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Today I’m reviewing the upcoming Air Jordan 4 Military Blue! The Military Blue Jordan 4 has a release date of May 4th 2024 and a retail price of $215. The Air Jordan 4 Military Blue aka the Industrial Blue 4s are the 4th release of the Air Jordan 4 Military Blue pair that first released in 1989. Check out my full Air Jordan 4 Military Blue Industrial Blue unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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There are a few sneaker releases in 2024 That I cannot wait to get my hands on Pairs that I've been looking forward to For months and today's video is special Because I finally get to review one of Them what's up everybody I'm Seth Bor And today I'm reviewing the upcoming Air Jordan 4 Military Blue it seems like 2024 is the year of the Air Jordan 4 Which would make sense because 35 years Ago in 1989 the Air Jordan 4 first Released and if you know anything about Jordan brand you know that they love Commemorating anniversaries like 35th Anniversaries so it's no surprise that So far in the year we've already gotten One of the most popular Air Jordan 4s of All time the breads now to be fair this Is the reimagined Air Jordan 4 breads But it's still one of the OG colorways We've also apparently got two new Colorways of the amamaniere 4S dropping Later this year and of course dropping In May we've got another Air Jordan 4 OG The Air Jordan 4 Military Blue and Actually speaking of the release this Shoe is supposed to release on a very Fitting May 4th for a retail price of 215 bucks and I actually got this pair To review early for you guys from the Sponsor of today's video Secret Sauce There are so many dope releases dropping In 2024 like the Military Blues or the Canary Air Jordan 1 low Travis Scots

Which by the way review coming soon and Honestly for pairs like these it's Almost impossible to grab pairs for Retail in fact this is crazy but I've Literally never grabbed a pair of Travis Scots for retail ever but that's where Secret sauce comes in secret sauce is a Group that can help you get the releases That you usually can't whether you're New to sneaker collecting or you're an OG head and you love Classics like the OG Air Jordan 4 metallic Blues secret Sauce can help you get the pairs that You want for retail and that's great Especially when you're trying to collect Pairs for your own personal collection Or double up on pairs that you love or Maybe even flip some pairs so so a few Of the features that you can get as a Secret sauce member are Auto checkout Slots which as you may be able to tell From the name help you check out pairs Of sneakers automatically so you don't Have to sit there in line yourself early Links to drops which as we all know is a Key to getting pairs for retail guides On how to get every release that's Coming out and oneon-one personal Support so whether you're having Questions about secret sauce and how to Use it or you just want to ask about an Upcoming release they have one-on-one Support specifically for you everything You need to cop the releases that you

Really want to grab memberships start at $60 a month and that $60 membership Actually has all the features that I Talked about and and if you want to Upgrade to other memberships they have Even more features Secret Sauce is an Invite only group so if you want to Check it out for yourself make sure to Use my personal Link in the top of the Description below and once again huge Thank you to secret sauce for not only Sponsoring today's video but also Providing these dope sneakers for me to Review so the Air Jordan 4 bread reagins Are one of the most hyped up sneaker Releases of the Year probably the most Hyped up sneaker release of the year but This shoe is a close second and that's Not only because this is a Jordan 4 Silhouette but also because military Blue colorway is an OG colorway and for Whatever reason Jordan brand decided to Not go with the nickname that this shoe Is had for literally 35 years and Instead call this shoe the industrial Blue Air Jordan Force I don't know why They can't just go with what works but Either way this is the industrial blue Forest but we all know it as military Blue Forest so that's what I'm going to Call it the rest of the review because I Mean let's be honest no one's going to Call these the industrial blue fors so This 2024 release of the military blue

Fors is actually the fourth time this Shoe is ever released obviously first Time was in 1989 and then we got a retro In 2006 and another retro in 2012 and Now 12 years later we're getting the Third retro and the fourth release and I've got to be honest this shoe is Absolutely fire but at this point why Don't we dive a little bit deeper into The parts and materials and make up the Air Jordan 4 Military Blue 20124 Starting off around the toe of the Sneaker on the mud guard you've got this Light gray Nuuk which is incredibly Buttery there's actually been a lot of People online talking about how the Air Jordan 4 Military Blues are going to Have the same shape and the same cut as The Air Jordan 4 SBS from last year and Uh while this shoe is similar it's not The same and the reason I brought that Up is because I'm looking at the toes of These two sneakers and they're actually Pretty different while this shoe isn't The same as Nike SB Air Jordan 4s as a Lot of people were expecting it is Different than most of the other recent Air Jordan 4s and the reason for that is Because Jordan brand did change the cut Of the upper of this shoe however not to Match the Nike SB Air Jordan 4s but Instead match the original cut of the Air Jordan 4s which I'll be honest I'm Really happy about I don't think it

Would have made sense for them to make The shoe like the Nike SB Air Jordan 4s Unless it was actually an SB version of The Air Jordan 4s so the fact that they Decided to go back to the original Air Jordan 4 cut is refreshing I love that I Love that with the Air Jordan 185s and I'm really liking this new look or I Guess old look of the Air Jordan Forest But tangent aside continuing up on the Sneaker to the toe you've got this white Leather panel that actually wraps almost The entire way around the bottom half of The upper and this white leather is fine It's pretty soft it's not actually Tumbled it's pretty similar to what you Have on the white cement Air Jordan 4s From 2016 except not as stiff and this Is probably not a good example because How beat this pair is but it's not like The recently released Air Jordan 4 bread Re imagins which are tumbled this pair Is lightly textured but not tumbled Continuing farther up on the shoe to the Tongue of the sneaker you've got this Classic white netting covering the Entire bottom half of the tongue and Just beneath that you've got this really Nice bright blue accent with the Military blue hit on the mesh moving Even farther up on the shoe you've got These flat white laces that weave Through the white leather eye stays on The sneaker and also these blue lace

