The Saucony Triumph 21 and Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 are two of our favourite new running shoes to land in 2023, but if we had to pick one of these standout cushioned shoes, which one would we grab?

Testers Mike and Tom have spent time running in both and break down how they match and differ to help you decide whether you should go new Triumph or new Nimbus.

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Price and Differences
01:36 – How do they fit?
03:28 – The Run Test
11:32 – Verdict

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Foreign Hey this is Mike from the Run testers And in this video we're going to be Talking about how the sockony Triumph 21 Compares to the Asics Gel Nimbus 25. now It's fair to say that these two shoes Fit in the same category in terms of the Types of runs that they are designed for So what we're going to do is take you Through the key differences between These two shoes myself and Tom will take You through our running experiences and Let you know whether you should go for The soccer league tribe 21 or the Asics Gel Nimbus 25. [Music] So here's a key stat about the soccer Economy one and the Asics Gel Nimbus 25 They're both priced roughly the same With the Triumph available for 170 Pounds or 160 and the gel nib is 25 Coming in at 175 pounds or 160 dollars Weight Wise let's try 21 weighed in Lighter for us in a UK size 8 come in at 279 grams compared to 290 grams on the Egl Nimbus 25. balcony shoot has a 10 Millimeter drop while the Nimbus has a Lower eight millimeter one with both Shoes using a knit style upper to keep Your feet locked in and well supported In the midsole soccer uses its power run Plus cushioning along with its power on Plus sockliner with the GEL Nimbus 25 Using FF blast Eco plus cushioning

That's also present in the Kayano 30. it Uses a North light sock liner to also Keep things comfortable from the inside So the department Asics uses one of its Ahar rubber ones while sockony opts for A carbon rubbo outsole with both Primarily for Road and pavement time [Music] The fit for me in these two shoes I Would stay to my size in both of them Very comfortable I'm a size 8 UK these Are both size 8 UK I found both of these The Triumph 21 is very comfortable shoe Nice and spacious not too spacious you Still get a nice lock down fit in it the New upper is nice and breathable very Comfortable and there's a nice bit of Padding around the ankle collar as well So I definitely stay to my size in the Sockney Triumph 21. same goes to the A6 John Lewis 25 very comfortable shoot Nice level of padding Um and nice bit of space in the forefoot So uh yeah I stay to my size in both of These shoes so how do these two shoes Fit I would say very good overall I've Had these both in a UK size eight and I Haven't felt like I needed to go up or Down a size in either of these shoes They work very fine on my skinny feet And I think for most people going Through to size should be absolutely Fine I'm pretty satisfied in terms of Level of space you're getting up front

Of the toes and both of these shoes Pretty similar on that front I think You're getting a good holding the mid Foot as well I've I've got good lock Down from the laces and the tongue Combinations on both these shoes pretty Similar lacing you're getting the Tongues are slightly different you're Getting a skinnier stretchier one on the GEL Nimbus 25 you're getting something a Bit more traditional in terms of look on The Triumph 21 which is still thin but It's maybe a little bit more that kind Of conventional padding you're getting You're getting padding around the heel Colors as well I would say that it's a Little bit more plush feeling in terms Of getting on the gel and it was 25 and It really feeds into the theme of what You're getting in the upper in General On the gel numbers 25 how it feels in Terms of that fit it definitely fits a Little bit more snug compared to the Tribe 21 where I think it's a little bit More on the supportive side in terms of How that upper is designed But Ultimately they both fit very well as I Said on my UK size eights I think they Fit absolutely fine I think for most People go to size you should be Absolutely fine in both of these shoes [Music] Okay so the run test in both of these so Um I've done probably about 80k in the

Triumph 21 now but I did about 50k in The gel numbers 25. Um I'll probably say that the other run Testers are bigger fans of the nibus 25 Than me I like the shoe I just have Other shoes that I prefer when it comes To cushioning like the sogly Triumph 21. Um but let's start with the Asus genomes 25. uh I think the new design for the Nimbus range is a big Improvement on the Previous versions previous versions were Fine but I just never really gone with Them they just didn't feel like they Were Um really conducive to a nice Comfortable fluid run Um they were just felt like Um easy day workhorses to me and I Didn't really get a lot out of them the A6 gel Nevis 25 has seen loads of Improvements it's essentially a new shoe Still has the pure gel technology in it Um but that midsole foam is a really Nice balance so similar to like the sort Of phone that you'll get in the New Balance more V4 which is one of my Favorite cushion shoes Um so it's got a nice level of firmness It feels nice and stable on the run but It's still not too firm it's got a nice Balanced midsole so it's got a little Bit of softness in it as well it's not Bouncy really for me um but it's got a Nice fluid transition in it that makes

