Welcome to this weeks Sneaker Care Academy Video! We picked up a trashed pair of 2020 UNC Air Jordan 3’s off of eBay. These Sneakers were nasty with dirt and scuffs covering most of the Upper so, we had Sneaker Cleaning Guru Nick Wilson tackle these coveted kicks.

????Nick chose to use the Reshoevn8r Clean and Revive bundle for the clean. He started off by dry brushing the sneaker to remove as much loose dirt as possible. The main benefit of this is that it removes the upper layer and prevents the dirt being pushed further into the stitching and sock liner.

????We cleaned the entire sneaker evenly using the Soft Bristle Brush and all natural solution to breakdown the remaining grime on the sneaker. After we finished with the Soft Brush it was time to go into details. We used the Medium Brush to detail the insole of the sneaker and the midsole before finishing the job on the outsole.

????In order to completely disinfect and clean these shoes Nick used the Reshoevn8r patented sneaker laundry system for the most effective clean possible. After getting them out of the wash and letting these dry these once Trashed 3’s look brand new, but there was still some yellowing along the midsole.

❗️Which is why Nick applied some Sole Revive to the parts that were yellowing, and after letting it do its Reshoevn8r magic these Jordan 3’s are now in perfect condition.

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[Music] Welcome to this episode of shoare Academy powered by rejuvenator my name's Nick make sure you're subscribed we drop New videos every single week where we Teach you how to elevate your shoe Care On today's episode we've got these beat Up dirty nasty Air Jordan 3 unc's the Entire upper of this sneaker is made out Of leather you've got the premium Tumbled leather as well as the Perforated leather the mud guard on the Toe box and the heel are both made out Of elephant print now the sneaker also Has a painted midsole rubber on the heel Tab rubber on the midsole and rubber on The out soole and we do have a cloth Sock liner so we're definitely going to Need to clean that up we're going to be Using the rejuvenator signature revive Kit the reason why we're using the Revive kit is because we do have some Yellowing around the toe box area here Right on the outside of this the mides Don't look too yellow a little bit back Here along the back but the signature Revive kit is going to include your 4 oz Bottle of solution all three of your Brushes soft medium and stiff microfiber Towel patented laundry system two Adjustable shoe trees as well as the Rejuvenator soul revive the rejuvenator Soul revive is what is going to bring These yellow Souls back to their bright

White all we have to do now is get our Cleaning station set up and start Cleaning these Sneakers Now that I got my cleaning station set Up we're going to talk about this Sneaker a little bit now this UNCC Jordan 3 is the closest thing that we're Ever going to get to an actual PE Release they look very similar with a Few subtle differences mainly the fact That we got the Jumpman on the tongue Instead of the UNC branding what is the UNCC color actually called drop a Comment down below and let me know if You know the actual name of this blue I Picked these up off of eBay as you can Tell they're dirty they're gross the Uppers are completely trashed all of the Elephant print your sock liner Everything is just covered in dirt and Grime I mean look at my hands just from Touching them the toe boxes are yellowed The back heel cups are yellowed a little Bit it's got some heel drag got some Star loss on the front but the great Thing about picking them up off eBay is I do know that they are 100% authentic Thanks to eBay's 100% authenticity Guarantee if you do get a pair of Sneakers they go through their Authentication process and they don't Pass you don't got to pay for them we Only ever cleaned one sneaker on the

Channel so for that we're only going to Be cleaning the right shoe so I'm going To move this one off to the side now This sneaker we're going to be cleaning It up with the rejuvenator signature Revive bundle all of these products that You see here today are available online At rejuvenator dcom make sure you use my Link down below to help save yourself Some money that way you don't got to eat Cereal for dinner we are going to be Pairing that with a few other items that Are not included in that bundle and That's going to be the drying rack and Bull combo our super absorbent cleaning Mat also when we throw these things in The wash with the rejuvenator laundry System we're going to be pairing it with The rejuvenator laundry pods now to get Started on this the first thing we got To do is get rid of these laces and Insert our adjustable shoe tree to help Reshape reform as well as give us a nice Hard surface for us to scrub on this toe [Music] Box as you can see that dry brushing did Almost nothing the sneaker is still Covered in dirt it did help a little bit On the Elephant Print but other than That we're going to have to get into a Wet cleaning for that we're going to Take our rejuvenator solution put two Squirts into our bowl of water take our Soft brush and really get to scrub in

The uppers the soft bristle brush is Essential when cleaning a sneaker of This type material especially this Premium tumbled leather it's a super Soft bristle brush and it doesn't risk Damaging any of the materials make sure You pull back the eyelets on the uppers Of these sneakers and really scrub deep On this perforated leather Panel little bonus Pro tip make sure you Take the shoe tree out as well as your Insole when you're cleaning inside of Your sock liner as well as the back of Your tongue because you're going to get All this dirt and debris and other stuff That's inside your sneaker out at the Same time and you can clean your insole Prior to putting it back in the sneaker And dropping in the laundry system now That I've hit the entire upper of this Sneaker one time using the soft bristle Brush I'm going to move on to the sock Liner and the back of the tongue this Type material definitely holds in all That dirt and grime so for this we're Going to really try to flush it out the Best we can with the brushes and then It's going to go in the laundry system But we do want to get that top layer out The best we Can now that we've cleaned the sock Liner we're going to move on to the Insole using our soft bristle [Music]

