Hi people welcome to The Run Testers. In this video we’re putting Altra’s top selling road shoe – the Torin 7 – up against the brand’s very first low-drop shoe, the new Altra FWD Experience. They’re both billed as good do-it-all daily trainers. So which one’s best? Run Tester Kieran has clocked the miles to find out. Hit play for our Altra FWD Experience vs Altra Torin 7 review.

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Design details
1:15 – Shoe Comparison
3:31 – Fit
4:03 – The Run Test
6:34 – Verdict

Altra FWD Experience Review:
Altra Torin 7 Review:

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And in this video we are putting altra's Top selling Road shoe the Torin 7 Up Against The Brand's very first low Drop Shoe the new outra Ford experience now These are both Builders good do it all Da trainers we're going to help you work Out which one's best we've clocked the Miles to find out how they both perform Watch on for our outra forward Experience versus alra Toren 7 Head-to-head now let's start with some Quick comparison details then when it Comes to St height the alra toor in 7 Follows altra's balanced cushioning Design with a sizable 30 mil stack in The hill and in the 4ot for that Trademark zero drop platform the forward Experience is altra's first ever shoe to Ditch the zero drop and the stack height Comes in at 32 Ms in the hill and 28 Ms In the 4 foot in the men's or 30 MS in The hill and 26 Ms in the 4 foot in the Women's for a 4 mil drop in both of Those shoes now the Torin 7 is Marginally heavier at 9.7 o to 275 G in Our UK men size 8 A2 the Ford experience Comes in at 8.9 o or 252 G pricewise in The UK both shoes will set you back £130 In the US you'll pay 10 bucks more for The Toren 7 at $150 versus the forwards $140 so let's Move on to a quick shoe whip round then Do a little comparison of these shoes

And let's start with the midsole the Aoran 7 midsole has been updated it Now Features two extra millimet of ultra ego Max foam across the whole base of the Shoe and that raises the from 28 Ms to a More generous 30 MS but it still retains Alra trademark zero drop now that Compression molded Eva ego mats foam is Tuned to be softer than the regular ego Foam that you find in the alra fordward Experience and it's not quite as Energetic and responsive as what you'll Find in the the ego Pro phone that comes Into alas faster and more premium shoes Now surprisingly the outra forward Experiened Midol doesn't use the Livelier ego Max or ego Pro Foams here Either instead you've got regular ego Compression molded EVA foam that's Somewhere between semi firm and semi Soft now both shoes have quite wide Platforms creating a bigger and more Reliable Landing Zone there's also a Mild 4ft rocker in the Toren 7 but There's a more considerable rocker in The forward experience to help with toe Offs there's also a much more pronounced Curve in the heel than the flatter Torin 7 now up top both have engineered mesh Uppers the mesh is quite thick and foot Wrapping on both shoes the Toren have a Few more appliable little overlays Though they feel more like their for Looks and function and the Ford

Experience foro the overlays Al together Now the tongues and the heel collar Padding is pretty similar on both it's On the medium plush side and certainly Not overdone the main difference here is That the forward experience has these Two pads that sit just below the ankle Bones there's also no heel counter and The Torin 7 has a much more structured Heel there so that changes the way the Heel holds slightly now both shoes Feature Al's trademark toebox shaping Though that's been narrowed on the Forward experience and it now looks much More like a traditional shoe this one The lacing is also pretty much identical Too when you flip them over both shoes Have a decent and quite similar covering Of outo rubber both shoes also feature Alra familiar Flex Groove system where The grooves here you can see follow the Metat tasks and the feet flexx with it For a more natural flexible ride though The Torin sevens I you can see extend Just ever so slightly further back into The Hill now when it came to fit I ran in my Regular running shoe size of UK size 8 And a half and I found both these shoes Fit well truth to size both shoes have That standard foot-shaped toe box that Offers a bit more of a snug version of The Brand's anatomic fit in the Ford the Foot shaping has been tapered more than

