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In today’s video I check out Air Jordan 1 UNC Toe! The Air Jordan 1 UNC Toe had a release date of July 22nd 2023 and a retail price of $180! The Air Jordan 1 UNC Toe features university blue hits accented by black leather. Check out the full Air Jordan 1 University Blue review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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I mean talk about a solid all-around Jordan brand release this shoe is Absolutely fire oh man not for myself Yeah I like it oh yeah What's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and Today I'm reviewing the upcoming Air Jordan 1 un season but before we dive Into the sneaker review itself let me First show you my unboxing from a couple Days ago to show you guys my actual First impressions alright so this is one Of the most anticipated sneakers of the Month and probably one of my most Anticipated sneakers of the year a shoe That uh I think would have been a lot More hyped if it had dropped like three Years ago as it is it's still gonna be a Hyped up sneaker there should be a lot Of pairs of these I grabbed my pair from Fine line 1721 to give you guys an early Review not that early because they drop In like a week but early ish review so Without further Ado let me give you guys My first impressions of this shoe I have Not seen these shoes in person I pretty Much know what to expect because let's Be honest it's blue and black Air Jordan One colorway it's not that crazy okay so Here is the Bucks as expected I guess Not as expected but as I assume the Box Comes in this nice UNC blue I actually Haven't watched any reviews or unboxings Of these shoes just because I didn't Want to spoil anything so here we go

Here's the box it's UNC blue it features What looks like a black Nike logo on the Top and on the sides the size tag of the Shoe of course comes in the front of the Box I got a size nine which is my true Size and the official colorway of this Shoe is university blue black white now The time we'll be recording this video There has not yet been a shock drop for This shoe but I've heard it is coming Like today or tomorrow I think this Video is going to come out like a day or Two after I film this because I want to Wear these around a little bit to test Them out see how they are before giving You guys my full review stay tuned for That I guess you probably already know If you're watching this video but either Way let's check him out the box is nice I will say I do like the Box a lot Oh okay pretty nice I mean let's be Honest exactly what I expected but still Very nice it's weird to me that Jordan Brand decided to drop a lot of Jordan 1 Heat in 2023 I guess maybe it's to Revive the Jordan Ones a little bit Because they're just not as hyped as They used to be like two or three years Ago the taxis would have flown off Shelves and I walked into a Foot Locker In New York City like a month ago and They were still there there's still the Pine Green sitting at least in certain Stores and I think these have the

Potential to sit in some sizes in some Stores that being said this colorway is Definitely a colorway that I think will Be more popular than the pine greens and The taxis so I do see these probably Selling out but uh not being impossible To get because I've heard there's a lot Of stock black laces starting the shoes And then we also get in this box some UNC blue laces which is cool it's pretty Standard they are really nice but uh It's nothing out of the ordinary so why Don't I throw these guys on wear them For a couple days and let you know how They feel so this shoe officially Releases on July 22nd in full family Sizing for a retail price at least in Men's sizing of 180 which yes is high For Jordan once but we've been seeing The price of Jordan Ones and pretty much Every other sneaker that Nike and Jordan Brand makes go up over the last couple Years so it's not that surprising it Just sucks buying Jordan Ones for 180 Dollars when like four or five years ago They're like 160 150. but hey Complaining aside this is genuinely a Very solid release and one that I think A lot of people are going to be into Even though the Jordan one hype is not What it used to be and the Jordan one Highs aren't even as popular as Jordan Won those right now it's still a shoe That I think a lot of people are going

To be going for because of its super Clean color blocking and because of the Fact that it's loosely associated with UNC so while this isn't the first time That we've gotten this color blocking on A pair of Air Jordan Ones it's the first Time that we've had it in standard Tumbled leather and in men's size and I'm really glad the Jordan brand finally Decided to release it and from what I'm Hearing not confirmed at all but there Should be a lot of pairs of these Available so it shouldn't be that Difficult to grab a pair for yourself Especially with people not buying Jordan Ones as much as they used to but if You're not familiar with this color Blocking or Why this color blocking is So popular UNC blue or the University of North Carolina blue is a very popular Colorway on Jordan sneakers because That's where Michael Jordan went to College and had some of his most iconic Game so although Jordan sneakers are Usually associated with Bulls colors Like red white and black UNC Jordan Sneakers are also incredibly popular Because of the history and also because Of the fact that UNC gets a lot of crazy PES which sometimes look like this so Jordan brand is absolutely playing into The hype by releasing this colorway it's Not officially called the UNC tow Air Jordan Ones Jordan Brands kind of moved

Away from naming their sneakers the Nickname that people give them instead Giving them some like lame name like I'm Sure this is gonna be called the Jordan One university blue or something like That they haven't actually officially Released the name on the sneakers app Yet so we don't know for sure but that's What I'm expecting but that association With UNC is absolutely implied with this Colorway but now let's get into the Materials that make up this pair of Air Jordan Ones and starting off around the Toe of the sneaker on the mud guard You've got a very standard black Jordan Brand leather which I'll be honest is Not that great I mean it's mass-produced Leather it's not going to be amazing but At the same time I was kind of hoping For a little bit better leather when I'm Paying 180 but again though it's mass Produced you can't expect that much this Black leather doesn't really have much Of a texture at least not any kind of Tumble texture how however when you move To the toe of the sneaker you do have This nice UNC blue leather which comes With a pretty heavy tumble texture which Of course is added after the fact it's Not actually an indicator of quality but It does look nice it's also a little bit Softer than the black leather and it Might just be that the toe of the Sneaker is just softer in general than

