The Asics Gel Nimbus 26 is a max stack cushioned shoe focusing on comfort over easy days and long runs. Unlike the Gel Nimbus 25, which saw major changes from the previous versions, the 26 sees modifications to the upper, an improved rubber outsole, an added rocker and a slightly firmer midsole.

The Fresh Foam More V4 is a max cushioned shoe designed for plush, comfortable miles that features a number of design updates over the More V3. The biggest of those is the addition of even more Fresh Foam X midsole foam that makes it higher and wider than its predecessor – a design feature that aims to improve the stability of the ride.

Tom and Nick have been testing the shoes out to see which is worth spending your money on.

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01:00 – Design
02:20 – How’s The Fit?
03:56 – The Run Test
09:34 – Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another running shoe versus in this Video we are going to be doing a Comparison of the as6 gel numers 26 and The New Balance more V4 now I sent the Gel ners 26 from the team over at sport Shoes I'm not paid to do this review I Can say whatever I want but big thanks To the guys for getting us over so I can Actually do some videos on the shoe if You go to the caption below you can find A link to the shoe on the Sports sh's Website to find out a bit more about it If we don't cover it in this review Right let's jump in and do the verses [Music] The A6 gel nimbers 26 costs £180 or $160 It weighs 301 G or 10.6 Oz for men in a Size 8 and the drop is 8 mm the New Balance more V4 costs £40 or $149.99 it weighs 298 G or 10.5 o for Men in a size eight and the drop is 4 Mm The A6 gel nimus 26 is a Mac stack Cushion shoe focusing on Comfort over Easy days and long runs unlike the gel Nimus 25 which saw major changes from The previous versions the 26 sees Modifications to the upper an improved Rubber out soole an added rocker and a Slightly firmer midsole the shoe Combines a thick layer of FF blast plus Eco foam with the Brand's pure gel Technology to provide a soft and

Cushioned ride that reduces impact the New breathable upper and collar Construction aims to improve the fit and Provide a high level of stepping Comfort While the updated outside rubber is Designed to increase grip and durability The Fresh Foam Mo V4 is a Max cushion Shoe designed for plush comfortable Miles that features a number of design Updates over the more V3 the biggest of Those is the addition of even more Fresh Foam X midsole foam that makes it higher And wider than its predecessor a design Feature that aims to improve the Stability of the ride as well New Balance has also updated the outsole With new cushion zones across the length Of the shoe as well as Flex Zones to Give it a more natural feel on the run The shoe still features a rocker profile For a smooth transition and a modified Engineered mesh upper that's built to Feel plush but ensure ample Breathability the out soole is covered With a generous level of rubber for grip And to protect the mids soft foam There's also a reflective logo on the Shoe for added visibility at Night so the fit for me in these two Shoes I'm size eight in the UK these are Both size eights uh I found both of them To be very comfortable shoes the New Balance Mo V4 I've done a lot of miles In and had no issues in it at all I

Would definitely stick to my size in the New Bal M V4 the uh nimbers 26 it's Quite a roomy shoe when you first put it On it does feel like there's a lot of Space available in this shoe um I didn't Have a problem with it after a bit but I Can feel that it isn't a really lock Down type fit sometimes when I'm wearing It so I would say you might want to go Down half a size in the GEL Nimbus 26 Just because it's a little bit roomy I Was okay with it but I probably could Have gone down half a size so when it Comes to the fit of the two shoes I've Got a uk9 in both shoes which new Balan Is a US 9.5 and it's a US 10 in the aex So as you might expect the aex is a Little bit roomier but actually I think In general the Nimbus is quite a big Fitting shoe I always have a uk9 with Aex and for most shoes it's kind of okay But with the really big cushion shoes Like the Keo and the Nimbus it does tend To actually be a little bit big so if You're someone like me who's right on The fence in between sizes you could Maybe look at the smaller size of the Two the M 4 has a fairly tight fit uh I'd say maybe it's the other end of the Scale here because even though it Obviously is a bit smaller as us 9.5 I Think it actually is a fairly small shoe So maybe if you're right on the fence Between sizes you can maybe look at the

Half size up in the more V4 I've been Happy enough with my normal shoe size in Both of them though they've got a good Enough hold around the heel and midfoot I've not had any slippage or concerns About that and I've done long runs in The new balance of no concerns about the Amount of room in the toe box so yeah All in all the fit's been okay my normal UK size probably us sizing will be Better way to go with these two shoes I Think to get a more accurate fit Potentially so you've got a couple of Big chunky shoes here that really are at Their best at easy paces and welld Designed for long runs I would say I Kind of enjoyed both testing both of These shoes I'm not a huge user of Max Cushion shoes myself don't tend to feel That I need this much cushioning On The Run even for easy runs but I don't mind Testing these shoes they're comfortable Enough and protect the legs well both Pretty beefy and heavy neither Particularly versatile but on that front I do think the aex probably has a Slightly nimbler lighter ride to it You've got a bit more bounce from the Foam I'd say the foam in the Nimbus 26 Is a little bit better than the foam in The mo V 4 got a slightly more softer Feel to that FF blast plus and a bit More of a bounce to it as well it's a Also very resilient phone so it holds up

