Hey people welcome to The Run Testers and in this video we’re heading onto the trails. Well, via the road at least, with the Altra Outroad 2. This wide-boy zero-drop shoe is built for road-to-trail comfort and Altra says it aims for versatility, durability, and comfort, no matter what’s underfoot. So if you’re hunting for a road-to-trail running shoe with a roomier fit and wondering if this is it… watch on for our Altra Outroad 2 review.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Stack, drop & weight
1:05 – Shoe whip round
2:24 – Does the Altra Outroad Fit true to size?
3:13 – The Run Test
5:15 – The Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And in this video we're heading off-road Well via the road at least with the Outra outroad 2 now this wide boy zero Drop shoe is built for road to Trail Comfort and alra says it aims for Versatility durability and comfort no Matter what's underf foot so if you're Hunting for a road to trail running shoe With a RoR fit I'm wondering if this is It watch [Music] On so quick details then when it com com To stack height the outra outroad 2 has What outra calls balance cushioning with A 27 mil Heel To Toe stack 27 Ms in the Heel 27 Ms in the toe for a zero drop Design or what they call balanced Cushioning when it comes to weight the Outroad 2 coming at 11.5 o or 326 G in a UK men's test size 8 and a half it's a Midweight hybrid running shoe that's not Far off the heft of a hoca speed goat 5 So it's not the heaviest Trail shoe but It's also not the lightest price-wise The outroad to will set you back £130 in The UK or just shy of $140 in the [Music] US now if you're not familiar with Altra Shoes the first thing you'll notice About the outroad 2 is the slightly oddl Looking toebox this anatomical design is Designed to follow the natural shape of Your foot to give your toes more room to

Move it's alr's trademark however the Outroad 2 features outra slightly Slimmer foot shaping for a more snug and Comfortable fit while still leaving your Toes plenty of room to spread in Flex up Top you've got an engineered mesh uppers That have been tweaked from the first Generation to boost durability there's Overlays here in all the key contact Points but they're not as aggressively Armored as some trail shoes there's more Cushioning in the heel for added Comfort Making this a plusher cruiser than its Predecessor underfoot the outroad 2 has A comparatively conservative 20 mil Stack when you think about some tril Shoes we're seeing now and that's from Ego midsole foam to provide the cushion For Landings but it's also tuned to Deliver plenty of response now when you Flip them over these are absolutely Filthy but when you flip them over the Out sole has a good covering of Max Track rubber with 2.3 mm Multi-directional lugs that's basically Lugs plac with strategic patterns to Develop to deliver sorry the grip on Lighter trails and boost durability but Crucially to not be too sticky for the [Music] Road now when it came to fit I ran in my Regular running shoes size which is a UK And a half and I found the fit roomy and Reliable these come up narrower than at

The Altra Lone Peak but I'm still fairly New to Altra so I found them much Roomier than most trail shoes I got good Heel hold I got good lock down across The top of the midfoot without having to Risk lace pinch there's quite a lot of Padding in the tongue so that helps and The roomy toe box was ample for me to Avoid bashing on the end of the shoe and Up on the top on steep descents so yeah I'd risk this over longer distances Without worrying about black toenails And I'd recommend going true to size but It's worth saying that the slim isn't Perhaps as roomy as some altras and you Might need to consider going half a size Up if you like things really spacious or If you'd normally tend to go half a size Up in your trail shoes I would stick With what you do and go half a size up In these [Music] Then so for my run test I ran close to 60 km in the outra outroad 2 on a mix of Lighter Park trails River paths and some More steep Technical and testing North Devon Coast paths that included plenty Of mixed at mixed paces and a good chunk Of time on the tarmac 2 to test the road To Trail credentials of the shoe Straight out of the box I think the Outroad to has great step- in Comfort Thanks to this plush C of heel padding And the collars and the tongues and that

Signature roomy outra toe box even on Some steep technical terrain I had Absolutely no problems with the toes Hitting the toe box across the top or Into the ends which is great now despite Being a midweight shoe on the scales I Think these outroad 2 run surprisingly Light on the foot they're also Noticeably firmer than some of the Speedier road to trail shoes that we've Seen recently like the hoker tekan X2 That kind of thing and I noticed some Lumps coming up on the lumpia Trails on The flip side I think there's still Decent ground contact and the nice wide Platform you get with the shoe makes for A solid reliable stability there's also Just enough response from that balanced Cushion midsole to clip along the Compacted trails and Road sections with Happy ease however I wouldn't say that These are built for Speed I put them Firmly in the long slow cruising Trail Bracket although some people might find The firmness a little bit lack of Protection over longer distances now When it comes to grip in my tests it was Great on dry Trails sections with loose Stone and some steep grassy descents When it's dry it was also good on the Less technical flat off-roads along the River these can get really sloppy and Wet I still felt pretty confident to Moveable intent on that kind of terrain

Clearly those shallowest slugs and the Slightly less aggressive pattern aren't Designed for heavy mud conditions that Might not suit steeper slippier trail Conditions on durability this has been Nicely robust so far though I've not Pitched it against any seriously Rocky Craggy Trails where it might take proper Knocks the best way to think of this Really I think is like a beefed up Better protected Road shoe with you know Pliable overlays in some important [Music] Areas now when it comes to verdict first Thing I would say if you already own the Original outroad I wouldn't be in a Hurry to upgrade I don't think there's That much to choose here between that Version and what's happened here with The tweaks to the outroad 2 if not You're after a plotting Workhorse that Elite Road and easy trails at slower Paces I think the outroad to actually Has a lot to offer it's not a light and Energetic Trail shoe by any stretch and It's much closer to the low drop ride of The older innovate shoes that come up a Bit firmer than is the livelier sort of Carbon plate trail shoes we've seen Recently but it delivers good Comfort a Happy clip along ride and just enough Control for those low and slow miles if You're a fan of good old ground contact And you like to feel the trail Beneath

Your Feet I think the the outroad just About keep you connected and though There's a distinct firmness to them when You hit the tarmac they're pretty happy On the road too at least for short Commutes to the trail I'd say I wouldn't Want to do big long long road sections Once you're off-road they're not really Made for muddy Trails on the more Groomed graveled paths in parks next to Rivers that sort of thing they're very Very competent not as protective as say A speed go or a tectan X or shoes like The meril agility Peak not as aggressive And racy as something like the new SC Trail but I'd say a good road to Trail Option for easy miles maybe up to 2 or 3 Hours if you don't mind a firmer shoe I Might not push them to ultra but I Definitely go longer relaxed off-road Adventures in [Music] Them so there you have it that's our Review of the outra outroad 2 hope it's Been useful don't forget to hit like if So it really helps us if you share it With other Runners who might find it Useful as well and if you're not a Subscriber we'd absolutely love it if You'd hit that button too in the Meantime if you're interested in our Top Trail shoe picks there's a video Appearing on the channel right about now That you might find

Handy otherwise thanks for watching and We hope to see you again soon on the Run Testers happy running good luck with Everything that you're trying to achieve Out there