The SB Jordan 4 Pine Green was voted as the number one sneaker release of 2023, but this pair needed a little help. Before you say it… Yes they just released! After a 30 day wear test, going through the RESHOEVN8R dirtying process and enduring a little bit of scuffing, there was only one person for the job… Vick Almighty. In today’s episode of Customs and Restorations with Vick, we walk you through how to restore the SB Jordan 4. Now you will know how to fix the problem if it happens to your pair.

For the first step of this restoration we had to do a cleaning, using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Kit. Although this sneaker had already been cleaned once, they got beat up again and the only way to start a restoration is with a clean surface. As always the first step is to remove the laces and the insole to allow yourself the deepest clean possible. After that was complete we went to Vick’s favorite tool, the air compressor. Now the air compressor is an extra step.. Don’t panic if you don’t have one! Once the surface dirt was blown off of the sneaker is was time to move over to scrubbing the sneaker using all 3 brushes.

One tip when cleaning Jordan 4s is to make sure you always move the wings, pull back the backtabs and really make sure to give your sneakers a deep clean. The Soft Bristle Brush is perfect on the uppers and insides of the sneakers. it creates bubbles and breaks down the surface dirt prior to moving over to the Medium Bristle Brush. The Medium Bristle Brush is great for cleaning midsoles and tougher stains on leather and rubber. The Brush is more stiff than the Soft Brush, but still delicate enough to take on other materials.

One extra step is to take care of the insole to remove that daily smell, bacteria and whatever else might be on the inside of your kicks. The Soft Bristle Brush works best for that and the laces , because it is so delicate. Finally after all those details were taken care of it was time to move to the grossest part of the sneaker.. The outsole. The outsole is the place to collect dirt, grime, gum, bacteria and who knows what else comes from out there. To take care of that we ALWAYS rely on the Stiff Bristle Brush.

After the pretreatment was complete it was time for the washing machine, it really cleans out the stitching to bring them back to white. Once they air dried we noticed a little bit of crunchy suede, which we repaired with the Brass Bristle Brush.

Once the surface was cleaned we moved over to the restoration. Of course first step… Prep work, also known as the most important part of a restoration. We started with sanding and taping to prep the area. Once prep is complete it is all about color matching before airbrushing the paint on. If the paint job is rough, one way to repair it is by sanding it down and applying another coat prior to adding some matte finish.

The midsole was the main test. It came with a lot of testing and matching, but Vick got it! After the prep was complete it was best to use an airbrush to apply this paint and just like that, we are all wrapped up with the restoration.

This was a quick and easy restoration, but it was well worth it. Thanks @WinonaKicks for the sneakers!

Do you guys have a pair of the SB Jordan 4s in your collection?

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What's up everybody welcome back to the Channel today we're going to be Restoring these Nike SB Jordan 4s a few Weeks ago Nick Wilson did a full Cleaning on a specific shoe he trashed Them but he did a great job hitting him Up afterwards I bought him off Charlie AKA Winona kicks I got him for a great Price the main reason why I bought them Is so I could wear them and skate him up Some more I wanted to trash them and Beat him up so I could do a full Restoration video just in case you guys Have to restore the shoe at home so Let's get started [Music] To start this project we're going to be Using rejuvenator signature shoe Cleaning kit that comes with all three Brushes laundry bag and solution first Things first we're gonna put this shoe To the side to focus only on the last One and we're gonna take out the laces And insults to clean those up separately Before we grab the shoe tree and place It inside to help us with the creasing We're going to move on to using the Compressor to blow off any surface Grime And dust on the sneaker I'm gonna focus On the inside of the shoe the Suede and Everything else just so we can push it Further deep into the material with the Brush and solution [Music]

All done with that step if you guys Don't have an air compressor at home you Can just use a soft bristle brush go Over the entire shoe thoroughly that'll Also make a huge difference next we're Gonna grab the shoe tree put it in place And then grab our solution and square Two squares inside our bowl of water First brush we're going to be using is Our stop yourself brush we're going to Focus on the upper and inside to break Down all the grime and dirt after that We'll move on to the medium bristle Brush [Music] So far so good we're all done with the Soft bristle brush the uppers and Insides look really good from what I can Tell it's surface Grime and that washes Off pretty easily the next brush we're Going to be using is the medium bristle Brush on the midsoles the rubber pieces On the uppers and while we're at it We're going to go over the white leather One more time to really focus on the White stitching Thank you Before we move on to the staple brush And dirty up the water we're going to Grab the insole and lace and give these A quick clean for this we'll be using The strawberry short brush Almost done with the cleaning the last Brush we're going to use is a stay

Bristle brush to clean up these outsoles Pre-tream is complete we got the shoe Insole and Lace fully cleaned up all That's left is to put the shoe inside The washing machine to fully flush out The grime dirt and suds let's put the Shoe into the laundry bag with a Detergent pod to the washer Foreign Overnight we let the shoe fully dried It's ready to go so we can move on with This restoration this is a really easy Shoe to clean the washing machine did Not damage it at all however right now It's really crunchy it's not soft at all We got to get it back to its soft Texture so for this we'll be using our Brass bristle brush to do the trick [Music] Foreign [Music] Back to its original buttery soft Texture now let's move on to the Restoration side of things if you guys Are facing a specific shoe at home There's two bases you may encounter the First one being discuss your scratches On the off-white leather or cracking or Scuffs on the green midsole I'm gonna Show you guys how to fix both but first We're going to take care of the Off-white leather on the inside there Are some heavy scratches and scuffs Going on before we could do anything we

