After countless comments asking us how to clean the Travis Scott Phantom Jordan 1 Lows we decided to take them on. In Today’s Shoe Care Academy episode we will show you exactly how to clean these sneakers. Plus we will show you all the complications that you will encounter while doing so; the clean wasn’t perfect by any means, but hey we did it.

To clean these black suede kicks we relied on the RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning Kit paired with a couple different products to really get the desired results. Using the Essential Cleaning Kit we cleaned the entire sneaker with the 3 different brushes and the all natural solution.

When cleaning the uppers we noticed some of the most insane color bleed that we have ever seen! ???? However, even with the color bleed, we had no choice but to clean these with the Solution. We hit the entire suede upper using the Soft Bristle Brush to truly breakdown the dirt. After the uppers were taken care of we moved over to the Medium Bristle Brush and used that on our rubber midsoles and the hard stitch you see in the midsole section. Finally it was time to hit the outsole with the Stiff Bristle Brush. Then we had to let the shoe dry for 24 hours to see what we were truly working with.

After they dried we noticed quite a bit of issues. The main one being the staining on the white stitching as a result of the insane color bleed we encountered and a whole lot of color fading, I mean these shoes went from black to almost green with that bleed. After many passes on the stitching we quickly realized it wasn’t coming back to that pure white. However, we could repair the color bleed!

Finally, we had to use the Dry Suede Kit and Medium Brush to reset the nap on the materials prior to using Mink Oil to bring that color back. Mink Oil is a great tool for reconditioning leather as well as restoring color to the original condition.

Y’all asked and we answered! We encountered all these issues, so that you had the answers that you needed. If you are cleaning these be careful and be prepared for the color bleed. Even with all of the technical difficulties, these Phantom Jordan 1s cleaned up nice!!

Let us know in the comments which Travis Scott release is the greatest of all time! Who knows we might select you to win some free product.

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00:00 Sweepstakes Introduction
00:38 Cleaning Introduction
01:37 Cleaning Station Contents
02:33 Dry Brush Method
03:23 How to Clean Suede Uppers
04:18 Best Methods to Clean Suede and Nubuck
05:20 Benefits Of the Medium Bristle Brush
06:52 How To Use the Stiff Bristle Brush
07:38 How To Clean Shoe Laces
09:13 How To Clean Stitching
10:38 How To Care for Suede
11:58 Mink Oil Benefits
12:56 How To Protect Your Sneakers
13:37 Benefits Of Deodorizer
14:00 Product Review

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luck everybody and hopefully I'll see you soon.  Welcome back to another episode of Shoe Care 
Academy powered by RESHOEVN8R, my name's Nick   And today we're taking on these Travis 
Scott Phantom Jordan 1 lows using all of   The RESHOEVN8R products you see here in front 
of us, so without further Ado let's Elevate our   Shoe care together [Music]. Now a lot of you guys 
have been asking us on Instagram and TikTok   And Twitter and Facebook and in the comments of 
our YouTube videos to go ahead and clean these   Shoes for you. Now these Travis Scott's released 
back in December so we went ahead and picked   This pair up off eBay now these things are dusty 
musty, crusty, nasty, greasy I don't know they stink   Like cigarettes. I don't know what this these took 
these through like some music festival out in the   Mud for Fourth of July. I don't know what they do 
with them but they are completely disgusting, so   We're gonna get them all cleaned up today using 
a handful of RESHOEVN8R products it's kind of a   Mixed material sneaker but the majority of it's 
going to be a premium nubuck and Suede and also   It's got like this fabric woolly cottony kind of 
like interior material but ain't nothing left to   It but to get to it so let's get this cleaning 
station set up and get to cleaning. We got our   Cleaning station all set up so now we're gonna 
get right into it for this we're going to be using   The RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit which includes 
your four ounce bottle of solution, all three   Of your brushes soft, medium, stiff , microfiber 
towel as well as the drying rack and Bowl combo, Our cleaning mat and the adjustable shoe trees.
Now for video purposes we only clean one shoe   Which is usually the right shoe so we're going to 
get rid of the left shoe next step is going to be   Removing these laces and inserting our adjustable 
shoe tree. Now that the shoe tree is inserted I'm   Looking at this sneaker and I can see that it 
is covered and caked in a bunch of mud dirt   I don't really know what it is so I don't want 
to rub this all deep into the sneaker when I'm   Cleaning it with water and solution so for that 
I'm going to take it outside and I'm just going   To dry brush it using our soft bristle brush I'm 
just going to try to get all the top layer stuff   Off prior to actually wetting the shoe, just to 
create a muddy nasty mess so let's head outside. So dry brushing as you can tell that made 
a drastic difference just in the overall   Appearance of this sneaker and also how dirty 
it actually looks before I was pretty nervous.   I guess you could say about cleaning this 
up because of how much crud and dirt and  

