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Today I’m reviewing the Air Jordan 3 Midnight Navy! The Air Jordan 3 Midnight Navy has a release date of December 16th 2023 and a retail price of $200. Check out my full Air Jordan 3 Midnight Navy unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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2023 has been an incredible year for Sneaker releases even though the sneaker Market is down some of the drops have Been some of my favorite of the last Couple years and even through the end of December we're still getting Fire Release after Fire release and because There are so many crazy releases Happening some of the better releases Are getting left by the wayside people Don't seem to care about them and I feel Like that's the case for one of my Favorite releases of December the Air Jordan 3 midnight navy what's up Everybody I'm Seth fower and today I'm Reviewing the upcoming or I guess by the Time you might have watch this video Recently released Air Jordan 3 midnight Navy one of the best sneakers to drop in December of 2023 but before we get into The reasons why I think this is one of The best releases of December let me First tell you guys about the sponsor of Today's video soulle premise so we're in It we're in the holidays we are in the Most busy time of the year the time of The year that we travel the most and for Me one of my travel Essentials is my Sole premise bag I bring this bag with Me everywhere whether it's to the office Whether it's on a road trip like I did To Kansas a couple weeks ago which yes Was to visit family but I wasn't trying To stunt on my granddad although I could

Have cuz I brought some heat with me and The reason I love my soul premise bag is Because it's specifically designed to Carry my sneakers in the case of this Backpack you can carry up to five pairs Of shoes your laptop all your Tech Accessories and even some clothing it's Incredibly versatile and it's TSA Approved which means you can bring it Onto the airplane with you you don't Have to check your expensive sneakers Underneath the airplane and not know Exactly where they're going well you'd Hope that they'd go to the same place That you're going cuz it's on the same Airplane but you never know and not only That so premise has you covered no Matter what kind of bag that you need Whether it's a duffel bag a hard shell Suitcase really anything smaller Backpacks bigger backpacks cross body Bags they got everything so if you want To check out so premise for yourself Make sure to click the link at the top Of the description below and use my code Seth for 40% off your entire order but Now let's get back into the sneakers Themselves the Air Jordan 3 Midnight Navies officially drop on December 16th 2023 for a retail price of 200 bucks Which could be one of the reasons why This shoe is not as popular as I think It could have been this shoe is Currently reselling for under retail so

You can go on stockx right now and grab A pair for like 150 bucks it's wild and Actually if you want to do that I've Made sure to leave links to this shoe on The YouTube shopping tab where you can Grab this shoe for under retail before It even releases and with that in mind This pair of Air Jordan 3s at a a price Of let's say 160 to 180 bucks is a No-brainer this shoe is incredibly clean And it comes in at a great price if you Get it for under retail but when you buy The shoe not only are you getting the Sneaker but you're also getting the box That was my awful transition into uh Reviewing the Box this is your pretty Standard Air Jordan 3 Box I guess not Totally standard because it does feature The uh elephant print on the left side Of the Box depending on which side of The Box you're looking at and of course You've got the white matte finish on the Other side with a Jumpman offc Center in A midnight navy the rest of the box is Pretty plain with the Elephant Print Continuing around the outside of the box And then on one end of the Box you've Got the size tag I grabbed a size 8 and Half which is not my true size I'm Usually a size n or I am a size n and The reason I did that is because goat Didn't have a size n for instant ship so I had to go with a size 8 and half which Still fits but we'll get into sizing a

Little bit later on in the video and the Official colorway of this shoe is as Probably expected white midnight navy But getting into the actual sneaker Itself you might recognize this color Blocking from Classic Air Jordan 3s like The fire red 3es and surprisingly Throughout the sneaker there are a Couple changes that Jordan brand made to Make this shoe much more similar to the Original shape and feel of the Air Jordan 3s versus some of the more recent Releases so while this isn't an OG Colorway it does kind of feel like an OG Pair of 3es starting off around the toe With a sneaker you've got this pretty Thin elephant print mudguard which is Actually pretty similar to the ogs the Suede used on the mudu guard is very Dark gray and of course you've got the Preston elephant print details which Seem relatively inconsistent of course Across Air Jordan 3's recently with the Manufacturing processes not being Amazing one thing that I have noticed on The pairs of these that I've seen the Elephant Print does seem to be a little Bit Slimmer which is closer to the ogs However on my pair on the inside of the Shoe it gets very thick even though the Outside's very thin which is odd very Inconsistent but it is what it is Regardless I like the way that the Elephant print looks moving up from the

