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In today’s Shoe Care Academy video we are switching it up and you get to see the cleaning from our point of view! We will walk you through a step by step tutorial on how to clean the Metallic Blue Air Jordan 1s. These leather sneakers were pretty covered in dirt, dust and grime.. Plus what you didn’t see is they were even worn to landscape on a Saturday morning! Before you say it… I know who landscapes in Jordan 1s?!

For the first step of this cleaning as always we had to prep the cleaning station and the sneaker for the cleaning process. We removed the laces and inserted the Adjustable Shoe Tree to assist with the shape of the sneaker. Once the sneaker was prepped we had to start with scrubbing!

In the beginning of this cleaning we planned to use our Essential Cleaning Kit to break down the grime. The 3 different brushes and natural solution did an incredible job on the leather and rubber portions of the sneaker, but ultimately that tongue was just too far gone! We had to pivot to the washing machine to give the sneaker a better clean.

There are a lot of benefits to washing shoes in the washing machine, but one of the main ones is the ability to deep clean the tough materials like the stitching, the tongue and the sock liner.

Once the shoe was out of the wash, all we had to do was lace it up. And yes… I know TERRIBLE lace job! But besides that I’d say RESHOEVN8R did its thing with this cleaning.

Let us know in the comments do you like this vibe? Or do you prefer normal ASMR, our normal videos or a different technique?!

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Today we're going to be cleaning up These metallic blue Jordan ones that Have definitely seen better days these Aren't too bad so we're just going to be Relying on our rejuvenator essential Cleaning kit I don't think that they Will need the washing machine but let's Get into the cleaning For the first step of this cleaning all That we have to do is remove these laces And then insert our adjustable shoe Shape [Music] Thank you Now that the laces are out we can get a Better look at this shoe overall the Leather is just a little bit Dusty so we Can take care of that with our three Brushes in solution the hardest part of This cleaning will be the stitching the Stitching is notorious for leaving that Trapped in dirt in there as well as this Mesh tongue the tongue is super thick so It could absorb some of that dirt but We're going to clean it and see what Happens [Music] We added the shoe tray into the sneaker This will help fold the shape of the Sneaker throughout the entire cleaning As well as take care of some of the Creasing on the toe box it won't Completely remove the creasing but it Will help and then also if we do end up

Needing to put these in the washing Machine just due to the tongue and the Stitching we will leave the shoe tree Inserted to hold the formula sneaker Throughout the washing machine and the Drying process now that we got that step Out of the way all that's left to do is Clean we're going to be taking our soft Bristle brush and hitting the entire Upper material on the sneaker before we Even get started with that I need to add Two squirts of solution to our bowl of Water [Music] You want to mix our solution two squirts Only with four ounces of water to get The best clean our solution is super Concentrated so you don't need to add a Ton of it to get the right results now We're going to go in with this soft Bristle brush [Music] The soft bristle brush is a great option Because it is safe on all materials you Can use a soft bristle brush to create All the bubbles that you need on leather Suede mesh canvas knit nubuck whatever Sneaker you're cleaning as well as the Sock liners and the tongue to really Break down all of the surface dirt and Run one important thing to note when you Are cleaning is that you don't want to Apply too much pressure to the sneaker It's just not necessary just move the

Brush in multiple different directions To break down the dirt this goes for all Three of our brushes you don't want to Push super hard you can break some of The bristles out it's just not necessary [Music] [Applause] [Music] I think I've done all I can with the Soft brush so now we're going to be Wiping down the sneaker using our highly Absorbent microfiber towel I'm just Going to wipe up all these Suds and see What the sneakers looking like Thank you Foreign At first glance the leather cleaned up Really good with the soft bristle brush There is still some deeper staining on The front of this toe box as well as I'm Noticing that there is some paint that Is coming up on this toe box so that Spot unfortunately will not come clean With just cleaning products it would Need a repair also the tongue is still Super dingy you might have noticed when I was drying it off that I was squeezing Out the excess water with the towel the Tongue is going to soak in as much water And dirt as possible so we are going to Be hitting up that portion as well as The toe cap with our medium bristle Brush and we'll move into that right now Our medium bristle brush is the second

