The Asics Magic Speed 2 was one of our favourite plated trainers, and the updates Asics has made to the Magic Speed 3 should make it a faster shoe, furthering its credentials as a low-cost carbon super-shoe alternative. Nick has been out for a first run in the shoe, doing a 8x1K session where he also used the Asics Metaspeed Sky+ to compared Asics’s best racer to the Magic Speed 3, along with a short run comparing the Magic Speed 3 to the Magic Speed 2.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:11 – Design & Key Stats
02:38 – How’s The Fit
03:16 – The Run Test
07:28 – Early Verdict

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Hello welcome to run testers my name's Nick and this is our first run review of The Asics magic speed 3. [Music] So the magic Speed 3 is the third Version of asics's plated training Partner shoe that's the magic Speed 2 There I really like the magic Speed 2 it Was probably my favorite play to shoot Just because the fit worked for me a Little bit better than the Endorphin Speed but it wasn't the most popular Shoe out there and Asics has made some Changes to the magic Speed 3 that make It a bit racier in general it's 160 Pounds in the UK 160 in the US which is About right it's you know it's a fair Bit cheaper on RRP than most compact Racing shoes pitched well as a either a Budget alternative to carbon shoes or a Training partner shoe it has a seven Millimeter drop and the stack height is 36 millimeters at the heel 29 the Forefoot in the men's and 35 and 28 Millimeters in the women's shoe that's One millimeter lower than the s650 speed 2 in the men's shoe and it's really Light it's 221 grams or 7.8 ounces That's in my UK size 9 us10 that is a Fairly big drop in weight from the magic Speed 2 which was 238 grams in my size It's about as light as or even lighter Than most Super Shoes these days Although the meta speed sky from Asics

Is a fair bit lighter main changes to The magic Speed 3 are that the plate is Now a full carbon plate instead of a mix Of carbon and TPU and then the midsole Foams are both FF blast plus you see That written on the side there the top Layer and the bottom layer are both FF Blast plus whereas with the magic Speed 2 the top layer is FF blast plus and the Bottom layer was a regular flight foam So you've got two layers of Asics Slightly better foam even though it's Still not the turbo foam you get in the Meta Speed Line you've also got now got The motion wrap Upper from The Meta Speed series still got a little bit of Padding on the back but in general it's Lighter a little bit less thick than the Upper on the magix V2 which helps Contribute to the drop in weight then You've also got a big cut out on the Midsole which also helps drop in weight Didn't have that on the magic Speed 2 But the outsole has been extended so it Now runs the entire length of the medial Side of the shoe and you've got a bit More going on at the heel as well Compared to the magic Speed 2 which Should help with durability and grip so For the first round video I've gone out And tried to compare it to the other Asic shoes that are relevant to it so I've done a little a B test with the Magic Speed 2 but before that this

Morning I went and did a eight times one Case and where I did a couple of reps in The Meta speed Sky Plus and then did the Rest in the magic speed three to see how It compares to the full Super Shoe in Asics range the last mistake is thanks To sports shoes for sorting out samples For this review we're not affiliated With sports shoes in any way and as Always the review is completely unbiased But they did sort us out with the magic Speed 3 and also the new meta speeds Guide Plus colorway for the video so big Thanks to them for sort this out the Shoes so we could do this review Foreign I have my normal uk-9 us-10 in the S6 Magic Speed 3 and it fits me pretty well That's the same size having all my Asic Shoes but it's certainly got a tighter More racy fit than other Asic shoes in The range so if you think about things Like the Nimbus and Kayano I'd have the Same size in those and I've done a lot More room in the tow bar because I do With the magic Speed 3 it's quite tight And cramped up there which is fine for Me because I'm probably slightly small For my size but if you're in between Sizes If I bang on it's probably best to Go for the half size up I think it's Fair to say because it is quite cramped Around the toes otherwise no concerns at All the fit good hold of the heel no

Heel rubbishes or anything like that and Nice secure fit around the midfoot Foreign In the Asics magic speed three I've got A nice session of the plan doing eight Kind 1K reps at around 325k pay for 60 Seconds break in between so about half Marathon pace is the plan it should feel Quite hard because I haven't really been Able to do a great training lately I'm Going to swap for reps three and four I Think two of the Reps to the Asics meta Speed Sky Plus just to compare the magic Speed to the motor speed which obviously Is the full carbon racing Q in Asics Range so should be a nice indication of What you kind of lose by opting for the Plated trainer in the magic speed Compared to the meta speed which Obviously is more expensive higher stack Better foam should be a little bit more Lively a little bit lighter as well but Be interesting to see what kind of Comparison I can draw from that and Later in the day when I'm back at home I Might also do a short uh a B test with The magic Speed 2 and the magic Speed 3 On my feet just to see how the change in Midsole setup has really affected the Ride of the two shoes but I was a big Fan of the magic speed 2. I know there's Been lots of reviews out there of the Magic Speed 3 saying oh you know no one Thought the magic Speed 2 was good I

