The Asics Gel-Kayano line has long been synonymous with all-out stability. For those runners looking for a high level of support, it’s an option that sits at the top of the list, but has offered little versatility for runners who want a balance of stability, comfort and enjoyment.

The Asics Gel Kayano 30 sees one of the biggest revamps the shoe has seen for a long time, featuring an increased level of cushioning, a new FF BLAST PLUS ECO foam and a 4D Guidance System that aims to provide a more natural level of stability.

The Puma ForeverRun Nitro is a stability running shoe that veers more towards the subtle side of support. The NITRO midsole foam features two foam densities – a softer middle section and a firmer outer, aiming to be both responsive and cushioned. There’s an asymmetrical heel counter to hold the foot in place and a wider medial rubber segment to improve stability.

Other design features PWRTAPE on the upper to improve support, a RUNGUIDE rail to keep the foot centrally aligned, an impressive PUMAGRIP outsole for traction across different terrains and conditions.

Tom has been testing the shoes out which he’d pick as his stability option.

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another running shoe versus in this Video I'm going to be taking a look at Once again the A6 gel Keanu 30 and this Time I'm going to be comparing it to the Puma forever run Nitro now I was sent The A6 gel can I know 30 from the guys Over at sports shoes I'm not paid to do This review so I can say whatever I want But big thanks to the guys for sending This over so that I could do these Reviews if you want to find out more About the gel piano 30 go into the Comments and click on the link right Let's dive in and do the verses Yeah The A6 gel Keanu 30 costs 180 pounds or 160 dollars weighs in at 300 grams or 10.6 ounces for men in a size 8 and the Drop is 10 millimeters The Pima Forever on Nitro costs 140 Pounds or 150 dollars weighs in 270 Grams or 9.5 ounces for men in a size 8 And the drop is 10 millimeters The A6 gel Keanu line has long been Synonymous with all out stability for Those Runners looking for a high level Of support it's an option that sits at The top of the list but has offered Little versatility for runners who want A balance of stability comfort and Enjoyment The Asics Gel Keanu 30 sees one of the Biggest revamps that she has seen for a

Long time featuring an increased level Of cushioning a new FF blast plus Eco Foam and a 4D guidance system aims to Provide a more natural level of Stability the shoe also includes pure Gel technology below the heel to add Comfort and minimize impact a stretchy Engineered mesh upper for a better fit And breathability and a generous layer Of outside rubber that includes sections Of a heart Plus on the here Pima Forever on Nitro is a stability Running shoe that veers more towards the Subtle side of support the Nitro midsole Foam features two foam densities a Softer middle section and a firmer outer Aiming to be both responsive and Cushioned there's an asymmetrical heel Counter to hold the foot in place and a Wider medial rubber segment to improve Stability other design features include Power tape on the upper to improve Support a rune guide rail to keep the Foot centrally aligned and an impressive Puma grip outsole of Attraction across Different terrains and conditions Okay so the fit for me in these two Shoes I'm a size eight in the UK these Are both size eight shoes in the UK the Asics Gel Keanu 30 I would say is a very Comfortable fitted shoe there's a lot of Padding around it it's a shoe that's Really designed for Comfort there's a Nice level of stepping comfort in it but

It's also quite roomy in the toe box as Well Um I would say that the upper is very Nice and relaxed but you do have a lot Of that cushioning around the ankle Collar so it really holds the foot in Place quite nicely it's a very Comfortable shoe I would stay to my size In this shoe the Pew map Forever on Nitro I would say to my size in this Shoe but what I would say about it is That the upper is a little bit leaner Than what you get on the gel Keanu 30 And as a result I do find it harder to Get a good fit on it there's less Padding on this shoe it's a little bit Lighter when it comes to padding there's Still plenty there but the upper section Is just a little bit thinner and what I Found in testing in this shoe is that Sometimes when I tie the laces up and go For a run the laces become undone and I Think that's because the upper doesn't Really stay in the same place all the Time if you're if you're running it will Push out a bit on the or bin foot of the Shoe and sort of loosens the laces a bit So I find that I have to double knot the Forever and Nitros to get a good fit uh But even then I would say that it's not As good lockdown I do feel like the shoe Is quite hard to get a really Comfortable fit on Um if I tie it too hard it's not very

