A Ma Maniere has taken the sneaker world by storm with their top tier releases in the last few years. Starting with the iconic Jordan 3 and then tackling the next 4 iconic silhouettes; the Jordan 1, 2, 4, and 12! Now they dropped 2 colorways in the Jordan 5 and let’s just say these Dusk and Dawn Jordan 5’s are beautiful! In today’s Shoe Care Academy video we will walk you through how to clean not one, but both pairs of the A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 5’s using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit.

Both of these pairs were covered in mud and grime and before you say it….. No they didn’t release that long ago! We dirtied these up to the best of our abilities to show all of you how to clean them up if you run into an unexpected storm, mud puddle or if you get your foot ran over by the shopping cart in aisle 4! To kick off this cleaning Pretty Boy Rob chose the Signature Kit just in case the Dawn pair had to go into the washing machine.

To start the cleaning we had to set one pair aside and work on one shoe at a time. Rob started with the Dusk pair which we knew was going to clean up pretty easy. Black nubuck is one of those materials that responds really well to cleaning and although there was a chance for color bleeding or color fading it didn’t happen with this pair! Rob scrubbed the entire sneaker using the 3 different brushes and all natural solution and patted dry as he went. One thing to note when cleaning nubuck is to ALWAYS clean the entire shoe evenly to avoid any water marking or staining.

Once the cleaning was completed on the Dusk pair it was time to move over to the Dawn. Now the Dawn features a super light gray nubuck and mush lighter details. This was a pair that we weren’t sure if the stains would be too deep in the lighter material to remove with the Brushes and Solution alone. However, there is really only one way to find out and that is to get to cleaning! Rob followed the same steps on this pair to ensure a nice and even clean while still being delicate on the materials.

Once both shoes were completely cleaned it was time to allow them to dry. PSA: When you are drying nubuck or suede materials ALWAYS allow them to dry evenly either outside in the sun or in front of a fan to avoid any discoloration/ water marking. After a few short hours these A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 5’s were all dry and ready to go back on feet.

The cleaning process is simple; your shoes deserve a little bit of love! Drop a comment and let us know what you want to see us clean on the channel.. First comment with get a kit to give their collection a little TLC!

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Hey yo what's popping what's up welcome Back to the channel my name is Rob AKA Pretty boy Rob and I'll be throwing it Down for today's episode of shoe care Academy as you can see we got a double Banger we got both pairs of the amam Maner Jordan FES we got the Dusk and the Dawn both shoes are looking horrendous Looking like someone did a motorbike on These things but don't trip if you're at Home and you got the dawn you got the Dust you got both pairs of sneakers or You're still waiting for Amma maner to Send you yours this video is for you we Are going to be showcasing products that Are found in our signature shoe cleaning Kit to get the best possible results if You're new here don't forget to like Comment and subscribe y'all know the Vibe we come at y'all with new content Two times a week plus we fre in random Videos so you never know when you going To get one to get dropped so don't Forget to hit that noty Bell so you're Notified for all future content with all That being said there's not much left to It but to do it so let's get straight Into this episode of shoare Academy all right guys before we really Jump into this cleaning and get down and Dirty I'm just going to go ahead and Grab these left shoes for both pair set Them aside for that good old before and After purpose and we're just going to be

Cleaning these right shoes I know this Dust pair should clean up a lot easier It's just a black newbu I know our Products are going to do great however We may run into challenges with this Dawn pair these uppers are kind of like A light gray newu that may trap in Stains which is why I did choose to use Our signature shoe cleaning kit so if we Have to flush those out we're going to Do that again we're going to get into That later on I'll really break down the Products we're going to be using but Right now I do want to step outside and Just bang off off all this loose dirt That are all over both sneakers just so We're not working with a muddy murky Mess so I'm going to go step Outside all right we are back at it let Me go and just get this shoe set that Aside both shoes do have some solidified Dirt in however we were able to dry Brush and get most that off right now we Can really jump into this cleaning again I chose to use our signature shoe Cleaning kit it's going to come with all Three of your brushes yourt soft medium And stiff shoe trees laundry bag Solution towel we also have some other Ruinator tools like our dry rag B combo And our cleaning mat we might use a Couple other products but again if we do I'll talk about those as well but right Now let's go Ahad and just start with

This cleaning by removing these laces And inserting our adjustable shoe tree All right our shoe tree is secure inside Our sneaker going to really give us a Nice hard toe box so we can apply as Much pressure as we need to for right Now I'm just grabbing our 4 oz solution And squirting some squirts this little Bottle packs a punch and will give you Up to 50 pairs of clean as always we Recommend using our soft bristle brush It's really just going to generate the Most Bubbles and really deep clean and Polish up this new bu so we can see if We are working with any trapped in Stains if so we'll jump into some of Those other brushes but right now let's Get it with the soft bristle [Music] Brush few things I do want to mention is This Nike embroidered sign that is in The back of this Almon a 5 you want to Make sure you use your soft bristle Brush on that cuz it's not going to fray Or snag this material you do want to Make sure you don't use a generic Unnamed sneaker cleaning company's brush On this material because it may freay or Snag that material so get you a soft Bristle brush that is available inside Our signature shoe cleaning kit all Right I'm all done with our soft bristle Brush the sneaker is all lathered up now I'm just grabbing our microfiber towel

