$50 pick up flipped into a profit with the help of RESHOEVN8R products! If this isn’t your sign to stop sleeping on used kicks then I don’t know what is!

After walking through Sneakercon and looking for the best deal possible; Vick had a big come up when he found these Jordan 5s. Now they weren’t in the worst condition, but they needed some work for sure. Plus it is now going to be Vick Almighty’s personal pair!

To start the restoration we needed to clean the sneaker entirely using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Cleaning Kit. Now we don’t always recommend putting sneakers in the wash especially with delicate materials, but these were 100% okay in the wash! They used to make shoes higher quality back in the day. However, no matter how you clean it, cleaning used sneakers is a necessity. After all you never know who rocked this sneaker before you!

We started with the pretreatment to break down the dirt and grime on the inside and outside of the sneaker. Vick used the 3 different brushes and natural solution to scrub every crevice of the PSG Jordan 5s. After the pretreament it was time to toss these in the wash on a normal cycle with cold water and allow them to dry. The main reason for using the washing machine was to flush the materials and give the sneaker a nice disinfecting… Plus it made this used shoe smell 100X better!

After the cleaning it was time to move on with the restoration. Next step was to repaint the midsole to make the shoe look as good as new. The sneaker wasn’t in horrible condition, but it was evident that there was a botched restoration at one point! The repaint was easy for Vick, because black is the easiest color to lay down.

After that was taken care of we needed to remove the oxidation. You already know oxidation is going to happen on icy bottoms whether you wear the sneaker or not! For this we used Sole Revive and the UV rays from the Vick 2000.

The restoration was straight to the point and fairly simple, but overall 100% necessary! These once worn sneakers were ready to go on Vick’s foot. When do you think he will wear these?!

P.S. Drop a comment to celebrate Vick’s 30th birthday! Let us know in the comments what your latest used pick up was and we will send you the best kit to clean it!

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What's up everybody today we're going to Be working on these Jordan PSG 5S I just Got these from Phenix intercon for a Steel and when I say steel I only paid 50 bucks for them it's been a long time Since I bought shoes for that cheap back In 2016 I used to get those kind of Deals all the time nowadays everything's Too expensive or it gets sold before I Even see it these shoes do need some Work like a good deep clean repaint and Remove some of the UN yellowing but I See a lot of potential in them we got Some work ahead of us so let's get Started before we get started don't Forget to subscribe to our Channel we Have weekly content on Mondays and Thursdays the first thing we're going to Do to get this restoration going is to Give the shoe a good deep clean using a Renator signature shoe cleaning kit the Shoe does look dirty however it's one of The easier shoes to clean up the shoe is Going in the Personal Collection it's my Size and I got it for a great price but I want to make these look as brand new As possible so I am going to put in These shoes in the washing machine to Show you guys that the shoe is 100% safe However I only recommend it if the shoe Is super dirty or if you want to get Them as clean as possible first things First we're going to take out the laces And

Insole [Music] For before and after purposes we are Going to be working on the right shoe Only so we'll put the left to the side Next we're going to go next door and use Their air compressor mine is kind of Broken and theirs is way better once we Do that step the Sho is going to look so Much [Music] Better [Music] Just like I said it would this sh look So much better just by using some air And a brush it's important to do one or Both of those steps just so you don't Push the dirt deeper into the material During the cleaning process the Signature shoe cleaning kit does contain All three brushes soft medium and stiff Our solution a towel shoe trees and a Lundry bag so we can put it in the Washing machine first things first we're Going to put the Sho tree inside the Shoe to help minimize M Creasing I'm going to put this up to the Side real quick cuz we're going to give These a thorough clean later next we're Going to grab our solution and squirt Two squirts inside our bowl of water two Squirts is all you need this stuff is Highly Concentrated for most cleanings I like

To start with the uppers work my way Down to the MS then soles so we're going To be using our sof Bal brush I really Want to focus my attention on getting Inside the crevices of the material That's where most of the dust and dirt Get trapped underneath I want to get the Shoe as clean as possible while we're at It we're also going to take care of the [Music] [Music] Insides all right insights are good to Go same thing with the uppers this shoes Looking great next brush we're going to Be using is the medium bristle brush to Get these meals as clean as [Music] Possible all right we got the gri off The mols now we can see exactly where it Needs to repaint next we're going to be Using our sers or brush to clean up These outsoles we want to get every Piece of grime and dirt off so later on When we put this shoe inside the indoor Setup we get the best [Music] Results so look great we got all that Grime completely off not even going to Bother wiping the shoe down cuz they Going straight in the washing machine But before we do that we still got to Take care of the insole the shoelace and The lace lock real quick about the lace Lock we're only going to be keeping this

Top piece as you can see in the back it Is cracked luckily I got a ton of Replacements so it's is going in the Trash for the insole we're going to be Using the medium bristle brush to give It a good scrub for the lace we'll put It inside the left door water and Solution same thing with the lace [Music] Lock anytime I clean sneakers I choose To clean the insole to remove bacteria And any odors however when I pick up use Sneakers for myself this is 100% Necessary ultimately because I don't Know who rock it before Me pre-treatment is complete now let's Put everything inside the Sinker laundry Bag so we can go to the washing [Music] Machine all right you made it to the Washing machine as always I like to use Cold water during the cycle after the Shoes are all cleaned up and are all wet I like to put them outside and let them Properly air air dry or put them next to A fan can't forget our detergent [Music] Pods good to go with the cleaning we got The shoe out of the washing machine it's Fully dried ready to go I let these sit Outside under the Arizona Sun for Several hours we got them fully dried no Issues with the washing machine caus no Damage to the buttery soft suede

