Back at it again with another Shoe Care Academy episode; on today’s episode Megell St will giving you a full cleaning tutorial on this pair of Air Jordan 11s. The Jordan 11 is hands down one of the best out of the Jordan silhouettes; do you disagree?! The 2014 Pantone Jordan 11s that you see featured on this video were picked up from eBay and let me tell you that was quite the task, from cancellations to being outbid we had a hard time, but hey we got em!

For this cleaning tutorial we used the Signature Cleaning Kit paired with the Sneaker Laundry System. Putting them in the washing machine was a questionable decision for sure; due to the materials and the vibrant color, but it was the correct decision nonetheless.

As always the first step is to complete the pretreatment using to 3 brush pack and the natural solution. We used the Soft Bristle Brush on the entire uppers to really get deep into the materials and remove that dirt/grime and grease. Next we used the Medium brush on the deeper staining and the midsoles; the Medium Brush is a great tool to have for all of your sneaker cleaning needs. Finally the Stiff Bristle Brush was used to clean the icy bottoms and bring them back to their original glory.

After the pretreatment was completed the shoes were looking pretty good, but they definitely weren’t perfect! To get them back to perfect we used the Laundry System and washed these with a normal cycle and cold water. We get it all the time… Don’t wash shoes in the wash, but check out these results and try that again!

Last step was to polish that patent leather with some Mink Oil to make them shine like they did back on release day in 2014!

Were the Pantone Jordan 11s on your list to cop in 2014?! Or if they made a comeback would you cop a pair?

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00:56 Product introduction
01:57 How to Dry Brush A Sneaker
02:41 How to Clean Suede Uppers
03:43 How to Clean Jordan 11 Midsoles
04:28 How to Clean Icy Bottoms
05:28 How to Wash Jordan 11s in the Washing Machine
06:19 How to Polish Patent Leather
06:56 Product Information

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you soon! What is good fam it's your boy Megell Street
back here with another cleaning video now The last time I was on a channel I was cleaning
up a pair of 11's so I don't know if it's Just a theme or what, but today we got these
baby blue Pantone things right here! Now these release back in 2014 and if you're
lucky enough to get a pair of these back then You were definitely the man, my main job today
is to bring these bad boys back to life and We're going to do that with the Signature
Cleaning Kit found at reshoevn8r.com so without Further Ado let's get to it. Now that we've got the cleaning station set
up let me give you a rundown of what's going To be needed so we got our soft medium and
stiff bristle brush which comes in a three Brush pack. We also got our four ounce bottle of solution,
our dry rack and Bowl combo which stores your Brushes and stores your water and solution. Over here we got our shoe tree as well as
the microfiber towel and last but not least We got our trusty laundry bag and laundry
pod which is going to finish off the job. With all that being said let's put this shoe
to the side and take out these laces [Music]. Shoe Tree is in the shoe now we're gonna go
outside and give these a quick brush off because As you can see it's really dusty so we don't
want to make a mess inside let's go [Music]. Alright we back and that honestly did a whole
lot of nothing, but it was worth a try so Our next step is to grab our solution and
dump two squirts in our water now to start This cleaning off we are going to be using
our soft bristle brush and we recommend starting Off with this because it curates the most
Suds and it's the least damaging to the delicate Materials like Suede and Nubuck so let's get
started [Music]. [Music] So the soft brush definitely did its thing
now we just gotta hit this tongue [Music]. [Music] Now on to the next brush I'm going
to be pretty gentle with using this on the

Uppers there are a couple deeper stains that
I want to take care of, but I don't want to Damage the material and then I'm going to
hit this midsole as you can see it's looking Pretty nasty still so the medium brush is
definitely going to take care of that. [Music] Alright so we got that midsole taken care
of it's back to crispy white and it's honestly Bringing me back some memories to when I first
seen the shoe. Now I don't know if y'all remember but these
were released back in 2014 with another pair The Jordan 29 and a similar white and baby
blue colorway called The Ultimate Gift of Flight pack now to be honest I think they
might have just threw the 29s in there just Cause I don't really know nobody that's checking
for a pair of Jordan 29s but anyways I digress Let's take care of this last step with the
stiff bristle brush [Music]. [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] We got our pre-treatment out the way on these
Pantone 11s now as I mentioned earlier we Are using the signature cleaning kit which
of course comes with our laundry bag now the Benefit to the laundry bag is that it's going
to flush out these deeper stains these trapped In stains that I'm seeing a little bit in
the tongue and on the side area and that's One of the biggest benefits to the laundry
system is that it's going to flush out all That dirt [Music] can't forget the laundry
pod and of course the laces [Music]. Wow wow all right mark it's Marks Premium
you got the washer full again bro. Here bro you take care of these I know you
got me it is the next day and I hope I hope Mark's premium took care of those 11s, but
without further Ado our next step that we're Going to get into is spraying some mink oil
I imagine the patent leather is going to be A little bit dull just after going through
that wash cycle so what I plan on doing here Is just spraying a couple light coats and
then rubbing it in with the microfiber towel. Oh my god look how that works bro smirk's
premium appreciate you true true Care Specialists Let's get this mink oil going. [Music] [Music] Patent leather is back sounding like it was
in 2014 so let's lace these bad boys up. These results were accomplished with the Signature
Kit as well as our sneaker laundry pods major Key and they're dye free so you don't run
the risk of damaging the material and last But not least we finished it up with our mink
oil to polish it up all these products you See are available at reshoevn8r.com, hit that
link in the description to save some money

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to win twenty thousand dollars worth of prizes You heard me right twenty thousand but if
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it's your boy Megell Street today was fun It was dope hanging out with y'all until next
time !