From general release to a sample sneaker with just a couple of steps! When the Olive Craft Jordan 4’s dropped it was the perfect canvas to recreate the Undefeated Air Jordan 4 Sample that goes for over $30K!

Vick picked these kicks up from the Undefeated shop down the street from our office right after they dropped and got straight to work. The first step of this customization process was to deconstruct the sneaker to make the canvas ready for the overall design. Once the tongue was removed it was time to construct yet another sneaker.. The donor sneaker from our friend @Flippinkickz !

The Olive Green Crafts and the other Craft sneakers feature an indented netting rather than the classic Jordan 4 netting. Therefore we needed to take some netting from our donor pair and prep them for the next steps. The first step was to dye the white netting to match the overall vibe, but it wasn’t an easy process. In fact it was just one of the obstacles that Vick overcame to create this custom! It took 2 dye trips to get to the color that we are looking for.

Let’s just say Vick’s experience with dying materials didn’t go as planned for this custom. The colors came out looking a little funky and ultimately costed Vick a couple days to create this.

Once the prepwork, details and deconstruction were completed it was time to put the sneaker together. Overall this sneaker came out exactly how they should be! If you picked up the Olive Green Craft Jordan 4s… It might be time to flex on the others and customize them!

Let us know in the comments which new release should Vick customize next?!

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What's up family how you doing you good Bro looking good what's up n how you Doing bro so you already know what I'm Doing huh yeah a poor man's undefeated For we're running the company C today They're nice it's two colorways yeah Yeah Y how much is the license plate Plack uh thing I'll get one of those too I'm just supposed to buy shoes all right Bro see you man of course bro thank you Have a good man what's up YouTube today We're going to be customizing these Crafts into some poor man undefeated Forest the real undefeated Forest came Out in 2005 and to date it's considered One of the sickest and rarest Collaborations they only made about 72 Pairs for the 2005 release and those go For 20 25 or even $30,000 they also Re-released them in 2018 that release Goes for thousands of dollars as well if You guys are new to the channel back in 2016 my very first ever restoration Video on this channel was the undefeated 4 if you guys want to watch one of my Cringiest videos check this one out this Is the closest shoe that Jordan brand Has has given us to The Undefeated 4 so We have a lot to work with we just got To give it that undefeated pop let's get Started before we take out the laces and Insults and get started with this Project let's talk about these craft Fors overall it's a beautiful good

Quality shoe I love the suede I love the Colors but the one thing that's missing Is that the shoe has no netting on the Side panels or the tongue it's an Embossed suede it's cool looking but not Exactly what I'm going for so in this Video I am going to be replacing it with Some netting first let's take out the Laces and insults so we can fully take Out the tongue in order to add netting To the tongue we have to completely Remove it a lot of this custom going to Be focused on the tongue we got to add Netting replace the tongue tag replace The liner on the back replace this back Piece as well there's a lot of work to It and it all starts by removing it off The shoe first so we're going to be Using an X-Acto Knife and a seam [Music] [Music] Ripper tongues are completely off the Shoes now let's deconstruct them the Only thing we're going to keep is the Green suede we don't need the liner or The tongue [Music] Tags tongues are deconstructed now we Need some netting had to go into the Boneyard and find some parts luckily for Me I got a good friend like cliping Kicks anytime he has some old parts that He doesn't need he sends them over in This case he took off the mentals for a

Personal project and he sent over the Uppers these are perfect for this Project we'll take off The netting then Dy it what's called cool about these two Is we got some tongue tags for some Future projects as I was in the Boneyard Looking I found these authentic orange Jordan insoles from some 2006 allive FS Same era as the 2005 undefeated fors These go perfect for this project and I Found these authentic orange laces that Match these insoles nicely let's take Off The Netting white nting is a cut up ready to Be dyed right now we got some hot water Cooking we're going to put everything Inside this tray we're going to be using Some red dye to try our best to get it As close as possible to this tone we got Some green brown and black we'll mix it All up together hopefully we get the Color we [Music] Want parts are fully dyed how however During the process there was a change of Plans after I added the green and the Brown I ended up getting a weird purple Mix I can't explain it but I didn't want To waste these parts so I ended up Adding a bunch of graphite black dye From RIT to overpower that purple mix Let it sit in there for another 15 to 20 Minutes and we got some great results Fully black nice and solid it's fully

