Get ready, sneakerheads! In this exclusive Reshoevn8r unboxing video, join Vick and Nick as they dive deep into the highly anticipated Air Jordan 4 Reimagined! ????

???? Unveiling the latest addition to the iconic Jordan 4 Bred collection, Vick and Nick bring you an up-close and personal look at the design, materials, and details that make this release stand out. From the classic silhouette to the innovative reimagining, they explore every aspect of the sneaker that has the sneaker community buzzing.

???? Dive into the conversation as Vick and Nick share their thoughts on what they love about the Air Jordan 4 Reimagined and discuss potential changes they would make to enhance the overall design. With their expert insights and passion for sneakers, you’re in for an engaging discussion that will elevate your appreciation for this legendary silhouette.

???? But that’s not all! The dynamic duo takes a trip down memory lane, comparing the Air Jordan 4 Reimagined to all the previous Jordan 4 Bred releases since the original drop in the 80s. Witness a comprehensive analysis of how the iconic design has evolved over the years and discover which elements have stood the test of time.

???? Whether you’re a longtime Jordan enthusiast or a newcomer to the sneaker game, this Reshoevn8r exclusive unboxing is a must-watch! Don’t miss out on the chance to stay ahead of the curve with Vick and Nick’s expert insights and be part of the conversation around the Air Jordan 4 Reimagined.

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What's going on guys I'm Vick Almighty And today we're going to be unboxing the New reimagine Jordan Ford bro I am so Stoked for what's inside this box all Right dude what do you call these the Breads or black cements so originally I Used to call them the black cement fors But then everybody was like bro you're Old the head all right chill out call Them the bread fors so now I call them The bread fors just because most people Usually know what I'm talking about yeah I kind of go both ways sometimes I call It bread sometimes I call it black Cement but let's just get into it dude Let's open them up first thing I want to Talk about though is the packaging what Do you think about the box as it sits Now I'm a fan of Jordan brand always Doing new boxes it definitely has a nice OG Vibe it's been a long time since I've Seen an actual 89 box it's a lot Slimmer Of a box but I don't remember how it Compares to the original but as is I Love it dude it's beautiful yeah I Definitely love the cement print on the Top I definitely like the shape of the Box and I'm really super stoked to take Them out of the box yeah I like that the Box is not beat up but let's open them Up yeah that's a beautiful shoe off the Rip black hang tag that's a cool touch That's super nice usually the Hang Tag's Orange I don't know I like the new twist

Blacks nice especially on the tongue Dude this is some nice Leather So Looking at this cut right here I can Tell it's some nice thick leather it Doesn't feel cheap it's nice and soft All around on the tongue it's a bit more Tumbly than the rest of the leather but I like it dude I'm not complaining about This shoe the tongue definitely is Different as well the padding feels a Little bit different to me also looking At the entire shape of the sneaker it Definitely has been reshaped it looks More similar to the new shape of the Fours what do you think about the shape Of the sneaker I personally like the Shape a lot I mean if you compare it to Back in the day like 2012 era Jordan Forest horrible shape way bad you know So these new Jordan Forest they're nice And Sleek especially with the tongue you See that black leather how it's rolled Over just like the ' 89s this is a nice Touch who fresh definitely inspired Jordan brat to do that without him they Would have not touched this thing again As we turn the sneaker around obviously We've got to talk about Nike Air on the Back it's the best now some of you guys Know that Jordan brand swaps a lot of The times between the Nike Air as well As the Jumpman all right I have a test For you how many times has the black Cement SL bread 4 been released so we've

