The Altra Torin 7 packs a bigger zero drop midsole stack, a new moulded heel collar, more plush, padded tongues for extra comfort along with Altra’s trademark footshape toe box. It’s a shoe designed for daily use and maximum versatility but it’s stepping into an arena with some fierce competition. So how does it feel on the first run out? Run Tester Kieran took it for a spin and here’s his instant reaction in our Altra Torin 7 first run review.

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – A quick word on fit
0:43 – The First Run Test
5:32 – First run verdict

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Hey people welcome to the run test it's Kieran here and Welcome to our first run In the outro torrent seven I've just Taken them for a 10K Spin and here's What I made them first time fresh out The box [Music] Just one quick word on fit I ran in the UK eight and a half which is my size but That's exactly how I'd recommend going In these shoes they fit nicely across The midfoot good heel hold it's pretty Good I mean the toe box program Obviously Ultra has more of that than Some other shoes it's got a nice wide Kind of midfoot area here so there's no Sort of pinching on the toe knock all Those kind of things so you're going to Get that kind of roomy Ultra fit and I Would recommend going true to size in These so that I just did 10ks I did Really really sort of slow and steady Easy Pace low heart rate nothing above Kind of 120 beats per minute so around Nine minute mile pace for me and the Outfitorium Seven it's the first time I've worn a pair of torrents I haven't Had any of the older Generations but a Few things are new here they're going to Make them slightly different from those For those of you who have they've got a Higher stack they've added two mils of The ego foam in the midsole so you've Now got a 30 mil stack they come in I

Think around about 275 grams if I'm right and uh they're a Fairly sort of heavy shoe they've got Brand new kind of more padded tongues And heel collars you've still got a very Dense engineered mesh upper you've still Got obviously zero drop these are zero Drop shoes so there's 30 mils in the Hills 30 mils in the toes as well you've Obviously got uh ultra's kind of Trademark kind of wide foot shaped toe Box which kind of actually sort of Follows the sweep of your toes plenty of Room in that toe box too so I'm still a Fairly newcomer to Ultra shoes recently Running the ultra Veer Olympus found Them very very firm big difference here I think is that these shoes the taurine Sevens feel much much softer Partly I think due to the softness of The midsole foam but also I think that Footbed as well it gives you kind of Much kind of softer Landing it's a bit More cushioned you don't feel quite so Much of that kind of hard road coming up That's a really Pleasant kind of feeling And I think it puts these shoes for me Off that first run it's in the ballpark Or something like a Clifton you know You're talking about somebody with a Kind of big stack that's there to like Gets kind of soak up the impact over Easy runs and easy miles recovery runs I Don't think I'd be able to do anything

Particularly fast in these shoes they Are quite heavy Not really my thing in terms of the Overall kind of weight on the foot I Much prefer something that feels a Little bit more minimal I don't mind That zero drop at all in fact in these Shoes I didn't really notice the drop Too much I think that's in part because There is a bit of a rocker on these Shoes and that does really kind of help With that sort of roll through And we said that I do think they still Run a little bit of flat so Your Landings are yeah they just feel a Bit flat you know you're not you know Some of them got that kind of sort of Big big toe spring I don't think coming Off them and yeah swings around about so What you're getting there on that kind Of flat Landing I think it's bucket Loads of stability is a really kind of Stable shoe it's a massive wide platform To run off in these shoes and if you Like that kind of thing then this is Really going to work for you it is Noticeably kind of a wide platform and That goes kind of it's obviously wider In the forefoot and they're kind of also Into the midfoot and it's still pretty Wide in the heel as well though it's Slightly narrower but overall yeah There's a really good kind of stable Platform to run off now as I said these

Feel softer there's much more Compression in that midsole foam that I Think you find with something like the Avira Olympus which was definitely kind Of a much firmer ride so if you like Things that's more towards the cushion Side then I think this is going to be The shoes kind of appeals more to you It's still kind of nowhere near that Sort of you know really quite soft Shoe like the Nimbus I think it's as Soft as any of the hookers but it's kind Of more in that trajectory the upper's Got pretty good hold across the top of The foot across those kind of laces that Held down nice and tight heel was held Nice and securely into those kind of Heel collars there is room in the toe Box although I think that dense mesh Actually you know you can wiggle your Toes around quite freely but the dense Mesh kind of feels like it sort of uh Hugs the foot a bit more maybe than I Thought You get with an ultra so again it does Feel a bit more kind of parking overall And I guess you'll feel a bit more Enclosed than maybe kind of a bigger Kind of roomier shoe but overall I think Step in comfort's really good when you First put them on they do feel Comfortable around the foot and then Moving in them this is a comfortable Kind of plush ride you know it's got

That kind of saloon car feel to it I Think I did notice I had a bit of hot Spots under the base of the ball of the Feet for a couple of miles there I'm not Really too sure if that's supposed to I Was wearing a slightly different pair of Socks today or into the shoes but the Overall feel as well I think of these Shoes they are quite hot they're not all That breathable it's the temperatures Have risen here a little bit in the UK And it's quite a warm day and I do feel Like they've been sort of slightly warm On the feet which I don't normally get With most shoes I don't really have a Problem with sort of regulating Temperature emotions but these did feel A little bit hot there was a little bit Of hot spots on the base of the foot but Overall that was a happy run you know Six miles very easy low heart rate it Feels like this is what these shoes are Designed for it's for cruising going Very slow they cope with that really Well they're not my favorite shoe they Weren't kind of they're not instantly Formed in love with them but I can sort Of Happily clip along nice and slow in Them I think there are probably better Shoes out there for it but um yeah I Wasn't you know I didn't dislike them on The Run didn't really fall in love with Them thought they were sort of okay if You know there's something that I would

Happily put on to go and do recovery or Slow miles though even then I personally Prefer a shoe that's a little bit more Uh minimal a little bit less about it a Little lighter even for my recovery Miles but they will do a good job I Think of kind of soaking up those long And slow miles for plenty of Runners so My first run verdict then on the outer Turin seven these to me there's a few Key things quite a heavy shoe they feel Quite heavy on the foot I think it Partly is down to the dense mesh uppers Which can feel a little bit hot as well They're softer you know they've got Quite a nice soft platform which I think Is good for easy cruising miles you Probably wouldn't want to do anything Faster than sort of your slow pace or Recovery runs you know low heart rate Stuff is great they are roomy in the toe Box but they're sort of slightly more Um yeah compact than I thought you'd get From an Ultra Shoe though there is still Lots of wiggle room in the toe box and Overall I think they're kind of like a Fairly happy shoe just to plot along in Though I don't think they're Particularly remarkable the other thing That I think they've got to go in their Favor I think they offer bucket loads of Stability brilliant stability and yeah They're pretty well balanced actually Overall as a shoe I wish they were a

Little bit lighter but if you want Something that's got a higher stack and You know offers that kind of big Comfort Cushioning then these may be a worth Look particularly if you like running in Outer shoes then check them out but we Will do a full review on these I want to Put some more miles in them to see how They cope with different faces as well But that's been the first run review of The ultratorrent Seven hit us up in the Comments below if you have any questions About the shoes what are your thoughts On ouch if you tried them out or not Would love to hear what your favorite Outfres are which are your go-to's for Easy runs for all the different kind of Types of runs that you do but other than That it's been a pleasure to talk to you About the shoe I hope you've enjoyed the Video and I will see you again soon on The Run testers