Most outra shoes but there's still ample Space lengthwise and across the top and Compared to most shoes these still feel Pretty roomy the forward is a little bit More dared in but I'd Rec recommend Going true to sizing both these Shoes so in testing I've run around 40 Mi in the Torin 7 slightly less in the Outra Ford experience that's been at a Mix of Paces slow to fast some runs up To 90 minutes and some miles on road Some on light off-road park so basically The usual test conditions I've also done A mile with one shoe on each foot and Here's what I Found So I've just done the side by side mile Aaran 7 on the left foot I've got the Ford experience on the right Foot very similar shoes basically one's A bit softer than the other that's Basically how I read it the forward Experience whil it's on the foot here And you're running all Paces just hits a Bit firmer bit more solid underf foot There's a bit more softness in the Toran 7 foot beds softer Landing is softer There's not quite so much response then As a result of the toe off sits a bit Lower as well feels a little bit lower Overall that's obviously the lack of Drop you know you feel a bit flatter but Overall from doing that Mile in these Shoes it's a very very similar feel

Apart from how that midsole feels so I'm Back in from my Mile in the rain just Now and there's a few other things to Note here on stability I find the firmer Landings of the Ford experience just a Shade more reliable that might also be Down to the lower midsole stack there's Margins here but I just find it is a Touch more reliable the forward Experience is also lighter and somewhat Racier when my own tests I found that in The separate tests but I don't think you Notice the extra grams too much when You're moving and I found the forward Experience encouraged a faster more Efficient foot turnover as well the Toren 7 are sort of soft they kind of Almost give you a cuddle when you're Being a bit more lazy the forward Experience kind of require you to run up In good form on durability both shoes Feel equally as robust I've had no Worrying wear and tear in my miles Though it's still quite early days on Those I also don't have any issues with The forwards heel pads but I've seen That some people have on our reviews I Do often wonder why Brands complicate The heel design like this it always Feels like a risk that some people Aren't going to get on when you start to Put fiddly bits and finally I'm still Fairly new to Altra but I've enjoyed the Ride of both of these shoes if you're

Interested in that roomier toe box that They offer in the anatomical toe box and If you're wondering whether the lower Drop shoes might work for you I think These two shoes particularly out of Their shoe lineup are a good Gateway Option to test that out I think they're Both very capable shoes they probably Dropped though into the pile of daily Trainers that I found to be good and Very capable but maybe not stand out wow And Great verdict then well Altra themselves Told us that these shoes can be used for The same type of runs but the lighter Weight Altra Ford experience provides a More efficient ride and I think there's Definitely that feeling that the alra Forward experience is in many ways like A Torin 7 but with a low Drop and a bit More response it's slightly baffling That Altra didn't use one of their more Energetic Foams in what is really really Important shoe for them just to compete With a springier and punchier more Modern ride of newer daily trainers That's what I think we all kind of hoped And expected however if you're Considering investing in one of these Here is how I would separate them if you Want a more direct racier shoe that's a Little firmer a bit more responsive more Capable at the faster end but probably Less protective moving slower than I

Think the forward experience wins the Day on that front if you want a slightly More cushioned protection or protective Ride and don't mind sacrif icing a bit Of top Pace efficiency than I would say Go for the Torin 7 but I personally Think if you can get on with a slightly Firmer ride even on your easier runs Then the forward experience offers more Versatility and a better overall range The forward experience is also altra's Best looking shoe by far and so if I was Picking one shoe to stick in my rotation I think out of these two it would be the Outra Ford Experience So there you have it that's been our Head-to-head of the outra Torin 7 and The new forward experience we hope you Found it helpful if you have any Questions hit us up in the comments Below don't forget to like And subscribe And ring the bell for more great run Testers videos when they land really Helps when you support us that way if You want a full review of the Toren 7 or The forward experience those videos are Appearing on the channel right about Now otherwise thanks for watching and we Hope to see you again soon on the Run Testers happy running everyone and good Luck with whatever it is that you're Trying to achieve out there