This project was FULL of obstacles!

A couple months back we gave away $20K worth of prizes to one lucky winner! One of those prizes was a chance to design your very own one of one custom with none other than Vick Almighty! Jamaal entered the sweepstakes by shopping online at reshoevn8r.com, but the real catch is he didn’t even know that there was a sweepstakes going on! Talk about lucky!

After a few emails back and forth he still wasn’t sure this was even legit, but after a Zoom call with the man himself it was 100% proven that it was legit. The design process consisted of a few Zoom calls and an idea from the lucky winner. Jamaal was set on designing his very own Jordan 6, since it is his favorite Silhouette! IMO everyone thinks designing a sneaker is easy, but man it takes a lot of work to make sure you get exactly what you want.

These Jordan 6 “By You” customs feature all of the winners favorite colors, design elements and icons that are near and dear to his heart. Not only did he get to take home a pair of 1 of 1 customs, he took home EVERYTHING he could buy for $2K at 2 different local sneaker shops, a ton of Reshoevn8r products and took on his very first ever Sneakercon. All in all I’d say that was a pretty good weekend!

Back to the custom though, the obstacles were endless with this project. We ordered the Cool Grey Jordan 6 from eBay brand new… Finding a size 14 shoe locally wasn’t a possibility! After ordering from eBay we waited not 1, but 2 weeks for the seller to even ship them to be authenticated. PSA if you sell on eBay don’t wait to ship, you never know what that sneaker might mean to the person getting it!

After we got it then it was game time! We had only 72 hours to complete the project. Not to mention the tongue shield needed to take a trip to Las Vegas to get some assistance from @JordonDiab ! After hours and hours of painting, design and even calling in some reinforcements, Vick was able to meet that 72 hour deadline with ease…. Well kinda!

Then it was time to present the sneaker to Jamaal at Sneakercon Phoenix. Needless to say he was pretty excited!

This is your sign to NEVER sleep on a RESHOEVN8R giveaway!

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These were supposed to get here from EBay 2 weeks ago but seller shipped them Out way too late I lost so much time now I only have 3 days to make this custom Happen let's open them up to make sure We got the right Shoes What's up Jamal hey how's it going good man yo Quick Question are You No couple things I want to touch on real Quick before we get to it I want to make Sure this custom is you know exactly What you wanted I have all the stuff That you sent over basically laid out I've had a lot of stuff you know already Kind of in the making such as the logos Like the gold tag and stuff so Everything else man I mean I got the Colorways you know maroon navy blue you Switch it around in the suede we got the Gold on the midsole nice vibrant gold Kind of like the New Balance colorway Maybe just a little bit lighter as well I got the JC uh in the making for the Diamond piece that goes on the tongue so Want to make sure you're still good with That the crown as well that's going to Go on the opposite tongue I made the Call and you know went with the dog tag For the gold tag that you requested cuz I think that's a cool detail you know I

Haven't done a dog tag yet um working on The insoles as well laser engraving the Blast on the side send me a list of the Things that you want and maybe from top To bottom like priority like which one You want for sure and then maybe the Last bottom ones there's no place for Them and it's okay you didn't really Care for those anyway for the wording is It going to be like laser Stitch as well Yeah that's going to be laser engraved Okay yeah that's what yeah I wanted Something like that so I'm excited I was Talking to you know my friends and my Mom and trying to get some ideas on this Stuff as well I love Miami but I was Like I just can't do a mam heat custom I Just didn't want to do nothing with the Team that way so if you can do a hidden Spot with the mam Heat logo or something Like that that would be more meaningful To me CU like theme is nice but Jamal You true and true are Heat fan so it's Going to be like it's something near and Dear for me because it's like when I Have put the shoe on or something like That it's going to be like yeah I know It's there for me so 100% I'm going keep That in mind I'mma figure out a cool Spot it's not a big deal either so I'll Figure something out bro all right bro I'll text you all right man take it easy Thank God these are the right shoes size 14 cool gr Jordan sixes the only reason

