The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the successor to Apple’s smartwatch built for endurance athletes and runners.

With Ultra 2, Apple is making improvements in the screen, performance departments with the notable addition of its new Double Tap control feature.

Testers Mike, Jane, Nick and Kieran have all been running and racing with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 to see if it’s a good upgrade on the original Ultra and it’s one of the best smartwatches for runners and an outright great running watch as well.

00:00 – Intro
00:11 – Price and What’s New from Apple Watch Ultra 2?
02:24 – What we like about Apple Watch Ultra 2
12:18 – What we don’t like about Apple Watch Ultra 2
18:15 – Verdict

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Hey this is Mike from the Run testers And this is our multitester running Review of the Apple watch Ultra [Music] 2 okay so a quick rundown of what's new On the Apple watch Ultra 2 and might Persuade you to upgrade from the Apple Watch Ultra now the first thing being is The display now it's the same display Technology but it's now a brighter Display so now it has a maximum 3,000 Nits of brightness compared to 2000 on The original Apple watch Ultra what that Also gives a boost to is the flashlight Mode that you have on the Apple watch Ultra 2o so you're going to get a Brighter flashlight feature on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in terms of performance You're now getting that S9 chip and that Enables things like uh faster Interactions with Siri um you also have In staying on that kind of Siri front You now have the ability to ask Siri About your health data as well too that Also enables the new double tap feature Which you probably will have heard about So it's essentially a way of inter Interacting with your watch without kind Of swiping on the screen ultimately so That uses the motion sensors on the Watch it also uses the optical heart Rate sent as well to detect when it's on Your wrist as well and when you kind of Have it on you raise your wrist and you

Uh tap your uh thumb and your index Finger that will kind of activate some Features so things like pausing timers Um you can also pause music you can kind Of answer and reject calls you can kind Of scroll through the kind of um Substack feature that apple is Introduced on watch 10 as well too so There are some kind of features that you Can use that double tap for we'll put a List up as well of that too another Thing worth mentioning here is the Boost In kind of storage so you're now getting A 64 gab um storage on the Apple watch Ultra 2 compared to 30 to two gigabyt so Giving you a bit more room to kind of Sync more music and put more apps in There ultimately giving you yeah more Storage to play with in terms of other Things elsewhere the design is the same You're still getting the same sensors The battery life promises as well the Price has stayed the same as well with The Apple watch Ultra dropping down in Price as well we'll kind of see the show You the comparison as well so yeah those Are the key differences or what's new on The Apple watch Ultra two the main Things we would say um now we'll get Into our running experiences and you'll Hear from myself Jane Nick and Kieran on Whether you should go for the Apple Watch Ultra [Music]

2 I'll start with my likes definitely Still feels like the same Apple watch Ultra we saw about a year ago definitely Definitely the best Apple watch to buy If you're looking to do serious training If you're looking to kind of go on runs Train for Marathon do kind of triathlon Training and you want an Apple Watch you Want all of the capabilities you want it To feel like you're wearing an iPhone on Your wrist this is the Apple watch to Buy and it still definitely feels like The Apple watch Ultra the original one Um it's got the new S9 chip and apple Say it makes it go a lot it's a lot Quicker I haven't really noticed it Being a lot quicker quicker I didn't Notice that the Apple watch Ultra was Particularly slow it's still really kind Of reactive and I think when I've Compared it I've been doing a lot of Swimming lately and I found that the Screen it's all just super reactive you Tap something it happens quickly so Maybe the S9 chip has made that improved But I didn't notice it not being fast Beforehand screen is also brighter it's 3,000 nits versus 2,000 which was in the Apple watch Ultra one the original Apple watch Ultra And it it is bright is beautiful it's Easy to see underwater when you're Swimming it's easy to see in direct Sunlight it is a really bright watch and

I love I love the new screen the new the New display that they brought out with The upper watch Ultra 2 is also cool I've tested it with apple haven't rolled Out on my watch yet but the double tap Gesture which I'm sure we'll all talk About in this video so you can't use it During a run which I think I was Disappointed at first when I realized You couldn't cuz that would be cool if You could pause your r by doing the Double tap but when I spoke to Apple About this they said that you're just Doing too much movement so it would be Really hard for the watch to know when You're just kind of tapping your hands Naturally picking up away or running so Not that disappointing but it is cool From kind of just in your day-to-day Life to be able to do that super super Cool feature I also really like the Bands so they've changed all the bands To make them more kind of eco-friendly And I always struggled with this this is The Trail Loop which is the running and I always struggled with it before that It just stayed wet for ages which I Think is just something I've got really Sensitive skin and it would stay wet and It would just feel like wearing like a Wet band around your wrist it's why I Never got on with the whoop I just hate That feeling it makes my skin really Itchy this one doesn't do that to me