Comfortable and if I loosen it a bit it Doesn't feel very secure so take that Into consideration that does play a Little bit into the actual running Experience of the shoe So these are two stability shoes that uh Sort of fit into the new world of Stability shoes where they're we're Seeing a lot of shoes come out now which Have stability Elements which are Actually they don't feel like Conventional stability shoes I've I'm Not the stability Runner but I am told That I should have a level of stability In my shoes and a lot of these shoes That are coming out now really have Varying levels of stability so some Shoes like the soccer knee uh tempus is A shoe that is really designed to be Quite versatile when you're running it It's a little bit firmer it's nice and Responsive for me I can really actually Comfortably and I don't think about it As a stability shoe these two shoes uh Sit two sides of the scale I think the A6 gel carne 30 I've never been a fan of The kernel line they've never really Worked for me they've been very much Historically designed for people who Really need a lot of stability those Previous versions of the shoe you knew There were stability shoes you knew your Foot was firmly in place you could feel The stability elements in them but if

You're somebody that didn't need loads Of stability that it was a bit Overpowering and you they can feel a Little bit clumpy and quite heavy so I've never really enjoyed testing the Gelcano range out before the new version The 30 is a really big update on the Previous versions it has a lot of Updates across this the midsole is a lot Um more forgiving it's a little bit Bouncier not massively but um it's Definitely a shoe that is veering more Towards that sort of comfortable daily Shoe uh sort of Max cushion shoe world As opposed to being a full-on stability Shoe still has the stability elements in It it's a very good stability shoe You're definitely holding your foot in Place and when you're out running it you You can sort of tell it's doing that but Not in such as obvious way as the Previous versions did so what I'd say About the gelcono 30 is that for me it's Veering more towards the the world of Something like the Nimbus 25 which is a Fantastic cushion shoe there's a lot of Midsole foam in there it's a nice Balance it's not the softest shoe in the World but also it's not particularly Firm so it's a really good shoe for People that are looking for just a great Comfortable cushioned Cruiser and the Gel can I30 is pretty similar to that I I've been running in this quite a bit

I've probably done about 80k in the shoe Now and unlike the previous versions of The gel Cano I actually really enjoy Running in this one it doesn't feel like A stability shoe on your foot in the Same way that previous versions have uh It's you can still you still Noticeability issues but the stability Elements just feel a little bit less Rigid than before Um where you need it so it allows you to Run comfortably doesn't feel like it's Forcing your foot to do something that You don't really want to do and as a Result I think it's a much more Accessible shoe for people that maybe Want a stability shoe but don't need a Full-on all the way traditional Stability shoe um and as for that reason I think it's it's definitely the best um Update to the range I've ever seen and It just delivers really well um so I Think big kudos to the updated have been Made to the county I think it's really Advanced to the point where it's not Just for full-on stability people now Now the Puma Forever on Nitro this sits At the other end of the scale so there Are shoes coming out at the moment which Are stability shoes but they really have A differing level of stability in them I'd say that Joe Keanu really sits at That that far end where you know you Want full stability and that's who's

Going to give it to you the premium Forever on Nigel it doesn't feel like a Stability shoe really and you it does Have stability elements in it but if you Were to put the shoe on and go for Running it you probably wouldn't notice Them straight away Um you you really have to do a lot of Running it to really notice that there Are stability elements and they are Quite subtle you can feel them if you're Looking for them but it is quite a Flexible shoe that really is quite Similar to a daily shoe that you would Find from something like the Puma Velocity Nitro and pin Blossom audio 2. It is a much more versatile shoe it's a Shoe that you could pick up and maybe Have covers your daily trainer if you Wanted a little bit of stability in your Shoe Um what I would say about the Puma Forever and Nitro is however is that for Me it isn't Um it doesn't give enough stability to Really offer A stability element to it so if you do Need stability you're probably not going To get or you need a lot stability You're probably not going to get it from This shoe Um it's a very comfortable ride it is a Versatile ride it definitely sits into That realm of something like the sodney

Tempest for me where you can go out and Do daily training miles you can do Longer slower runs the midsole is Relatively soft Um and but also quite responsive as well And you can pick up the pace in a bit in It as well it's not the fastest shoe in The world but if you're going out and do Daily training miles and you want to up The pace a bit or if you're a runner That just wants one shoe with a little Bit of stability in and you're doing all Sorts of runs park run you might be Doing a half marathon it's still a good Shoe for that it's not gonna be the Fastest shoe it's not going to compete With something like a a carbon plate Ratio but it has got a bit of Versatility to it and I think it's a Good shoe for that as well definitely if You're looking for a little bit of Stability the only thing I would say About it is that the fit for me does Make it a little bit harder to run fast In uh what I found about this upper is That it's quite hard to get a nice lock Down fit on it it does feel quite loose You really have to tie it down quite a Bit I always double knot this shoe when I go and ruining it um but when I'm Running fast if I'm running around Corners and things it does feel a little Bit loose on my foot Um I'm not a big fan of it when I'm

