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These Anniversary Air Jordan 11s were in desperate need of a clean, reglue and so much more. Vick Almighty picked these up on eBay after seeing the poor shape that they were in and took on the challenge to bring them back to their beautiful shine! In today’s Customs and Restorations with Vick we will walk you through a full restoration on the iconic Air Jordan 11.

First we had to take care of the cleaning portion using RESHOEVN8R! These were a 2010 release and it looks like they have been collecting grime for the last 13 years. The Signature Cleaning Kit was going to be one of the biggest components of this entire cleaning. The 3 brush pack and natural Solution was used to break down all of the dirt and grime on the white mesh and patent leather. Once the pre-treatment was done we needed to throw it in the washing machine. The washing machine is really key for cleaning mesh sneakers ESPECIALLY white kicks! Don’t be afraid to wash your sneakers… Vick said you could!

After the cleaning was complete it was time to unyellow the sneakers. The icy bottoms on the Jordan 11s are known for yellowing, but it is reversible. All you need is a little bit of Sole Revive and 4500W of UV rays.

Once the shoe was clean and unyellowed they looked fantastic.. Well minus the fact that the sole was hanging on by a “thread” or a piece of glue! So now it is time to take care of that sole. We had to separate the sole completely prior to gluing the sole back together. After the sole was off you already know it was time for prep-work (AKA the most important step of a restoration!). Prep- work was finished and now comes the fun part the reglue process! This is a tricky process, but if you follow these steps you will get the perfect reglue every time.

Just like that these Anniversary AJ11’s are looking as good as they did back in 2010! Literal night and day difference. Let us know in the comments what you think about today’s total restoration on the Anniversary Air Jordan 11.

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What's up YouTube for today's project we Got these 2010 anniversary 11s the three Biggest issues on these sneakers heavy Oxidation throughout the entire saw a Lot of separation and we got to get These uppers back to White so let's Transform your shoe For before and after purposes we'll put This show to the side and focus on the Left now let's take off our laces and Insole so we can give those a thorough Cleaning separately [Music] The first thing we got to do is give This shoe a proper deep clean inside and Out using a rejuvenator signature shoe Cleaning kit right now we have a lot of Grime and dirt on the white mesh the Best way to flush all of that out is by Putting them in the washing machine but First we got to give the sneaker a Pre-treatment we're going to start by Putting the shoe tree inside the shoe to Start reshaping the sneaker [Music] Suture is inside what it means to Reshape a sneaker is to eliminate the Creasing and get it back to its original Shape as close as possible next we're Going to grab our solution and square Two squares inside a bowl of water [Music] To start we're going to be using our Starburst brush this is the brush that I

Always use to start cleaning to break Down the grime and dirt on the white Mesh One thing I forgot to do is use the air Compressor as is there's a lot of Surface dust sitting on the white mesh If I don't do that step all I'm going to Be doing is pushing the grime and dirt Deeper into the material so let's do That now [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] So far so good the white mesh is looking A lot better just by using the soft Bristle brush it's a little bit dingy But the washing machine will take care Of the rest next brush we're going to Use is our medium bristle brush to take Care of the white pattern leather the White midsole and while we're at it the Insole [Music] Back to the shoes the next brush we're Using is a staple brush to clean up These outsoles you get to get them as Clean as possible because we are going To be using rejuvenating sort of bites To get them back to ice [Music] [Music] All right last thing we got to do before We put the shoe in the washing machine

We're going to finish it off by giving You shoelaces a quick pre-treatment [Music] All right everything's pre-treated to Completely deeply in processed we're Going to put everything inside our Single laundry bag and put them in the Washing machine [Music] Oh My God The shoe out of the washing machine the Shoe is fully dried ready to go that's Going to complete the deep clean process Of the sneaker the white mesh is back to White same thing with the patent leather The midsole everything got flushed out Nicely thanks to our rejuvenator Signature shoe cleaning kit now let's Keep it moving the next step we got to Remove all the oxidation from the Outsole so for this we're going to be Using our shoelineator shoulder Vibe and The big 2000 I'm going to apply a nice Thinning coat across the entire sole Then with some clear wrap I'm gonna Place it over to keep it nice and fresh Indian or set up for this process it's Going to take about five to six days Hopefully by the sixth day we have some Good icy results Foreign [Music] After about five solid days we got to

