The Asics Magic Speed 3 is the daily trainer/racer follow-up to the Magic Speed 2, a shoe that we were much bigger fans of than the original Magic Speed.

For the Speed 3, Asics is hoping to make the £160/$160 a better fit for running your fastest compared to previous Speeds, adding in more foam, a Metaspeed series-inspired upper and a new, overall lighter design.

Testers Mike and Nick have raced and put the carbon plate-packing shoe to the training test to find out if 3 is the magic number for Asics and this is one of the best new running shoes to buy in 2023.

(Nick’s Asics Magic Speed 3 review sample was provided by SportShoes. For more info on the Asics Magic Speed 3 head here (this is not an affiliate link):

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00:10 – Price and Key Details
00:54 – How does it fit?
02:33 – The Run Test
09:15 – Verdict

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Foreign Hey this is Mike from run testers and This is our multitester review of the Asics magic speed 3. Here's the key stats for the Asics magic Speed 3 it's priced at 160 pounds in the UK and 160 in the US it's got a seven Millimeter Drop Like The Magic speed 2. Now it's jumped up a few millimeters at The forefoot and the hill on the stack Height front a UK size eight weighed in At 210 grams or 7.4 ounces Asics has Swapped an engine mesh upper for a Motion wrap kind included on its mess Speed series shoes to help reduce the Overall weight it still uses its FF Blast Plus in the midsole but there's Now two layers here alongside a full Carbon plate it also uses a similar Asics grip rubber outsole as featured in The magic Speed 2 and the Met speed Shoes 2. If it's been really good for me in my Normal size of the Asics magic speed 3. I've got a uk9 here which is my normal Size that's a us10 that's the size I Have in pretty much all Asic shoes it's Not quite as roomy issue as they're more Cushioned options like the Nimbus which Has a bit more room in the toe box it Says I erase your fit and it's got that Slightly more torpedo uh style to it but I have a narrow fit that suits me really Well I really like this upper I think

It's really comfortable certainly around The heel where it's very padded given That it's such a lightweight shoe and Yeah I'd have no concerns to about the Fit in my normal size so I would stick With your normal size so in terms of it There's no getting away that this is a Narrow fitting Sheen I've had this in a UK size eight I had the magic speed one And two in the UK size 8 as well those Are narrow fitting shoes as well too but Only for me and my feet my skinny feet They've been absolutely fine I've spent A lot of time in the master speed sky And Sky Plus as well and I think there's Similarities if you use those shoes and You'll you'll know what to kind of Experience or what to expect in terms of That fit with the magic speed three I Was pretty happy you know I didn't have Any issues to really report you know the Space up front of the toes gives you Scopes gonna run a little bit longer in It I think as well if you want to Lockdown's been absolutely fine for me It's got that racy kind of profile and Fit to it in general mid foothold was Absolutely fine no issues no kind of Slippage I couldn't manage to get a good Kind of good fit in general so yeah I Would say based on my testing I wouldn't Want to go half a size up or half size Down in this shoe I think a UK size Eight worked fine for me similar story

To what we got on the previous shoes and As I said it's narrow so if you've got Slightly wider feet you might find a bit Of a snug fit in general All right I was a really big fan of the Asics Magic Speed 2 it became probably my Favorite plated trainer just on fit I Think the Endorphin Speed 3 is a Slightly more impressive ride but the Magic Speed 3 fit me really well because Of its slightly more narrow design for My narrow foot the change has made the Magic B3 I think are quite interesting And they do make it a faster more Performance orientated shoe uh it Certainly got a nippier feel to it a Less a cushioned feel than the magic Speed 2 and when I was running reps in The shoot it felt really fast really Grounded you really could feel the Ground on your foot under the forefoot In particular and feel that acceleration The pop from the plate the Foams aren't The bounciest like it's good foam this Stuff the fs blast plus it's you know Great on certain shoes and Asics range But on the ratio lineup the FF turbo Foam is better it's mostly bouncier in My first run in the shoe I did a session Running K reps where I also used the Metal speed sky for a couple and it's Noticeable how much more kind of booming Propulsion you get from the metal speed

Sky it feels more cushioned especially Under the forefoot you get more bounce From it but this still feels very fast The magic Speed 3 is a really good shoe For speed workouts but I do think it's Lost a little bit of the versatility he Had with the magic Speed 2 which I did Enjoy actually cruising around on easy Runs in I've done some easier Pace stuff In the magic speed at three but it never Tends to be that easy Pace this is a Shoe that's always itching to rock you Forward give you a nice powerful toe off And run fast it's really very much a Speed focused shoe that's no bad thing That is something I think you've got to Bear in mind when looking at it in the Super trainer category or a lot of shoes That build more as all rounders whereas I think the magic Speed 3 really is a Speed Focus shoe and issue that works as An alternative to carbon Super Shoes if You're looking for something a little Bit cheaper or as a fast training Student that's what I've mainly used it For like I really enjoy running uh reps In it down at the track again I was Running 400 and 800 and it just really Does feel grounded for what is still Quite a high stack shoe and it feels Really fast really easy to accelerate in The shoe but then I think when it comes To holding good Paces over longer Periods lacks a little bit of the