Brush that wraps it up for cleaning the Insole we're going to put it back in the Sneaker as well as our shoe tree and Then we're going to use our medium Bristle brush to clean the upper one More time since there is some deeper Staining still prant around the sneaker As well as clean up our Midsole the medium bristle brush is our Allpurpose brush it works great on Almost all materials as you can tell We've cleaned the entire Upp of the Sneaker using the medium bristle brush Next thing we're going to do is move Over to our stiff bristle Brush and Clean Up the bottoms of the sneaker you Don't want to use the stiff bristle Brush on anything other than a hard Rubber materials and be very careful With any painted midsoles because you do Risk damaging and peeling up any of the Paint on those mides when cleaning your Outs make sure you hit it in both Directions following the grooves as well As going against the grooves with the Stiff wristle brush that way you get all Of the areas cleaned kind of at one Time now we're going to clean this Outsole area and the midsole area using Our stiff bristle brush we're going to Be mindful we don't hit the Elephant Print just because there is some deeper Staining around these stars all around The toe box area that the medium brush

Didn't get off All right that wraps up cleaning the Uppers and the midsoles and the outs of The sneaker last thing we got to do is Tackle these laces all I'm going to do Is drop this in the bowl of water kind Of SOS it around a little bit Suds it up With my hands scrub it a little bit Between my hands to get them as clean as I possibly can then we're just going to Drop them into the laundry bag with our Sneaker into the laundry machine and We're going to let it do its thing all Right now that we got the laces cleaned And the pre-treatment done on the Sneaker last step we got to do is drop It in our laundry B B and take it over To the laundry machine one of our cool Things about this bag is it actually Does provide cleaning Technology based On the bag itself it will rub up against The sneaker and provide an additional Clean as well as the pods and the water Flushing the entire of this sneaker out To give it an additional deep clean next Thing we got to do is drop our laces Into our lace bag drop them in Buckle it Back up and off to the laundry we Go Make sure you wash it on cold water Normal Cycle check back in 40 minutes we got The shoe out of the wash we let it dry Overnight so that way it's ready to rock

And roll for the next step we're going To be attacking this yellowing along the Toe cap area as well as the heel tab for This we're going to be using the Rejuvenator so revive all you have to do Is lightly drop a couple drops all Around your toe cap take a brush and Lightly brush it around take some Saran Wrap cover the sneaker up so that way it Doesn't get anywhere else you will Reapply this multiple times also for the Heel tab we're not going to put any Sol Revive on it we're just going to put it Outside and let the Sun's UV rays do its Things to help brighten this heel tab up As well as brighten the entire shoe Since it is looking a little bit dull I Went ahead and rotated the shoe Throughout the day yesterday to make Sure that the UV rays evenly distributed All the way across the shoe to make sure That both the heel the heel Tab and the Toe cap all got brightened up next step We have to do is take off the Saran Wrap And get any of the excess residual Soul Revive on the sneaker off for that you Can use a handful of things I'm going to Use the rejuvenator sneaker Wipe now that we have the excess wiped Off it's looking great all we got to do Is lace it Up [Music] Shoes all laced up and it's ready to

Rock and roll now what I want to do is Hop back in to last week's video and Check out some comments got a comment From Eric Garcia JDM let's go JDM Cars Are the best late 80s early 90s what do You got let me know down below I love Your products but you guys have claimed Multiple times that the laundry bag fits Two Shoes in one go and it's simply not True I'm a size 10 and there's Absolutely no way that that bag can fit Two shoes at once I watch my girl size 6 W shoes and they both fit in the bag but Barely so you can't tell me a men's siiz Shoe will fit two in the bag I'd love if You guys showed me that in a video all Right Eric I got you Player two size 112 2015 Chicago Ones One rejuvenator laundry bag SES together Heel To Toe we're going to put these Together we're going to put them in the Bag since these are highs I do know Already they're going to kind of go in The bag like this not like this but a Little bit like that let's get him in The bag make sure that the bag is all The way loosened stretch it open take Your Sneakers and just like that Eric you Have two size an 11 and 1 12 Air Jordan 1es in the laundry bag let us know if You have any other questions on any Rejuvenator products just drop them down Below below and hopefully we can answer

Them in the next week's video now we Clean these things up using the Rejuvenator signature revive bundle this Is a bundle that includes the renator Signature kit as well as Soul revive It's not available worldwide it's only Available in the lower 48 but you can Get the signature kit worldwide off of Our website rejuvenator Docomo save yourself some money let's Take a look at these two shoes to see What we did and how we achieved these Results we Ed the soft bristle brush on Our uppers we use the medium bristle Brush on the uppers after we did the First run on pre-treatment on the tops We also use the medium bristle brush on Our mud guards we used the stiff bristle Brush on the outs of the sneaker prepped This area on the toe and the heel for The rejuvenator solar viive the Rejuvenator solar viive got them back to Looking brand new shout out to eBay Saved myself a couple hundred by picking These up as used and turn them into Something I'm guessing is worth at least $150 $200 more to finish this cleaning Out we also use the rejuvenator laundry System as well as the laundry pods to Really get a deep clean on this shoe we Also paired this cleaning with a few Other items that are not included with The signature revive bundle that's going To be the drying rack and bull combo the

Laundry pods and our super absorbent Cleaning mat now all of these products As well as more are available online at Renator Docomo save yourself some money now if You responded to any of the questions That I've asked throughout this video or You dropped a new question for us to Address in next week's video you never Know you might be lucky and we might Pick your comment to win a free Signature kit make sure you're Subscribed make sure you follow us make Sure you like favorite share comment do All the fun things it really helps the Channel out and we super appreciate it When you guys do that other than that my Name's Nick these are clean dis I got to Go do the other one now so that way I Can put them back in my collection Thanks for hanging out hopefully you Learn something and we'll see you next [Music] Week [Music] [Music] N