Designed for eating daily miles, the Altra Torin is Altra’s best selling road shoe. And it’s back on its seventh generation with some pretty big changes. It now packs a bigger midsole stack, updated engineered mesh uppers and plusher tongues and collars to lift the comfort. Altra says the Torin can cover everything from easy to uptempo. We put it to the test in this Altra Torin 7 review to find out if they’ren right. .

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Design details
1:48 – Fit
2:20 – The run test
4:41 – Altra Torin 7 verdict

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Hi people welcome to the Run testers and In this video we're here with our full Review of the Altra Torin 7 now this is A big stack Workhorse neutral shoe that Alra says is built for daily miles on The road is it any good well we put it To the test lots of miles to find out Watch [Music] On so first up some quick specs then and The outra toin 7 has Al trademark zero Drop with a high stack of 30 mm in the Heel and in the 4f foot that heel stack Is lower and the 4ot stack is higher Than many daily Rivals they weigh in at 9.7 o or 275 G in our test UK men's size 8 A2 price-wise they'll set you back £130 or $150 US now let's take a quick Look at the shoe then and what's new With the seventh gen of the outra toing We starting with the midsole the max Stack midsole comes with that trademark Outra zero drop or balance cushioning That they call it but it now has two Extra millim of compression molded Eva Outra ego Max foam the foam is Ted to be Soft softer than altra's regular ego Phone but it's not quite as responsive As ego Pro TPU you find in altra's Faster premium shoes the 4 foot is nice And wide creating a big more reliable Landing Zone there's also a m kind of a Mild 4 foot rocker and the midsole has Flex grooves that Maps the bones and the

Tendons of the foot the aim there is to Let the midsole work with your foot's Natural movement up top you've got Engineered mesh uppers that have been Updated for more breathability though I Think they're still pretty dense and and Tight knit though Plus there's a more plush tongue padded Heel collar and a molded heel collar Which is there to add Comfort flip them Over and you've got alra foot pot out Soole design as I said that Maps the Bones and tendons of the foot you've Also got a pretty healthy covering of Outs soole rubber here as you can [Music] See now when it came to fit I ran in a UK size 8 and 1/2 which my normal size I Found these fit well and true to size You can outra standard foot-shaped toe Box that's more more snug than their Most spacious fit shoes but they're Still ample space lengthwise and across The top to give your toes wiggle room Compared to most shoes these are pretty Roomy there's good space in the midfoot As well around that toe knuckle area and It also got good fit into the heel and Decent lock down across the top of the Foot and overall I'd recommend going True to size in the outra toan [Music] 7 so I've run more than 40 miles in the Outra Toren 7 the majority of those

Miles have been low and slow Easy Base building runs my longest run Was 90 minutes but I've also thrown in The odd mix Pace run pushing the tempo Up to half and marathon pace just to see How they coped I logged my miles mainly On the road but some light off-road to River paths Park paths that kind of Thing just to test a stability now first Up if you're a fan of more disappearing Daily trainers you'll notice these feel Like more shoe on the foot the more Agile rivals or things like the oncloud Surface 7 or the socon Endorphin Speed 3 That might be down to the wider mid mid Sole base overall stepping Comfort Though is great there's a softness to The footed and a saloon car kind of Plushness to the uppers and the tongues And the heel padding and somehow the Altra Torin 7 manages to offer The Best Of Both Worlds I think You' get a snug Fit across the midfoot and into the heel To limit movement but a roomy enough toe Box so you don't feel cramped and you've Got enough wiggle room the ride is quite Well balanced too the Toren soft footed Delivers cradled Landings reduces the Road impact while the big wide platform I think offers reliable stability and Fairly good control for what is Essentially a higher stack shoe now as a Relative newcomer to outra I expected to Notice the zero drop more and the Toren

7 lands quite flat and your toes do a Lot of the work but that 4-ft rock Offers just enough roll through to take The edge off that low Drop so if you're Looking for your first zero drop shoe This might offer a good introduction now I've seen many reviewers tipping the Torin 7 as a good versatile allrounder Daily trainer but in my tests I found There were were definitely much happier Cruising low and slow at easier recovery Pace than they were trying to knock out The very fastest paced miles now they Can cope with uptempo efforts but they Wouldn't be my first choice the road Eating Comfort comes largely from the Boosted midsole Compression that delivers more return And resilience than the likes to the Outra Olympus though these avoid being Squishy and wobbly like some more Cushion daily trainers that you can get Out there now the Torin 7 runs quite Notably firmer than the really soft Springy combination you get from the Likes of the ASX Joe numers 25 or Something like the New Balance 1080 v13 So if you like your stack a bit stiffer These might well be for [Music] You verdict then well I think the aloran 7 is a well balanced happy Cruiser that Tis a lot of the right boxes for a good Daily trainer if you're looking for an

Easy mile option that offers balance Cushioning good reliable stability and Good overall Comfort they're definitely An interesting option or if you want to Shoot the could help you transition to Zero drop the Toran 7 might be a good Bridge now some fans of bigger stacked Shoes might find them okay for faster Paced efforts but for me they fall just Short of offering that top speed agility And punch that many of the newer daily Trainers the super trainers the plated Trainers now offer they wouldn't be my Choice for intervals or anything faster Than Marathon Place training runs and Overall I tend to look for a little more Range and versatility in the best Do-it All daily shoes now we're testing it now But I think the newer four mil drop Outra Ford experience feels faster and More versatile for example and for a Similar price I think shoes like the Hoka Mac 5 the socon Triumph 21 the Oncloud serf seven those kind of shoes All offer a more comprehensive all round [Music] Package so there you have it that has Been my review of the alra toin 7 hope You found it useful don't forget to hit Us up with any questions in the comments Below like subscribe ring the bell to Get notified about other videos when They pop onto the channel otherwise hope You' enjoyed it and yeah good luck with

Any of the running that you're doing out There whatever it is that you're trying To achieve go and get it and we'll hope To see you again soon on the Run testers Thanks for watching