Now this is a TRUE restoration ????

Today we are going to be cleaning and restoring a True Blue Jordan 3 that dropped back in 2016…That is 7 full years of wear and tear on this beautiful colorway. You guys get to see the transformation, but how we find our restoration sneakers comes from scolling eBay until we find the most beat pair of Jordans we can get our hands on. We got these True Blue 3’s for a steal, but man were they destroyed.

As always we need to take care of the cleaning using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Kit and a couple of other tools. Cleaning the sneaker allows you to start a restoration with a clean canvas and truly get the best results. The 3 different brushes are used to breakdown the dirt and grime on the sneaker from the inside out. The natural Solution not only removes the unwanted grime, but it conditions the materials as they go to make the sneaker last longer. Since these came from eBay we chose to use the Laundry System. After all you don’t know where this shoe has been!

After the deep cleaning process and reshaping with the Shoe Tree is was time to take care of some prep-work. We’ve said it before, but prep-work is hands down one of the most important portions of a proper restoration. These sneakers had a lot of scratching, scuff and even some deep cracks in the midsole. We needed to fill in a lot of the cracks before the repaint to make the sneaker look new again.

This total restoration featured a lot of different steps, but most importantly it featured a lot of prep-work which is about 90% of a restoration. Last step of the restoration was to remove the unwanted oxidation. Oxidation comes with years of wear or simply just from the sneaker aging. When unyellowing rubber, you won’t need too much time. Typically one coat of Sole Revive and a couple hours in the Vick2000 does the trick.

After some cleaning, filling, repainting, unyellowing and couple other details, these 2016 Jordan 3’s were looking as good as they did on release day!

Do you enjoy watching these types of restoration videos?!

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What's up everybody we got some work Today for today's project we got these 2016 True Blue 3s came across these on EBay for a good deal I had to jump on in However they're B so today I'm gonna Show you guys how to properly clean up The shoe and set it out using Rejuvenated products how to repaint the Midsole and match that blue perfectly Repaint the skirts and scratches on the White leather and how to make the shoe Look brand new again let's get started Right off the rip I can tell these are Not the original laces I can tell by the Knit pattern and by how long these are Harry All prepped ready to go before we get Started if you're not already subscribe To our Channel we drop weekly content Mondays and Thursdays every subscriber Helps grow this channel for this Cleaning we are going to be using Rejuvenator signature tube cleaning kit We got to give this shoe a good Preaching it before we put the shoe in The washing machine this shoe is Disgusting it's covered in bacteria Grime and dirt inside and out we gotta Flush all that stuff out first using the Medium bristle brush we're going to give This shoe a good scrub without any water Or solution we want to brush off any Surface dust on the shoe or the inside After that I'm going to grab the

Compressor to finish the job [Music] This step is very important to do before You start cleaning the shoe with water And solution just by dry brushing the Sneaker the elephant print looks a Little bit better it's important to do This step because you don't want to push The grime deeper into the material using Water and solution on the inside of the Sneaker there's a lot of debris hair and Stuff you got to get all of that out Using the compressor [Music] Everything's looking good so far the Next step is to insert the shoe tree Right now as is the shoe has a horrible Shape we gotta reshape it the shoe is a Size 14 so our regular suture is not Going to do the trick luckily we do have An XLR shoe tree Next we're going to grab our solution And square two squares inside our bowl Of water this stuff is highly Concentrated so all you need is two Squirts now the first brush we're going To be using is a stop bristle brush to Break down the grime and dirt in the Inside and outside and while we're at it We're going to get this insole a good Clean All right [Music] Foreign

Let's put this to the side next we're Going to be using our medium basil brush To go over the entire shoe one more time To get it as clean as possible [Music] It's good to go with the medium bristle Brush uppers look great our next focus Is this rubber toe cap And the soles as you can see these soles Have a lot of wear and tear we got to Get them all cleaned up so for this We're going to be using our stiff Bristle brush [Music] [Music] Preaching mint is 100 complete all we Gotta do now is put the shoe inside Single laundry bag put them in the Washing machine to complete the cleaning Can't forget these [Music] Foreign [Music] The shoe looks so much better now the Shape also looks great got all that Nasty stuff from the inside of the shoes Fully fleshed out the shoe smells good Let's keep it moving the next step we Got to work on is the prep work this Sneaker needs a lot of prep the uppers Have a lot of deep scratches all around The white leather before we can paint That we got to smooth that down same Thing for the midsoles there's cracking