Got the ogs what year 1989 all right Then we got roughly 10 years later 2009 No no 2008 1999 1999 1990 what did I say 2008 2009 No okay all right all over 89 OG 89 99 First retro yep and then and then it was N9 years not 10 years which was 2008 Cdps yep and then we Did 12 yep that was new Buck ERS then we Did 2019s then F yeah the 19s then golf 2022 20 I'd call them 2022 yeah I think They came out 2022 and then 2024 and 2024 with the reimagine so you got what Six times total about yeah 89 99 08 12 19 22 7 so besides the little defects Like every single Jordan has what will You change about the shoe you know I Personally as it sits I don't think I Would change anything about it um I Really like the shape of the sneaker um I Heard and I don't know if this is true Or not but they are using the new SB Midsole okay on all new Jordan 4s moving Forward so is that supposed to be more Comfortable so supposed to be more Comfortable so it's supposed to have the New redesigned air unit and midsole Which is supposed to be from all of the New Jordan 4 models moving forward past The sb4 so if that's the case and if it Has the same shape and fitment as the S4s I'm going to absolutely love these Because as some of you guys know your Pinky toe in the in in the fls if you

Don't get the size right sometimes you Got to go half size up um my S4s are 8 And 1/2 these are 8 and 1 half I went Ahead and got 8 and 1 half on these ones As well this is my personal pair I got These off the shock drop shout out uh Sneakers for finally giving me some Freaking love after like a year and a Half of just beating me up every day I Was so expecting that loss dude I was Expecting it now but luckily we got a Pair here's the thing too there's a lot Of fakes out there when it comes to These reimagine fls I'd be very careful Where you're buying your pair again if You're lucky enough to get off sneakers Got you got a legit pair but if you're Out there buying resale or whatever be Very very careful The Fakes out there Are really good couldn't tell you how to Spot them but just keep your eye out for Those fakes don't get scammed all right Nick since you didn't ask me if I would Change the shoe I didn't get that far You just start rambling about something Else I'm just kidding n dude as is the Shoe is beautiful if I was to mess with It a little bit I would probably again It's just small TIN Tiny details I would Probably make the uh the Ning a little Bit more glossy if you compare him to The 99 release the 99 release has a nice Shiny uh Sheen to it almost um again That's just kind of nitpicking it other

Than that the shoe is really beautiful I Can't wait to wear them it looks Comfortable too there's nice padding on The inside tongue is nice and soft if They did actually put an SB Sal then It's got to be a comfortable sneaker all Around for sure looking at it now deeper I think one thing I might change would Be maybe putting a suede mud guard Around the toe box area just to help Break it up from being all But I still really really like the fact That it is an all leather sneaker it's Just something different than what I Typically wear and have currently in my Rotation let me ask you this question Leather versus nuba which one would you Rather it be and which one would you Pick now that you're going to have both Technically the 2019s are durabuck 2012's are newu nuk's horrible durok's Nice leather's really clean who fresh Actually did a custom on these years Back where he put a leather upper on Some 99s I think that's kind of where They got this whole idea from but Honestly duruk just cuz that's OG but Leather is a really close one dude I Really like the black leather overall Though I really like what the reimagine Series has been like um with the Reimagine lots of found J on these black Cements got the three three mag thre Even the even the Royals at first I was

Like hating on them and I recently got a Pair just cuz they kind of grew on me It's a nice touch with the suede all Around the uppers I'm not complaining so They're four for four in my opinion and The next one was what the last the the Reimagine black toes which my guy you Already did the black toe reimagines off The lost and founds literally the blue Pints right there for Nike all they got To do is do what they did on the Chicagos throw the little bit of black And that's it cracked uppers and Everything I like I like it so have you Seen the mockups and the rumors that These sneaker heads has dropped no on The black no what are you saying all Right so there no Wing logo Air Jordan Branding only that's cool I like that You do like that yeah yeah I like that Cuz there is a pair the isn't aren't They the ones where he's like has that's Okay that's soir so that's what they are Saying now is going to be the pair that Releas I mean that's what it's about Reimagining the whole shoe so it can be Identical to something they've already Released you know they put a leather Upper on these blacksan Forest the Reimagine 3es they gave it a nice age Tone the Chicago same thing age the Royals they just put sede uppers Completely on the uppers and then the Black and then the black toes that's