Grime was all over the top of the sneaker but 
after dry brushing it it actually doesn't look   That bad I'm going to go ahead and drop these 
laces into the bowl of water for this entire   Duration so that way we can help get all this 
dirt and grime off of these. Next step we have   To do is put two squirts of solution into our 
bowl of water and we're gonna get to cleaning   Now since the sneaker is Suede and Nubuck I'm 
going to be lightly wetting each panel of the   Sneaker and I'm going to be cleaning the sneaker 
as evenly as possible to really reduce the risk   Of damaging any of the suede or the nubuck I'm 
going to start with a soft bristle brush, it's   Our softest brush this way we don't run any risk 
of damaging any of the materials on this sneaker. Now I am noticing that this sneaker is bleeding a 
whole lot at least I think it's bleeding because   It is kind of like a black darker blue kind 
of purpley tinted color it could be something   That is all over the sneaker but it's definitely 
something we have to be weary of and watch because   I can see it all over the table as well and the 
brush that there's a bunch of Darker material the   Depositing onto the brush but we're going to keep 
cleaning we're going to hit the soft bristle brush   Up on the tongue to help try to get this pop 
layer of dirt off and keep going at it. Now since the sneaker is Suede and Nubuck as 
I've been going around it I've only been lightly   Wetting each panel and then I've been using the 
microfiber towel and Pat drying it to try to get   It as evenly dried as possible prior to letting 
this shoe sit outside in the sun to really dry   Out evenly the biggest thing that you need to 
worry about whenever doing cleaning on suede or   Nubuck sneakers is really getting water damage on 
any of the material and really over saturating it.  You don't want this material to really sit wet 
for a long period of time if you do get it wet   You want to just run microfiber towel over it pat 
dry it get it dry so that way it can hopefully eat   Dry as evenly as possible and then you can just 
reset the nap after it dries. The soft bristle   Brush on the outside has done its thing I've 
had to go over it two or three times all the   Way around the shoe we're going to go ahead and 
start hitting the inside of this like fabric for   This I'm going to use a soft bristle brush as 
well to really help flush out all these darker   Staining all around the inside. Next we're going 
to move on to our medium bristle brush it's the   Next stiffest brush that's included in both the 
Essential Kit as well as the Signature Kit; you   Can also purchase them separately all three in 
our three brush pack online at reshoevn8r.com   Now the medium bristle brush is kind of your 
all-purpose brush it works great on almost all   Materials you just need to be mindful of your 
more delicate ones because you do run the risk   Of damaging fraying and or pulling and snagging 
some of the materials so what I would like to do   Normally is test it on an inconspicuous spot maybe 
like on the heel or on the inside to see if the   Brush is going to do any damage to the material 
prior to actually wetting the brush and getting   It into the sneaker, but for this I'm only going 
to be using it right now currently on the midsole  