The mud guard as you move up in the shoe You get to the black leather I stay in The sneaker and of course you've got These flat black laces that weed through The eyelets on the shoe as I mentioned Before you also get a second set of Laces Inside the Box in their own little Box their UNC blue laces and I think if You actually switched out the laces to The UNC blue laces this would look a lot More like a PE I personally prefer the Black laces though I like how it really Uh I hate that I'm gonna say this again But ties the uh the colorway together do That in every review I always try not to But it just happens naturally I'm sorry But hey if you want to switch out the Laces you do have another option so That's good to keep in mind underneath The laces you have a pretty standard Black nylon tongue and at the top of the Tongue you've got a black tag with a Nike Air embroidered into it and UNC Blue or university blue again very Heavily implied but never set moving Inside the sneaker you've got a black Fabric sock liner and rounding out the Inside of the shoe you've got a black Insole with the Nike Air printed on the Heel in blue but at this point let's Talk about sizing and fit of the UNC toe Air Jordan Ones and to do that I'm going To show you guys a clip from me trying These shoes on for the first time a

Couple days ago got some new shoes to Show you nice Oh yeah Yeah well let's try this pair of Jordan Ones I'm expecting you to fit like a Standard pair of Jordan Ones we've been Reviewing a lot of Jordan Ones on the Channel recently that's mainly because There's a lot of Jordan Ones dropping I Also love Jordan once I'd review other Sneakers if there were other sneakers Dropping but there really isn't so but We're going with this what's up Ben um I Got toothpaste on my pants I didn't Realize so I just started filming so That's great let's throw these guys on I'll give you guys my first impressions Of fit and feel and whether they feel Just like a standard pair of Jordan Ones Before we do that though I just want to Shout out my Stockman Apothecary you Guys know it probably if you watch my Videos it's available in Zoomies it's Available at takeout and why it's also Available on our website apothecare.com We got a lot of cool collections coming We've actually got a collaboration with S cakes coming which is going to be sick So stay tuned for that let's just go for The first try on okay Ben all right well He's part of this now I would say that It feels just like a standard pair of Jordan Ones I didn't expect anything Different but what's up bud that's

Really what it feels like I grabbed a Size nine which is my true size that's Usually what I recommend True to size is the way to go at least If you wear Jordan once go with your Standard Jordan one size I think it Looks great with this Apothecary sneaker Heaven tea if you want to grab that as Well Link in the description below but Yeah sizing wise it's the same as usual So uh I guess back to the studio continuing Back in the shoot of the midfoot you've Got this one white leather panel and Then on top of that you've got this Black leather Nike Swoosh both leather Panels and Nike swooshes are fine it's Nothing crazy it's nothing that great Again it's pretty standard Air Jordan Leather and then moving even farther Back in the shoe you've got more of that UNC blue leather and of course like the UNC blue leather on the toe it's also Very heavily tumbled of course on the Lateral side of the sneaker you've got This embossed wings logo in Black which Reminds me a lot of those 1985 pairs Which all feature the embossed wings Logo rather than the d-bossed wings logo Which means it's pushed in rather than Pushed out the pushed out version is Like the original version of the shoe if You look at like 2015 pairs of Air Jordan Ones they're all debossed into

The shoe which I don't think looks as Good so I really like the Jordan brand Is embossing the logos now around the Top of the ankle you've got some more Pretty standard black leather and then Moving down on the sneaker you've got a White midsole rounded off by a UNC blue Rubber outsole but really quick why Don't we get some other people's Opinions on this shoe okay so I'm gonna Give you a pair of shoes Close your eyes guess what it is and Then uh give me a reaction when you open Your eyes Feels like a Jordan one feels like a Jordan one for sure what color what do You think it is no idea yeah it's fair Oh these are what you want UNC yeah yeah Yeah I like it would you rock those over Like a Chicago one or like a Um I feel like I'm a purist so I would Just like go with the OG colors but These These are pretty cool I would grab Them for retail oh you already know I Saw that okay so I'll show it to you oh Man nice little other quality is good Sorry I wouldn't wear it but it's It's a good one I'm sure it'll sell out Yeah close your eyes and then I'll hand It to you and then guess the shoe in the Colorway I'm sure you might have already Heard what shoe it is but not the Colorway it feels like a Jordan one got It okay and then if you had to guess the

Colorway I think upcoming Jordan one is It uh the mochas you showed me the other Day no I don't really don't know a straw Okay yeah you could open your eyes oh These are cool what do you think would You buy them not for myself for a girl Or something they're cool though I like The colors so yes this shoe is very Simple it's very similar to a lot of Other Jordan Ones in fact it's very Similar to most Jordan Ones most closely The bread toe ones or the shattered Backboards or any Jordan one that Features color blocking that has the Accent color on the heel and on the toe But uh it's a very clean look it's a Shoe that I think a lot of people are Going to be excited about it's a very Wearable colorway especially if you're Looking for blue Jordan Ones and Personally I think that she was gonna Hit I think people are gonna lose their Minds for this shoe maybe not as much as The reimagined threes or the lost and Found ones or anything like that but I Think it's gonna be a very solid release That will sell out probably on release Day or maybe through the next couple Days after release I don't think it's be Sitting for that long but with that we Pretty much wrap up the video for today Please make sure to hit that subscribe Button if you enjoyed and I'll see you All in the next one