The Altra Via Olympus 2 is a max-stacked, zero drop running shoe that according to Altra shoots for “plush cushioning and exceptional performance” in an “easy road-running experience”. There’s a few tweaks to improve the fit but the headline here is a new midsole foam – now with a softer version of EgoMax, Altra’s top-end midsole foam. But is a softer Olympus an improvement, we took them for a first run to get a feel. Here’s our first impressions.

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Design Details
0:58 – Shoe Whip Round
1:56 – Fit
2:34 – The Run Test
5:17 – First run verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And our first run look at the new outra Via Olympus a Max stack zero drop Running shoe now according to alra the Via Olympus 2 shoots for plush Cushioning an exceptional performance in An easy Road running experience there's A few tweaks to improve the fit here but The headline is a new midso foam here You've got ego Max still but that's been Tweaked to be slightly softer out just Top end midsole foam there but is a Softer Olympus an improvement well we Took him for a first run to get a Feel Now the snack height stays the same as The original V Olympus with 33 Ms in the Hill 33 Ms in the 4ot for alra trademark Zero drop when it comes to weight the Outra V Olympus 2 tip the scales at 305 G or 10.75 o in my test size UK men's 8 A2 price-wise they're also staying the Same 145 in the UK or $165 in the US now a quick look at what's new with The shoe then starting with the midsole You've got an updated midsole that still Uses altra's ego Max foam but alra says This version has been engineered to Deliver a softer underfoot feel that Cushioning is enhanced by a soft and Cradling oralite x55 footed there's also A rocker to encourage propulsion and a More efficient toe off and the 4-ot Platform here as you can see is quite

Wide with that trademark outra wide Fitting toe box and altra's original Foot shape fit up top the uppers are Quite dense they're a dense mesh they Are medium padded heel collars and a Medium padded tongue that's not gusseted The heel security has been looked at too Here with a refined molded heel collar That's quite stiff all the way up to Improve the hold you flip them over and There's a generous covering of rubber Here and the flex Groove designs that You'll find on most outras that follow Your metat tassels for what's supposed To be a more natural [Music] Ride so when it comes to fit I'm running In my regular running shoe size which a UK 8 A2 and so far on this first run I Feel like the fits bang on for these True to size you've obviously got that Nice roomy toe box from alra but what I Do like is that the hold across the Midfoot here is really nice and secure The plush collars are holding the heels Well I think there's plenty of wiggle Room in the toe box across the top of The toes and towards the end so for me I Think I would recommend going through to Size in these shoes so far on these Early tests anyway that is how I feel These shoes fit [Music] Best so then I've just done about 5

Miles on this first run of the alra Olympus 2 I've just come off some sort Of like compacted trails in the New Forest here and so far these shoes have Been great actually fresh out the box so Steeping Comfort has been really solid You know they're up there with some of The shoes I've tested recently like a Ride 17 they got plenty of room it's Comfort from the plushness in the Collars and the the tongues and when you Put them on fresh out the box they just Feel quite natural they're not entirely A disappearing shoe because they are Quite heavy but overall I found them Very easy to get going in from from the Start now when it comes to the ride Underfoot you've got a big stack of alra Ego Max foam there's some rocker ring Here as well and I think overall you got A really wide kind of platform to run Off into the heels into the for foot You've obviously got the big wide toe Box that you'll get with alas as well Which makes for a comfortable roomy fit But that outra ego Max foam what it's Doing right now as I'm running along It's delivering a really nice cushioned Easy ride it takes the edge off the Impact coming up from the road but Without feeling too sinky too soft it's Just returning at the right point but my Foot is cradled really nicely by the Footed and that foam and so for a sort

Of rolling easy run these shoes feel Really nice I was really expecting to See or feel at least a big difference When it came to the zero drop in the Shoes I'm not sure if that's offset by The Rocker ring which can happen with Alra shoes but I haven't really noticed It actually and I found the clip along Here you know not it's not effortless Again it's bit like the soering ride 17 You do have to do a bit of work but There is some spring and energy coming Back from these shoes and that heo Max Foam is doing a good job here so I think Overall what you're getting is a really Nice balance of cushioned plushness That's good for those sort of low and Slow cruzy miles but there's also a bit Of energy and a bit spring I haven't Done it today cuz I'm pretty tired but Suggests that you might be able to pick Up the pace and push you know slightly Faster Paces although overall this is a Heavy shoe and you're probably not going To choose it to do too much fast running But overall the comfort for this kind of Run where I'm just out it's 2 days to Christmas and uh I'm really just out to Get some fresh air and enjoy myself this Clip belongs great stability right up There because you've got such a big wide Kind of flared 4 foot a nice wide heel As well overall that's great my foot Feels really well cradled with each kind

Of Landing step there's that little roll Through as you sort of tow off again and So yeah I mean if I had to describe These shoes that I've running them right Now in a couple of words simply I would Just say you know plush cruisy [Music] Comfort first run verdict then well if The vi Olympus were too firm this second Gen now offers much more cushioned ride And from that first 7 and a half miles That I've done in them at a very easy Pace I'd say these have all the hallm Marks of a good easy long run shoe There's a good roomy toe box plenty of Volume up front as you get from altras You've got a nice balanced cushioning System here that I think is soft but not Too soggy and sinky there's a touch of Bounce here too that gives the shoe a Lighter feeli than their weight on the Scales would suggest now there aren't Many Max cushion zero drop shoes in the Market if that's what you're after on First Impressions I think this is a very Competent offering it's not as soft and Cushioned as regular shoes like the Nimbus or the New Balance 1080s to make Maybe not as agile as something like a Sakon ride or a cloud Eclipse those new Shoes that we've seen recently but as an Easyday option with bags of stability And a protective rolling ride I think This has a lot of what I would

Personally look for in an easy mile shoe Though I'm Keen to see how it feels when You get over the sort of 90 minutes on Feet Mark and I think on balance there Are more versatile shoes out there Around this price point that look after The faster efforts a little better but Fans of Hoka Bondi style shoe who Considered going zero drop might like What they see here and if you've never Gone zero drop then I think this shoe Wouldn't be a bad shoe to try as your First although I'm going to reserve that Full judgment until we've done more Miles in it for the full review but Overall pretty positive First Impressions from that first run so then Uh for the New Forest in the south of England there you have it that has been My first run of the outra vi Olympus 2 We will do more miles and bring you a Full review on this but thanks as ever For watching if you have any questions On the shoes that you like to see answer In the review put them in the comments Below if you've already running it tell Us what you think so far as ever like And subscribe ring that Bell to hear About new videos when they come uh I'm Going to pop another video up on the Channel just about now that I think You'll find interesting I don't know What it is yet because I haven't decided But I will and it'll be exciting so

Click on that otherwise thanks for Watching and we hope to see you again Soon on the Run testers happy running Everyone