A chance to have your own Apothecary Collection produced and sold we're Running fan contest 2023 where we're Allowing you guys to create your own Collections for Apothecary from scratch It could be socks it could be hats it Could be shirts it could be pretty much Anything that you want you can even come Up with a theme at least one winner will Have their collection produced they'll Win a thousand dollars and they'll get The entire collection sent to them for Free like I said you have complete Creative freedom to come up with the Theming and even the items in the Collection obviously you should have Some socks in there because we are a Sock company but you can come up with Anything you want whether it's Additional accessories hats shirts Whatever you have two weeks from now When this video went live to design and Come up with your own collection and Submit them to us through the email Right there so good luck and hopefully We'll make your Apothecary collection a Reality