???? Welcome to the Reshoevn8r Shoe Care Academy! In this comprehensive tutorial, we guide you through the art of cleaning the iconic Air Jordan 3 J Balvin sneakers using the Reshoevn8r Signature Cleaning Kit. Elevate your sneaker game with our step-by-step instructions and pro tips that ensure your kicks stay fresh and pristine.

???? Unleash the power of our specially curated Signature Cleaning Kit, designed to effectively clean and rejuvenate your sneakers. From scuffs to stains, we’ve got you covered. Follow along as we demonstrate the best practices to maintain the allure of your Jordan 3 J Balvins, keeping them looking as good as new.

???? Sneaker Cleaning Masterclass Highlights:

Introduction to Reshoevn8r: Discover the science behind our premium shoe care products and why sneaker enthusiasts worldwide trust Reshoevn8r for unparalleled results.

Signature Cleaning Kit Unboxing: Dive into the contents of our exclusive kit, featuring advanced cleaning solutions, brushes, and tools engineered for optimal sneaker care.

Prep Your Workspace: Learn the importance of setting up a clean and organized workspace before diving into the cleaning process, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process: We break down the cleaning process into easy-to-follow steps, demonstrating how to tackle different types of dirt and stains on your Jordan 3 J Balvins.

Pro Tips for Sneaker Care: Discover insider secrets and expert tips to enhance your cleaning experience and extend the lifespan of your beloved sneakers.

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[Music] Hey what's popping what's up YouTube Welcome Back to the channel pretty boy Rob here and I'm going be hanging out With you for today's episode of shoe Care Academy for today's video we tapped Into miente J bvin and we got a pair of J Balvin 3's extremely trash we're going To bring them back to life using our Signature shoe cleaning kit that is Available at reator.com as well as all Your other shoe care needs with all that Being said there's not much left to it But to do it so let's get straight into This episode of shoe care Academy for before and after purpose We're just going to grab this left shoe And set it aside and we're only going to Be focusing on this right sneaker if You're new here don't forget to like Comment and subscribe y'all know the Vibe WE Post new content on a weekly Basis I mean every Mondays we got Customs and Restorations with our dude VI Almighty and then every Thursday we Have shoe care Academy videos like Today's video where we showcase our Products but on top of all that we Always sprinkling in a bunch of dope Content all related to Sneakers but Right now I do got to remove these Shoelaces and insert our adjustable shoe Trees but first I need a set yo editors Lace your boy

Up all right our cleaning station is all Prepped we are using our signature shoe Cleaning kit that comes with all three Of our signature brushes you're soft Medium and stiff the good old solution Of course in the towel plus our patent Sneaker laundry system which is the shoe Trees in the laundry bag we also got our Cleaning mat that we're going to be Showcasing today plus our dry rack Bowl Combo which is acting as a rack to store Our brushes a bowl for our water and Then after once the brushes are all done And did their job we can leave them on The rack to fully dry I could get Started but this thing is looking like It's in the jungle so I do want to just Step outside and get all this loose dirt Grime let's do that right Now All right we did get most of that Surface dirt off but as you can See it's still pretty trapped in there No matter how much I use this medium Brush it's not getting any of that off That's why we got to go back to the Cleaning station and really start Scrubba dub Dubbing we do got that nice hard toe box Now we can apply as much pressure as we Need to throughout the cleaning process But right now let me go ahead and get These laces out of Here all right we're all done let's get

Those laces on the side and now we can Get started with these J Balvin 3s but Before I start I do want to talk a Little bit about the shoe it was Actually inspired by the sunset of meta In because that's actually where J Balvin's from if you guys haven't had a Chance to catch Vick's Almighty custom We got rotating in the back that's his Take on the J Balvin 3es but on the four And he did it inspired by the Phoenix Sunset cuz if you guys didn't know That's where we from Big Bad AZ all Right now let's get started with this Cleaning using our soft bristle Brush all right when cleaning this Jordan 3 or any Jordan 3 you do want to Make sure you show Extra love behind the Back tab cuz you always can find a lot Of Trapped in dirt and grind back there All right I'm all done using our soft Bristle brush right now I'm going to use Our microfiber towel I'm just going to Throw it on the shoe not really I'm Actually just going to pat dry the shoe See if I see any trapped in stings by Removing these STS it's really going to Let us know what we're working with After the first few passes though I'm Like to say that these shoes are Cleaning up really really good there are Some trapped in stains around this mid Soole a little inside the suede panels With that said I can say when I first

Saw this shoe I thought it was an all Leather shoe obviously besides the Elephant Print there are actually Sections of suedes around this eyelid And that's where I'm seeing the trapped In stains so I'm just going to grab our Medium bristle brush and work on those Stains right now so let's get it let's [Music] Go all right guys I already gave you the Pro tip to make sure you guys clean the Back tab another area that you want to Clean and a lot of people forget about Is their air bubble you get a lot of Dirt and grime trapped up in there to Help you really get out you can use our Microfiber towel after you're done with The brushes all right I'm all done using The medium Bristol brush on these uppers However we want a deep clean on this Shoe reason why we're going to use our Laundry system the laundry system is Going to flush out most of those stains But again I want that additive kick Which is why we're using our medium Bristle brush to scrub the sock liner And [Music] Insole As I'm wrapping up with the cleaning of This shoe it really helped me realize Why I got this shoe as my sneaker of the Year of 20123 I know it's a hot take but I really like what Jay valvin and Jordan