I've worn it a lot for swimming and I've You know in the shower washing up and I've never it's not experienced it's a Lot faster drying and I'm really Impressed with that so there all the Things I really like about this watch so The things I like haven't really changed From the first gen but the one thing That has is when you put them side by Side the screen brightness is notably Improved over the first gen Apple watch Ultra and despite Garmin upping its AMOLED game the Apple watch I think Still packs the best screen we've seen On a smartwatch and by far a better Screen you'll find on any running watch Now that's for brightness crispness and Clarity visibility in all lights plus The touch screen I think remains Brilliantly responsive now the next Thing I'm going to highlight is the Battery life now sadly the battery life Hasn't been improved over the first gen And the Apple watch Ultra 2 doesn't have The staying power of the likes of the Garmin Enduro 2 or the chorus vertic 2 It probably never will match those big Endurance beasts on longevity but this Is a smartwatch that kills battery Anxiety at least for racing it's got you Covered for marathon Race weekends not Just the race either the whole weekend And it can now cope with most single day Ultra distances it's also not that far

Of having enough battery chops to handle Multi-stage Ultra when it comes to Day-to-day training it's obviously miles Off the monthly training time you get on A single charge of the likes of the Enduro 2 but for me it stretched to two Days of regular training in full power Mode with General daily usage between Runs you might get three if you tweak The power settings in between runs That's pretty good one limiter here Though is that the overnight battery Burn I found was around 10% in my test And that's quite high and puts a cap on The multi-day ultra potential now we got To mention the gestures when I first Read about the double tap gesture I was Pretty skeptical I didn't really get What the fuss is about it felt a bit Gimmicky then I saw it in action at the Apple HQ I was quite Wild by it the Ability to be able to control certain Actions by tapping your fingers together Seems not only like a very clever thing To achieve by Apple but the initial Reaction is that can open up some really Quite interesting possibilities for Controls but so far the unfortunate Thing is we've not really seen any run Specific uses other than dismissing Incoming callers mid-run the obvious use Would be logging splits but because the Workout app is using the heart rate Monitor already that's not an option but

If Apple allows app developers to get Creative with the double tap things Could get really interesting the power Here is in simplifying the small but Frequent actions like taking splits Skipping Spotify tracks it could be Great but right now it feels a bit Limited but we are hopeful okay so the Three things I like about the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and I'll start with what I Would say is a pretty important one and That is that the run tracking experience And kind of accuracy sort of things is Very similar to what we got in the Apple Watch Ultra which was very good and for Me in terms of all the smart watches That I've tested it still stands above Those in terms of performance in terms Of reliability I think particularly on Kind of the GPS performance in terms of That dual band mode that you're getting Here on the Apple watch Ultra 2 like you Did on the Apple watch Ultra is up there With things like garming and G's multi Bound mode which for me has worked Really well and I think actually in Scenarios for me even when I kind of Race with the something like the 965 4 965 and the Apple watch Ultra 2 I found That the Apple watch Ultra 2 actually Performed a little bit better than the Garmin watch in terms of that GPS Performance hard rate monitoring is Still pretty much similar in terms what

I've seen but you do have that capacity To kind of pair a heart rate monor chest And I've managed to do that very easily On the Apple watch Ultra 2o the other Thing I really like is just that kind of Big app ecosystem that you have built Around the Apple watch Ultra 2 and the Apple watch in general because you now We know you know the Apple watch kind of Native apps it they aren't perfect they Don't give you everything you need as a As a runner But ultimately you know There's a there are apps there to fill Those gaps whether it's kind of a little Bit more in terms of that analysis a Little bit more in terms of that kind of Mapping support there as well which at The is really kind of focused that Hiking uh on the Apple watch Ultra too You can get that from the Apple Watch App store and it does work and it's just You know just effort effortless in terms Of getting those apps onto your Apple Watch as well too the other thing I like And that kind of feeds into the kind of Off the back of the kind of app Ecosystem stuff is it just works like a Really good Smartwatch how you would Expect a smartwatch to work when you Listen to music it just kind of boots That up in terms of those those features On the watch in terms of the Notification support I quite like the Smart stack stuff that's kind of been

