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In today’s video I check out the upcoming Nike AIR MAX 1 86 Big Bubble! The Nike AIR MAX 1 86 Big Bubble has a release date of March 22th 2024 and a retail price of $150! The Nike AIR MAX 1 86 Big Bubble features an oversized air unit on the heel! Check out the full Nike AIR MAX 1 86 Big Bubble review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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One of the most popular sneakers from Last year is back this time in a Different color way what's up everybody I'm Seth Bor and today I'm reviewing the Upcoming Air Max 1 86 big bubble in Royal blue first off I want to give a Huge thank you to takeout NY for sending Over this pair of sneakers early to Check out and review for you guys if you Haven't heard of takeout and why it's One of the best Sneaker boutiques in New York City they also carry Apothecary Socks in store so if you want to grab Apothecary socks in store that's one of The only places you can do it but again Big thank you to them and of course you Can grab this pair of sneakers when it Officially releases on March 22nd at Takeout Andy for a retail price of 150 Bucks for some reason at least as far as I can tell this shoe is not releasing in Men's sizing it is releasing in extended Women's sizing so men like myself with Not Siz 13 ft can still Rock Pairs and It is also releasing in grade school and Toddler sizes but for whatever reason They are not releasing this officially In men sizing at least not right now Even on the sneakers app they only have Women sizes available which is odd Because last year's version of the Air Max 1 big bubble released in full family Sizing so while the pair that I have Here is in my size a size N9 men's it's

Actually a women size 10 and 1/2 but With that out of the way let's dive Right into the box so last year Nike Introduced this new box along with their Air Max 1 big bubbles that released on Air Max day and I've got to say this is A very very cool package it's this black Matte box with red scratches all over it It's got this clear Nike Swoosh on the Top so you can see through to whatever Is underneath usually it's just white Paper and then on both of the longer Sides you've got these four dots to Represent the big bubble on the Air Max One moving to the front of the Box You've got the size tag and like I Already mentioned I grabbed a size 10 And a half women's size nine men's Because again the shoe does not come in Men's and the official colorway of this Shoe is white royal blue but before we Dive into the materials that make up the Air Max One big bubble let me first try The Sho on and show you guys how it fits So I don't know if you know this but Nike is releasing special sneakers from My birthday did you know that I didn't They really like me and Nike Air Max day Yeah Air Max day they don't really send Me any sneakers they don't like me that Much but they like me enough to release A sneaker on my birthday ooh what are Those these are the Air Max One Big Bubbles this is a second colorway first

Color way released last year and it's Supposed to look just like the original Air Max ones but there is actually one With my birth date on the tongue it's Going to have like a neon green midsole It's sick it's releasing on my birthday March 26th which is super excited about Those I don't have those yet I'm going To try and get those I like these though Nice okay cool all right I'm going to Try these guys on really quick see if They fit just like last year's Air Max Big bubbles not doing a great job tying Them I think you would you tie sneakers A lot you would think I still do bunny Ears though I don't know the other way To tie do you really yeah I really I Genuinely don't know the other way to Tie I mean I I have known it I just Don't do it so I forgot it makes a Better bow I think that's what I thought All right so on foot these are a size Nine I'm a size N I would say they fit True to size Nike is generally pretty Good about making their sneakers fit True to size so I would recommend Usually going true to size when it comes To any of their Mainline sneakers like Air Max ones that's why I'd say for These I don't know what do you think I Fit it's not great I actually like it a Lot what do you mean nice okay thanks Appreciate it I just threw everything on You know what we deal the sweats look

Really good with them thanks I know I Would have worn a different color hoodie If I had realized I was putting on the Blue shoes today but it's whatever all Pothecary full Apothecary fit if you Guys want to grab any of this available On Apothecary dcom not the sweats but Everything else the socks too Apothecary Dcom Linked In the description below Yeah true to size that's what I'd Recommend if you're grabbing these go True to size I guess you could call them A tad narrow but that's probably just The case for Air Max ones in general so Maybe if you have wider feet maybe go up Half a size but I would say try them on First before you buy them just to make Sure that you're grabbing the right size For you cuz these aren't the cheapest Shoes in the world I like the blue the Blue's nice yeah I feel like all my Sneakers are red well you have a lot of Jordans oh yep that's it that's a lot Michael Jordan played for the Wizards His whole career you'd have blue Sneakers all right yeah true to size Back to the studio so like last year's Release of the Air Max 1 big bubble in University red this shoe shares the same History in fact back in 1986 the Nike Air Max 1 was the first Nike sneaker to Released with visible air it wasn't the First Nike sneaker to feature air that Was actually the Nike Tailwind but it

