Meet the new Kayano, which is very different to the old Kayano. Asics has overhauled the popular stability shoe by maxing out the stack height and changing the structure of the shoe to deliver stability throughout, rather than using classic techniques like a medial post. Tom and Nick have been out for a first run in the all-new Asics Gel-Kayano 30 to see how it shapes up; here’s how they got on.

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03:59 – First Run
09:19 – Early Verdict

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Uh let it work with the Run testers my Name's Nick and this is our first run Review of the Asic Gel klano 30. The 30th edition of the Asic Shield Keanu is a big departure from what we've Seen before from the line it's now a Maxed out shoe with a really big stack Height and an approach the stability in The shoe has changed quite a lot as well And so it is very much still a stable Shoe in essex's lineup it's almost a Stable counterpart to the neutral GEL Nimbus but for this now issue that's Probably got broader appeal to the Ranger Runners with the approach Asics Has taken with it it's a very expensive Shoe though so that will knock out quite A lot of those Runners I just mentioned It's 180 pounds in UK 160 in the US it's Pretty heavy it's 315 grams or 11.1 Ounces but that's not a bad weight given How high the stack is it's 40 Millimeters at the heel and 30 Millimeters at the forefoot so it's a 10 Millimeter drop and a rising stack of Four millimeters on the previous version Of the telkelano so a lot higher Platform and that stack is made out of Asics's FF blast plus foam it's their Very comfortable foam it's the Eco Version of that foam same stuff again Used on the GEL Nimbus to create very Comfortable ride without being overly Squishy and soft there's a little bit of

Pure gel there as well well under the Heel it's not visible from the outside It's not sure it's doing a lot anymore In the shoe the gel but it's still in There a little bit so it can still be Called the glkrano and then the Stability elements like I say have Changed a lot you've got the 4D guidance System on this shoe which it says there Stability is finally entered to the Fourth dimension with this shoe and There's lots of different elements to it That make it stable that we've seen Cropping up on shoes in general but They've all been combined here in the Gel Keanu you've got big side walls of Foam your footsteps but then you've got An incredibly wide base throughout the Shoot even wider than the very wide tail Nimbus but you've got a bigger heel Bevel to guide your foot upon landing And then the geometry of issue has been Sculpted and generally molded to create A stable ride throughout the shoe so It's not just about medial posting and That kind of thing to prevent your foot Rolling inward at that point it's more About keeping your foot centered Throughout the length of the shoe to Create that stable ride the volt is Still a very stable shoe but it's not Got the same feel as disability shoes in The past and that might mean that it Appeals to a broader range of runs

Engineered knit upper which has got a Lot of padding up here with a really Thick amount there actually runs down The inside of the shoe at the back there So you'll heel and back of your foot is Really going to be cradled very much by This upper and then you've got a big Internal heel counter very nice they're Very stiff at the back there to create Again even more stability you've got an A-ha plus rubber outsole with not with Full coverage but little blotches of it Do give pretty good coverage across the Shoe and these darker green ones at the Back are firmer than the rubber used Elsewhere in that High Impact Zone at The back of the shoe to increase Durability there the last message the Samples for this review were provided by Sports shoes uh we're not affiliated With sports shoes in any way and as Always this review is our completely Unbiased opinions but thanks very much To sports shoes for sorting the samples So we could test out the kyano 30. For me and the A6 gel kiano30 iminate This is a size eight I found it to be Very comfortable took a little bit of Time to get on initially it feels like Um the top section is fairly restrictive When you first get it but there's plenty Of room in it when you actually put it On I found it to be a pretty generous Shoe there's I definitely didn't feel

Any pinching or anything around the Midfoot there's a nice little bit of Space in the forefoot as well as plenty Of room for your toes to wiggle and There is loads of loads of padding Around the ankle collar and a fairly Well padded tongue as well very Comfortable I would stay to my size in This shoe so either gel Keanu in my Normal running shoe size for Asics That's a uk9 which converts to a us10 With Asics and it fits me really well It's got a really good hold around the Heel with all that padding there nice Secure fit and support around the Midfoot it's a pretty roomy toe box like To the point where maybe I could go half Size down as I'm a little bit small for My size and have a narrow foot but I Like the amount of room I have in the Shoe it's a good amount I think for a Shoe like this which is mainly going to Use for easy and long runs so I'd stick To your number on issue size with the Klk on I30 [Music] So the first one that I've done in this Was a 5k at a very comfortable Pace I'm Currently slightly injured so I can't do Any major speed work at the moment Um so this is the perfect shoe to take Out for that Um I've never been a big fan of the gel Keanu line I'm not really a stability