Very well throughout runs the M 4 feels Really nice long runs but I think There's a lot more down to the rocker Geometry you have here the lower drop The big stable design supports you on All sides and just rolls you through Your foot strike really nicely if you do Try and move at any kind of speed you do Feel how dull the foam is in the M4 a Little bit more it's really not giving You a lot back if you're doing that but When you are just cruising along it Feels very nice it's got that supportive Stable feel both actually have quite Naturally stable shoes but I do think The mo V4 is a slightly more stable Design for a neutral shoe with those big Side WS of foam and the rocky you have Here attics like I say slightly Lively Of heal to the foam but really with both Shoes I'd be restricted them to easy Runs as what they do best for sure the Mor 4 obviously has a lower drop it is Quite a low drop but I don't really feel Like it felt like a very low Drop on the It's got quite a big rocker at the four Foot there I think that's really the Sensation of the run you get from the Shoe is just the flowing rocker feel Which works very well if you are just Shuffling along mooching along at an Easy Pace letting the shoe help you tick Over it's when you try and extend beyond Those Paces I think it becomes a bit

Clunky but I really did like just Cruising through runs in the shoe and Easy runs and that kind of thing so the Ax you've got a bit more of a snap Through to it actually can be a little Bit Slappy with the new outsole the ax 20 ders 26 I found like it's got a Slightly Slappy sound to it at times Especially if you try and run at any Kind of pace but for the most part it's Fairly smooth got a bit of a rocker as Well and you are getting a nice Comfortable base obviously with all that Foam underf foot so pretty enjoyable run Test in both shoes there are some small Differences you've got a smoother ride With the morvi 4 you got slightly more Versatile feel and the slightly more Bouncy foam in the aex but both of them I' say definitely at their best for Those easy and long runs and that's how I'd slip them into my rotation so these Are two shoes that on paper appear very Similar they're both very big cushion Shoes they design for those easy runs Longer runs um comfortable daily miles All those sorts of things where you just Want a lot of cushioning and comfort and Plushness that sort of stuff um I've Done a lot of miles uh in the New Balance mo4 it's one of my favorite Cushion shoes that I've um ever used the Reason I like it so much is it's not the Softest shoing around I really do like

Soft shoes quite a lot um and it does it Does have a nice level of softness to it But for me uh it's the rocker action for It I really like the smooth feel of this Shoe um once you get into a nice fluid Uh long run easy run in it it just Taps You forward nicely just moves you along It's not a necessarily bouncy shoe it's Not a squishy shoe it's just got a nice Balance of um cushioning um but also That smooth turnover as well I also like The really wide base on it um it feels Very stable it feels like when you're Putting your feet on the ground it's Really firmly touching the ground and There's no sort of wobbling or anything Like that which you can get with some Max cushion shoes so um I'm big fan of The New Balance Mo V 4 uh and the Previous Mo V3 I just think it's a Really solid comfortable easy day shoe And I've done long runs in this as well I've gone up to about 20 mies in this Shoe uh it's not great for long runs It's not poppy it's not going to help You with with energy return or anything But it does just Cruise you through it It's a very nice enjoyable uh run if You're just maintaining a nice Comfortable Pace the um as6 gel 26 uh It's similar in a lot of ways but that Midol foam is's a little bit more life To it so it does feel a bit bouncier it Does feel as soon as you put it on you

Can sort of feel a little bit more um of That energy return in it when when when You pick it up it's also pretty stable Shoe I don't think a as a new balance Mo V4 but it is a pretty stable shoe it's Very solid shoe it feels like um there's A lot of MIT foam really hitting the Ground it's nice and wide um what I Would say about it is that um I don't Feel that the rocket is as noticeable as The one in the new bandm V4 and as a Result I don't feel like the transitions Are as smooth in this shoe as they are In that shoe I do think it's a more fun Feeling shoe you can definitely feel That bounce as soon as you start wearing It but once I've done probably uh 5K in This shoe maybe I'm going it for a long Run I do feel like it's missing The Rocker that I like in the new Balan more V4 um it's a very nice shoe it's very Enjoyable to wear if you're a beginner If you're a general Runner it's a great Option for uh just having something in Comfort that just is really enjoyable to Go running in um but for me it just Lacks that sort of rocker design um that I get from New Balance morv 4 I probably Like the Pham more in the uh gel num 26 But I just like the way that the new Bal More V4 rides in comparison to it the Other thing is and I think Nick mentions This as well it's got a very Slappy Outsole I I notice this every time I'm