Got to get it nice and smooth we're Going to start off with a 320 grit Sandpaper to get rid of all the Roughness after that we'll move on to The 800 grit to get it nice and smooth And then we'll finish it off with the 1200 grit to get our buttery smooth Before we move on to the repaint Oh Prep is complete we got this area nice And smooth I also took care of some Small scuffs on this other side luckily For me the scratches on the shoe weren't That deep so I didn't have to use any Leather filler the Sandpaper did its Trick Next Step I'm gonna do some taping I'm gonna tape off everything but this White panel including the white Stitching Tape drop is complete now we're on to Mix some paint for this one it's going To be really easy all we're going to be Using is some Jacquard opaque white and A little bit of light brown I'm going to Add some white into this paint jar and Add a couple of drops of brown not too Much because it's really strong once we Get the perfect match we'll airbrush the Paint on [Music] All right Paint job is almost complete we got Discussed fully covered up but right now As is it's pretty rough so we got to go

Back with some 1500 grit sandpaper to Sand it down after that we'll apply one More coat of paint to finish it off Paint job is complete got a perfect Color match and it's nice and smooth to Protect it we got to go outside and Spray a couple of coats or some Carla Matte finish [Music] All done with this part of the Restoration Next Step we're going to Take off the tape so we can focus on the Midsole The next focus is the midsole it's Really just the green the shoe isn't That old or heavily worn to the point Where there's a lot of paint cracking All around the midsole so we're not Going to strip the entire thing the White is good as this so we're not going To work on that it's really just the Green for this one I highly recommend to Airbrush it I don't recommend paint Brushing it green is one of those colors That it's so tricky it takes like 15 Coats to get fully solid airbrushing is Going to be a lot easier this is one of Those colors that I've never mixed Before so I'm going to do some trial and Error I got all the greens and some White that start mixing [Music] Got the paint all mixed up not gonna lie This one was a little tricky I had to

Use all five colors I started off with a Bright vibrant green after that I added The darker greens but at that point I Realized it was a little too dark so I Added some bold this color helped Bringing more on the yellow side after That I realized it was two on the yellow Side so I added some military olive Green to deepen the tone and then I Finished it off with a tiny bit of white To get the perfect Hue it was a little Tricky I still have to test it out we're Going to airbrush it onto the paper Compare it onto the metal if it's good We'll move on to the paint job Got the perfect tone again those five Colors that I use is all you need to get The perfect mix now for the next part We're going to be using some 800 grit Sandpaper to go over the entire green Portion of the midsole you want to get It nice and smooth and wipe off any Factory finish again we don't want to Touch the white Sanding is complete we also got the Perfect paint match now we're on to some Taping we're going to tape off the Entire upper and the white midsole just Leaving the green mantle exposed Taping the top part is easy but the Bottom part is a little tricky to get a Clean consistent line every time you Want to use two pieces of tape one long One and one medium size all you want to

Do is a lot of pulling stretching and Using your nails to lay it down flat That's how you get a sharp line every Time tape job is complete before we lay Down the green paint we got to lay down A white base coat there's a lot of Inconsistencies in the paint we got to Even it out oh [Music] Paint job is 95 done it looks really Good color matches on point I'm going to Use some 2500 grit sandpaper to go back On the paint job just to smooth out any Small imperfections to get as smooth as Possible once that's done we'll go back With one more coat of green paint and Finish it off [Music] Green paint looks great now we're gonna Go back outside and spray some cars I'm Gonna finish to protect the paint job Let's remove the tape Repaint is fully complete I gotta say it Looks Factory last step we got to do is Lace it up All right YouTube that is going to bring Us to an end on this Pine green Nike SB Restoration overall this is a Straightforward restoration I know a lot Of you guys pairs are still in great Condition these are not that old one day In the future a lot of these pairs are Going to be beat up or you may be Casually wearing the sneaker and you get

A scuff on the green or a scuff on the Off-white leather if there's other Damage on the shoe that I didn't cover In this video such as oxidation on the Sneaker simply all you have to do is put Some rejuvenator shoulder Vibe on the Rubber Sole put it in the indoor setup And that'll remove the yellowing if you Have a nasty stain on the Suede and it Didn't come off with a rejuvenator Solution or the brass piece of brush you Can try using some 220 grit sandpaper to Sand it off it may take a little work But it does a trick other than that the Only other damage I could think of is Have increasing on the shoe the shoe Tree should cover that and if it doesn't The iron method should also do the trick For this restoration we used our Rejuvenator signature shoe cleaning kit To give this shoe a proper deep clean Inside and out the shoe is 100 safe to Put in the washing machine just don't Ever put the shoe in the dryer let it Air dry you can find all the products at Rejuvenator.com use my promo code down Below to save some money this is Lake Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday See you guys [Music] Foreign [Music]