Was the first one where you could see The air through the midsole and even Though nowadays we've come to know the Nike Air Max 1 as a shoe with a much Smaller air unit this was actually the Way that Tinker Hatfield originally Designed the shoe in fact the first Pairs of Nike Air Max 1's that released Actually looked like this with the same Size air unit however unfortunately back In 1986 the tech was not as good as it Is today and uh the air bubble started To crack in colder temperatures so Nike Quietly came up with a solution for this Problem and that was to reduce the size Of the air unit so it wouldn't be as Susceptible to cold as the larger bubble And essentially what happened is Nike Just replaced the larger bubble air Units on shelves with the smaller bubble Air units and uh that was sad but now in 2024 Nike has solved the problem of the Larger air unit and because of that have Released these new retro versions of the Shoe the Air Max 1 86s no these newer Versions of the shoe aren't going to Replace the air max ones that we know And love but they are going to be a new Variation of the shoe that releases from Time to time like I already mentioned we Got the first version of the shoe last Year on Air Max day the original University red colorway and since then We've actually only gotten like two or

Three other colorways of the big bubble Air Max 1 so it kind of seems like this Is going to be a much more limited and Special edition version of The Shoe Versus the standard Air Max 1 so this Year for Air Max day Nike decided to Release another one of the original Colorways the royal blue colorway in the Air Max big bubble variant and I'm Stoked it's here last year's Air Max One Big bubble in the university red Colorway was one of my favorite releases Of the year I love this shoe I wear it All the time and I'm really excited that They're releasing another colorway this Year but diving into the materials make Up the Air Max One Big Bubbles you've Got this royal blue mud guard and the Sort of like new buuck fty feeling Material it's not the most high quality Material in the world but it doesn't Feel bad and it's very similar to what We have on all of the other Nike Air Max Ones one thing I do want to mention About this new version of the shoe is That they've actually cut not only the Midsole of the sneaker like the original 1986 pair but also the upper of the shoe So all around this new big bubble Version of the shoe is actually very True to the original moving up from the Mud guard you've got this white mesh on The toe and then moving even farther up From there to the I day you've got more

Of that same material that you find Around the mudu guard of the shoe this Time however in light gray weaving Through the eyelets of the shoe you've Got these flat white laces and Underneath that you've got this white Mesh tongue top of the tongue features a White tag with the Nike branding Embroidered into it in blue and then Moving inside the sneaker you've got a White fabric sock line now a detail that Nike added to this shoe which they did On the original 1986 Air Max 1's is they Actually printed the size on the sock Liner of the shoe in this case it says 10 and 1/2 because it's a women size 10 And 1/2 they also did this on last Year's version of the big bubbles and They've done it on a lot of other recent Release Air Jordan 1es like the Air Jordan 185s because it's kind of a cool Call back to what they used to do back In the day the insole of the shoe comes In royal blue with the Nike Air branding Printed on the heel in white and in kind Of a cool Easter egg if you look at the Bottom of your Nike Air Max One insoles They have the traction pattern found on The out soole of the shoe pressed into The bottom of the insole as well I don't Really think there's any functional Reason for it other than being a cool Detail and I really dig it again for Sizing I recommend going true to size

That's usually how Nike sneakers fit and Also keep in mind that this is women's Only release so make sure that you're Doing the math correctly in your head if You're a guy for example this is a size 10 and 1 half women's which is a size Nine and men's it's usually a size and a Half down continuing back on the side of The shoe you've got your royal blue Nike Swoosh and then on the back of the shoe You've got your Nike Air branding Embroidered into the heel and blue then Moving down on the shoe you get to last Year's retooled big bubble midsole it Features the larger four Circle big Bubble which if you look at the older Smaller bubbles they actually only Feature three circles so the big bubbles Come with four circles and that's why You've got four circles on the box the Foam used in this midsole is also softer Than standard Nike Air Max 1's it's kind Of like a it almost feels like react but I don't think it is it might be actually I don't know all I know is that these Nike Air Max 1es are significantly Softer underfoot than a standard pair For two reasons one because the Air Max Bubble is larger in this shoe and two Because the foam that they used is also Softer so in my opinion I think that the Nike Air Max One big bubbles are the Most comfortable Air Max ones ever made And that's one of the main reasons why I

Wore last year's pair so much because It's so comfortable underfoot finally Moving to the bottom of the sneaker You've got your standard Nike Air Max One outsole with white rubber black Rubber and blue rubber in my opinion This shoe is awesome it's a definite cop From for me there is however a special Edition version of the Nike Air Max ones Releasing for Air Max day specifically That say March 26th on the tongue which I really like cuz that's my birthday I Featured this insanely bright neon green Midsole and also of course your royal Blue upper it's a shoe that I must grab I didn't grab the original colorway of The shoe that dropped back in 2016 I Think or 2017 however that version of The shoe came in the university red Colorway instead of the royal blue Colorway I wish I had grabbed it looking Back it was dumb not to because the Resale price was so cheap now it goes For like $800 and it's the only shoe With my birthday on it so I don't know It's just a stupid reason but still I Want it for that reason but no this shoe Is awesome I definitely recommend Picking it up and again you can grab it For yourself at takeout NY on March 22nd But hey at this point I would love to Know your thoughts on the upcoming Air Max 1 big bubble Royal blues and whether You're planning to grab a pair for

Yourself so make sure to let me know Those thoughts in the comment section Down below make sure to subscribe if you Haven't yet and I will see you all in The next one