Running in it and it I do find it quite Annoying um just just just feel a bit Loud when you're running down the street The outsole on both these shoes is Absolutely fine not had any shoes at all There's a updated outsole on the um Nimbus 26 which is partly why it's a bit Slappy um but it is it is very good at Gripping on wet surfaces things like That new B more V4 absolutely fine I've Had no issues with that at all Either so the verdict for me on these Two shoes it's a tricky one because I Really do like both of these shoes I Think they're um really good solid Options if you're looking for comfort And um daily miles easy miles uh neither Of them is particularly good if you're Picking up the pace for me um I would Actually I think Nick mentions that the Nimba 26 is a little bit more versatile I don't really find that myself um I Think both of these are you pretty much Stuck at a pace uh which is easy pace You're not going to be going any faster In it and once you try and pick up the Pace in it they just they're just not Designed to do that um but for me I Think it really just comes down to the Rocker feel and I just enjoy the feel of The new bmore V4 um geometry a bit more It just feels a little bit more Enjoyable when you're cruising in it um And I think also I know Nick prefers the

Nimbus 26 um because he feels like he's A bit poppier when you're running at Faster Paces Nick runs quite a bit Faster than me so I think he's probably Using the shoe a little bit differently Than I am I'm running in these shoes at PACE of probably about 5 minute Kilometers which Nick very rarely does Uh and as a result I think I'm probably Getting the best out of the new Bal Mori 4 as opposed to the GEL Nimbus 26 but Having said that they're both great Shoes um if I had either of these shoes For my easy easy runs and long runs and That sort of thing i' would be more than Happy um I just think it comes down to That rock motion but also the fact that It's consider cheaper to get the new Band Mor V 4 um if you I I don't know When the New Balance Mo V5 comes out Hopefully it won't go up in price Massively to match shoes like the GEL Nimbus 26 um but if it doesn't um then It's it's a really really good option if You're looking for a cushion uh easy run Shoe because um it there's not a lot in It for me between these two shoes um and But there is when it comes to the price So I definitely pick up the new band mie For over the gel ners 26 based on that But having said that um the shoes Go down in price quite a lot I think the Gel number 25 dropped by quite a lot Quite early on uh after it was released

So you might be able to pick up uh the Gel number 26 cheaper in the near future Uh or just get the gel number 25 which Is very very similar um I'd probably say Almost identical for me in terms of what I get out of those shoes um equally the New Balance mobie 4 went down in price Massively um quite early on uh after its Release as well so you can probably pick These shoes or the older version of this Shoe um the Nimbus 26 up pretty cheap uh At some point so uh if price isn't an Option I would still go for the New Balance more V4 but I think for a lot of People the gel numers 26 has a little Bit more fun in it um and a little bit More bounce in that mid cell phame it Comes to the verdict I would probably go For the mor V4 as they cheaper shoe as I Really felt that they do the similar job And they do it similarly well if in Slightly different ways I think if I was Just going to pick up a shoe to put in Rotation as an easy run shoe the mor4 Does that job really well it's Supportive stable I like The Rocker on The shoe it ticks over nicely when You're at that very relaxed pace and Almost helps keep you at that relaxed Pace because it really isn't a shoe to Try and up the pace it and I don't think It's a bit heavy and a bit clunky if you Try and do that but as an easyday shoe It does its job really well say if

You're looking though as a for a Cushions daily trainer for something That you are going to use for a bit of Everything I think the aex is the more Versatile shoe it's probably the one That I would recommend that if you're a Beginner Runner just started out wining One shoe for all your runs I think the Aex does a really good job of that Because it does have that slightly more Lively foam it can move at PACE a little Bit better while still being very Comfortable and protective for its main Job which is as an easy run shoe for Cruising around in it's also got that Slightly hard drop which generally I Think is good if you're just starting Out with running but like I say it's got Quite a rocker on the mor4 so that low Drop doesn't necessarily feel as low as It is in my opinion different to prices Very Stark though G is a fair bit more Expensive than the mor V4 and you know If you're just looking for an easy shoe To add to your rotation the mor V4 does That job really well and you're getting A lot better value with it so that'll be Another reason to go for the New Balance Can also pick up the older GEL Nimbus I Would say which is very similar the Jael Nimbus 25 very similar to Jael nimus 26 All the stuff I've talked about in the Review would apply to that shoe as well So if you do see that shoe in a big sale

And the price is more with the more V4 You can make a bit of a better choice For having to think about value there But overall I'd get the more V4 I like The way it rocks through the stride Quite nicely for those easy runs like I Say I probably wouldn't be a big user of Either shoe myself but if I was getting One it would be for the easy run shoe in My rotation and the mor 4 does that job Better but if you are looking for a Cushion shoe just to use for all your Runs and want something that has a bit More pace and you are looking to run a Bit faster at times I think the Nimbus Probably does that job a little bit Better okay so that's it from us on this Versus of the new pal Mo V4 and the A6 Gel nimbers 20 six thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click the little bell and all those Things and if you go into the cat blow You can find a link to uh the G numers 26 on the sports shes website thanks a Lot for watching catch you next Time