Elephant Print you've got this very Smooth white leather finishing off the Mudu guard and then in the center of the Tail you've got this nicely tumbled White leather now on my pair this Leather is super heavily textured which Is fine feels relatively soft it's your Standard Air Jordan 3 leather it's Nothing special and then moving up from There you get to the eye stage of the Sneaker which feature these bright blue Eyelids I guess it's not really bright Blue it's more of like a midnight navy Blue and then just above that you've got This gray leather panel that's Perforated and your white plastic Eyelids weaving through the eyelids You've got a set of flat white laces Which unfortunately are the only laces That you get inside the Box you don't Get anything else not that I'd really Want any other color but it would be Nice to have the option especially for a $200 sneaker and then underneath that You've got more of this gray perforated Leather on the bottom half of the tongue And then on the top half of the tongue You've got some white leather with the Midnight navy Jumpman embroidered into The center moving inside the sneaker You've got this gray fabric sock liner On the back half of the ankle area and Then on the back of the tongue you've Got this midnight navy sock liner and

Then rounding off the inside of the shoe You've got a midnight navy colored Insole with a Jumpman printed on the Heel in white but at this point in the Video why don't we take these guys Outside on the deck see what my wife Thinks of them and also see how they fit All right I got a new pair of sneakers For you now you might like these cuz They look just like what you're wearing Right now except different color way These are Jordan 3es yeah they're cool You like them that's like what I'm Wearing right now yeah ex well yeah the Same silhouette just different color way What do you think out of 10 yeah they're Pretty nice pretty nice pretty nice out Of 10 okay great I did have have to go With a size 8 and half cuz that was the Only one that was available on Goat Instant chip so these are going to be a Little bit smaller than my standard Air Jordan 3s however I do have pairs of 8 And half Air Jordan 3s so I know Generally how they feel of course if you Guys want to check out the brand new Mera Hill Apothecary shade TV collection It's available right now on apothecary's Website APC y.com you've got all the Different slouch socks looking very very Clean all Right yeah I feel like these Jordan Sizing portions of the video are always Like really consistent they're always

Like they fit true to size it's always The same it's good to know it's Consistent that's true I mean that's one Thing that Jordan and Nike do really Well they always have like very Consistent sizing for their Jordans they Look nice on foot they do don't they Right mhm they look good with your socks And definitely hey I appreciate that but Yeah if you're grabbing these you're Probably going to have a lot of these Available in stores I don't think these Are going to sell out immediately so you Do have some time to try them on first Before you buy them but I would suggest Going true to size you should be just Fine or grab whatever size you usually Grab an Air Jordan 3es but that's my Recommendation that being said it's cold I'm going to get back into the studio Continuing back in the sneaker you've Got more of that tumbled White white Leather you've got another midnight navy Hit around the top of the ankle and then Of course you've got your elephant print Towards the back of the heel around the Top of the ankle area you've got this Midnight navy colored leather which is Perforated similar to the fire red Threes which features the accent color In this area too in that case it's red In this case it's midnight navy and then Moving around to the heel of the shoe You've got this white heel tab with the

Jumpman on the heel in blue moving down On the sneaker you've got this split Midsole split between white and blue of Course you've got your exposed air unit Towards the heel and then moving to the Bottom of the sneaker you've got this Gray rubber outsole accented by midnight Navy hits you've got the Jordan in Midnight navy and then rounding off the Look you've got this white rubber area In the midfoot so while the midnight Navy Air Jordan 3s aren't anything Spectacular they're not even really Anything that different from what we've Seen recently this is still a very solid Release it's got that sort of OG Vibe While not being an OG colorway and it's One of the cleanest Air Jordan 3s to Drop all year and to be fair we were Supposed to get this next year so we're Kind of getting this early it's like an Early Christmas around Christmas plus I Mean hey if you can grab this shoe for Under retail I definitely recommend it It's a solid release very wearable the Colorway is ridiculously clean and uh For 160 bucks which is I think around What you can get it for might be worth Picking up I mean honestly even for the $200 retail price it's still not a bad Price this shoe hey could sell out kind Of doubt it the fear 3s didn't sell out But um I think the shoe is worth it even At 200 bucks obviously better if you can

Get it for cheaper but either way but Hey at this point in the video I would Love to know your thoughts on the Midnight navy 3s and whether you're Planning to grab a pair for yourself When they officially release thank you All so much for watching make sure to Subscribe if you haven't yet and I will See you all in the next one