Wearable originally I was going for an Olive tone that's okay we're not going For an original undefeated 4 we're going For a poor man undefeated 4 also there Are several versions of The Undefeated There's sample versions that also have a Gray netting so this is is close enough Netting is good to go the red Dy did its Job we got him solid black it's going to Contrast nicely off the olive I got them Fully rinsed out they're ready to be Installed so we're back onto the shoes The netting is going to go on both sides Of these panels but first using a seam Ripper and an exactor knife we got to Cut open the [Music] Stitching we're back to the red dime I Went to the fabric store looking for Some orange fabric material for the Liners I couldn't find the exact tone That I wanted it was either too dark or Too light so I ended up finding some all White polyester material this is nice And comfortable we're going to Dy the Exact tone I wanted all we're going to Use is some red dye orange hopefully we Don't mess up this color while we're at It we're also going to throw in these Tongue tags that are yellow we're trying To turn them [Music] Orange [Music]

Fabric is still dying in the orange Thigh we're going to let it sit for Several hours to absorb as much of that D as possible while we wait we're going To start putting these tongues back Together this is the big staple point When it comes to the undefeated fors Under the jumman tag it says Jordan rare Air I pull these from an old pair of T Forest they're literally perfect now We're going to sew it on with the post Bed [Music] To attach The netting is going to be Really easy we're not going to be using Any glue we're simply going to be using These small little clamps we'll attach It on each side and then hit it with the Post [Music] Bed Netting is sewn onto the tongues it Looks great let's do the same thing for The shoes we got our black netting we Got to slide it inside we already opened It up once we slide it in this is Exactly what it's going to look like but First let's adjust as a size using some Scissors so we can cut some of the [Music] [Music] Edges [Music] So I just laid down some glue on the

Inside to keep the netting in place now With the Patcher we're going to go back And fill in all the stitches that are Removed to lock in The [Music] Netting [Music] Good to go with the netting on the sides We're done with the patcher for now we Got the netting locked in let's get back On to the tongues originally I was dying Some white fabric with some orange red Dye after a few hours I realized I was Not getting the color wanted I let it Sit for a couple days longer and the Color was even worse so I went on Amazon And bought some orange fabric this is The exact color that I needed nice and Vibrant however the fabric is a little Bit too thin I can still make it work Ideally for this process you want to use Some headliner fabric that's what the Original material is it's a lot thicker And more comfier but it just wasn't Going to come in in time so I settle for This it's good enough off camera I Reconstructed one of the tongues added a New orange liner as well as added the Tongue tag and some interior foam I'm Going to show you guys how to do that in Just a bit one thing I've always noticed About Jordan 4 tongues the Air Jordan Logo was always flipped upside down I'm Not exactly sure why they did it that

Way but just because I'm doing this Process I went ahead and flipped it and Added the Air Jordan This Way got the Air Jordan tongue tag off The old liner now we're going to put it On the new orange liner we're going to Cut out a piece of the orange liner then With some double-sided tape we'll stick The Air Jordan tongue tag onto it and Then with the post bed we'll sew it in [Music] Place Before we use the post bed one of the Questions that I recently got on YouTube From long 8888 what threads they use on The uppers for the Patcher and the post Bed I use the same exact thread number 69 and it's polyester let's s these [Music] Up these two pieces are good to go now We're going to attach it onto this part It's actually pretty easy to do first We're going to lay this part down flat Then we're going to place of tongue over It and cut all the excess material that We don't need around [Music] It now for this part we could go about It two different ways if I wanted the Air Jordan text to be upside down all I Have to do is flip it but in this case I Want it to re normally now I want to Make sure this tag is lined up properly In this area and symmetrical to the

Opposite tongue so to do so we're going To line up the top of this tongue tag to The top of the Air Jordan patch just Like this once it's led up perfectly We're going to grab some clamps clamp The top clamp the bottom and the side Those clamps are going to stay in place While we use the posted to ensure that This material doesn't move [Music] [Music] Around so far so good right now it looks A little bit weird but it's coming Together with some scissors we're going To chop off the excess material on the Top area only we're not going to worry About the bottom just yet after that We're going to spray some glue on the Original interior foam just on the back Side only and then we're going to stick It on the [Music] Tongue interior foam is in place new Liner sewn in now to bring it all Together we're going to flip it inside Out roll over looks great same thing With the patch on the back it lined up Properly now to lock everything in place There's a couple things we got to do Still we got to spray some more spray Glue on the inside top piece once you Spray some in this area make sure it's Nice and flat braak some more on this Area same exact thing and then we'll go

