Back at it again with another eBay restoration! These Oreo Air Jordan 4s were looking like they needed some work, but the main point of focus would be a Jordan 4 wing replacement. In today’s episode of Restorations with Vick, we will walk you through three easy restoration tips to save used kicks!
Of course, to start any restoration or anything with a used shoe you have to give it a deep clean. For this, we relied on the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit. Before we even started scrubbing the wing that had been hanging on by a thread came right off. Vick scrubbed the sneaker using all three brushes and the all-natural solution to clean, sanitize, and condition the leather materials.
Once the pretreatment was done it was time for the washing machine. Now these needed the washing machine to fully disinfect the interior lining of the sneaker.
Once we had a clean surface it was time to get back to business. This straightforward restoration only had a few steps. We had to repaint the midsole which included matching the perfect speckled pattern that you see on the Oreo 4s! For this, it was all about the attention to detail. From taping it up to using a toothbrush and toothpick; this step is a tedious yet necessary one!
The main part of this project was replacing the wing. However, we ran into a roadblock with this one. The original wing that Vick had in the boneyard was way too big. Lucky for Vick he has friends in the industry and was able to have the correct wings overnighted to Arizona. Shout to Alex, @flippinkickz for coming through with the spare pieces!
With the sneaker cleaned, painted and the wing replaced I’d say this eBay pickup turned around pretty nice! Stay tuned we have some HUGE projects coming in 2024 are you ready?!
Happy New Year from the RESHOEVN8R family and have an amazing 2024!

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What's up YouTube for today's project we Got these 2014 Oreo 4S in today's video We're going to be focusing on three Different things how to give this shoe a Proper deepan and set it out how to Repaint the midsole and recreate that Speckle effect and lastly how to replace This broken wing we got a lot of work Ahead of us so let's get Started we're going to put the left shoe To the side for before and after Purposes and don't forget to subscribe To our Channel we drop weekly content to Do this cleaning correctly we're going To be using our signature shoe cleaning Kit we're going to put the shoe inside The washing machine I want to get this Shoe as clean as possible on the outside And inside the insides matter that's Where a lot of germs get built up we're Going to take out the laces and inso to Give those a thorough cleaning Separately when taking out the insole You want to take your time sometimes It's glued in they're good if you take It out too quickly it can rip off some Of the foam now for this Sho we're going To be using the Sofer so brush real Quick to brush off all the surface [Music] Dust No Surface dust is off the shoe you want to Get that stuff off before you brush it

Deeper into the material using water and Solution as I was doing that step the Wing completely broke off it was hanging On by a thread that's okay we don't need It watch out Kayla one more thing we still have to do Before we start cleaning with water and Solution we got to go next door and use The air compressor in between the Elastic band and this panel right here There's a lot of debris hair and stuff Trapped inside this is a famous area Where all that stuff gets trapped go Over there get all that stuff out so we Can continue this [Music] Cleaning what's up Lola Yeah got rid of the surface dust and Debris from the inside of the shoe we Got a a less dirty shoe to work with First we're going to squ some solution Inside our bowl of water then we're Going to insert our shoe tree inside the Shoe to minimize the creasing and then After that we'll get it [Music] Going to start this cleaning we're going To be using our sof Bristal brush we'll Be using this brush for the uppers and Insides [Music] [Music] Uppers and insides are looking great now

We're on to the medium bristle brush for This brush we'll be using it for the Minil and to give the uppers a deeper [Music] Clean All right all done with the medium Bristle brush and soft bristle brush Last brush we got to use is the stiff to Get these outo as clean as [Music] Possible [Music] Pre- dreaming is complete shoe looks Good we still need to take care of the Lace and inso with the medium bristle Brush then we'll put everything inside The washing [Music] Machine the washing Machine [Music] Cleaning process is complete the shoe Looks great inside and out thanks to our Signature shoe cleaning kit and the Washing machine now let's get on to the Restoration we got to remove all the Paint from the midle there's a lot of Cracking going on before we can fix that We got to wipe all the paint off first We're going to tape off the uppers so we Can remove the paint using acetone and Cot [Music] Balls

[Music] Getting the paint off these mins was Really easy it took no time now we're Going to remove the tape and ret tape The tape as is isn't perfect and it got Weakened by the acetone once we ret tape It'll be the uppers and SS this Time let's tape it up all taped up Before I wiped off all the paint I Matched the paint perfectly using these Four colors to start I used white with a Little bit of black to create the gray Tone not too much black though because The gray is on the Lighter Side looking At the paint closely it does have a Reddish pinkish Hue to it that's where The red comes to play but you just need A little bit same thing with the yellow I just added two drops to match the Oxidation of the missiles the shoe is Worn so the gray is slightly different From when it was brand new that's why I Added yellow now let's go ahead and lay Down the color using the [Music] [Music] Airbrush [Music] So far so good we got the color nice and Solid however as is it's pretty rough That's going to happen anytime you Airbrush several coats onto a mle to Eliminate that use some 800 G sandpaper And sand in one direction to get it nice

