Welcome Back Reshoevn8tion to this Weeks Shoe Care Academy???????? featuring Miguel, who will be cleaning the Spider-Verse????️ Air Jordan 1. Our video editors little brother wore these to work????????️ so these are absolutely cooked. let’s see what Miguel does to bring these back from the dead!

What Did we Use?????
In this cleaning Miguel used the Reshoevn8r signature kit because of its cleaning Versatility. With so many different materials on this shoe Miguel needs all he can to give it a deep clean. The signature kit features the Reshoevn8r patented sneaky laundry system, a pair of shoe trees, microfiber towel, cleaning solution and soft, medium, and stiff brush. This kit gives you everything you need to give your sneakers an effective clean!

Miguels Sneaker Cleaning Highlight Reel????????
-He uses the soft brush on the uppers, medium brush on the midsole, and stiff brush on the outsole which got rid of most of the grime covering the shoe.????
-When cleaning the uppers he makes sure to clean it panel by panel and drying it immediately after to avoid having the red materials on the shoe bleed into the white leather.????
– Miguel then cleans up the suede with the Suede revive bundle making this delicate material go from crusted to silky smoothy in a matter of seconds.????
– He really showed off in this video, so much so he didn’t even have to use the sneaker laundry system!????

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[Music] Welcome back to shoare Academy it's your Boy Miguel Street back here for another Cleaning now in today's episode we will Be cleaning the spiderverse Air Jordan Ones this is the second collab of their Collection so real quick drop a comment And let us know which one do you prefer The first or the second and we'll get Into that Later You already know we didn't come to play Around for today's cleaning we'll be Using the rejuvenator signature kit now The reason that we're going to use a Signature kit is because we got a good Amount of different materials on the Sneaker I'm not exactly sure how they're All going to react so we'll find out Together and if needed we'll definitely Toss it in the washing machine our video Editor's little brother wore these to Work for about a week now I know he Works at Home Depot so I got to give him A little slack but he didn't hold back On these at all so to make my job a Little bit easier I think I'm going to Go ahead and spray some renator Deodorizer we got our cleaning station Set with all the necessary tools we'll Need to get today's cleaning knocked out So with that being said let's get this Shoe out the way now we're going to take Out these laces so we can get to

[Music] Rocket now that we got the Sho tree in Our sneaker now that's going to allow us To put as much pressure as we need to on That toe box during the cleaning now the Next step take our 4 oz bottle of Solution give yourself two squirts the Soft bristle brush is great for breaking Down that surface level dirt and grime Once we're done with that I'll be able To tell if there's any deeper staining That needs the medium brush once we're Done with that we'll jump over to this Outsole and clean up this translucent Sole which is one of my favorite parts Of the sneaker with our stiff bristle Brush and sometimes there's some deeper Stains that sticks around on this mitole So we can take care of that with the Stiff brush as Well soft brush is working out pretty Well it's cleaning this tongue up better Than I thought it would it was looking Pretty denty at first but few passes of The soft brush we were able to get most Of that dirt from out of the Tongue I have been seeing a little bit Of bleeding around this area now I'm not Completely sure if it's from the suede Or the newbu but as I'm scrubbing I've Been quickly wiping it off just so it Doesn't get too bad and staying on the White leather cuz that's not what we Want

[Music] All right my people this cleaning is Coming along great everything's doing What it's supposed to do right now we Just got to tackle this ELO with our STI Whal brush I don't think we'll need to Put this sneaker in the washer it's Cleaning up pretty great so we'll see How it looks after it Dries all right my people we basically Got this pre- cleaning knocked out so Now let's take our lace drop it in this Water it's a black lace so we're not Going to have too much trouble getting It back clean swish it up a couple times A quick scrub a duub du wash those hands Like a rubber Duck once you got that excess solution And water all sposed out of the lace Just want to take your microfiber towel And give it A pull through all right no this thing Is not moving if I really try to get it Out I'm probably going to rip it so that Is not what we want so let me go get Some gloves and then we'll do a quick Pass with the soft bristle brush maybe Even the medium I think we'll do the Medium actually because this needs some Real [Music] Looking all right we got that insole as Clean as I possibly could I'm going set This shoe outside to dry and we'll check