Shoot out of the indoor setup the soles Look a lot better all that harsh Yellowing that was around the pods in The middle area came out nicely I do Want to mention when these first came Out they did not have an icy blue tint So this is as good as they're gonna get I'm happy with it another thing that They should benefit from being in the Indoor setup for five days is the uppers The midsoles the white patent leather And the mesh look a lot better the next Step is to make the shoe wearable so you Can see there is a lot of Separation the Shoe is old enough for that first we're Gonna take everything apart very Carefully so we can start the prep work Process Foreign [Music] Parts separated getting the midsole off The upper was a little bit tricky for This part you got to take your time you Don't want to rush the process if you do You can potentially rip this mental and There's no going back I'm gonna put the Upper to the side and focus on the Midsole and the sole for this next step We're going to be using acetone and Cotterbox to wipe off all the old glue One thing I do want to mention is the Air unit is still fully intact on the Midsole we're gonna take it off and prep It

As you can see the arena still has air There's no cracks it's not crumbling so We're gonna still use this we still Gotta go in and use some acetone and Cotton balls to wipe off all the glue After that we'll move on to the uppers [Music] Subscribers complete on all three parts Just put these to the side and focus on The uppers for the uppers we're not Going to be using acetone and cotton Balls simply because if we use it it's Going to ruin the pound leather and it's Just going to smear the glue so for this Part we're going to be using a Dremel to Remove all the old glue using a 60 grit Sanding drum one thing I do want to Point out is the white toe Cappies once You shave it all off it's going to be Gray later on we're going to place that White back so once the cleaner sole is On it looks Factory Foreign [Music] Prep is complete we got all the old glue Off now it's time to apply some new glue First we're going to go outside and Spray some Bulldog adhesion Promoter on The rubber outsole that's going to help With the adhesion after that we'll come Back and apply glue onto the upper onto The top and bottom part of the midsole Both sides of the air unit and the sole [Music]

Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] For about two hours now it's time to Stick everything together we're only Gonna be focusing on the air unit the Sole and the midsole first we're gonna Start with the sole and the midsole We're gonna heat it up and start at the Back make sure everything lines up Perfectly [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] So good now we still have to go in and Glue the upper onto the mental and sole But first we gotta replace the white Milky toe caps for this step it's going To be very repetitive we're gonna be Applying paint glue paint glue and then Let it cure first you get some angels White paint we're going to lay down a Nice and even coat using a paint brush Let it dry then we'll apply the glue We'll do that a couple times [Music] Oh [Music] Check that out that's how that's

Supposed to look like nice and milky now We still have to go in and apply one More coat of glue so far we got two Coats of glue and two coats of white Paint now to finish it off one more coat Of glue and then we'll let it cure stick Everything together to finish it up [Music] Thank you White milky toe caps look good glue is Fully cured this was a trick taught to Me by my friend Alex AKA flipping kicks He has all the tips and tricks when it Comes to gluing next step is to bond Both of these parts together for this Part I like to start with the front make Sure the toe cap lines up nicely add a Little bit of heat stick it together Then we'll let it cool down for a little Bit jump over to the back same exact Thing make sure it lines up nicely then We'll finish it off by doing the sides And hitting the inside to get the middle Nice and bonded Oh [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] This is by far one of the easiest ones I've done everything lined up nicely no Issues at all the white toe caps also

Look really good typically I let this Shoot cure for about 24 hours before I Give it a stress test but I'm gonna show You guys how well this glue job is going To hold up as you can see in the toe cap I'm gonna try to peel it back and I'm Using force with this step you guys [Music] Now let's keep it moving the next step We got to do before we lace the shoe up Is work on the patent leather you can't Really tell because it's white patent Leather but it's a little dull right now It could be shinier First Step using Some rejuvenator wipes we're gonna go in And remove any Grime and smudge marks After that using our shoe nator mink oil And a buffing tool we're gonna give this Patent leather a nice shine Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Found another look shiny now it's time To lace it up [Music] All right that's going to bring us to an End on these anniversary Jordan 11 Restoration overall this project came Out really smooth I remember when these First came out back in 2010 I was a Junior in high school and these look as Good as I remember them I taught you a

Few things in this video the first one Being on how to give the shoe a proper Deep clean and how to bring the white Back using rejuvenator products and the May 2000 I also showed you guys how to Remove the oxidation from these outsoles Using the big 6000 and our resume we use The mink oil to shine up the pan leather And of course the most important step in This project was to make the shoes Wearable once again we took everything Apart cleaned off all the old glue Applied new glue bonded everything Together now these shoes are wearable For another 10 years hope you guys Learned something and enjoy this video This is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys Next Monday see you guys [Music] Thank you [Music]