And really Pat drying this sneaker and Seeing what stains we're still working With as I said in the beginning of the Video I knew this shoe was going to Clean up great and just looking at it Right now it's looking fine and dandy However I do want to just go over with Our medium bristle brush and really Focus on this midsole so I'm going to Get to that right now let's get it let's [Music] Go all done using this medium bristle Brush on this midsole wiping off all These Suds looking pretty decent so far But right now I am just going to jump Into our stiff bristle brush it is the Stiffest brush in our Arsenal and it's Going to allow us to really take on this Outsole let's get it [Music] In that is going to wrap it up for the Quick clean on this dust pair I'm just Going to go ah and set that shoe aside Now I can focus on these Dawn but before I start scrubbing away I do want to talk A little bit about both sneakers almma Manere executed perfectly when it comes Down to the details they got that Alm a Branding on the cage as well as the sock Liner both shoes see that type of Branding they both got the Stitch logo On the back that is an embroided which Is just gives it that luxury touch one Thing that is different is this alom

Maner on the bubble the dawn pair does Not see that but right now let's start With this [Music] Cleaning [Music] All done with the soft brush on these Uppers they actually clean up great Might not even need to put them in the Washer we'll have to really see after They fully dry but before I get into our Medium bristle brush I just want to talk About these shoes again I said am a Maner executed perfectly I like this one Just a little bit more really liking That gray light color with the purples And blues they chose Blues purple blue Kayla said it herself it is a blue color Let us know in the comment section down Below which which ones you prefer more The dawn or the dusk but right now I got To get back to [Music] Work all done with the medium Bristol Brush on this midsole now let's get into The stiff bristle brush on this [Music] Outo shees these things are cleaning up Real nice real nice I do got to go and Just set that aside and right now I'm Just going to go and take care of these Laces both pairs have been sitting aside Since I'm doing a double Banger just Wanted to clean them both at once to do

So super simple just drop them inside Your bowl of water like so swish them Around back and forth with your Fingertips you'll notice the water will Just start stting up and getting all Bubbly and that's what we want after That you can just grab them put in Between your hands just start scrubbing Away from here just ring out all that Dirty water since these are a lighter Color laces I mean we got cream in this Light gray I am just going to use our Soft bristle brush and work on some of Those trapped in stains all right these Laces got some extra loving they deserve Just going to put those in the shoe cuz We're going to put all that stuff Outside to dry but right now I want to Talk about this mat as you can see this Thing is drenched however it's still Very highly absorbent I mean let me show You just pour out the excess remainder Of our water that we were working with And we can just fold this up and get it Out of here one common question we get Is how do we wash our mat I typically Recommend putting inside a load of Towels so when you're washing your Towels you shower with just throw your Mat and your extra dirty sneaker Cleaning towels all at once wash how you Wash your towels and then just dry them Normal all these products you saw are Available at r.com as well as all your

Shoe care needs so don't forget to hit That link in the bio save you guys some Dollar bills but right now I'm going to Go set these to Dry all right we are back we got both Sneakers they are 100% dry and I'm very Happy with the results but right now I Do got to get these laced up but I did Notice that I actually forgot to clean Our little lace locks they're super Dusty and got some Grime on it so I'm Just going to go ahead and get these Shoes out for a little bit and then Clean them up using our rejuvenator Sneaker wipes one cool thing about our Sneaker wipes is they're dual sided so One is a soft silkier side that allows You to get a nice clean but if you want To get a deep clean you could really Scrub a dubdub with this textured Surface lastly if you did just a quick Clean like we did today you can get our Deodorizer spray a couple squirts inside Do both shoes and that is going to help With the smelly and odors that you know You can find inside your shoes from time To time They smell great all right the sneakers Are all laced up before we get on out Here and recap I did just want to talk a Little bit about Amma manier and their Current situation ship they got going on With Nike if you guys didn't know They're currently involved in the 32

Million International multi-million Dollar laundering scheme uh when you say It out loud it sounds kind of scary if You're new to this let me break down Exactly what's going on basically They're saying James whiter owner of Amama manere and social status has been Reselling sneakers to Chinese people for Years apparently in the lawsuit it Breaks down a little more saying that James whiter has been reselling sneakers By unnamed Oregon sneaker company Nike It really just puts the sneaker Community in a funny space we don't know Are they going to continue dropping amam Manier collabs or are they going to pull Them let us know in the comments section Down below what amam manier would you Like Jordan to do a collab on but right Now it is time for us to go so let me go And just recap how we got these results Let's start with the dust pair I mean at The beginning I knew it was going to Clean up great I've cleaned plenty of All black newbucks shoes and I know Exactly how our products are going to React however the dawn pair I was a Little more hesitant about I didn't know If we were going to need to put it in The washer that's why at the beginning Of the video I said we're going to use Our signature shoe cleaning kit to flush Out the trapped in stains but we don't Need it the three brushes work great on

That quick clean however I would still Recommend getting yourself a signature Shoe cleaning kit because the results Are just so versatile I mean obviously You can do a quick clean and get results Just like these or if you needed to you Can put the shoe in the washer and deep Clean it and flush out any trapped and Stains as really uh get out any trapped In odors check those out check all these Products out at reator.com before I didp I do want to let you guys know that one Lucky commoner is going to get their Very own signature shoe cleaning kit I Didn't use this kit to its full Potential on this cleaning but I want You to be able to so again one lucky Commoner is going to be winning this in 48 hours good [Music] Luck