Paint all around we got to remove all That stuff [Music] Shoes all taped up now for this step We're going to be using acetone and Cotton balls to remove all the oil paint However this shoe is on the other side So I don't want to create any damage to The mental itself using these harsh Chemicals on the inside of the shoe There is a big crack overall the rest of The midsole is still fully wearable it's Not ready to crumble this shoe is just Really beat and it's gone through a lot Of wear and tear that's why that crack Happened I'm gonna try to work around it Hopefully I can fix that later but right Now we got to remove all the old paint One more thing when it comes to the blue Area we don't want to drench it with Acetone and cotton balls because it Could potentially leak and get on the Elephant print and you can clean that up Foreign [Music] 's fully off let's remove the tape Hopefully none of the blue got on the Elephant Print Tape is off as you can see on the Midsole we got all the paint off the Best part about it is there's no blue Paint on the elephant print next step is The uppers we got some really deep Scratches on the toe box area right here

This one's a big fat one you got a lot Of little ones over here same thing on The side over here some more basically The entire upper needs to be repainted But first we're going to use some Sandpaper to sand down these areas we're Going to be using 600 grit 800 grit and 1000 grit to get these as smooth as Possible before we move on to the Leather filler [Music] Leather is nice and smooth we still have To go in with the leather filler but First using some acetone and cotton Balls we're going to give the white Leather a quick prep job just to remove The factory finish the only thing we got To watch out for is the Elephant Print [Music] Foreign We've got to use some Angeles leather Filler overall the leather is nice and Smooth once we lay down the paint job All those guts and scratches are going To cover up nicely except for one on the Toe box there's a deeper scratch for This part we're going to lay down a thin Layer of endless leather filler let it Dry for about an hour so I can adhere Properly onto the leather after that With some sandpaper we'll sand it down So it's flush with the rest of the Leather [Music]

First coat of the leather fill is laid Down after about an hour is fully dried Originally I was going to go away and Set it down however I did a good job Laying on the first coat it laid down Pretty even but it can still use another Coat to even it out a bit more so we're Gonna do that now before we start Sanding All right [Music] Second coat's been applied it's fully Dried now the sand we're gonna be using 1000 grit sandpaper for this part we're Gonna go into circular motions to get it Flush with the rest of the leather [Music] Leather is all prepped we're also going To repaint but first using some scissors And a lighter we're going to remove all These little loose threads all around The sneaker they're just going to get in The way when I airbrush the white Oh [Music] It's looking good onto the tape job All taped up except for one area we Still got to cover up these plastic Eyelids for this we're going to bust out The cricket and make some stencils so we Can quickly place the stencils right Over the little circles [Music] Foreign

[Music] [Music] Fully cut out it's a perfect fit for These little circles next step is to lay Down our white paint this will be using Jacquard white I'm going to lay down 45 Coats of white paint to get it nice and Solid after each coat I'm going to be Using the hika to let it dry [Music] Cool [Music] Paint job is almost complete it's nice And solid it's fully white we covered up All the nasty scuffs however when you Lay down white paint through the Airbrush after several coats the leather Gets really rough and grainy to get rid Of that we're going to use 1000 grit Sandpaper and go over the entire leather The only area we're going to avoid is The stitching specifically the areas That I sanded down originally are the Roughest so again 1 000 grit sandpaper Should do the trick once we get the Entire leather a quick Passover it's Going to be buttery smooth then we'll Finish it off with another coat of white Paint Foreign [Music] [Music] Drop is complete it's nice and smooth Solid white let's go outside and protect

