size 10 Jordan 1es in my collection so I'm still able To give you guys sizing advice cuz I'll Try on that pair and then try on this Pair and we'll see sort of the differen Is there and the official colorway of This Air Jordan 1 retro Royal reimagined Is black royal blue white but getting Back to the shoes themselves the main Difference between this pair and the Standard Air Jordan 1 Royal is the fact That they switched out all the leather Panels on the upper of the shoe and Replaced them with Suede and newbook and I get that Jordan brand is doing this Whole reimagine thing with their OG Colorways and OG sneakers last year we Had the lost and found ones which was my

Personal sneaker of the year they Featured the Chicago colorway with some Cracked leather on the upper and of Course an aged midsole to make them look Like they had been sitting in a box for The last 30 years years then earlier This year we got the reimagine 3es which Of course was the white cement 3es with Some age details on the heel Tab and Also on the midsole of the sneaker which I also really like and was my sneaker of The year until a different sneaker came Out you guys have to wait and see what That sneaker is when I drop my top 10 List so stay tuned next year we're Apparently getting the reagin fours Which are the bread fours but instead of Suede we've got leather and this year on November 4th we're getting the Reimagined Royals which again switch out The leather for suede so it's kind of The reverse of what they're doing with The bread fours and I'll be honest while I didn't love the idea of pre-aging Sneakers when they first announced these Reimagined ones and threes once I Actually got them in hand I really love Them I thought the cream color actually Added a lot of contrast and I really Like the cracked leather on the Air Jordan Ones when it comes to this Reimagine though while I think this is Still a clean looking sneaker and a Decent Air Jordan 1 it just doesn't have

The same vibe to it it feels a little Bit too playful too childish on this Shoe which I know is stupid to say CU They literally just change the material But there's something about the vibrancy Of this blue that just doesn't work for Me as much but diving into the materials Themselves around the toe of the sneaker You've got this black newbu mudguard Which is pretty sof to the touch and Feels decent I actually don't know how Good the quality of this new Buck is There's really no way to definitively Know unless you cut the material in half And check the grain which is something I'm going to leave to Rose ambil cuz he Does that way better than I ever could I Don't even have the tools that you need To do that so I guess from my point of View it feels fine to the touch it Doesn't feel exceptional it just feels Fine moving towards the center of the Toe you've got this bright royal blue Suede which features your standard Air Jordan 1 perforations and while this is Not the first Air Jordan one that's done Up in suede it's definitely the first Time that we've seen a colorway that's This iconic done entirely in this Material now when it comes to the actual Feel of the material it feels fine again I don't really have any way of telling Whether this is great suede or not great Suede unless I actually cut it open it

Doesn't feel super premium in fact the Entire shoe compared to the standard Royal ones doesn't feel that premium and Especially when you compare to the last Release of the royal ones that came in Leather it doesn't feel as expensive Plus I mean when you see the two colors Together this deeper blue is just so Much cleaner so much more wearable in my Opinion than this sort of really bright Playful blue and I kind of like this Sort of semi gloss finish on the leather Ones which leather usually has a finish Like this so it's pretty standard for Jordan Ones but it just it just really Reflects light nicely in a way that this Can't continuing up on the sneaker you Get to some more black Nuuk on the ice Dayss and of course weaving through the Eyelets you've got the flat black laces Now Inside the Box they do give you a Second set of laces in that recyclable Packaging it comes in a bright blue that Matches the suede perfectly and it's Actually not a bad color to swap in for These laces I like to keep my regular Royals in a standard black cuz it makes The shoe just feel cleaner this shoe is Already a little bit more playful it Takes itself a little bit less seriously I'm getting too into this but either way I would feel less weird putting blue Laces on these not that there's anything Wrong with putting blue laces on the

Standard Royals it's just not something That I would personally do on that bear And I would consider doing on this pair All my own opinion though you can Absolutely have your own opinion and do Whatever you want with your laces then Underneath the laces you've got this Pretty standard black nylon tongue then At the top of the tongue like a lot of Other pairs of Jordan 1es you've got This black tag with the Nike Air Branding in blue moving inside the Sneaker you've got the standard black Fabric sock liner which feels a little Bit softer than some of the other recent Jordan 1es maybe they've sort of moved Away from that rougher fabric I'm not Sure compared to like really any of the Other Air Jordan ones that have released Over the last decade or so it does feel Smoother and softer I think they've Moved towards this honestly across the Board but I'm not 100% sure and then Rounding off the inside of the sneaker You've got this pretty thick foam insole That comes in black with the Nike Air Branding printed on the heel in blue but Now let's get into sizing and fit and For that I'm going to take these guys Upstairs and try them on see you guys in A sec yo I got a new pair of shoes to Show you I'll see them oh wait actually Have you checked out my bag what this is My brand new Soul premise bag shout out