Introduced here as well kind of you know Interacting in general with the watch Software works really well it's just Feels slick that extra kind of Performance boost which I don't think it Massively needed is there as well too so Just from a pure Smartwatch experience And just being a joy to use and when you Need to jump into your runs or see some Of your data from the watch face these Are all really nice things you're Getting from the Apple watch Ultra to Which granted you are getting from the Original Apple watch Ultra but it's Still that is kind of retained here on The Apple watch Ultra 2o and I it makes It a really pleasurable experience to Use the Apple watch day-to-day and when You kind of get to kind of doing you Know tracking your runs as well too so I'll say at the start that I don't think A huge amount has changed with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 so my likes and dislikes Quite similar to what I had with the Apple watch Ultra 1 that starts of the Design which is not as sleek and I think Nice as the Apple Watch series 9 which Is a lighter small device which I like More but it's still a really nice design It's really well put together it looks Great on the wrist obviously loads of Great watch faces in general it's a joy To interact with that slightly brighter Screen than you have from last year and

It is notably lighter and smaller than Things like the Garmin and Phoenix and Epics which I often wear outside of Testing as well so yeah design is still Obviously a very strong point with apple It's always a positive to see more Recycled materials in play as well Accuracy is also a plus for me now I Would say on my great big GPS tier lists Of accuracy that at the top I've got Garmin's multiband mode and then very Slightly behind them is sunto multiband Mode from the ver Co and then I think The Apple watch Ultra comes in like it's A really accurate watch uh the volan GPS Is pretty reliable and I'd say the use Of the pedometer has its pluses and Minuses Apple will calibrate the pace And distance readings on the watch using The pedometer alongside the GPS now Sometimes this is very handy if you're Running a big city marathon you'll get Very accurate devices from the ultra 2 Because you've got multiband GPS for the Most part and then if you're under high Buildings or going into a tunnel the Pedometer will help even out any wild Stuff you get from the GPS in those Areas however the calibration method is Not foolproof and I find actually that The pedometer readings from the Apple Watch can be sometimes a little bit off For me even if I calibrate them well Probably partly because I change shoes a

Lot and change my terrain a lot but who Knows but actually if you use certain Apps you can just tell them to use the GPS only on the watch rather than the Podometer and you get really accurate Results from that as well so all around I'd say the distance tracking accuracy Is a plus from the ultra but uh just be Careful with the pedometer that you've Calibrated it as much as you possibly Can and then probably the biggest plus You get the Apple which is the app store Which is just something that no one else Can match the Apple App Store is by far And away the most well equipped App Store especially for things like sports Tracking using third party apps you You've got Garmin watches out there now That are pretty smart with things like Music and NFC payments but they haven't Got the apps and the Apple App Store has Got some great Sports tracking apps in Workout doors obviously my favorite I've Talked about them many times workout Doors now has an or on display as well In the uh beta testing I don't if it's Actually in the live version yet but Will be soon other apps like uras I've Used quite a lot whilst testing uh the Apple watch Ultra 2 just a really nice Clean simple Sports tracking app that Brings in some Nifty features and all And basically the App Store in general Fills in any gaps you have on the watch

Notably Maps cuz you do get maps in the Workout Doors app in an like foot path You can use workout tracking while Following routes in there so in general If you have a problem with the watch There is apps that out there to help you Solve it and that's just a strength of The Apple watch Ultra 2 and the Apple Watch in general that you don't really Get from other brands CU it's just the Best app Store dislikes I haven't really got any New complaints here either I'd say that Like the battery life is the battery Life we all know what the Apple watch Battery life is instead of improving the Battery life each year Apple tends to uh Improve the performance of the watch Whilst maintaining the battery life and It's a fair decision for the market They're going after people buy the Apple Watch for a very high level of Performance lots of very intense Features that use a lot of power rather Than buying it for battery life you're Going to buy battery life you going and Look at something like the epics from Garmin or the 4 and a 965 from Garmin That have AMOLED displays and much Longer battery life uh you're not going To get things like training analysis From the Apple watch still and that's Probably tied into battery life a little Bit because it's not doing a load of