Everything's still in good condition Plus the insides are fully flushed out And disin infected same thing with the Insole it's back to White next thing we Got to do is focus on the midsole Luckily for me I don't have to repaint The white or the speckling it's not Cracking it's not scuffed up it's clean As is however the black does need some Work we have some scuffs right here in The front The Worst by far is in the Back area some more up here the previous Owner tried covering up one of the scus With a sharpie the reason I can tell is Cuz at a certain angle it's glossy and It has a purple Hue to it never use a Sharpie on any restoration I promise you Guys it doesn't work so what we're going To do now is focus on repainting the Black black first I'm going to use some 8800 grit sandpaper to go over the Entire black area again there's only Certain areas on the shoe that's fully Scuffed up but I'm just going to go Ahead and give everything a nice fresh Coat of black paint except for the [Music] White minil are all prepped setting it Down is very important in order for the Paint to adhere properly onto the mle For this part we're not going to be Taping it we're going to be freehanding Everything cuz black is an easy color to Lay

Down [Music] Hey yo big what's your latest pickup bro Great question dude there's been a few But the latest latest Tris scof phams Good Shoe you like about it um KD wears them Just Kidding uh So yes so I got those Phantom Jordan Ones I didn't really buy them my Girlfriend bought those for my birthday It was my birthday not too long ago one Of the sickest shoes I've ever been Gifted especially because Katie wears [Music] Them repaint is complete this is one of The easier ones I did a good job of not Getting any black paint on the black Newbook or on the white areas all I did Was sharpen those areas up next we got To go outside and spray some car mat Finish to protect the paint job the Thing is we got to tape off the uppers And so so we don't get any of the stuff On There No that's the Name mat finish has been applied the Reason why I covered up the entire upper Is cuz if you get that matte finish on That new Buck it gets really Ashy and It's hard to take off same thing with The air units I cover those up cuz if

You don't it gets really foggy let's go Ahead and take that off so we can move On to the next [Music] Step now that we got the mental repain Out of the way let's focus on the souls Luckily these aren't too bad but there Is some yellowing going on so to fix That we're going to be using some Renator sword Vive and the vix 2000 AKA My indoor setup that contains 4500 WTS Of UV rays once you put them in there We're going to leave them in there for a Few days every morning I'm going to wipe Off the old sord Vive and apply a new Code that should do the [Music] Trick Check these out after a few days we got The shoe out of the V 2000 and they turn Out great we got them back to fully IC The majority of that yellowing is fully Gone these look great when it comes to Removing yellowing off the sols they're All very different joining fives sixes And 11s They all age differently and They all take different amounts to Remove the yellowing in this case it was Surface yellowing luckily for me the Shoe wasn't two beat so the yellowing Wasn't too deep in the sole so it came Out in a few days next we're going to be Focusing on the new Buck uppers we we Got them all cleaned up but right now

They're looking a little bit ashy we Want to get it to a nice consistent Black that's where mink oil comes in Play and our horsehair brush but real Quick before we do that on the back area There's a small white scuff on the new Buug I'm going to try using a ruinator Wipe to wipe it off hopefully it comes [Music] Off [Music] The minko was a nice Finishing Touch to Wrap up the shoe it looks great real Quick before we lace it up remember the Broken lace lock luckily for me I got a Bunch of replacement parts we'll replace It then we'll lace it Up [Music] Let's answer a quick YouTube comment This one's by at Javier gaha great video Any suggestions for repairing or Conditioning a pair of dunks whose souls Are now hard and slippery I have a pair Of tight Temple cants ID i' like to save Thanks for your help in this case you Can't really do anything for that Situation it's irreversible damage once It gets hard and slippery there's Nothing you can do about that except get A donor Soul remove the old soul and Swap it next question is from awesome Dude 3247 where do you get your shoes to Clean these are from singer cons so a

Lot of the shoes I do get from cons most Of the time I go on eBay or offer up Sometimes they shoes for my friends or People that drop them off I get them From all over the place all right guys That's going to bring us to an end on This restoration of these PSG 5S not bad For only paying 50 bucks that's a night And day Restoration in this video we use Our renator signature shoe cleaning kit To give the shoe a proper deep clean Inside and out and to show you guys that The shoe is 100% safe to put in the Washing machine in case you need to After that we did some prepper to get The mels ready for a paint job luckily For me they weren't too bad but in the Back area there was a lot of scuffs Going on so I went in gave it entire Black paint job and freshened it up for The uppers we used our mink oil and our Hors hair brush to really give that Black a nice pop and for the souls we Used our rejuvenated sorive and the V 2000 again 50 bucks was a steal for this Pair considering how well they turned Out you can find all our products at Reator.com use my promo code down below To save some money this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday see [Music] Y'all Like And subscribe biggest in the Business what are you talking about wait

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