The Flu Game Jordan 12s are an iconic shoe and Vick has already done some restorations on these kicks, but what sets this one apart? These are the OG 1997 release and as we have said before retros don’t compare to the originals. We picked this pair up at eBay for a decent price, but with that price comes a lot of restoration work.

For the first step of the restoration it is the deconstruction phase, by taking apart the soles and midsoles. As well as removing the crumbling midsoles from the sneakers and the tabs you see on the sneakers. After the deconstruction part comes the fun part…. Prep work! Prep work is one of the most crucial parts of the job, but it is a time suck. Next it is time to replace the crumbling air units with EVA foam to keep the sneakers comfortable and wearable.

Next, we have more prep work to do to ensure that we can provide the best glue job possible. Reglues take a lot of work and they have to be precise to make them effective. We also went ahead and repainted the midsoles to ensure they matched the uppers properly and looked factory again.

Although this restoration was a simple ad straightforward process; everything seen in this video was 100% necessary to make bring these OG Flu Game 12s back to their original glory. After all the restoration steps were complete it was time to clean these sneakers and make sure that they shine; for an effective clean we relied on RESHOEVN8R as always.

What is the best colorway in Jordan 12s ever?


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I promise that you won't want to miss This opportunity one lucky winner will Win the opportunity of a lifetime Including an all-inclusive trip to the Recruitment headquarters to meet the Entire rejuvenator team plus you'll get To go home with a one-of-a-kind custom Designed by you on top of all that You'll also win a ton of rejuvenated Products from luggage to display cases And so much more it gets better you'll Also get thousands of dollars in gift Cards to our Secret Boutique many roads And guestlist AZ entering is easy head Over to our souvenir.com and gain one Entry for every dollar you spend good Luck everybody and hopefully I'll see You soon what's up everybody today we're Going to be working on the original 1997 Flu Game Jordan 12s the Retros don't Compare they're simply overpriced and The materials are not the same if you go On eBay you can find these 97 Jordan 12s For a lot cheaper and in brand new Condition however there's a trade-off They're always falling apart and the Tabs need to be replaced in this video I'm gonna show you guys how to fix that Let's get started First things first we gotta finish Taking the shoe apart the soles are off But we still got to take care of the Missiles in this front area it's already Coming undone but we got to be careful

With this back piece it's separating but We got to apply a little bit of pressure [Music] So far so good we got the Mentos off the Uppers on the insides of the Mentos we Have these broken down old air units at One point they did provide comfort and It did have air but time has passed by They deteriorated we've got to replace Those they don't work anymore we're Gonna peel them off and replace them Later Now we're on to the broken down tabs as You can see they're pretty cracked I Could go ahead and just remove them However a big chunk of it is stitched on So with an X-Acto Knife we're gonna Remove it I went ahead and covered up The majority of the X-Acto Knife with Some tape just so I don't create any Accidental slices on the upper All right Pads are off now our next focus is the Soles and the midsoles first we gotta do Some prep work we gotta remove all the Old glue from the top and bottom portion Of the midsole and the sole we'll be Using annistone and cotton balls All the old glue is off the carbon fiber And the rest of the sole let's keep it Moving next we're going to replace the Old broken down air units for this I Like to use EVA foam it's easy to work With you can shape into whatever shape I

Need it it's comfortable and it's going To last it's not going to fall apart in The future first we're going to use some Tape to create our pattern I'm gonna lay It down all in the inside where the old Air unit was then I'm gonna take it out Place it on the EVA foam trace it then Cut it out with an X-Acto Knife [Music] These are perfect now we got to stick Them together first using some bark Super stick we'll apply it to the foam And the midsoles wait about 20 minutes And then we'll stick it all together [Music] [Music] EVA foam is nicely installed when it Comes to the original 97 Jordan 12 I Highly recommend using a five millimeter EVA foam it's the perfect fit I barely Have to do any dremeling the only part I Have to shape up is this little front Piece I'm going to use it exacto knife To chop off the majority after that with The Dremel I'm gonna shape it up nicely And then after that I'm gonna finish the Job with the Dremel for this step I'm Gonna go to the next photo studio to Create the mess over there while I'm Over there we got to take care of the Prep work on the uppers for this one We're not going to be using acetone we Got to use a Dremel we got to remove all The old glue and roughen up the leather

