Watch as Vick Almighty customizes these 2019 Air Jordan 4 Metallics into these inspired Air Jordan 4 J Balvin. #shorts

With the announcement of the J Balvin Jordan 3s circling the internet I knew It was time to put my own spin on the Release I picked up a pair of 2019 Metallic orange Jordan 4s from eBay as a Base shoe and quickly went into work we Started with a little deconstruction Before dying them to get a perfect cream Tone using coffee After that it was time to put the Details in place these custom backpacks Were key to making these J Balvin Jordan 4s the gradient missile that was Mirrored after the sunset in Columbia Was a must on this custom overall these Sneakers came out smooth let us know in The comments will J Balvin released a Jordan 4 next or pick a new silhouette