Did on the shoe all the way down to the Insole with the sunset you got that Metan Sunset around the midgard as well And the back tab you're also seeing j Balin's logo which is a Clean Touch we Got that off-white age upper which is Very on Trend and then we also see the Yellow trimming all around the shoe that Really gives it a pop this shoe 10 out Of 10 for me my sneaker of the year but I want to know from you guys what was Last year's sneaker of the Year let us Know in the comment section down below But right now I got to get back to work So let's hit it with the stiff bristle Brush all right we got our uppers Midsoles out soes sock liner insole all That are looking good for our pre- Cleaning the last thing we really got to Do is just take take care of these laces Before we drop these off in the washer To get that full deep clean and to make Sure they're fully rejuvenated so to do These laces we're just pushing it inside The water and pushing back and forth Swishing around like so you're then Going to take them out of the water and Just scrub between your hands push out All that dirt and grime a little squeeze Never hurt nobody since these are a Lighter color lace I am going to use our Soft bristle brush just to pay a little Extra attention to detail cuz we want to Bring these shoes back to life hit it

With the soft bristle brush again super Premium brush it's not going to fray or Snag these Laces all right the laces are looking Good now let's go ahead and put all of Our components inside our sneaker Laundry bag and then put these in the Washer we are going to wash with cold Water on a normal cycle after that we Are going to let these shoes dry but We'll let you know all right guys the Shoes are done with the washer we Currently have them outside drying so What that means is we got some time Today so let's go ahead and tap in with These comment section and see what y'all Are talking about do you put the shoes In the washing machine with the shoe Trees inside the shoe yes you do you're Actually going to keep the Sho trees Inside the shoe for the whole process For the pre- cleaning that's going to Really allow you to put as much pressure As you need to on that toe box to get That extra extra deep clean then you're Going to put them in the shoe while They're in the washer it's going to keep The form and integrity so the shoes not Bending around then lastly as they're Drying out side you're going to want to Keep the shoe tree in the shoe to help With that form and integrity I've been Rambling on long enough let me go and Check on these shoes outside and I'll be

Right back yo Kayla you check out these Results these things go crazy our Signature shoe cleaning kit did the job Once again on these J Balin 3s one thing I do want to mention obviously when Cleaning any type of suede you're always Going to get that crunchy texture in Here at rejuvenator we don't like Crunchy suede that's why I grabbed a dry Suede kit as I was walking back cuz I do Want to go ahead and just reset the nap Around this eyelid and around the collar In the back just to make it plush and Soft once again to do so I'm just going To brush back and forth using the medium Bristle brush and then if there are any Trapped in stains I'm just going to Tackle those with our suede eraser yo Editor add dramatic orchestra music [Music] Now [Music] All right there it is this suede is Plush once again thanks to our dry suede Kit before we get this shoe laced up Let's talk a little bit about J Balvin And Jordan brand what they've done thus Far we all know we got the Jordan 1es Which is a very colorful and vibrant Sneaker that does see like cut and Stone Panels on the Jordan one all put Together honestly I'm a huge fan of that Shoe really like that aesthetic moving On to the Jordan 2 not the biggest fan

Of this one it's kind of like a fall Gray you got blue in there there's a Skyline to it some clouds again not a Big fan of that one but I did like how They put the lights on the shoe that's On the tongue and on the sole very Vic Almighty inspired if you ask me if you Know you know moving on to the Jordan 3s Huge fan of this personally my favorite One especially this colorway we are also Lucky enough to see an all black version That's supposed to drop sometime later This year I like this one a little more But again if you guys didn't know Jay Balin's also been on record to state That he would love to see a Jordan 4 Personally uh it only makes sense to Continue his legacy he gots the one twos Threes fours are next I'm the biggest Fan of these threes but let us know in The comments section down below what's Jay Balvin you rocking with the most Well right now here I go and getting These laced Up there it is that's going to do it That's going to wrap things up for Today's episode is shoe care Academy on The J Balin 3s The Meta in Sunset we Achieved these results using our Signature shoe cleaning kit but speaking Of results let me go and just bring in The dirty shoe so you can see what we're Talking about as you can see this is the Night and day difference or should I say

Day break and sunset you know the medine Sunset sorry guys I'm working on my dad Jokes they're not that good just yet but Speaking of good these results man good Is an understatement you can get results Just like this by copying your very own Signature SHO cleaning kit and dry suede Kit a couple other rejuvenator Accessories I would recommend would be Our cleaning mat rejuvenator Snicker Laundry detergent our dry rack Bowl Combo all these products are available At reator.com and much much more in 2024 We actually plan on dropping even more Products new SKS new bundles so if You're on the website don't forget to Subscribe to our email marketing cuz That is going to be your first chance to Get notified of any future drops it is Almost time for me to get on out of here But before I do that I want to lce Someone up with their very own signature Shoe cleaning kit all you got to do to Win is comment down below you can Comment anything you can comment how Well these shoes cleaned up you can Comment what your favorite Jay Balvin is Comment what your favorite shoe of 2023 Is you can comment how much you like my Beard I don't care comment how much you Hate the beard it's all good it's all Gravy we appreciate you rocking with us My name's pretty boy Rob and I'll catch Youall on another video peace yo editor

Turn this into a Meine Columbia Nightclub [Music] Oh