It with the quality matte finish Come on Lola [Music] Come on Lola Back to work Tape is off we're all done with the White leather the next step is to put The tape back on this time everything But the midsole so we can get it ready For the repaint Tape drops complete once again Unfortunately we're back to the prep Work the next step we're going to do is Lay down a couple of products Specifically in this area it's a bit Rough that was permanent damage that was Done before I removed the paint job There's some damage right here and a Little spot back here the little craters It's a small hole I'm not exactly sure What happened but if I was to paint it As is that area is going to be really Rough and uneven so for this step we're Going to be using some mod podge and a Spatula we're going to apply a nice Cinnamon coat let it dry for about 30 Minutes to an hour let it fully dry and Then we'll use some sandpapers to sand It down to get it even with the rest of The midsole now over here we have a big Crack on the midsole this is something I Typically don't fix however I'm going to Try to anyway for this I'm gonna try to Use some Flex glue we're gonna go in

Fill it in with the spatula as well let It dry for several hours after that We'll sand it down hopefully that does The trick All right [Music] Mod podge and the Flex 2 has been Applied now we're gonna let it dry for a While before we sand it down and get it Flush with the midsole while we wait We're going to touch up the sockliners On this back area and on the side There's a couple little tears those Weren't there originally they didn't Come out until I put them in the washing Machine however those areas were already Really thin it was going to rip anyway There's not much you could do for those Areas but touch them up so we got some Blue paint right here that's pretty Close to this original color we're gonna Use a little paintbrush and touch it up Nice and easy can't even tell the tears Are there next we're gonna touch up this Back tab on the side there's a lot of Scuffs for this we're going to be using Some alcohol prep pads [Music] Scuffs are off the back tab all those Small detail touch-ups are out of the Way the Mentos are still not fully dry I Don't want to waste any time so we're Just going to jump over to the rubber Outsoles we have a lot of oxidation so

For this we're going to be using some Rejuvenator sort of vibe and the vix 2000 to remove all the yellowing we're Going to apply a nice cinnamon coat on The side after a couple hours I'll Switch it to the opposite side and then Do the bottoms as well Foreign [Music] As you can see we got all the oxidation Out of the toe cap and same thing with The rest of the gray while it was in There the mod podge and the flex Loop Fully dried right now the Mod Podge is Really rough we still got to go in and Sand it down for the flex loot I'm Actually really impressed by this Product I'm tugging on it causing stress Trying to rip it apart and it's actually Holding up really nicely so all we got To do now is sand it down for both of These parts we're going to be using 400 Grit sandpaper to get it nice and smooth We'll move on to 600 grit 800 grit and Then 1000 Grit Sanding is complete now we're on to the Tape job for me it's gonna take me 15 Minutes for you guys a couple seconds Onto the white paint we're gonna lay Down five solid coats until it looks Good after that we're gonna do some Sanding to get it nice and smooth [Music] [Music]

Foreign [Music] Color off camera I taped off the white For this color I started off with blue Added some Navy to darken it up added Some red to give it a purple Hue and Then added some darker blue to give it That blue tone sounds a little Complicated but it was pretty simple for This we're going to be using the Airbrush [Music] All right All right let's take off the tape so we Go outside and spray some matte finish To protect this fresh paint job [Music] Almost done with this project the last Thing we got to do is touch up the Elephant Print overall it's in great Shape except for this part on this Inside part there's some scuffs going on We got to go in and touch it up to Complete it for this we're going to be Using some black white and Aller we're Going to start off with flat black add a Little bit of white to make it dark gray And then with dollar we're going to Remove all the shine Foreign [Music] Guys that's going to bring us to an end On his 2016 true blue 3 restoration this Was a straightforward project but a lot

Of work went into them we gave it a full Mental repaint cleaned up the shoes Using rejuvenated products reshaped them Using our shoe trees removed all the Oxidation did a lot of leather filling On the uppers and sanding same thing With the mantels before we lay down all The paint overall this shoe looks great But again a lot of work went into it to Get it to this point we started off this Whole process using recruiter products You can find everything you need out of Shooting air.com use my promo code to Save some money hope you guys enjoyed This video this is Vic Almighty I'll Catch you guys next Monday see you guys [Music] Come on [Music]