To Soul premise for sponsoring today's Video if you guys have not yet heard About Soul premise you're missing out Because Soul premise makes the best Sneaker bags out there so let me show You guys what I got my soul premise bag Obviously because today we're trying on The Royal ones I've got that's well They're not in that pocket I've got both The uh the 2017s and the reimagine pair Which we're going to throw on right now The great thing about Soul PR bags is Not only do they hold up to five pairs Of sneakers depending on your size and They're also all TSA approved which Means you can bring them onto the Airplane with you rather than having to Check them underneath the airplane so You can keep your valuable sneakers Looking fresh and not worry about Whether they're getting lost or not like This color way isn't this bag sick yeah I was going to say that pattern's cool It's dope and it actually goes pretty Well with it's a slightly different blue But it's close enough yeah and also Actually one other thing inside this bag In the fifth pocket we've got the Apothecary Halloween collection which is Dropping on Friday the 13th and this Black and glow inth the- darkart Colorway is dropping actually at zumies In the Linux mall I'm going to be there For a pop-up shop if you guys are in

Atlanta make sure to stop by on Friday The 13th it's going to be sick needless To say this bag is incredible for Holding your sneakers it keeps them safe And you can get a bunch of different Styles and colors depending on what you Like personally and if you guys want to Check out Soul premise for yourself Which I definitely recommend they Actually have a discount code you type In Seth at checkout and you get 40% off Your entire order it's definitely worth Checking out and huge thank you once Again to Soul premise for sponsoring Today's video and also giving me a way To carry these sneakers from inside to Outside like that nice promo okay cool Actually while we're at it are there any Sock colors you think would be best for These shoes maybe the white and black One from the Halloween collection yeah That would look nice yeah there's some Other good colors too we got orange and Black we got black and glow which is Fire like I said available at zumies on Uh Friday the 13th let me throw these Guys on cuz white and black will work Well well you're not showing my toes Right you don't want me to no I Definitely don't want people see my toes Not for free at least check that out They say Trick or Treat on the toe isn't That awesome got the little skeleton Dope I'm excited about trying these on

Because you know they're a new pair of Jordans Jordan one's my favorite Silhouette now I'm expecting them to fit Like every other pair of Jordan Ones now These are a size 10 so they are slightly Larger than my standard Air Jordan one Size however um I own other size 10 Jordan 1es so I'm expecting them to feel Like my other size 10 Jordan 1es yeah That feels pretty much the same as all My other size 10 Jordan 1es so I would Say that these are probably true to size But how do you feel about them on foot Cuz obviously you've seen Jordan 1es Before they're usually leather what do You feel about the suede personally I Was just going to say the suede's really Nice do you like it yeah what do you Think about the colors like the blue and The black yeah I do 2017 release of the Royal ones next to the 2023 Royal one Reimagines which one do you like better I like the classic yeah fair enough but The suede's cool it's nice to switch it Up which one do you like Better I think he's leaning suede ooh Good good choice wow good job Ben so Guys if you're wondering about sizing on These reimagined Royal ones I would say Go true to size or whatever your Standard Jordan one size is they fit Just like every other pair of Jordan Ones at least in my opinion so so Realistically if you go true to size or

Even if you go up a size or down a size Do the same thing that you always do With these shoes because it'll feel the Same and material wise honestly it Doesn't make much of a difference so They feel the same on foot too Continuing back in the shoe you've got More of that black newbu on the midfoot Panel of the shoe and the black newbu Actually continues all the way up to the Top of the ankle area and continues all The way around the back of the shoe it Doesn't change to like a smooth their Black leather like a dozen other pairs Of Jordan ones of course on top of the Black newu you've got this bright blue Suede Nike Swoosh you've got more of That blue suede around the heel and Towards the top of the shoe and on the Lateral side of the shoe you've got the Embossed wings logo in Black moving down On the sneaker you get to your standard White Air Jordan one midsole and then Finally rounding off the look on the Bottom of the sneaker you've got this Matching royal blue rubber outsole so Back to the original question is the Air Jordan 1 Royal reimagined worth the Retail price and the resale price and I Think it's sort of a two-part answer so First off this $180 shoe is solid it's a Clean colorway on my favorite silhouette Of all time and honestly the material is Fine it's not exceptional but it's not

Bad now what I personally pay $180 for This pair of shoes if I saw it in a Store sitting next to something like the Satin breads which I believe is the same Price N9 out of 10 times I would Probably not buy this shoe for my own Personal wear that being said I don't Think it's a bad sneaker I love the Colorway if I didn't have a pair of Standard Royal ones I probably would buy This pair but for me personally for 180 Bucks I probably wouldn't drop it on This shoe I also definitely wouldn't Drop resale on this shoe unless I really Needed this shoe for something like Maybe an occasion where it matches Perfectly or a video for me it's not a Hit for you though the answer might be Different again I think this is a solid Shoe I think the materials are clean and The colorway is clean if it's a shoe That you really want grab it for retail I don't think you should have too hard Of a time now if you miss out on this Shoe for retail and it's a shoe that you Really really want then sure grab it for Resale and I've made sure to leave an Affiliate link to stockx in the Description below if you guys want to Check it out while I appreciate Jordan Brand trying something different with Some of their more popular Silhouettes This shoe is uh it's only okay for me But hey now I'd love to know your

Thoughts on this sneaker so make sure to Let me know in the comment section down Below also hit that subscribe button if You haven't yet and I'll see you all in The next one