Toughest brush in our Arsenal works Really well for midsoles as well as Leather materials when you're using it On suede or mesh or knit materials you Don't want to apply a ton of pressure Because you can stand those materials But on leather you are perfectly okay Just grab as you want so I am getting The stitching it'll get more of the dirt Out of there than what our stiff bristle Brush did also on the midsole there's This really hard Stitch to clean it's One of the hardest places to clean on The sneaker so I do apply a little bit More pressure than I normally would in That area just to fully get that dirt Out of that stitching and then also on The back there is this heel drag portion That did not come out with the stiff Bristle brush so I will be hitting that With the medium [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] All right we are done with the first two Brushes in our Arsenal overall this Leather looks really good the stitching Is looking a lot better after that pass With a medium brush there is still some Darker spots on the stitching I might Need to use the washing machine just Specifically for that stitching and this Tongue tongue is still not looking like

It did when we originally got these Sneakers so we're gonna clean the rest Of the sneaker and then we'll reevaluate Which kit we're going to be using but Overall it looks really good there is One deep seam here I'm not sure if it's Grass or what it is it also kind of Feels like glue I did hit it with all of The brushes as well as our microfiber Towel and it isn't coming off so we will See after if we put them in the washing Machine if that stain comes off but Overall there are just some stains that Do not come off the sneaker Don't Panic It's okay before I flip to the outsole I Am going to take the shoe tree out and Properly clean the inside of the sneaker The main reason why you want to clean The inside of this snake is just to give A deep clean and disinfectant after all Unless they're your shoes you really Don't know where they've been and then We'll remove our insole to scrub with Our medium bristle brush Foreign [Music] Treatment we are going to be hitting This grimy outsole using the stiff Bristle brush [Music] Stiff bristle brush is by far the Stiffest brush in our three brush pack It is perfect for cleaning rubber Material it works great on outsoles as

Well as on painted midsole you don't Want to use it on a painted midsole Because you can't take the paint off but You can use it on these on painted Midsoles to really get deeper into this Stitching as well as get off any seal Drags or toe drags that you might see on Foreign [Music] Treatment I would say that the sneaker Looks pretty good but it definitely can Be better there is those tricky areas as I mentioned so I am going to be throwing These in the washing machine I'm going To put the shoe tree in so that it holds The form of the sneaker in the washing Machine and then I will put them in our Sneaker laundry bag I had originally Mentioned that we were going to be using Our rejuvenator essential cleaning kit Now our essential cleaning kit is really Great for quick cleans and normally Really great for leather sneakers However since this one was so dirty I Did choose to upgrade to the signature Kit which features our patented laundry System this is our laundry bag it will Scrub the sneakers throughout the Washing process so that it'll fully Break down the dirt that might still be Trapped in after the pre-treatment it Can fit up to a size 13 pair of shoes we Are only putting one sneaker in the Washing machine so there will be plenty

Of room sneaker is secure in the bag as I mentioned I left the shoe tree in to Hold the shape of this sneaker and I put The insole in separately from the Sneaker just so it can get a full clean Rather than just being inside the Sneaker and only getting halfway clean Last step is there is this little pouch On the laundry bag to put these laces And our laundry pods in I'm gonna do a Little pre-treatment on the laces and Then I'll show you how it goes the laces Have been sitting in the bowl of water For the entire cleaning so they are full Of water in solution so to get a quick Clean on these I'm just going to rub Them through my hands and then fully Squeeze out all of the water As you can see by the bubbles and the Water that's pouring out of these laces They were pretty dirty they're going to Get a deeper clean in the washing Machine though now that I scrubbed out All of that surface dirt I'm just going To be taking our microfiber towel again And rubbing them right through the towel To dry off all of those bubbles But now that the laces are ready I'm Just going to insert them into this Little pouch on our laundry bag last Step before we head to the washing Machine our laundry pot Our laundry pods might be one of my Favorite products on the lineup they

Smell super good and they pack enough Power to clean four pairs of sneakers With just one pod you just insert it Into this little pouch and button it to Lock it up All right we are ready to head to the Washing machine to wash the sneaker on a Normal cycle with cold water and then we Will allow it to air dry never put your Sneakers in the dryer always allow it to Air dry or use a fan but never ever ever Put your sneakers in the dryer you can Cause some serious damage [Music] All right we got the sneaker out of the Washing machine and allowed it to dry And overall these results are pretty Clean Foreign S on the metallic blue Jordan one we Went ahead and used the rejuvenator Signature cleaning kit paired with our Rejuvenator laundry pods I mentioned in The beginning of the video that we would Be using the essential cleaning kit but After the pre-treatment we realized that This tongue was not coming clean with Just the brushes in solution so you Threw it in the washing machine and we Got results like these if you liked Today's video hit the Thumbs Up Button If you're new here make sure you Subscribe and drop a comment on what Kind of video you want to see us do next

Bye [Music] Thank you