The 30th edition of the Asics Gel Keanu Is a big departure from what we've seen Before from the line it's now a maxed Out shoe with a really big stack height And has approached the stability in the Shoe has changed quite a lot as well and So it is very much still a stable shoe In essex's lineup it's almost a stable Counterpart to the neutral GEL Nimbus But for this now issue that's probably Got broader appeal to the range of Runners with the approach Asics has Taken with it it's a very expensive shoe Though so that will knock out quite a Lot of those Runners I just mentioned It's 180 pounds in UK 160 in the US it's Pretty heavy it's 315 grams or 11.1 Ounces but that's not a bad weight given How high the stack is it's 40 Millimeters at the heel and 30 Millimeters at the forefoot so it's a 10 Millimeter drop and a rising stack of Four millimeters on the previous version Of the gel keolano so a lot higher Platform and that stack is made out of Asics's FF blast plus foam it's their Very comfortable foam it's the Eco Version of that foam same stuff again Used on the GEL Nimbus to create very Comfortable ride without being overly Squishy and soft there's a little bit of Pure gel there as well under the heel But it's not visible