Trying to pick up the pace because I Don't feel very comfortable in it Um and it just feels like it's loosening A bit when I'm out on a run and but Other than that it's a solid comfortable Daily stability option that really is For those people that maybe want a Little bit of stability you might be a Stability Runner who normally uses Something like the shl Keanu 30 and you Want something a bit more versatile to Do faster runs in and you you don't mind Having losing a little bit of stability For Those runs Um it also has an excellent outsole That's Puma Group outsole which is one Of the best you're ever going to find on On a shoe these days uh fantastic grip On it not any issue at all and it feels Really good Um on all the surface that I've ran on And I've run on the on the road in the Wet and things like that in the Forever On Nitro so it's a very good solid shoe But if you're looking at these two shoes As stability options this really comes Down to the level of stability you want Because gel car30 is by far superior When it comes to stability Um but you know this is a bit faster Um the outsole on the xscr counter 30 as Well is very good uh I wouldn't say it's As good as the uh Puma shoe but it is Absolutely fine I've not had any issues

With it at all there's a bit of exposed Midsole on it but this midsole foam is a Little bit more durable a little bit a Little bit um tougher than what you get On some exposed midsoles so I've not had Any issues at all with the outsole on The Asics Gel coconut 30. So the verdict for me on these two shoes Is it really comes down to what you want Out of the stability shoe I think they Are both very very good shoes if you're A runner that is looking for stability Shoe it really comes down to how much Stability you want in that shoe and what You're going to use it for if you want An all-out stability shoe for your Comfortable runs your easy runs your Long runs or you're a runner that is Maybe doing a marathon and you want a Stability shoe to get you over the Finish line and you're not going for Like a three or something like that it's A good option it's definitely a much Better option than it was previously I'd Be happy to run a comfortable marathon In the shoe and I think it would be very Nice Um but I definitely can pick up the pace In it it sits very firmly in that sort Of long run slow run easy run recovery Run section and for me that's about five Minute 20 kilometer Pace Um for the 80s I'll say it sits around There if you're looking for something to

Do like four minute kilometers in this You're gonna struggle with this because It's it's still a bit of a beast but It's very nice cruising and comfort the Puma Forever on Nitro I would say that For me if I was looking at the paste That I'd use this shoe I I think it's Perfectly competent at slow Paces so 5 Minute 20 kilometer pays for me in this Shoe would be absolutely fine I could Definitely do a nice long run in this Shoe there's plenty of cushioning and It's very comfortable uh but I could Probably go up to my Pace would be about I could probably do four minute Kilometers in the shoe and feel pretty Good about it Um it's not the most responsive shoe in The world it's not the bouncy issue in The world but it is does feel nippy it Feels lean it feels like you can pick up The pace quite nicely in it but you lose A little bit on you don't have as many Stability elements in it you don't have As much padding is that upper issue as Well so there are trade-offs with it so I think it really comes down to what Sort of stability shoe you want Um which would make the decision very Easy alternatives for these I did Another video on the on the verses Between the gel Keanu 30 and the Saucony Tempest I think the soccer team is a Fast Superior shoe to the Puma Forever

On Nitro it just better lock down it Feels a lot quicker for me it's a little Bit firmer than the Forever on Nitro for Me which I wouldn't always like but I Think it just works in the Tempest I'd Use the Tempest a lot for faster Sessions when I was training for my last Marathon and it did an absolutely great Job wouldn't be as likely to choose the Forever on Nitro Um it's fine I just it's this it's the Fit for me and it just doesn't have to Have the pickup and the speed for me That the sockney Tempest does Um but uh yeah ultimately it always Comes down to the level of stability you Want and it's pretty there's a pretty Big difference between these tissues That's it from me on the AC gel Carolina 30 and the Puma Forever on Nitro thanks A lot for watching this video and don't Forget to like subscribe click the Little bell it's really important that You subscribe subscribe because I'm Desperate to build those numbers up so If you watching this now give me a Subscribe Cheers also a big thanks to sports shoes For sending over the aces gel can only 30 to test and head and comments to Click on the link to find out more about The shoe thanks for watching catch you Next time Foreign