We recently nipped over to UTMB in Chamonix to spend some time testing kit, watching some of the world’s top ultra runners and speaking to the brands that make shoes.Here we chat to Brian Beckstead (@brian_altra), Co-Founder of @altrarunning to find out what you need to know about the shoes

So we're here in chamonix for UTMB and In this series we speak to the people That make running shoes and today we're Here with Brian Beckstead from Ultra and We're going to ask him a few questions About the ring shoes that the brand Makes that you might want to know about So Brian For our audience ultra running what Exactly do people need to know about Ultra why would people look at alter as A running shoe brand uh I think that We're Ultra really kind of means Alternative right we're a little Different uh means to change to fix and That's really what we're doing we're Kind of trying to change a whole Industry of traditional Footwear right Where we're looking at it from a very Natural perspective right Um our shoes are zero drop that's our Term which essentially means they're Flat just like you are when you get out Of bed every morning that's how we are As humans right so we align you Naturally our toes are a little bit more Roomy in the toe box the shooters itself Isn't wide but you you got a little Extra wiggle room in the toe