Easy runs and longer runs feel quite Nice and it's just a solid cushion shoe For me it you can't get really go wrong With it feels like you're you're moving Along nicely and a nice comfortable Great Um but other than that it doesn't really Stand out for me I think it's just a Very solid cushioned shoe and most People will probably enjoy it whereas The Triumph 21 I think is a exceptional Shoe in a lot of ways unlike the Nimbus 25 John number 25 which isn't Necessarily A versatile shoe it's an Easy day shoe it's a slow longer run Shoe Um the trium 21 one is a versatile shoe And it's really becoming more of a daily Shoe these days a cushion daily shoe and I think the reason for that is this Power and plus midsole foam that's in it It's a really nice foam reminds me of More performance Focus Foams it feels Bouncy it feels light feels like it's Popping you off when you're running and I think that when it comes to Versatility this is really getting up There with daily trainers and in how you Can use it I definitely want to say it's The fastest shoe in the world if you're Looking at something like soccer the Endorph in speed three that is a shoe That you can do easier days in and you Can race in I wouldn't race in this if I

If I was racing but I think if you're The sort of Runner that Um really you're training for a marathon Or something like that and your aim is Maybe to get like a four hour marathon Or or slower than that and you your main Focus is just to get across the Finish Line in a shoe that makes you feel Comfortable makes you feel like it's Helping you along the way trying to Anyone is great for that it just feels Like a cushioned performance shoe for me And I just enjoy running in it there's a Couple issues that I have in my Collection that I really like wearing if I'm going for a long run and I don't Really want to go for a long run Um something like this is Johnny was 25 If I'm going for a long run I'm not Going to pick this up just because I'm Not going to get any enjoyment out of it In the same way that I'll get from the Triumph 21. I just think it's a lovely Fluid transition a little bit of pop on The run and it's just a really nice shoe To wear I'd probably say that you could Probably go up to a certain Pace with This as well where you were maybe Speeding up a bit and you're using it For slower interviews or longer Intervals Um so it does have that nice bit of Versatility in it as well which you Won't get from a shoe like the eight at

The A6 John Imus 25 Um but yeah Triumph 21 is still it's Very similar to the 20. the only Difference is really in the upper so the 12 20s I could be saying all the stuff About the Triumph 20 uh which is cheaper Now Um but it's just it's just a great solid Daily cushion shoe which Um if you're going on holiday and you Wanted want you to do all your training In this is nice option it will be the SD Fastest runs in it but it's a nice Comfortable option Um and if you're sort of wanted one pair Of running shoes for all of your running And you maybe weren't going for like a You know three hour marathon time this Would be a good option as well so into That round test now I've had the GEL Nimbus 25 for longer and it's kind of Worked its way into my rotation Particularly for those kind of kind of Pressures off kind of types of runs and Those kind of longer runs where I'm not Really that fussed about running quick Now the Triumph 21 is designed for the Same types of runs I've definitely found It's been creeping into the types of Runs that I would use this shoe for and I've kind of been looking at both of These shoes the same types of runs now The first thing I'm saying is my running Experiences that these are very

Comfortable shoes I've had no issues in Terms of discomfort I think you get a Nice step in feel with both of these Shoes I think you do get a nice feel in Terms of those kind of midsoles you get Protection there and they're kind of Nice kind of plush feel here as well too Now ultimately I do think there's some Differences in terms of the rides and The types of runs that I think these Shoes can work for now I think that's Really really down to what you're Getting in in that kind of midsole Ultimately I think on the gel number 25 It's definitely a plush feeling shoe and You do really sink into that midsole Foam in terms of the ride I think it Prioritizes that Comfort priorities that Protection But ultimately I don't think The rise massively exciting it's pretty Flat in general it's not bad but it's Pretty flat not massively exciting but I Do think it's enough to kind of get you To want to spend a lot of time in a shoe And also be able to run a lot longer in It now I think with the Trump 21 it's It's plush as well I don't think it's as Plush as the midsole on the journal Number is 25 but it's not there to make It feel comfortable to make you feel Like you've got a good level of Protection I do think there's a little Bit more of a more notable rocker Feeling in the Triumph 21 and ultimately