Cool I actually like that idea really All right after you wear them or I Should say after I wear them and Absolutely beat them what product with Rejuvenator would you recommend to pair With this sneo here's the cool thing About these shoes as is and off the rip They look like tanks they look like they Hold up but like a lot of wear and tear And you could probably just use like a Rejuvenator wipe to give it a quick wipe Down and they're going to look good as New so it depends you know so if you Beat them up like crazy essential shoe Cleaning kit is the way to go clean them Up nothing too crazy I don't think the Shoe will ever have to go in the washing Machine I don't think there'll be any Issues by putting them in the washing Machine but off the rip of ruinator wipe I think will do a lot of damage wiping Off all that stuff definitely keep the Ruinator wipes on you at all times Especially within this tumbled leather Some of these deeper pores you're going To get some of that light dirt and grime Trapped in between there and fact that It's black helps out a lot because this Looks very similar to the alamer white Leather that they have on the three And even with the WIP you get that Deeper deeper there soting it with like A rejuvenator essential kit with your Soft bristle brush or medium bristle

Brush is going to be essential to get it Clean and looking back as good as it Does right now let us know down below if This is a cop or a drop if it is a cop Make sure you use the link down below to Save yourself some money on rejuvenator Dcom products particularly the Rejuvenator essential kit or the on The-go cleaning with the rejuvenator Sneaker wipes now Vic last but not least I would love to see the difference in Hand between the 2019 pair I wor them Bro and the 2024 pair all right so off The rip what do you see different Obviously besides the materials like Leather and dur book which one should we Compare it to um first thing is going to Be the toe box the toe box shape more Sleek right yep it's it's way more Angular this one's more flat granted you Wore them but still little bit boxier You can see that it's got some different Shape to it the back heel definitely Looks way more padded the rubber is Different too the rubber on the 2019 is A little bit more sturdier compared to The 20 sorry 2024's um obviously the tongue's a big Difference you see how the black Material isn't fully rolled over like How they did it over here on the uh 202 24s yep doesn't it comes up in over Versus just up to the top exactly and That's a big difference in the newer

Jordan Forest I love that detail that SS Look the exact same what do you see About the souls I mean my souls are a Bit more oxidized I have that like 1999 Look the this panel up by the the wing Panel looks like it comes up a little Bit higher it is higher overall so this Big piece that kind of wraps around the Entire upper is a little higher is the Netting smaller on this The netting Looks smaller on the new one for the old One so the netting on on obviously it's Going to be smaller because they made That middle panel bigger right so They're just covering up more of the Netting on the side that makes sense Exactly so the 2024 is have a sleeker Netting on the top on both sides what About the Nike Nike Air in the back so This Nike Air looks a little bit smaller Slightly uh what about the tongue tags Tongue tags look the same it's a bit More vibrant than the other but well I Mean obviously that one's 5 years old so I would expect it to be yeah I mean Overall it's not too much of a Difference just newer tongue new Materials I love this shoe man it's so Freaking nice I think it's going to be Sneaker of the year what do you say It'll be up there I think right now it's Not reselling for much cuz again what Does resell have to do with it for sneak Of the Year well here's the thing you

Know at first nobody's going to care for Them later on when they sell out and Stuff freaking resell will go up and Then everybody's going to like them and Then everybody's going to be like Sneaker of the year so at the moment I Don't think it's considered a sneaker of The year but in my books it is a sneaker Of the year that's what I'm saying inv Vic Almighty oh you got to specify that Question man yeah in vic almighty's World inv Vic almighty's mindset the Bread 4 is my favorite shoe of all time You know so 99's 89s not the cdps not The 2012's 2019s and these I love them Dude they're so freaking nice I think What made me really like them so much is Seeing an old pick of Phil Jackson Wearing them with the suit I'm like That's such a clean shot so I think That's kind of what made me like this Shoe so much but yeah in my opinion as Is so far it's early in the year but This is candidate for shoe of the Year Nice let us know down below what you Guys think is this in the running for Sneaker of the year for 2024 drop a Comment below other than that I think We're going to wrap this up we Appreciate you guys all hanging out with Us hopefully we get some more unboxings Maybe some early looks we'll see what we Can get our hands on that's it that's Out later

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