Eyelets and then getting to the top of The tongue you've got more of that white Leather and of course in the center You've got this Jumpman patch with the Blue Jumpman and the flight text in Black underneath then moving to the back Of the tongue you've got that fuzzy Military blue sock liner and of course That upside down Air Jordan tag which if You didn't know is so that you could Wear this shoe with a tongue flipped Outwards because back in the the '90s People wore their Air Jordan 4s with Their tongues flipped out so that that Way you'd read the word Air Jordan's Right side up or at least if you're Walking towards someone wearing the Shoes moving inside the shoe you've got This white fabric sock liner and the Insole of the shoe comes and of course Military blue with the Nike Air text Printed on the heel in white of course The left shoe comes with a Nike Air tag In bright orange which I realize you're Not going to wear it on the shoe but the Contrast is really nice between the blue And the orange but now let's get into Sizing and fit and to do that let me go Try these on really quick all right so It's my favorite time of the review and That's try on time because I actually Get to try the shoes on see how they fit See how they look on feet and decide Whether I'm going to keep them or not

Obviously the military blue fours are Keepers even before I try them on Because let's be real look at them so I Guess realistically it's just a Formality but still let me try them on And see how they fit actually while I'm Doing that I should let you guys know About the brand new Apothecary drop Happening this Friday not wearing the Socks from the drop it's a landscape Drop I'll throw up some pictures on the Uh screen I misplaced my pairs so I am Wearing the shirt though the shirt is Also part of the drop it's fire as well But again Friday at 11:00 a.m. eastern Time Apothecary decom one of my favorite Drops of the last couple months it's Fire check it out let's just try these On and see how they fit I have a Sneaking suspicion that they're going to Fit just like every other pair of fours But we won't know until we try these Birds dude there's so many of them I Don't know what's going on maybe they Like the shoes too I don't know all Right so first off fire absolute fire These shoes are incredible on foot I Knew it was going to happen I have to Double up for sure but sizing wise yeah True to size as I expected I'm a size n These are a size nine I would go with Whatever size you usually go with in Air Jordan 4s obviously if you have a chance To try this Sho on first before you buy

It I would recommend doing that just Because it's $25 you know want to buy The wrong size that would suck but Realistically if you do buy the wrong Size these shoes are definitely going to Sell out and you can at least trade them Or sell them or do something with them It's really not going to be hard to get Rid of the pair that you have so I guess Try to buy the right size you don't have To pay resale for your size or maybe you Can trade it I don't know but either way Go with your true size unless you're not Sure in which guys try on y I look fresh I'm not going to lie now check it out With the shirt that we're dropping this Friday it actually matches perfectly you Got the blue you got the blue it's a Fire fit all around it is cold though so I'm going to put the hoodie back on so Yes once again go with your standard Air Jordan four size for me that's true to Size for you it might be something Different but uh if you go with your Standard size you should be good to go And comfort wise they're nice they're Not as nice as the S4s at least in my Opinion from what I remember the S sp4 Is feeling like but they do feel good on Foot definitely recommended 100% Continuing back in the shoe you get to More of that white netting on the Midfoot of the sneaker of course you've Got more military blue mesh underneath

This is a classic Air Jordan 4 detail This sort of ventilation hole on the Side of the shoe which doesn't add a lot Of ventilation but it looks cool so There's that continuing back in the shoe You've got your white TPU Wing that Holds the lace eyelets in place unlike The Air Jordan 4 SBS this feels like a Standard pair of fours so it's flexible But it's not rubbery like the sb4 so That's another reason why this shoe is Not exactly like the S4s like people Thought and then continuing around to The heel of the shoe you've got this Awesome detail with the military blue Heel Tab and The nikea Branding in Bright white I love that they went with The Nike Air branding especially on a Shoe that's supposed to look like the Original Air Jordan fors This is just Such a dope release man I'm definitely Going to have to double up moving down On the shoe you've got the split Military blue and white midsole with the Exposed air unit towards the heel feels Great on foot and then finally moving to The bottom of the sneaker you've got This Herring bone traction pattern You've got gray rubber panels white Rubber panels of course you've got Military blue hits on the 4 foot and on The midfoot of the shoe and then you've Got your Nike Air branding in the center I love this release I might actually

Even like it better than the reimagine Fours which is going to be in my top 10 List of the year so this is definitely Going to be up there too I'm going to be Honest not to ruin it for you guys but I Just can't see 10 other better sneakers Dropping this year is the price point of $25 a lot yes it absolutely is but for An OG Air Jordan 4 in a year where Jordan 4s are as popular as they are and For a sneaker that honestly just looks This good I kind of think it's worth it I even think it's worth it for resale And like I said I'm probably going to Have to double up on this shoe so I'm Going to be buying a pair most likely For resale because my luck on the Sneakers app sucks seriously I never hit A pair of any of the original off-whites I never hit the Travis Scots I never hit Any unions the only thing that I've hit On the sneakers app is um probably the Bread ones from 2016 that's probably the Best sneaker I've ever hit in the Sneakers at I don't know my luck sucks I Don't know what it is I I don't know if My account's like nerfed or something But I buy so many sneakers you think They you think they like open the door For me a little bit but they haven't but Again that's where secret sauce comes in So make sure to check them out Linked In The description below but that pretty Much wraps up the video for today thank

You all so much for watching make sure To let me know your thoughts on the Upcoming Air Jordan 4 Military Blues in The comment section down below make sure To subscribe if you haven't yet and I Will see you all in the next one