It does make it feel like you can run a Little bit quicker now I found when I Picked the pace up a little bit in this Shoe it's felt more comfortable to do This but I think on the gel number 25 it Doesn't feel like it wants to run Relatively quick like you could do in The previous kind of nimbus shoes So for me this feels a little bit more Versatile the Track 21 was I think with The Jonas 25 it's really about that Plush level of comfort which I think That's where it really excels on Ultimately now in terms of durability I Think these are shoes that are going to Handle a lot of running time I do think When you look at the outsoles I think You are doing you are getting a little Bit more in terms of that outsole on the Saucony trunk 21 I think in terms of the Grip I've had no real issues in terms of The surfaces I've run on I think you Could probably own a little bit of kind Of the lighter trails with these uh Triumph tomatoes and more so than the Jonas 25 if you kind of do mix up your Terrain and it will be absolutely fine And I have found in my runs when I've Done It's been absolutely fine on that front So I do think if you know from a comfort Point of view from a fit point of view They're both very well kind of designed From that point of view I do think in

Terms of the types of runs they're Designed for primarily they work very Well on that front what I would say is I Do or have found that when I wanted to Run or pick up the pace slightly in a Shoe this one has been the better the Tronic 21 from that point of view but I Think in terms of those kind of the the Main types of runs these shoes design For they work very well on that front I Just think they've got a little bit more Out of the Trump tone and I always favor A shoe that gives you the scope to run a Couple of different runs or it's a shoe That you can potentially you can change What you're going to do in a session Ultimately so in terms of my run tests Very positive in both these fronts I Think from a kind of comfort point of View protection the kind of ride that You're getting and experience you're Getting and the types of runs they are Designed for what I do think for me Personally the Triumph 21 feels a little Bit nicer if you want to pick up the Pace in places in your runs 25 it's nice and comfortable it is a Shoe well suited for running long and if That's something you prioritize I will Look for in a shoe primarily in terms of That comfort then this is a shoe that's Going to deliver on that front as well Too [Music]

So my verdict on the Asus John number 25 And the soccer league Triumph 21 is that The two very different sorts of cushion Shoes Um the AC show number 25 is a solid Comfortable enjoyable Workhorse shoe for Slower runs Um and it it's very balanced as well It's it feels nice it's a really good Improvement on the GEL Nimbus 24 and Earlier which I wasn't a big fan of uh It's they're definitely definitely made Some big advances to this shoe so I'm a Big fan of it I really like the FF plus Plus midsole foam in it it's just got a Bit of everything Um but for me it's just not as versatile As a suddenly trying 21 which I think is Really getting there as a competitor for Uh daily shoes and is despite being Quite heavily cushioned it doesn't feel Like that when you're trying to pick up The pace and stuff like that it feels Like a good competent daily shoe that You can pick up the pace a bit more in So the fastest shoe in the world but for Me it's all about that versatility and It's a shoe that can either fit into a Rotation very nicely or be that one shoe That you want to use for everything John 25 I think really fits into that easy Day slower long run category where you Want a Workhorse that just does the job So yeah I'm going for this sucking try

21. obviously So my verdict on whether you should go For the sockony trunk 21 or the Asics Gel Nimbus 25 now I'll start by saying That these are two of the most Comfortable new running shoes that I've Run in and I think if you are looking For a shoe that's well suited to soak up A lot of time on your feet these are two Standout options now if I had to pick One of them I would just about be going for the Saucony trance anyway now what I put That down to as I do think as well as Being a very comfortable shoe a shoe That's well suited for those long runs Those easy Pace runs I do think you have A little bit more scope to run a little Bit quicker in it now I'm not saying Speed work ultimately but I do think if You want to pick the pace up a little Bit in places and you want to do more Tempo running I do think the Triumph 21 Works a little bit better on that front I think with the gel numbers 25 it Definitely prioritizes that Comfort Whether that's from the upper whether That's from what you're getting in the Midsole and just maintaining that ride Ultimately and that level of comfort Whereas I don't think it has the same Versatility particularly when you Compare it to the previous Nimbus shoes As well to I think durability wise I

Think they're both well equipped to soak Up a lot of time as I said on your feet But if it was me and I was picking and Well that's going to stick in my Rotation for the same types of runs I Would be going for the Triumph 21. Ultimately these are two good shoes if You want something that are designed for Long Easy runs you're not massively Worried about your pace but if you want Something that's a little little bit More versatile I would say go the Sockony transform one based on my Testing okay so there you have it that Is our little comparison video and how The soccer knee Triumph 21 compares to The Asics Gel Nimbus 25. now if you've Got any questions about these two shoes Or any other aspects that we haven't Covered in this video do let us know as Always like And subscribe hit that Little bell to find out about the latest Videos and yeah we'll see the next Fantastic video Foreign