Back in tomorrow let's do It we're back we got the sneaker Completely dried and it's looking pretty Clean I can't be mad at it but once Thing I am noticing there are some Scratches here and there on the sneaker Now as I mentioned earlier these were Worn putting in a bunch of hours so I'm Just assuming that's where it happened Now Vic has fixed this issue a ton of Times on the channel pretty much what it Will consist of is starting off with Some 400 grit sandpaper sending it down Getting this roughness flush with the Rest of the leather after that you'll Apply a thin even coat of leather filler Let that dry and then sand that down so That it's flush with the rest of the Leather last thing you would need to do Is apply some paint so it looks like Nothing ever happened in the great words Of Vic but I am not Vic Almighty so I'm Going to do some things that I can do Which is fix this dry suede it's feeling Pretty crunchy because we got it Wet and then on the back this paint is Looking pretty faded and that's not what We want so luckily we've got some mink Oil that's going to help bring that Color back to life first things first Take our Dy sued eraser and get to Work [Music] As you can see here on the sneaker we've

Got two different types of suede this One right here is already back to its Original texture it didn't take too much Work but this one back here boy it's More of a long hair suede as you can see It's looking more nappy it's more Crunchy and it's going to take a little Bit more effort to get back to its Original texture no worries at all Because the dry Su kit got us covered Take your brush brush in all Directions check your progress and just Those couple Strokes got us in a better [Music] Spot all right so we got that taken care Of shout out to that dry sued kit in the Mink oil I do want to talk a little bit About this sneaker before I lace it up When I first saw the photos I was a Little bit skeptical the Chicago one is My favorite colorway so I'm looking at This shoe like it's another Chicago Colorway that nobody asked for and that We didn't need it's a lot going on it Just felt very busy with all these Different elements on the sneaker fast Forward a little bit to when I actually Got a chance to watch the movie I really Liked it now I'm not a huge movie buff Or movie nerd but this one definitely Stuck out I really liked it everything From the Music Choice from the shots as A videographer and an editor I really Pay attention to that type of stuff and

You know it really just hit all the Marks for me one of my biggest XS with This sneaker had to be this polka dot Kind of psychadelic Vibe they got going On and after I watched the movie I Changed my mind on it because it's very Prevalent throughout the whole movie if You pay attention you just notice this Psychedelic effect the different color RGB Vibes kind of going on so it's kind Of cool that they actually threw that And implemented it nicely on the sneaker Another detail that I'm still not a big Fan of has to be this tongue now it's Just very stiff it just doesn't seem Like it'll sit nicely when you're Wearing them it's very high like you see How high it is um and this tongue tag I Feel like Nike and spiderverse I'm not Sure what those meetings look like but I Feel like we could have got a much more Creative tongue tag maybe a Spider-Man Logo a web something to do with the Movie but this just it's not really Doing it for me it's a hard shooting Mess up enough about what I don't like I'm actually a really big fan of this Out sole it's the perfect amount of Translucent without being too clear in My opinion let me know in the comments What were your initial thoughts on the Sneaker and if it's a cop or a drop that Being said let's lace this sneaker up so We can Get on Up out of

Here all right this cleaning has come to An end and I am very satisfied with the Results so it's only right to give you Guys a quick before and after from where We started and where we at now you went From can I have a dollar to let me holla To achieve these results today we used Our rejuvenator signature kit now this Kit does come with our patented laundry System but we did not need to use it Because our soft medium and stiff Brushes did everything they needed to do And they got this shoe cleaned up nice And well I didn't want to risk any Bleeding or fading on the rest of the Sneaker with all these different Materials that we got going on plus a Little bit of mink oil in our horse hair Brush got this sneaker looking like it Should you can find all these products And more at ru.com and if you stuck Around this long we definitely Appreciate you want to show you some Love all you got to do is comment Spiderverse and we're picking one lucky Winner to win their very own signature Kit that being said make sure you leave A like And subscribe if it's your boy Miguel Street and I'll see y'all next Time [Music] Peace