Of the sneaker and maybe some of this nubuck 
on the side just because I can tell that the   Soft bristle brush left a little bit of marking 
that didn't pick up from the soft bristle brush.  So I am going to use the medium bristle brush 
on the nubuck, but I do know that this brush  Will be okay on it because I've used it on other 
sneakers of the similar material so I don't think   It's going to damage it at all also I'm pretty 
sure it's going to continue to bleed so we're   Going to see how bad it bleeds by looking 
at the color of the brush when we get done. That's going to do it for the medium bristle 
brush hitting the midsole as well as some of   The deeper staining on the areas of the sneaker 
that we went ahead and hit with the medium bristle   Brush as well like I stated you can see either a 
the sneaker is extremely dirty or this sneaker's   Bleeding really really badly I guess we'll 
find out once it dries. That's the purpose of   Doing these videos for you guys so that way you 
can kind of learn with us as we clean these for   The first time so that way you don't run the risk 
of damaging or ruining your sneakers at home. Next   We're going to grab our stiff bristle brush this 
is our stiffest brush that's included in all the   Kits as well as the three brush pack you do 
not want to use this on any Leathers, canvas   Knits, suedes, nubucks, neoprenes anything like 
that because you do risk damaging the material. This is specifically done and only used for the 
outsoles of your shoes so only use the stiff   Bristle brush on the outsoles and some of the 
deeper staining around your rubber midsoles and   Be very mindful of any painted surfaces midsoles 
and outsole area that you're using this brush on. That's going to do it for the outsole and the 
stiff bristle brush on these Travis Scott Jordan   One Low Phantoms next we're going to go ahead and 
clean these laces that have been sitting in the   Bowl of water this entire time and then we'll 
take the shoe outside and let it dry [Music] . That wraps up cleaning these laces let's take 
the shoe and the laces outside to dry [Music] . And we're back the shoe's been drying it sat 
outside for a couple of hours in the Arizona   Sun it's nice and dry and suede is nice and 
crispy and toasty and everything else so we're   Gonna definitely have to reset the nap looking 
at the sneaker I can definitely see some very   Small issues and one large issue first issue is 
going to be the stitching all along the midsole   As we were cleaning the sneaker as I said a 
couple of times in the video this thing was   Bleeding like crazy at first I didn't know if 
it was what was ever all over the top of the   Sneaker or if it was the actual Suede and Nubuck 
I can definitely tell you now it was the Suede   And Nubuck that was bleeding all over the place 
all of the stitching around the midsole as well   As the stitching on the actual sneaker from the 
swoosh's heel cups mud guards, Vamps everything   Else has all dyed black some of them are kind of 
like a grayish silverish color I don't know how   Much we're going to be able to get this stitching 
back to White just because the second you put any   Solution water or anything else on the suede 
material the material is going to bleed,

So the stitching is going to turn black again .
Anyways but on this midsole stitching here I'm   Pretty sure we can get this using a small wire 
brush some solution and some compressed air so   We are going to head over to our sneaker store 
next door called Many Worlds they've got an air   Compressor and some cleaning solution and some 
brushes over there and we will get this cleaned   Up. Let's go now for this what we're going to do 
is use a small wire brush some solution and some   Water you're just going to dunk the brush in the 
solution mixture and you're just going to be ever   So slightly scrub just on the stitching and then 
after you scrub it you're going to use a towel to   Dry up any of the excess and then we're going to 
use the air compressor or some compressed air you   Can get it in a can to help blow out and flush out 
all of the solution and dye from this stitching. Let's head back so that's going to take care 
of the midsole stitching on this sneaker now   Off camera I tried to clean up some of this 
white stitching around the shoe using a couple   Different methods none of it really helped 
like I thought it was going to when you're   Cleaning this shoe just be very mindful of how 
wet you're getting the each panel because this   Material bleeds very very heavily. Now for 
the next step we're going to be cleaning up   The suede along the mud guard the little eyelet 
area plus this back heel cup area that has some   Darker marks as well as looks like some scuffs 
on them for that we're going to be using the   RESHOEVN8R Dry Suede Kit which is going to 
include dry suede eraser, dry suede brush. For   This we're going to take a dry suede eraser 
we're just going to move it around on some   Of the panels I have some of these scuffs 
and marks on it to try to get them to kind   Of lift up and pick back up and then from that 
we'll reset the nap using the dry suede brush. That's going to wrap it up for the dry suede 
kit I try to get a lot of the glue marks all   Around the heel cup as well as up here in the 
toe box area they're not coming off as well as   I would like them to but they definitely look a 
lot better we've used the suede brush and we've   Reset the nap all around the shoe it's nice and 
soft again it's no longer crunchy and all crispy ,  So that's looking good next I want to grab the 
medium bristle brush which is included in the   Essential kit and for that I'm just going to 
kind of brush inside the sock liner here to   Get it to look more like fluffy and kind of 
more volume like it does originally after we   Washed the inside of the sock liner to really 
flush out this material it really got kind of   All matted up so we're just going to take the 
brush and just try to add some volume and life   Back into it for that we're gonna get rid of the 
shoe tree and just kind of brush around a couple   Different angles got this sock liner all back to 
a nice and soft smooth texture way better than   That Matty down nasty looking sock liner that it 
was Prior. Now this shoe did bleed a lot as well   As when we were resetting the nap I noticed that 
a lot of the color was kind of coming out of this   Suede as we were brushing it so for that we're 
going to be using the RESHOEVN8R mink oil this  