Runner Um and previously when I've tried it It's just not really worked for me it's Just it instantly felt like a stability Shoe it always felt a bit dull to me Always felt like I wasn't really getting Anything from it and if I did long runs In the gel Keanu earlier versions I felt That they're a real slog Um just very rigid uh not really much to Go on not nice smooth transition Um and I just never really enjoyed it The Um New gel Keanu 30 feels very different Than the original gel canos or the Previous gel keanos Um it definitely feels a little bit Softer definitely feels a little bit More enjoyable to run in and in many Ways it feels a little bit like the the Nimbus 20 for the GEL Nimbus 25 which is A fantastic shoe and I really enjoy Running in that shoe so I'd say this is The first Um gel Keanu that I've I've tried on and I've just liked it straight away they've Definitely made quite a lot of updates To this especially around the midsole Foam feel to make it an enjoyable shoe That doesn't necessarily feel like a Stability shoe it does definitely feel Very stable it does feel very supportive There's a really nice wide base on it Which really pulls your foot in place

Places it into the position that you Want it to be but it doesn't feel like It's holding you back if you it does Feel very comfortable when you're out on A comfortable enjoyable run Um so what I would say about the mid top Foam is it does feel a little bit like There's a bit more to it I wouldn't say It's bouncy but it feels like there's Just a little bit of energy in it which I never got from any of the previous gel Keanos Um I also feel like there's a nice soft Bedding in the foot presumably from that Gel pod Um which just makes it very comfortable To run in I really enjoyed running in it For that first run and I think it's a Massive Improvement on the previous Versions we see a lot of stabilities Come out now that really sort of sit on The fence between stability shoe and Just a good comfortable shoe and I think The gel Canon 30 is is getting there It's it's it's definitely a big Improvement on the previous versions for Me and for somebody who isn't a Stability Runner it still does the job I'm quite happy to wear this and I think I'm going to probably quite enjoy Wearing this for a lot of runs Um as I come out of injury Um and yeah it's a good shoe for that The one I did it was very dry so uh

There was no wet ground to test it on But I found the outsole to be very good On what I was running on so far Um it's a little it was a little bit Less generous than what I've seen on Some other uh stability shoes but There's still plenty of covering on There Um and the upper felt very comfortable For that run as well no issues at all I Took the joker out for its first run Today it was a very relaxed easy run Fairly short run at the moment I'm Keeping the load low then it was nice to Have a big supportive comfortable shoe On the end of my foot for today's run I Haven't used a Delco I know for a few Years now I can't remember the exactly The last Model I used I think it has Changed a little bit since I last used It but this is certainly a huge change On what I've experienced with the Gelco On Olan in the past so I found those Shoes you know fine but a little bit Firm and lifeless and the kind of shoe I Would test and then move on from because I don't need disability shoe and they Weren't really appealing to me either For easy runs or fast runs they were Just okay very stable but not my cup of Tea this is certainly different is a Shoe that appeals to me it's really Comfortable under 30s just the right Level of cushy without being squishy or

Anything like that it's still firm Enough to feel nice and stable underfoot And balanced with that big wide platform And it's pretty a little bit further Than the gel nimbers but it is certainly A soft enough and very comfortable ride And it's got a little bit of rocker Going on not much but it did run very Smoothly for me today just ticking over As I said a very easy pace for me really Relaxed the shoe felt a lot less notable On the foot than you would expect Looking at it it is a big wedge of shoe It's very wide it's very large but but Just like I say ticking over at easy Paces Disappeared on if it ran a lot lighter Than it is and felt very comfortable Supportive could just get on with the Run no concerns at all about the shoe I'm also worried about you the width of The shoe and the amount of ground Contact you get here would be uh Noticeable I have had it before a very Wide shoe that it just feels like I'm Getting too much ground contact I don't Feel Nimble and like like I'm enjoying My run and feel a bit almost heavy Legged but that wasn't the case today With the gel car on a 30 I really Thought I could just pick it up very Nicely it wasn't the longest run in the World and it wasn't a fast run so I do Think maybe the size and general width