Extra measurements at night that some Watches do so yeah if you want that kind Of stuff again you're looking at proper Sports watches from Garmin and polar and Others that will just give you the extra Detail into the level of training Readiness you have or the recovery time After workouts the Apple watch is much More of a passive tracker than a Proactive guider of your training it's Not going to try and give you training Sessions to do and all that kind of Thing and some people will miss that on Those watches because it can be very Useful for some people they won't miss It at all and then the price is Obviously the big dislike here because It's double the price of the Apple Watch Series 9 now this is a much better Sports watch for me I'd say you got the Extra button you've got the extra Accuracy little a bit longer battery Life as well and probably every day I Noticed the difference between the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the series 9 in terms Of the benefits of that lap button or The extra accuracy slight extra accuracy You get from multiband GPS but it's not A big difference and the Apple Watch Series 9 is half the price I think Slightly more attractive watch and does A lot of stuff really well as well so That price in general makes it you know A hard sale especially because also

Things like the Garmin 4 and 965 and Epics watches some versions of those Come in a bit cheaper so that is Certainly a dislike here okay so to Things I didn't really love about my Time with the Apple watch Ultra too and I think I'll start with double tap now It's not something that I hated but Ultimately I think it's a feature that Potentially could be really useful but Right now hasn't you know it's not Really fully realized as a feature and I Think it almost breaks the experience up A little bit in terms of your Interactions with the Apple watch Ultra 2 and I think you know I like the idea I Like the idea of scenarios where maybe You're out and you can't you know Reach For You know the screen you know I found It useful if I'm being on a train that's A running scenario But ultimately I've Not been able to reach and I can kind of Interact with the display but know Scenario for me is when I went out Running with it I kind of had music Playing from the Apple watch Ultra 2 but I had to use apple music because the Double tap feature doesn't work with Kind of third party Services yet like Spotify which is something that I do use So I think from that perspective once You can kind of get that to work with Those other apps and I'm sure that will Come down line and probably not that far

Down the line and I think it will become A more useful feature at the moment I Feel feel like it's a you know a Showcase of something that can work Pretty well but in terms of being Massively useful I think it probably Needs that third party support to get Better the other thing for me is you Know I'm not I'm still not a massive fan Of the straps I do like the fact that Apple has gone in a more kind of Sustainable Direction with it straps I Think that's a good thing in general for Wearables and kind of watches in general That they are because we are seeing more Frequent launches and you know you want To be able to see that there you know Companies are thinking more about that Side of things but I just think the Designs of the straps still leave me Feeling a little bit lackluster about it I think especially when you see what you Get for the Apple Watch series 9 and the Kind of series watches in general I just The outdoor Centric watches haven't Really done it for me um so that's Something I would just like to see be Refined a little bit um because I've not Absolutely loved them in terms of the Ones that I've had out to test um and The other thing really I think maybe Having a Slimmer design might be nice it Wasn't a massive thing in terms of Interacting and using the watch Ultra

Dayto day and obviously running with it But I you know it would be nice if it Did become or it was a little bit Slimmer I just think it would make it a Nicer watch to kind of handle and you Know we have seen bigger watches from Other brands where the the general Weight has been pretty good and it's not A heavy watch but I just think in terms Of making it a more attractive and maybe A sleeker feeling watch I would like to See it go a little bit Slimmer but it's Not been a massive thing in terms of my Experience with the Apple watch Ultra 2 Um but yeah those are the kind of things I'm not absolutely loved with my time um Running with it onto my dislikes then The first thing is the automatic workout And now unless you turn it off the Apple Watch Ultra 2 tries to be helpful by Identifying longish pauses in your runs And asking if you want to end your Workout stop for long enough and it'll Actually stop tracking now I get it it's Trying to prevent you accidentally Getting to stop your runs I also get you Can turn this off and this is perhaps More a failure of me than it is of the Watch but during my runaround Lake Garder while testing the Apple watch Ultra too I kept forgetting to turn it Off so every time I stop to eat a cake Or get an Espress during my 30 m runs to Power those next 10 miles the Apple