We also got to roughen up the leather Where the old tabs were to get it ready For the new tabs All done with the dremeling step of the Uppers these are almost ready for Re-glue the last thing we're going to do Is use some acetone and cotton balls to Wipe off the glue off this back strap I Didn't use the Dremel on this area Because I didn't want it to get all Frayed up we're just going to give it a Nice wipe down and on the bottom board As well after that we're going to focus On the midsoles I covered up everything But the midsoles just so I don't get any Overspray on the areas that I'm gonna Glue because that will mess with the Glue job [Music] So for this part we are going to be Airbrushing the paint for the paint Mixture I just added red with a little Bit of magenta we're not going to overdo It the paint job all we want to do is Add a couple of coats or even out the Tone Repaint is complete that color looks a Lot better and matches the uppers nicely Now we're going to apply a bunch of glue We'll apply glues to the soles both the Bottom and top of the midsole and all Around the upper Glue's been applied to the uppers midsos And Soles we got to let those cure

Overnight tomorrow morning we'll stick Everything together but first let's take Care of these replacement back tabs These are perfect they're 101 Replacements for the 97 ogs these are Provided by my good friend Jason Colleges I've known it for over 10 years And he does great work if you need Anything for Jordan threes Jordan 12s Jordan 4's hit them up the toner red Matched perfectly on the 97 flu games They're flexible they're durable and it Already has stitching this should be an Easy task all we got to do now is get Them ready for a glue job first we're Gonna go outside and spray some Bulldog Adhesion promoter we're going to spray a Nice even coat this is going to help the Glue Bond through this material after That we'll come right back I'll put a Nice and even coated super stick and Again let it dry overnight Glue's all cured it's time to start Sticking stuff together first we're Gonna start with the soles attach them Out to the midsoles I'm gonna get Everything lined up and then start with These sides after that we'll move on to The back front and then do the bottom [Music] Mentos and swords are attached before we Can attach those onto the uppers we got To do the tabs first we got everything Prepped and glued simply what I'm gonna

Do is line it up add a little bit of Heat and get it all bonded together Almost there you guys got the tabs in Place these look really good before we Could glue on the Soles onto the uppers We gotta apply some more glue right now We got apply glue to the tab on the Bottom piece that way it can stick onto The sole with the heat removal pen then Line it up then apply some more glue [Music] Foreign [Music] Overnight everything lined up nicely Again when it comes to a glue job you Want to use very little heat and take Your time start at the front jump to the Back and then do all the sides every Riddle is almost the same you just got To take your time and do clean prep work Now for this shoe we're almost done with The restoration all we gotta do now is Get into a good proper deep clean the Shoe really isn't that dirty if you look At the soles there is no Grime the upper The same thing however the shoe is on The older side and I have been working With the uppers a lot for the last few Days so naturally there's a lot of oils All around the sneaker plus I want to Keep this leather nice and soft the best Way to do that is by using our solution Our solution contains natural oils which Is good for the leather it helps to keep

It healthy for years to come we're going To be using the stop bristle brush to Give this shoe a good deep clean in a Nice circular motion first let's put our Solution inside the bowl of water and After that let's grab our shoe chips and Place them inside the shoes [Music] Oh [Music] All right everybody that is going to Bring us to an end on making this 1997 Original Flu Game Jordan 12s fully Wearable again there was a lot of work That went into the shoe specifically the Prep work when it comes to glue jobs the Gluing part is easy it's all in the prep Work we had to remove all the glue from The soles with some acid and carnivals Same thing with the midsoles on the top And bottom for the uppers we had to use The Dremel all of that stuff takes hours When it comes to glue jobs I hated doing Them because I thought there was a lot Of work to it but in reality it's just Doing the right techniques and having a Lot of patience I could do any re-gloo Now on any shoe they're all the same Techniques again the materials on this Shoe are high quality good thick leather That's nice and soft and after giving The shoe a proper deeply using Rejuvenated products this shoe is good For years to come hope you guys enjoyed

This video this is Vic Almighty I'll Catch you guys next Monday see you guys [Music]