Thought it was a really good shoot it's Probably my favorite place to training Shoe because the fit for me was better Than the Endorphin speed three so I'm Really looking forward to getting out in The three today and seeing how it feels Foreign [Music] Enjoyed that today Pace was actually Quite controlled on the Reps there a Couple fast at the start but over Excited end up on the road today a Closed Road near me you can see behind Me there um which is because it's sports Day season here so all the tracks are Full around me with kids having a great Time can't progress them that so find a Nice road instead so up and down that Reps felt nice controlled in both shoes So swap to The Meta speed Sky Plus for The third rep and you can feel like it It has got more oomph off the toes in Particular it's bouncy off the toes you Feel the forefoot a lot more because of The way the stack is set up as well with The lower drop and just that bulbous Four foot on it and then actually when I Switched back to the magic speed almost Felt more Nimble little Hill at the Start of the ramp a very small one and Just felt more Nimble up it but then Coming down you can feel the roll onto The forefoot a bit firmer uh a bit more Clearly because it's got slightly less

Foam under that forefoot but then you Get a little bit less pop off the off The toes compared to the metal speed sky But she's still a brilliant shoe like I Thought it was brilliant today I really Enjoyed it sort of when I felt really Good at the start wraps and the starter Sessions flying along the shoes are Really light really easy to pick up but Then when you're tiring it does have That rolling effect that kind of helps You sustain Paces sustain your Efficiency and it's got that in the same Way that Super Shoes have like it Obviously I think it is slightly less Bouncy on the forefoot there compared to The meta speed today but really is an Impressive shoe for running fast I felt Very comfortable running clicking it Today and it feels like you can sustain Fast Paces in it so they'll do that Little ad test with the magic speed too Another shoe I really like but yeah Really enjoyed the magic speed out there Today thought it was a very impressive Far shoe you know not really not a big Step down for the better speed on those Rats there maybe a tab as bouncy but has All the Hallmarks of a really impressive Plated shoe Foreign I've just been out for a little poodle Wearing the magic speed two and one foot And the three on the other I thought

It'd be interesting just because they Are pretty similar shoes to see if there Was a change in feel with the carbon Plate and the changing midsole phones And to be honest there isn't a massive One that's immediately noticeable it Certainly becomes a little bit more Noticeable over time but at first they Feel quite similar shoes I'd say the Magic Speed 3 certainly feels lighter And airier on the foot so because it is Lighter but also the upper the change of Upper makes it feel a lot more open and Lightweight a bit more racy in general I Feel very slightly maybe speeds are Transition a little bit more onto your Forefoot and off the toes compared to The magic speed at two but very slightly Like I said I really did like the magic Speed 2 thought it was a great shoe for Doing fast workouts in and it feels a Little bit comfy when you sit back in Your heels on the shoe as I do Um especially when running easy I feel Like it has a little bit more Comfort Maybe than the two but this then the Three but very marginal stuff there see If it looks like a really big upgrade on Paper but certainly is a lot more Similarities and there are differences Between the magic speed two and three in Terms of the geometry the setup the Foams used even with the upgrade you Have here with the three which is a bit

Lighter and has a full carbon plate and Two layers of the FF blast plus phone [Music] Foreign From Asics to the shoe without putting In a big price jump or anything like That they just refine the shoe to make It a little bit lighter racier punchier And it's like more exciting and I think It's now it's certainly a better option If you're looking at the magic speed as An alternative to full carbon plate Racing shoes obviously you can get full Super Shoe in sales for near the RRP of The magic Speed 3 which means the price Might be a little bit less of a concern At the same time the magic Speed 3 Itself will come down at price if it Drops somewhere near 100 pounds 100 then You've ended up with what is really Quite a good racing shoe I think given The changes Asics have made even if it's Not quite a full super shoot Michael put Back to the test this weekend by doing The Asics London 10K in the shoes one of The video on that to see how the magic Speed really does there as a full racing Shoe rather than just a fast trainer on The training side of things I think it's An interesting option in this plated Area which is now full of really Excellent shoes I think but when you Look at those shoes a lot more of them I Think are gearing more towards being

Great all-rounder it's like in open Speed 3 is brilliant all rounder very Good at fast stuff very comfortable the Hawker Mac taxes really built I think Better for easy ones than anything else Canvara Pro the same even the Puma DV8 Nitro he's got really good outsole nice Comfortable upper again great for daily Training but a speed work whereas I Think the magic speed tilts more towards The speed end of things I think it's a Really fast shoe very close to the Performance of a carbon shoe for fast Runs trade-off being it's a little bit Less comfortable I'd say than all those Other shoes so if you're looking at as Little rounder then that might be the Area it falls down on a bit we're gonna Have a lot of comparisons to those shoes Uh coming up on the channel once we've Done more testing automatic speed of Course and a few of those other shoes Still so I think I like the upgrade to This because it makes it a race issue it Makes it more clearly defined as a fast Trainer speed shoe race day alternative To carbon shoes but losing out or maybe That versatility that you get with some Of the other shoes out there I think This will still be okay for easy runs We'll put that to the test for the four Of you but that might hurt it a little Bit when you compare it to something Like the Endorphin Speed 3 which is so

Good for everything lots more testing to Come I'll get out and do some nice easy Runs in it which I did like doing in the Magic speed too and we'll see how the Shoe feels for those but they certainly Kicks the box when it comes to speed [Music] So that's our first run review of the R6 Magic speed three let us know what you Think in the comments below please do Like subscribe ring the little bell and We'll see you next time