Watch Ultra tried to end my workout it's Really quite annoying but really my Gripe here is that the Apple watch Hasn't made the most of this automated Trick there should be an ultr run mode Where this becomes an auto rest timer Like you get on the Garmin with Breakdowns Post Run of how long you Spent eating and dawling rather than Running and now this is one area where I Find the Apple watch Ultra 2 really Misses a beat it never feels quite like It's gone the whole hog for runners it's Not made with the attention to detail or At least a running detail for Niche Runners like me in the way that a Garmin Polo and coros is it's still a smart Watch with running skills not a running Watch with Smartwatch skills my next Minor winges this is a chunky watch I Know so is the epics the Phoenix and the Enduro vertic Etc that big rugged build Is part of the design DNA watches like This but I tested this with the Trail Loop and found the Apple watch Ultra Often worked its way loose I often had To retighten the Trail Loop and the Watch I find the watch face tugs a bit More than those other devices I get more Movement and I notice the weight Somewhat more than the big Garmin when I'm running long I imagine if you've got Smaller wrists this just isn't going to Be entirely comfortable and apple just

Hasn't offered any alternative yet if You want an ultra but you don't want That big hulking great [Music] Design so my verdict is that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a small and useful Upgrade on the Apple watch Ultra 1 Brighter screen is nice some other Features the double tap feature you know My use case for it is few and far Between but us if I'm pushing a buggy Holding a baby or cooking being able to Flick through my smart stack one-handed And look at things like the weather and Other stuff like that is Handy but it's Not a compelling reason to upgrade Basically I'd say if you have the opport Ultra one you should be very happy with That for now I don't think the two is a Real watch you dash out to buy for the Upgrades here uh and if you are buying a New one now and you see a deal on the Apple watch Ultra one I'd probably get That myself because you're not getting Too much new here but you know it's a Little Improvement as you expect from Apple wouldn't have expected a huge leap Here because the Apple watch Ultra was a New product last year I say this is Clearly the best sporty Smartwatch Available as well obviously the series 9 Is very good but it does lack some Features that make the ultra that little Bit better for sports use like multiband

GPS and the extra battery life the lap Button all the stuff we've talked about Already and there's nothing else that Really comes Clos Android sports watches I just don't think are very good uh the Sports tracking natively on things like The pixel watch is pretty poor the third Party app store hasn't really filled in The gaps there either basically the best You can get as an alternative is Garmin's smart sports watches and that's Things like the forer to 965 epics Pro Even the venue and the Vivo active They've got nice Amed displays they've Got some useful smart features like Really good music storage with links to Things like Spotify NFC payments through Garmin pay which isn't brilliant in the UK but I think is better in the US not Really true SmartWatches in my eyes Because there's not really an app store To speak of in the same way that you get From Apple like connect iQ app store Just as things like watch phes the odd Data field does have that Park on Barcode app which I find very useful but Overall the Apple watch is clearly a Much better SmartWatch with things like Cellular connectivity much easier use of Things like Apple pay and the wallet app And all that and it's got really good Sports tracking the Garmin watches have Got better Sports tracking training Analysis and some useful smarts but

Basically aren't quite as smart as the Apple watch so it's almost a toss up There because I do think the Apple watch Ultra and things like the Garmin epics Pro and the Garmin 4965 are I think are The best like sport watches in the Market for lots of people who want that AMOLED display that bright vibrant Display and really good tracking the Apple watch Ultra 2 is right up there so Whether the balance for you tips into You want the training analysis the Battery life of the Gins or the extra Smart features the better design I think You get from the Apple like I will say That you can be a very serious amateur Athlete and use the Apple watch it will Get comment saying like oh if you're you Know if you're you're taking it Seriously you buy a gar doesn't have to Be the case at all like I've trained for Several sub 230 marathons using a Apple Watch and you certainly can do that but You do get a better Sports tracking Experience from the garments things like Training ni it's much better integration Of navigation and stuff like that so It's really the balance is what's Important to you and also you get a bit Of saving with the garments which Obviously is a big reason to look at Something like the 965 instead I haven't Noticed in awful lot of difference Between the ultra 2 and the ultra and I

Think with things like Black Friday Coming up it would definitely be worth Buying the ultra I don't think that Awful lot has changed I don't think you Really notice the S9 processor it Doesn't feel particularly faster the Double tap gesture is super cool but We're talking about this watch from a Running perspective and from a running Perspective nothing has changed you Can't use the double tap feature while Gesture sorry while you're running so if You're comparing the two side by side From a running perspective nothing's Changed save your money buy the original Ultra I think if you're if you want an Apple Watch and you want a train for a Race and you want you know you want kind Of a running watch but you still want it To be an Apple watch this is definitely The best watch to buy serious training And I think it always will be they've Done really well with putting features On here that again aren't Reinventing The wheel things like the action button They've added a button but it is a great Watch to run with if you if you're in The market for an Apple Watch that said If you want detailed recovery metrics if You want a really great battery life This still isn't the watch for you it's Still worth saving your money and buying A Garmin or spending a similar amount And buying a really Advanced Garmin