I got these online and not in person is Because these are a size 14 and they're Hard to come by so I had to resort to EBay today is Tuesday I have to have These fully done by Friday morning not Too much time considering how much Painting and customization is going to Go to these Jordan sixes first step is Deconstruction I am going to be making Custom tongues I am going to be sting up To my good friend Jordan D up in Las Vegas but first I got to get these off Package them up so you can get these Tomorrow hopefully works on them Tomorrow tomorrow send them back so I Can have them back on Thursday we're Cutting it Close a couple of months ago we hosted a Huge Streep six giveaway the winner won Thousands of dollars in cash shopping Sprs here at our story and man worlds And other stores in Arizona he also won A ton of ruminated products but in my Opinion the best part about the giveaway Was a custom fully designed by the Winner and brought to life by me it's Going to take some work to get these Sixes done in time but I just know our Giveaway winner Jamal is going to be Stoked when he SE these in Person All right we got these off let's package Them up and ship them to Jordan let's keep it going before we can

Start painting and dyeing the sneaker we Got to prep the sneakers for this we're Going to be using some acetone and Cotton balls to wipe down the leather And the Midsoles Preer is complete before we start Painting we're back to deconstructing Using an xacto knife and a seam ripper We're going to remove the top part of The Tongue First color we're going to be laying Down is our Dusty Rose similar to the Color on these laces that we will be Using on these shoes we'll start off With these three colors then add some White to Lin up the color and we should Have the perfect mix with That paint is all mixed up it's going to Look beautiful on this white leather now This part is going to be the most timec Consuming part of this whole project I Don't want to risk not having the Project completed so for this I'm going To bring in my good friend Marx premium He does it all outside of videos on my Personal projects he's always helping me Out restoration and Customs you name it This is one of those projects where I'm Going to need some help what's up my Dude what's up bro let me show you a Quick layout of the custom we're working On so as you can see the uppers have a

Lot of dusty rose pink we got to lay all That down right now however we're going To split up into two different ways We'll hand paint it and airbrush it First we're going to go in with the Paintbrush do all the details for Example get as close as possible to the Sock laner without getting paint on the Sock laner we can't really do that with The airbrush same thing with the back Tabs as you can see there's some leather Back there we got to do that with the Paintbrush once we take care of all that We'll tape everything off and lay down The paint through the airbrush you good With that let's do it Cool just see this do like The reason why I'm hand painting near The sock liner first is because I want To get a crisp paint job in that area I Can never achieve that just by Airbrushing because the tape always gets In the way when I tape off the liner or It peels up in a small spot that causes Overspray on the liner to avoid all that I just hand paint then tape off Everything and airbrush the rest of the Paint Details are good to go we did a great Job I'm not getting any paint on the Sock liner or the heel tab next we're Going to do some taping before the Airbrushing all taped up let's finish Laying down our Dusty pink tone with the

Airbrush All right so I got the majority of the Paint down right now what I'm using is 2500 grit sandpaper to sand it all down To get it nice and smooth before we Apply one more coat of Paint paint drop is all done it's nice And smooth now we got to protect it by Going outside and spraying some Kon M Finish got all the tape off now let's Put the tape back On all taped up once again now we're on To the mols first we're going to be Laying down a black base coat before we Lay on the gold the reason why I lay Down black is because it's a good base For any metallic Color Time is running out I still have a few Hours left on this project and it needs To be done by tomorrow Steve just picked Up Jamal from the airport I really Wanted to be there but I got to get These customers done right now they're Heading straight to guest list to spend $1,000 that he want from the Streep Stakes First first round bro what you what you Feeling fam uh trophy room five like I See the price on that but that looks Dope I don't even have a Jordan 5 so That'll be my first and then the Jordan One low Zion that's going to be crazy so Those are the two one I'm looking at I

Already got the Spider-Man one so oh you You added these to the list I already Have these oh you got them already it's All right got you no no double up double Up person so got You guest list at Arizona Mills Mall in Temp Arizona so if you're ever in the Area come check us out and we'll get you Right is probably the most bags of shoes I ever carried out at one Time gold paint is down right now what I'm doing is covering up all the white Areas with some pink paint the same Stuff that I use on the uppers for this Part we're going to be using a Paintbrush So here's where we're at we got the pink And the gold laid down it looks really Good so far I still have to do some more Painting on the msil but I'm running out Of time right now it's 5:00 my graphic Designer Christian scheduled to come in At 5:30 to do some laser engraving on The uppers so that doesn't give me Enough time to finish up the M repaint I'm going to have to take take off the Tape from the uppers come back to the Mental repaint later and get ready to do Some Engraving How does it look money Money last night me and Christian were Here late engraving the sneakers this Part took forever between all the