To the posted and lay down some Stitching all around this bottom piece To fully lock it [Music] [Music] In tongues are fully reconstructed we Got netting brand new tongue tags and a New liner these look great now we still Have to attach them onto the shoes first We're going to be laying down some glue On the bottom Edge of the tongues and on The inside of the shoes after that we'll Let it cure for about 10 to 15 minutes We'll stick it together then we'll go Back to the Patcher one more time to Redo the stitching on the bottom to Fully lock it in and that'll complete The sewing [Music] Process [Music] [Music] These are definitely looking like some Undefeated Forest tongue is attached Let's get on to the paint job first with Some 800 git sandpaper we're going to go Over the entire Mino to get it ready for Some paint really what we want to do is Remove all the the factory finish so the New paint can adhere properly onto the Mle after that we'll take care of some [Music] Taping yo V we got a question from JM 8601 when you're doing paint jobs you

Sand it down first before using acetone Or vice versa also does every paint job Require sanding it's a great question Ace so when it comes to newer midols Specifically like this one I always s First to remove any imperfections from The factory once those imperfections are Off I go back with some Mone give it a Quick wipe down to remove the factory Finish during the paint job if I'm Airbrushing after a few coats I go back With some, 1500 git sandpaper 1,200 git Or 1,000 remove any imperfection to get It as smooth as possible that way at the End it looks good and it feels good prep Is complete now let's tape up everything With the MS to do the paint job all Taped up with a whole different shirts Let's lay down some paint for this mid So we're going to be laying down two Different tones black and cream we went Ahead and mix up the color using white And a little bit of brown to create the Perfect cream tone we'll lay it down With the [Music] Airbrush cream paint is laid down let's Cover it up so we can lay down the black Paint M repaint is complete I want to Give it the factory finish that the Original undefeated fors have so for the Cream we're going to be adding a glossy Finish and for the black we're going to Be adding a semi glossy finish so I'm

Going to give the entire Mido a glossy Finish first and then for the black I'm Going to go back with a little bit of Matte to create that semi gloss finish MTO is almost complete we still have to Go in and take care of the details with Some Angelus leather dye specifically Orange and a small detail brush we're Going to give this air unit a nice tint We just got to be very precise and Careful and not get any of the Dy on the White [Music] Mitole Air units are complete the final detail We got to take care of before we lace up The shoe is the Jumpman tags originally I put these inside orange red dye However the red D did minimal it's still Pretty yellow so for the Jumpman we're Going to be using some Angelus orange Paint with a small detail brush to cover It up and for the flight we'll be using Some black Paint Tongue tags are complete that was a Final deta now it's on to Lacing it up We got the original Olive laces and some Orange laces personally I'm a bigger fan Of the olive laces but I think the Orange laces will give it a better Pop Let's lace them Up all right guys that's going to bring Us to an end on these poor man

Undefeated Forest when I first saw Images of The Craft Forest I knew it was Going to be the perfect base shoe to pay Homage to the original undefeated 4 Undefeated is one of my favorite Brands I wear it all the time and they created One of the best collaborations ever The Undefeated Jordan 4 so making this Custom was a no-brainer but it did take A lot of work to get it to this point we Had to do some deconstruction we added Some netting on the side panels the Hardest part about this project was the Tong we took it apart completely added The netting added a brand new orange Liner the coolest thing about this Project and a stap point is the velcro Jordan rare air tongue tag that we Replicated nicely like the original Undefeated fors other than that we added Some authentic orange laces and some Orange insults from that exact same area As the original 05 undefeated fors we Repainted the msos to make it look like The Originals added cream on the back Tinted the air units orange and added This black piece over here overall it's Not the exact same looking shoe as the Original we have different materials to Work with slightly different colors in Some areas but that's okay this is just A custom by the way you guys I'm looking For more shoes to do restoration videos On if you guys have anything cool or

Rare or something that I've never worked On before send us some pictures and a Description to the email down below at The end of the day there are different Versions of The Undefeated Forest There's like four or five other sample Versions some with black netting some With the black lip underneath they're All different so we'll consider this the Viig almighty sample undefeated 4 when It came to this project there was a lot Of different things that I've never done Before so in this video I hope you guys Learned something new also leave a Comment Down Below on what you guys want To see next this is Vic Almighty I'll Catch you guys next Monday see you [Music] Guys Oh