Stuff is great for revitalizing the color back 
in your dyed sneakers as well as conditioning   Any of your leather and Nubuck panels it's really 
simple you basically just take off the cap spray   A couple of coats let it dry for a second grab 
your soft bristle brush and just kind of brush it   In just to help bring the life of your sneakers 
back after you've washed them. Specifically if   They've been dyed so for that we're just going 
to take the Mink Oil and spray a couple sprays. As you can see the mink oil brought this 
sneaker back to its original dark black   Color before it was looking kind of faded and 
had a little bit of different of a hue to it   Now it looks nice and dark like it normally 
did right from the factory mink oil is also   Good for leather materials as well because it 
will condition the leather too if it's a little   Bit older dried or even aged and cracking it'll 
help Revitalize that leather. So the next step   I want to do is use the RESHOEVN8R water and 
stain repellent now this stuff is great because   It will protect your sneakers for many many 
days to come for this you typically want to   Spray in a well ventilated area luckily for us 
we're in a big studio so we can spray it here   Inside keep the can a couple inches away and 
spray a couple light coats let it dry and then   Reapply usually you want to do anywhere 
between three to five coats on each shoe. [Music]   And last but not least deodorizer again 
I talked about this earlier in the video since   We didn't put the sneaker in the wash we only 
use the essential kit I really want to help   Kind of deodorize this sock liner it doesn't 
smell as bad as it did originally it only has   A little faint smell of cigarettes left but to 
really help absorb and get rid of all that smell   We're going to use a deodorizing spray a couple 
quick sprays inside the sneaker is all you need.  Much better and that's going to bring us to an 
end on this cleaning of this Travis Scott Phantom   Jordan 1 low now to achieve these results yourself 
you're getting a few things from reshoevn8r.com   To start off with we used the cleaning mat again 
this is a super absorbent cleaning mat that helps   Protect the surface that you're cleaning on and 
helps absorb all of the water and the dirt and   The muck and the grime and everything else that 
you're cleaning your sneakers off of onto this mat   Super nice get done with it wipe it off or throw 
it in the wash when you're done like a regular   Towel comes out nice and clean and ready to use 
for the next time we also used the RESHOEVN8R Drying rack and Bowl combo this is an excellent 
place to put your water in solution as well as   Keep your brushes nice and dry throughout the 
entire process of cleaning and then when you're   Done you can leave your brushes inside Fold It 
Up be done and move on it gives you a nice spot   For storage. We also used RESHOEVN8R shoe trees, 
now RESHOEVN8R shoe trees are excellent when it   Comes to cleaning your sneakers because a it helps 
give you a nice hard surface to scrub and get all   The dirt and gunk out of the toe boxes as well as 
helps reshape the form of the sneakers as well as  

Eliminates and leaves creasing in your toe boxes 
these are adjustable from anywhere from a size   I think 5 to a 13. don't quote me on that check 
the website we also offer XL shoe tree bars which   Will extend the shoe trees to even bigger sizes. 
Next we used the RESHOEVN8R dry suede kit this   Helps get rid of any of those marks and deeper 
staining on the suede as well as the brush helps   Reset the nap the main product we used was a 
RESHOEVN8R essential kit now this kit includes   Everything you need to clean up to 50 pairs of 
shoes including four ounce bottle of solution , Microfiber towel and all three of the brushes soft 
medium and stiff. Now these products are going to   Help you clean your sneakers but we also protect 
them one of the first products I used mink oil,  Now mink oil is excellent to help Revitalize and 
re-energize any dyed suede materials as well as   Condition any of the leather materials that you 
have on your sneakers it helps bring the life   Back to them as well as protect them for future 
uses. Next we went ahead and used RESHOEVN8R   Water and stain repellent now this is a force 
field for your sneakers it helps protect them   From the elements if whoever owned these prior to 
us getting them had used this on their sneakers   They wouldn't look like this and they would have 
cleaned up super duper easy last but not least   We used RESHOEVN8R's deodorizing spray now this 
is excellent to get rid of any of the overlaying   Smells that you may have in your sneakers also 
for General usage you get home I keep this by my   Sneaker boxes take my shoes off spray ones or 
two sprays in there put them back in and they   Smell great for years to come now all of these 
products are available online at reshoevn8r.com   Make sure you use my link down below to help save 
yourself some money when you elevate your shoe   Care. Also make sure you subscribe like, comment, 
share, favorite and do all of the things. On this   Video we upload two videos weekly Monday Vick customs and Restorations and every Thursday   With another episode of Shoe Care Academy where 
we help you improve the life of your shoes and   Help you feel great again my name is Nick thanks 
for hanging out throughout this video hopefully   It's been beneficial to you and you learned 
something new other than that have a great day [Music] Thank you