Measurements getting the sneakers all Prepped took about 4 hours we were here Till 9:00 Luckily everything turned out Perfect thanks to the prep work that we Did we also created this perfect cool Little hang tag it's going to hang on The shoe on one side we got match my Energy and on the opposite The crown before we can get back to the Midsole we're going to tape everything Off so we can paint the blast in a gold Color Got the bless in the crown in Gold let's Get back on to the midsole for this We're going to be laying down some mid Navy and for the opposite we're going to Be laying down some Maroon Mental repaint is finally complete let's Go outside and spray some glossy Finish I went ahead and lay down a bunch Of precautionary tape all over the Painted areas I only want the gray areas Exposed cuz that's a suede that's going To get dyed for this I'm going to be Using Angelus wine tone and Angelus Navy Bloom we going to be very careful with This step cuz they can be very messy we Don't want to get any of the dye on the Pink edges or get any dye on the white Mesh tongue cuz that's not going to come Out another thing is these toe boxes are Going to be different colors I'm Definitely going to be referencing the

Reference photos one toe boox is going To be wi tone the other one's going to Be navy blue and same thing with the Other Areas I'm going to take a break from the shoe And let the sued dry I got our three Sets of laces we got navy blue maroon And Dusty pink Jamal wants all of these To have go lace tips we got all of them Right here really easy to put on as is They're not thick enough so we're going To be adding some tape to the lace tips That way we can just squeeze them on I Like to do this step and not make it Permanent that way if the owner needs to Watch these laces you can just slide Them right Off good to go with the laces now we're Back onto the tongues we're not going to Be using these I actually went to the Boneyard and dug out some other Jordan Six tongues these are from some old Olympics in great condition these are Perfect cuz it has a navy blue all we Got to do now is take them apart we're Going to take off the bottom part and This piece off as Well All right shoes are fully dried now this Step is very important anytime you D Suede you have to absolutely have to Lock it in with some water and stain Repellant if you don't the Dy is just

Going to rub on your fingers or if you Spill anything the Dy is going to run Off all right we're getting there we Only have a few hours left to get this Custom done next insoles originally I Was going to leave these as this and Just add a logo down here but why not Add some pig skin to these insoles so We're gonna do that now right here we Got some black pig skin leather that we Used for an old project to get it Started we're going to be spraying some Super 77 adhesive spray directly onto The insoles I like to do this outside Cuz this stuff gets everywhere be right Back next before we start sewing we're Going to grab an exactor knife chop off The excess leather and then precisely Cut all around the Insole Last night I was working late on my Personal projects and I figured today I Wasn't going to have enough time so I Got a couple other steps done off camera I'll show you guys in just a bit next We're going to focus on the insults We're back on to these I went ahead and Printed these out using the Cricut on One side we're going to lay down the Heat logo that's his favorite basketball Team and on the opposite we're going to Lay down a bunch of affirmations ANS are Fully done we're back on to the tongue Last time off camera I gave this a

Pretty clean paint job it's subtle but When you shift it in the light it Changes color that's an iridescent paint I also went ahead and painted the Jordan And air maroon and gold the details Matter now before we can sew them on to The shoes thank God for Jordan diab we Got the other parts of the tongues they Just came in this morning he shipped Them out last night they came out Beautiful he sent me a picture I'm going Go ahead and open it up to show you Guys these are the final touch the Missing key to this custom during the Did a fantastic job on these parts he Used maroon python for the material and Gold embroidery for the stitching on one Of them we have the crown and on the Opposite we have JC his initials these Are going to be so sick once we put it All together first we're going to be Doing some cutting and gluing before we Head to the post bed and put everything Together it's like Batman got the maroon pie so on nicely Now we're on to the blue part for the Blue part I simply just glued it on to The white now we got to do a quick Stitch line to put it Together tongues are all done onto the Back Parts just got to lay down some Gold we did all the prep work already we Sanded it taped it down we also lay down Some adhesion promoter now it's time to