Cushioning the efficiency the bounce of Uh full Super Shoes which just have Slightly higher Stacks slightly better Foams in the midsole oh also did a park Run in the shoe you know all out and I Enjoyed that as well like around like I Think 1643 which is a great time but Probably about right for my fitness Right now and the shoe for the most part Felt very light Nimble you know a couple Of twists and turns it felt like a great Shoe for the course at times and there Was a big steep downhill at the start Where it was really tipping it down with Rain and the shoe gripped really well I'll say that then when I came to a Slightly longer straight the kind of Last k and a half of the race for a Little Hill at the end uh that's I think Where you lose a bit of the bounce and Propulsion of four Super Shoes like we Just get locked into a nice straight you Know very good surface when you get the Really explosive powerful feel from a Full super suit it's just like a little Bit from this I think it feels a little Bit in between a super shoe and then Something like the adios 8 which is more Of a racing flat feel a bit of a flatter Feel you do get a little bit of Bounce From this but the foam isn't as Lively Their stack isn't quite as high and you Don't get as much punch from it but all In all I really like running in it I

Think it's a really nice fast shoe I Think some people might like to use it As a no rounder I think probably not That many like I just found it wasn't That suitable for easy Paces like it was Okay for them but it really is geared For Speed and that I think limits where You put it in a rotation a little bit But all in all a very good fast running Shoe and a really nice update from Asics To improve the shoe in a few ways make It lighter add a really nice upper and Actually also sort of increase the Coverage of the outsole on the bottom There so in terms of that run test I Have racing this shoe I have done track Sessions with it I have done kind of Wipe Tempo longer rounds and I've tried To do a slower kind of longer easy run In it as well now in terms of where it's Best performed it definitely has been on Those faster runs I do think it is built For Speed I think compared to the magic Speed one and the magic speed 2. I Definitely think it is better suited for That kind of quicker stuff it's Definitely not as firm feeling as those Shoes and I think that's a massive Plus For me I think in terms of your getting overall You're definitely getting something that Puts you much closer the ground which I Kind of like you know you've got this Nice light upper it's really Built For

Speed and racing and that's kind of what I've I felt is excelled best at you know It's nicely responsive it's Lively it's Energetic you know you get a nice pop You've got that full-length calm plate In here that when you're running a Little bit quicker in it you do really Feel the benefits of and you're really Engaging with it a lot more that in Terms of what you're getting here with The shooting how low profile it feels Compared to the other two shoes and it's Giving you more of those elements from Those meth speed series shoes it's not As bouncy as that as the metal speed Sky Plus at Edge Plus I think in terms of Distances it works I think I probably Max out a half marathon in terms of Training and racing I think in terms That I've compared to the magic speed Too I think maybe that worked a little Bit nicer easier easier Paces where I Think with the magic Speed 3 it just Fell you know you you wanted a little Bit more cushioning which you do get Again in the meta speed series Um shoes as well and it I think feels a Lot more comfortable and nicer to run Longer distances in but in terms of the Kind of shorter sharper stuff the speed Sessions the track sessions this quick And what tempo runs when I want to run a Little bit closer to my quicker kind of 10K 5K maybe half marathon pace and I

Think that's where this shoe has Excelled or worked best for me not so Much that the slow runs outsole wise you Get very similar to what we've got on The magic Speed 2 which I found Absolutely fine in general in terms of Kind of dry roads Pavements where I Think you're going to use the shield Once you use a shoe durability wise it Feels a lot better than the um metal Speed series shoes which I'm standable You know and what we've seen ultimately This is more of a training kind of Partner I'm seeing a little bit of wear Now at the back of the shoe but it's not As bad as what I've seen with a similar Level of distance covered in the metal Speed series from a durability point of View I think it's gonna be pretty good and Gripping uh in terms of wet and dry Conditions has been absolutely fine for Me so yeah I definitely think in terms Of a being a super trainer it's you know It's a faster super trainer it's Definitely built for those faster speeds Less so than being something you can Work for those kind of slow it easy runs But if you're looking for something That's got a racing slant to it can work I think for it's kind of you know I said Speed sessions track sessions racing Maybe kind of five 10K Half Marathon Distance I think this works really well

It's available at a good price as well Again and I think a nice light shoe as Well which is something I've really Liked and really valued in my time with It and yeah overall very impressed in Most of the runs I've done particularly In the quicker runs I've done in the Magic speed 3. So magic B3 really good shoe uh one of My favorite super trainers and one that Really lives up to the idea that it's You know a cheaper version of a full Carbon super shoot this is a very good Racing shoe if you want to use it either As your main racing shoe as a cheaper Option than full carbon Super Shoes or As almost like a secondary race or a Shoe that you'd have for Speed sessions And then take something like that Parker And I used it for when I if I only had One carbon Super Shoes looking around But if I only had one carbon super sure Probably wouldn't take it to a wet power Crime you know in the middle of a period Of training when not that fit this is Exactly the kind of shoe that's perfect For it where you can do a lot of Training it's a little bit more durable It's not quite as explosive and Powerful As those carbon shoes but it's still Very quick and you're really not going To lose a lot over those short distances I think compared to the you know top Super Shoes you'll lose a lot more I

