This is Jerry Lorenzo's latest sneaker It's the Adidas fear of God Athletics One basketball and it is officially a Performance basketball sneaker although We know that most people will probably Wear this shoe casually it released at The beginning of December for $250 Alongside an entire fear of God Athletics collection and while it hasn't Totally sold out it's still a relatively Popular sneaker that has sold out in Some sizes like a lot of performance Basketball sneakers in the market the Shoe features a knit upper which is Actually covered by a noo TPU overlay The shoe also doesn't have its own Separate tongue it's got this neoprene Booty construction which is actually not As hard to get your foot into as I would Have thought and inside this out soole You've got Light Strike cushioning to Make it comfortable underfoot but if You're one of those people that plan to Play basketball on the sneaker I Definitely recommend switching out this Flimsy insole for a victory insole Victory insoles are the first carbon Fiber insoles that are specifically Designed to make you perform better on The court not only do they look cool but They also help you jump higher and run Faster it's wild they were originally Designed for Team USA athletes and were Specifically made to enhance injury

Protection and it's the best way to get The most performance out of your brand New fear of God Athletics one basketball Sneaker