Of the shoe might come into play on very Long runs on that but at the same time Today really felt like I could run all Day in this shoe it really feels like It's giving a nice balance of support And cushioning and it's not Exceptionally Lively or anything on the Foot but it does a really good job of Feeling like a Max cushion shoe whilst Incorporating all those stability Elements so it certainly feels like a Different approach to stability with the Gel go on I30 and it's one that I Appreciate to stay on the run it just Provided a nice amount of balance to say Like what's like niggly legs at the Moment little things going on keeping The load low and pulling this on felt Like the perfect shoe for it supportive Comfortable but no not annoying or big Or firm in a weird way or anything like That just yeah really nice Balance shoe It's about all the stuff going on with It is a shoe that felt very natural on The foot today on my run Foreign [Music] Just on a run in one run in the shoe Fairly short runs but I really enjoyed Using the gel Corner today I think is a Really nice cushioned shoe with Stability elements on top certainly Reminded me a lot of the jail numbers 25 Which is I should I really grew to like

After being a little bit underwhelmed at First because the massive amount of hype Around it and it's you know it's just Really nice Max cushion shoe and I think That's the same with the gel Carno 30 Just with those added elements of Stability that have come without any Real cost I think like it's not a shoe That's going to be great for Speed work And that kind of thing I imagine we'll Do some tests to see but four easy runs It does feel very natural if it rolls Through nicely despite being a big wide Stable shoe with loads of foam underfoot Does feel comfortable and not at all Like unwieldy or big on the run so far Anyway those more testing to come but I Like this new trend instability shoes Like I saw it doesn't use them a lot and I'm aware that might be quite annoying If you do someone who has used the gel Car I know for a while and really liked How it feels and now it's broadened out Its appeal maybe that is quite annoying It'll be something that'd be interesting To hear about if that is you but I do Think it is still a stable shoe that Hopefully it would appeal to those People while now bringing in a few other Runners who like the fact it's not so Geared towards just that stability on The inside but General stability Throughout the shoot there's other shoes Lights I really enjoyed as well like the

Saucony Tempest and that's a lighter Lively issue it might work well as a Nice one-two punch with the joker I know Is your big Workhorse for easier long Runs and then the Tempest has a bit of a Livelier ride for uh faster runs maybe Even races drawback like exactly with The glimmer 25 is the price which is Huge like it's just so expensive and I Don't know picano is a shoe that does End up being reduced throughout the year That kind of thing and normally you can Wait and get the previous version but This is a big departure from previous Versions so it's not making you say go Get the 29 and a deal there might be Slightly more room on the market for the Gel Keanu compared to the jail numbers 25 because there are so many really good Max cushion just neutral shoes and maybe One that feels like this that does have Those stability elements to stand out a Little bit more same time it's still Very very expensive I do think it's what I'd say any cushioned shoe is really Worth that kind of money Um you know if I'm gonna spend that kind Of money I want I can't play racing tube But uh the same time enjoyed first run In the car now today we'll do a lot more Testing and see how it see how that Price feels to us in the full review Down the line my early verdict for the A6garno 30 is that it's an interesting

Improvement A6 is clearly doing Something uh to this shoe that is moving It forward and making it a more Interesting stability shoe it's Definitely a shoe that I would now look At as as an option if I wanted to go for A nice comfortable run feels more like a Cushion shoe to me as opposed to a full Out stability shoe which has the Associations you normally expect from a Full stability shoe it just feels more To me like a more versatile stability Shoe more comfortable enjoyable still to Shoot and I'm actually looking forward To doing some more miles in this shoe I Can't say that about the previous Giacanos because they just weren't for Me I didn't really enjoy them and Because of that they just didn't feel Very versatile whereas this one does Feel there's a bit more to it and I Really like the FF plus plus midsole Foam in it it just feels really Comfortable Um and just nicely smooth smooth when You're running in it which um is a big Big Improvement I think for the gel Keanu range [Music] So that's our first run review of the Asics Joker 1030 dive in the comments to Let us know what you think about the Shoe please do like subscribe ring the Little bell and we'll see you next time