Which will give you really kind of Actionable advice on how to improve your Training and how to track everything so It really just depends on what you want But from a I have been impressed with it I do have really liked testing I really Like running with it swimming with it Wearing it every day tracking my sleep Tracking everything on it it's a great All around but not an awful lot has Changed and if you're on a budget who Want to save money the original Ultra Has a lot of the same Capabilities my verdict then while the First generation Apple watch Ultra set a New Benchmark for smart watches with Genuine running credentials the Apple Watch Ultra 2 builds on that but only in A small way and most of the iterative Upgrades here are General improvements Rather than run specific so the overall Running watch capabilities haven't Really changed that significantly and if You own an ultra one I wouldn't Recommend upgrading however this is Still the best running Smartwatch you Can buy if you're willing to part with Top dollar not I said running Smartwatch And not running watch because I separate Those out I think this is a lovely piece Of Kit I like the design though I wish It were a little lighter the screen is Topnotch the breadth of apps to boost The running capabilities is pretty much

Unrival when it comes to SmartWatches And there's loads here outside of Running that I wish my Garmin could but Probably never will be able to do However I've said this with every Apple Watch and I'm not sure it's ever going To change I still see the Apple watch Ultra as a kind of live tool that takes Care of some of the running business Rather than the running watch now Although this is an increasingly Powerful running tool and the GPS heart Rate and battery life are all now pretty Excellent for a smartwatch I'd still Only recommend it to those who care more About the Smartwatch capabilities than They do about Pure Play Running Credentials for me it's not got that Kind of died in depth of running Specific features to be a replacement For a Garmin Phoenix 7 or an Enduro 2 Certainly not on the running and fitness Analytics not on navigation and that 2 To three day battery life still doesn't Quite cut it when I can pop the Enduro On charge once a month so I wouldn't Make it my only running watch okay so my Verdict on the Apple watch Ultra too I'm Really kind of keeping focus on what is New here and how that kind of influences What it's like to use as a running watch And I would say not a massive amount has Changed in terms of my experience of Using the Apple watch Ultra 2 compared

To the Apple watch Ultra it's still a Very good running watch I think it's Still one of the best smart watches I Think you can buy for running if you've Got an iPhone obviously because it Doesn't work with Android um but in Terms of those new features I don't Think they've massively changed or you Know radically improved in any way my Experience of using the Apple watch Ultra too I do like the fact that it's Got a brighter screen you know that also Gives the flashlight stuff a boost as Well um the performance is generally Been pretty good that core run tracking Experience in terms of reliability and Accuracy from a GPS point of view it's Still very good like it is on the ultra I think with the double tap feature I Think it hasn't really been truly Realized as a feature yet until it can Kind of tap into other kind of third Party apps as well to really make it Make the most out of that feature which I do think potentially could be a useful Feature going forward so for me Comparing it to the Apple watch Ultra And that running experience it's not Massively different looking at it in Terms of other watches that are out that Sit around this price so you're really Kind of looking at things like the Garmin epics Pro really which kind of Has that AMOLED display will give you

More in terms of battery life with or Without the kind of always on display um You will also get richer training Features as well and I think G got some Really nice features there that kind of Native tracking as well is just bigger And more comprehensive um ultimately so I think you know if I had to pick Between those two watches I would Probably decide for the epics just Because I think in terms of native Tracking the analysis which I do kind of Tap into I do think is really good but Ultimately I think if you like the idea Of a smartwatch and a running watch and You want the best of what Apple can Offer on that front then the Apple watch Ultra 2 will give you that and it is a Good experience ultimate overall it's Just whether it's enough to Warrant Going up from the Apple watch Ultra Right now I don't think it is just yet I Think we're probably going to see Something more radical for the next Apple watch Ultra watch but right now The Apple watch Ultra 2 still a great Smart watch for runners still a really Strong performance overall but in terms Of being a massive upgrade from the Upwatch ultra there's not a huge amount In it okay so there you have it that is Our verdict or running take on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 now if you've got any Questions about the ultra 2 do let us

Know in the comments as always like And Subscribe hit that little bell to find Out about our latest videos and yeah We'll see you the next run Test's Video