The Amazfit Cheetah Pro is the Chinese smartwatch maker’s first attempt at a launching a smartwatch made for serious runners.

Joining its new Cheetah Round and Square running watches, the Pro sits at the top of the trio, promising an AI-powered running coach, dual-band GPS, offline maps and navigation features and anywhere from 26-56 hours of GPS battery life.

Tester Mike took Amazfit’s new running watch to see how it shaped up in 1-lap, 5k race (well, just over 5k) around Margit Island in Budapest, during a trip to the World Athletics Championships with On.

00:00 – Intro
02:24 – The Race Test

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Hey this is Mike from the Run testers I Am in Budapest Hungary here to watch Some of the World Championships I'm also Here to do a little bit of running I'm Going to be doing On's 5K race on Margaret Island so it's going to be a One laap Allin uh 5K Run Race uh I'm Going to try and race it as you can Probably imagine been following the Championships pretty hot and muggy out Here but uh I've got the cloud boom Echo Fre I'm going to give those a go and I'm Also going to be testing the amazfit Cheetah Pro so amazfit just launched Three new running watches um I the Cheetah Pro sits at the top of the range So it's got dual band GPS which really Impressed us on the amazfit T-Rex 2 it's Also got offline maps navigation it's Got uh kind of AI powered coach on board As well for running and it's promising Up to 2 weeks battery life so I've got That on I've also got the Garmin 4 965 On I've got a Garmin hm Pro chest TR as Well to kind of test the heart rate Performance as well and yeah see if I Can get through this one laap course so Uh yeah that's say we've already tested The cloud Meco 3 we've got a review up On the channel for that uh but yeah I'm Going to go and enjoy myself uh there's Some pretty nippy Runners here so not Going to be as fast as them but uh we'll See how we get on and I'll let you know

How I got on with the amazfit cheetah Pro later On [Music] [Music] Y [Music] Okay as you can proba tell from my very Sweaty face Uh and the party that's going on behind Me uh Margaret Island 5K race all done And Dusty that was good fun um I was in The cloud boom Echo 3 again and Obviously we did a race test myself and Nick I Nick did the 5K I did the 10K in It I definitely enjoyed running the 5K In it more than I did that 10K on that Day I mean it was still hot you've been Following the coverage in Budapest Obviously it's been hot in the day hot In the night it was kind of 25 26° and We started at kind of 8:00 p.m. um um I Say I haven't stopped sweating since I Finished I think I ran um kind of 20 20 something 2059 something like that Um I think it was 5.2k course was actually quite nice it Was just one loop around the island it's All kind of marked out so actually Perfect for me for testing there was Kind of 3 and 1/2k Mark so I could kind Of in terms of the watches I was testing It was ideal to see if they were kind of On the money in terms of the distance so

Onto the watch this OB I was running With the Garmin 4965 which you know I pretty much has Become my go-to watch in terms of GPS Performance H you know kind of all the Other metrics around it I had the Gan HRM Pro Plus chest strap um connected to It uh and then I had the amazfit cheetah Pro on which is kind of ma fits kind of Top end new running watch um that's got Dual band GPS um obviously an optical Heart rate sensor you can pair an External heart rate volunteer to it it's Kind of around the kind of 250300 Kind of price Mark so kind of competing With things I guess like the 4 um 265 um in terms of price point um and Obviously it's got an amored screen like That as well too um now in terms of Performance OB say was 52 5.2 km course Um I think the amazit had me at 5.18 the Garmin had me at 5.23 I think maybe um pacing wise there And thereabouts um but then when I kind Of dug into kind of the splits and Actually some of the metrics that the Amaz fit kind of pulled out said I Paused for a period which I definitely Didn't do on that course um and then one Of The Spits was definitely a lot longer Than it should have been or should have Been tracked out I think as well too um Yeah heart rate wise not great

Unfortunately um my said I had a heart Rate mon trash TR paired up to the 4965 uh and the heart rate average and Max heart rate wasn't really anywhere Near it I was going pretty hard out There as I said it was hot and humid so My heart didn't drop that much uh but According to the maze fit it did battery Life seemed absolutely fine as I said it Was in the kind of dual band mode um and It you know didn't drop off too Massively or any any kind of concern in Terms of that batter life drop off but I Guess yeah play more testing to do I Mean it hasn't made a massively good Impression on me um it reminds me a Little bit of a Huawei watch GT Runner Uh kind of a you know one of these kind Of Chinese Brands taking you know taking On a um Garmin polar cinto and I'm not Quite convinced yet on the couple of Runs that I've done and this race um Tonight but again more test to do before I do a full review but yeah there you go That's kind of my um race test of the Amaz pit cheeta Pro as said back in the Oncloud boom Echo 3 um which you know I Really enjoyed again and but I've Enjoyed it uh running and racing it Tonight great event um cheers on for Putting it on uh it was good fun um a Good crowd very quick Runners doing it As well too uh but yeah I am going to go Get grab a shower get a drink um

Hopefully maybe enjoy a bit more of the Athletics before I head back and then It's UTMB where a few of us when the run Tests will be going out so uh plenty More video from overseas to come so yeah Hope you enjoyed the video if you got Any questions about the amaz fit watch As I said I'm still testing as as we Speak uh let us know in the comments as Always like And subscribe uh hope you Enjoyed the video as I said and yeah see You for the next R Test's [Music] Video [Music] [Music] You [Music] Speed Chang [Music] [Music] He