Lay down some gold paint with some two Hard all right after a few long days we Got the Customs finally done it's time To give them to Jamal but first we got To dress up the sneakers we got we got The inso ready to go laces with some Gold tips we also got our gold hang tag And some gold lace locks let's lace them Up all right everybody we got the shoes All laced up I'm honestly tired a lot of Work went into these shoes in the last Couple of days in order to get them done In time and honestly we got him done in Time it's time to get him to Jamal but Before we do I want to give a quick Rundown of what we did we basically did Everything to the shoe we painted it we Dyed it we did some sewing we added Custom accessories we did it all there's A couple of details that are my absolute Favorite such as the tongues both the Top part and the middle part came out Beautiful the iridescent paint job Really sets it off the job that Doran DF Did with the python material and the Embroidery is next level stuff we got Gold on the lace tips the Hang tag our Lace lock on the tongue details up here On the back and the entire mental Honestly at first I wasn't sure how I Was going to going to look but once we Got the dce down and the paints it came Together nicely now it's time to go to Singer con and get you a

Jamal hey I'm looking for a size 14 15 Jordan 1 Jordan 6es 11s SV dunk LS Pretty much just that uh size 14 So How's it going man how you doing bro Pretty good what's up everybody so we Just got to senon Phoenix it's lit right Now there's a bunch of people I think This is Jamal's first singer con right Yeah my first one how is it it's pretty Good it's a lot of people it's a lot of Shoes not in my size 14 but you know I'm Still looking around for that size 14 15 So you got siblings dude so it's not all About yourself I already got a shoes I Got a shoes yesterday so up yeah today's My day so all right bro well I'm excited Dude last night I was working pretty Late trying to get the Customs done all Wrapped up details and all you ready to See him yeah I'm ready man all right bro Let's do it let's get It oh Snap oh man all right bro so I switched Up a couple of things but overall this Is your vision what do you think bro Pretty good man I love it I love the Gold hits the maroon and the Navy man it All ties in together nicely man I'm glad He was able to incorporate the crown and Match my energy especially that's you Know that my podcast it's crazy man it's Like once in a lifetime type of deal I Mean like everybody think about their

Own dream shoe and you know dream colors And this probably as close as my vision You know for sure so it's crazy I can't Even stop looking at Them all right this is my last day here I got a few more more hours before my Flight I'm here at mini worlds I got a $1,000 shopping spree so I'm about to Look at some kicks let's get to It I'm going get this one for Dennis It's my co-host on the match my energy Podcast so um I know his size and he's Been looking for this pair so definitely Going to pick this up for Him This is a super clean pair I got the Lowe's already they're pretty beat up I Mean it's all white shoe mine looks Brown so I definitely have to get uh had To get this pair now so pretty clean Shoe and it's actually my size size 14 So you know it's a hard size to come by But I got it so well that's the r Jamal Congrats again on winning the sweep State twinner bro they spending some Time with us hope you had a good time Bro hope the valley showed you some love We'll see you again for sure yeah thank You man all love man thank you all Day so the reason I went with this Upp Because usually in my size 14 this comes In more like a women sizing so you know It won't be in that color way I can get In a size 14 so I wanted a Dusty Rose

Dusty pink I love that color um in most Shoes so I wanted to get that for the Upper and then also the maroon and uh Navy blue is my favorite uh colors as Well so I wanted to do that um those Accents and then gold just kind of come Together kind of that royalty Vibe so One of the other things I also mention To him is that I wanted to have the same Blessed on it that's something near to Me it's my favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah uh 177 bless is the man who Trusts God and his faith is in God I Definitely want to have that Incorporated into the shoe there then we Talked about the tongue he was like you Got to have something in the tongue Something that stands out my already was Kind of debating on what I wanted to put There so I put my initial JC and I put a Crown there and it came out super clean And then also with the Chrome gold Chrome lace holders so um I really like The Hang tag it has match my energy on One side and then a crown on the other Side overall pretty clean shoe I'm Really super excited about it um he also Threw in some extra laces as well so I Can miss smash how I wanted to do it as Well so I love the experience it's been A clean clean shoe um in Sneaker Con a Lot of people gave a lot of feedback on The shoe when it was in the display case At the rejuvenator table so yeah that

Was a recap of the trip man uh really Thankful for renator Mini World Steve uh Vic Al Mighty friend Nick everybody that I met over the weekend yeah I just Couldn't ask for anything better man This was like if I was to win a giveaway This would probably be the best one for Me sneakers you know um it's just Something that hold dear to me so uh I Thank you guys for sure um stay Blessed