Think at longer distances where you Start to Lose That Bouncy repulsive Feeling the efficiency benefits of the Better Foams you get on those shoes and The slightly higher Stacks especially Under the forefoot which I think will be More comfortable over something like a Marathon than the Magic's been three but It'll still be a good long distance Racing as well I think probably has a Lot of people have older carbon shoes That work just as well as this as a you Know secondary fast plated shoe in their Lineup but you can pick up older shoes Like the vaporfly or endorphin Pro 3 for Uh you know around the 160 pound Mark That this shoe is pitched at but looking Down the line the future of this ends up In sales itself near a hundred pounds 100 that's a really nice shoe to pick up And having a rotation it's a little bit Racier a little bit faster a lot of the Super trailers we see these days I think You know if you look at something like The Hoka Mac X or the um kinvara Pro the New Balance SC Trainer too this is a Much more speed Focus shoe and I think It lives up to that super trainer Building a lot better than those shoes As a result but does lose some of the Versatility you get from those other Shoes which are a bit more comfortable For easy cruising if you're comparing it To the best in the business and in this

Type of shoes you know the Endorphin Speed 3 the AES Boston 12. I think those Shoes are a bit more versatile they have A lot more comfort and enjoyment in the Ride at slower speeds I think the magic Speed 3 is a slightly faster shoe than Both of those if you're looking at All-out reps but then you know that's Short reps if I was looking at cruising Through longer Tempo runs doing kind of 20 minute hard runs long marathon pace Sessions that kind of thing I'd probably Prefer to be in the Boston 12 or the Endorphin 3 myself as they're a little Bit more comfortable and they feel Slightly better cruising at those good Paces if not all outpaces than the magic Speed 3. so yeah a little tricky one Thing but if you can see it at a good Price you need a speed queue in your Rotation you want a secondary racer then It's a really good option if you don't Want to spend really big on a carbon Super Shoe then this is a nice cheap Alternative actually at that Park when I Was running in the guy who came behind Me was in the magic Speed 2 I saw some Endorphin speeds around it's these Costumes do really work well for things Like Park runs and those yeah like I say Those kind of secondary races where you Just want to have a good hard run out And maybe want to save your uh Super Shoes for another day but yeah a really

Enjoyable update good shoe maybe not as Versatile as some of those other super Trainers out there but a really fast Option and a really fun one to run it Okay so my verdict on the Asics magic Speed three and I think there's a few Ways to look at this if we think about It as you know compared to the previous Magic speeches and those shoes being Failed as kind of training companion Shoes for the mess speed series shoes This does a far better job of that than The previous two magic speeds I think You know it brings enough the traits of Those meta speed shoes that you could Probably you know use these for your Speed work your faster kind of slightly Longer runs in and Save The Meta speed Shoes for your race day and you know Where the outsold durability and Durability in general is probably not as Strong as you're getting on the um magic Speed three other way to look at it is We're thinking about these kind of super Trainer shoes and how it works from Being something that you can use for all Of your runs I definitely do think it's more geared Towards faster running I mean the clues In the name it's called Magic speed and I think in terms of what you feel and What I felt in this shoe it is better Suited for those quicker runs or quicker Training runs I think when you ease off

On it it doesn't really work as well so If you're looking for something that can Work for your slow run you know quicker Runs I don't think that's where it Excels that's definitely on that fastest Side of things I think distance wise I Probably wouldn't go more than half Marathon distance it personally Um I'm not sure I think there's a bit More you're getting from the um meta Speeds Sky Plus in terms of what you're Getting over longer distances and what You're getting from the cushioning and That that feel over longer distances but In terms of being a affordable shoe that You can train in your faster runs do Some racing I would say probably up to Half Mountain distance based on my Testing then I think it definitely works Out from I've enjoyed running in the Shoe it's one that I will use and I will Continue to still use for my faster Sessions Um and I think that's the biggest Compliment I give magic Speed 3 I think It really does excel at the super Trainers that I've used so far in terms Of being something that can work for Um kind of quicker runs or quicker Training runs and it's definitely a Better fitting companion shoe for The Meta speed Sky Plus which I do use and We'll use for my marathons uh when I'm Back to running marathons again

Um and yeah oh very very impressed with The magic Speed 3 and definitely a step Up on the first two shoes Okay so there you have it that is our Take on the Asics magic speed 3. now we Will have some comparison videos with Other super trainers so keep a look out On the channel for those very soon as Always like And subscribe hit that Little bell to find out about our latest Videos and yeah we'll see you next round That's this video [Music]