And smooth after that we'll apply some More [Music] Paint [Music] Paint job looks smooth but we're not Done yet now we got to add the black Speckles using some Angela's flat black Paint and a toothbrush all we got to do Is get some paint on the toothbrush and Flick it on with my Finger [Music] The toothbrush method did a great job Laying down a bunch of fine Speckles Throughout the entire meno but it's Still missing thicker ones just like These two right here using this small Cotton swap I'm going to go in and apply Some more throughout the entire [Music] Midsole backos are complete mental looks Great before we go outside and spray Some matte finish there's a comment that I want to answer how do I keep the Minal Paint from cracking it's all about the Prep work laying down the right amount Of coats of paint and laying down a Finisher at the end of the day Paint is Paint is going to crack no matter what But if you take the right steps you can Make it last a long time now let's go Outside and spray some M [Music]

Finish that's going to be it for the Mitole let's go ahead and take off the Tape so we can move on to the next Step on to the hard part the wings in The Boneyard I have a ton of different Parts for different shoes Jordan Fives Jordan 1es Jordan 4s I have a bunch of Different wings I thought I had the Perfect size for the specific shoe but The thing is it's not a one siiz fits All those were for the size 10 and a Half I need something for a size n Luckily I have a great friend named Flipping kicks I hit him up yesterday to See if he has some size N Wings for this Specific shoe thankfully he did he Overnighted him yesterday I got him in This morning the cool thing is he hooked Me up with a bunch of other stuff let's See what else he Sent bunch of wings bunch of netting Jordan Four B tabs what Else Oh yeah probably not supposed to show These these are a special project he is Coming back out next month I don't want To ruin the surprise let's put these Away got a bunch of different stuff Bread four back tabs lining four back Tabs a bunch of netting this would have Came in handy a few weeks ago a bunch of Jordan 4 tongue tags these will for sure Come in handy now what I really needed Are these Jordan 4 Wings they don't have

The Speckles that's okay I'll put them On myself but they are the perfect size Thank you Alex this stuff will come in Handy bro we're going to tape off Everything but the gray sand it down With some 800 gr sandpaper then go Outside and spray some Bulldog adhesion Promoter that's going to help the paint Stick to this plastic once we're done With all that we'll come back and lay Down the [Music] Speckles [Music] It's looking good but it's missing a Couple thick dots so once again using The pony Q-tip we'll lay them down and Then we'll go outside and sprace a mat Finish to protect [Music] It Tabs are nicely painted and matches the Rest of the shoe perfectly real quick Let me show you the other tabs this is The one I originally had it's way too Big I believe this is to a size 10 to an 11 and 1/2 I could be off with that but If I was to install this wing on this Shoe it would be way too off and it will Stick out kind of like this this one's The old broken tab the bottom piece is Still on the inside of the shoe we got To take it out before we install the new Ones so we're going to be using an

Exactor knife and a seam ripper to cut Open the stitching to remove that Plastic Piece [Music] Got the inside all cleaned up we removed All the stitching on the inside the Plastic piece was all deteriorated That's how fragile the wingk was now We're going to install the new ones First we're going to do some taping on The leather cover up everything but this Gap then we'll insert some bar super Stick on the inside of the Gap and on The wing then we'll stick everything Together [Music] New tabs are installed now at this point We can go about it three different ways The Glue is strong enough to the point Where These Wings Are not going to come Off we can leave it as is but we're not Going to have any stitching option Number two not everybody has a Patcher But you could use that machine to Directly sew this part in but there's a Plastic heel cup that goes in this area That sometimes causes a threat to rip so It's not always the most efficient way To go about it the third option is using A sewing all this part is the most timec Consuming but it'll get the job done for Sure let's try using the Patcher if it Doesn't work out we'll use this

Tool [Music] The new wings are fully sewn in thanks To the Patcher you can't even tell they Were replaced let's give it a quick Stress Test yeah they're in there let's lace Them Up before we wrap it up I'm I understand How everybody has a patch or sewing Machine to do this process like I did a Second alternative is using a sewing Goall it's much cheaper and it'll still Do the process correctly all you need is A sewing go with a small needle small Enough to go through these holes then You're going to need two pieces of Thread one for the inside of the shoe And one for the outside you stick the First piece of thread through the first Hole then on the inside you tie a little Knot with the second piece of thread and Then you go from there with the piece of Thread from the outside you stick it in You Loop it to the one on the inside and You repeat the process it's the exact Same process if you're restitching a Jordan one or Jordan 4 you stick in the Thread you Loop it in you pull it out And repeat the process all right guys That's going to be it on this 2014 Oreo 4 restoration we went over a few Different things we used our signature Shoe cleaning kit and the washing

Machine to get these fully washed Cleaned inside and out disinfected got Rid of all the grime and dirt trapped Inside the shoes I also repainted the Midsole and showed you guys the exact Colors to create this perfect mix as Well as how to do a proper Factory Speckle job and lastly we tackle the Common issue which is replacing the Wings on the Jordan Forest it's going to Happen to most Jordan Forest depending On how they were stor or if they're just Really old all you got to do is get some Donors and go about it three different Ways you can either glue them in sew Them in using the Patcher or using a Sewing G again it's a common issue so I Hope this helps leave a comment down Below if you guys have any questions I'll do my best to answer them don't Forget use my promo code down below to Save 10% on your next order this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday See you [Music] Guys [Music] Oh