The Hoka Mach X and the Asics Magic Speed 3 are part of a new breed of Super Trainer – shoes that you can use for your training time with scope to race in them too. So, a lot like the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 and other Super Trainers like the Adidas Boston 12.

Testers Mike and Nick have spent running in time in the Speed 2 and the Mach X to better understand the differences between the two, the runs they work best for and tell you which one best fits that Super Trainer profile.

00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Price and differences
01:23 – How do they fit?
03:27 – The Run Test
09:30 – Verdict

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Foreign Hey this is Mike from the Run testers And in this video myself and Nick will Be telling you how the Asics magic Speed 3 compared to the Hawker Mac X will take You through the key differences first Then let you know our running experience And whether you should go for the magic Speed 3 or the Hawker Mac X [Music] Let's run down those stats for the Asics Magic Speed 3 and the Hawker Mac x the Speed 3 cost 160 pounds in the UK and 160 dollars in the US while the Mac X is Also 160 pounds in the UK but pricier at 180 in the US the Mac X has a five Millimeter Heel To Toe drop compared to The seven millimeter one on the magic Speed 3 and then a UK size 8 the speed Three weighed in at 210 grams compared To 246 grams on the Mac X in the Apple Department hockey uses Jacquard mesh Climbed while Asics uses a motion wrap Which is made from a lightweight net Skin material midsole Asics uses two Layers of its FF blast plus foam Alongside a full-length com plate while The Mac X features hawker's pro-fly X Midsole which is made up of peeba and Eva Foams with the p-box plate Sandwiched in the middle Soul hockey Uses a durabrasion rub one similar to What it uses on the rocket X2 while Asics grabs the Asics grip one from its

Metaspeed series shoes [Music] So I found that both of these shoes fit Me very well in my normal size of both Brands these are both uk9s but with the Hoco Mac X that is a US 9.5 whereas at Asics us-10 they seem to have quite a Similar length and fit to me they're Both reasonably narrow shoes which suits Me well as someone with a narrow foot But that might be a concern with both Shoes if you have wide feet at the upper On the Asics I think is really good Stretches nicely to accommodate the foot Good padding at the heel really Comfortable hold there for what is a Very lightweight racy upper the Mac X is Upper is a little bit more training Oriented I say there's a bit more Padding it's not quite as breathable at The front but it is still really Comfortable good upper all round like I Say both of these shoes fit me well in My normal running shoe size my normal Size for these Brands but you might look Out for narrowness with both of them so In terms of fit I've had both of these Shoes in a UK size eight and there's no Getting away from the fact these are Both narrow fitting shoes Um I would say you probably feel that Narrowness a little bit more on the Magic Speed 3 as you do on the Mac X but Ultimate in the Mac X is very similar to

What you get on the Mac Series in General is a narrow Hawker shoe to wear Um but you know in terms of fit for me They've been absolutely fine in the UK Size eight Um you know I've been pretty far I Haven't had any issues whatsoever I Would say maybe you get a slightly more Snug fitting feel on the Mac X um just Because of the nature the different Uppers that you're getting here maybe it Opens up slightly a little bit more the Mid foot but I don't think it's a Massive amount in it you've got pretty Similarly kind of skinny tongues here The laces are very similar as well kind Of flatter laces so in terms of lockdown That you're getting I think it's pretty Similar across these two shoes but yeah In terms of my UK size eight been Absolutely fine I wouldn't entertain Going half size up half size down in These shoes I would say maybe for as I Said feeling now and it's a little bit More on the magic speed three but again The Mac X is narrow as well so if you Need something a bit more accommodating It's maybe worth having a look at Playing around sizes wise because as I Said you know on my outfit is absolutely Fine but they are a little bit on the Skinny side [Music] So into that run test and I have run

More in the magic speed three I'm Catching up in terms of my distance in The Mac X I haven't raced in the Mac X I'm having the magic Speed 3 and I've Done track sessions in both of these Shoes I have done some kind of longer Kind of um what tempo runs I've done Some kind of slow easier runs in them as Well done indoor kind of treadmill runs In with them as well too now in terms of My experience of running these shoes When it comes to running quicker This shoe has felt nicer it's felt more Responsive that really lends itself to What you're getting in terms of that Midsole in terms of that more low Profile look that lighter look that You're getting uh overall in the magic Speed 3. I think with the Mac X it is Heavier Um you can run quick in it uh but I Think in terms of getting that nicer Kind of faster feel out of it you have To work a little bit harder which I Think it comes a little bit more Effortlessly on with the magic speed Team when you are running fast I think I've eased off and try to run a little Bit slower I think you know with the Magic Speed 3 doesn't quite work as well As you know as the Mac X in terms of Those slower kind of paces and I think If you wanted a shoe that worked from That point of view I think the Mac X

Felt a little bit nicer for me in those Easier runs but I think you'd get a Better level of cushioning and comfort I Think there's a little bit more going in That midsole for it to kind of kind of Ease off in terms of your kind of Quicker stuff and if you need to mix up Those Paces in a run then I think the Mac X Works a little bit Nicer but in terms of that General kind Of pop and you know propulsive Lively Feel I think you can get it here but it Feels more prominent in the magic Speed 3 and I think when you're running or Have been running in my quicker Pace in The magic Speed 3 has felt a lot nicer To run faster in I think you I have had Some nice elements of those kind of Faster kind of faster feeling sensation In the Mac X but again I think you know It's not as prominent as it is on the Magic speed three I think out so wise I Think you know I think you're maybe Getting a little bit more out of Durability or Um protection on the mag expert Ultimately you know as I said I've done More running in the magic Speed 3 I'm Seeing a little bit of wear just a tiny Bit on the hill but not a massive amount Um I'm not seeing a huge amount yet on The Mac X so from that point of view Durability seems pretty similar I would Say

Um I think in terms of grip again I Think absolutely fine I would probably Think I could you know run a little bit Like slightly off-road on with the Mac X I think there's a little bit more Protection there or level of rubber that You're getting there Um compared to the magic Speed 3 but in Terms of running on roads and Pavements Which I think those are the types of Environments you're going to be running Using these shoes and they they're Absolutely fine and not seen major Issues in terms of that grip and kind of Durability and side of things so yeah For me I've had good experiences with The magic Speed 3 and the Mac X I feel Instantly I've enjoyed running in the Magic Speed 3 I think the Um the Mac X you always have to work a Little bit in it um and also maybe you Know it's not an instantly great feeling Of running quick and it's straight away But I think once you put a little bit More time in it it seems to work a Little bit nicer maybe kind of softens Up maybe all in a place or makes it feel A little bit nicer to run quick in but I Think in terms of that raw kind of speed And giving that nicer faster feeling I Think the magic Speed 3 is the one That's kind of stood out for me whereas I think with the Mac X I think I said you have to work a little bit

Harder to to run a little bit nicer and It feels probably a little bit more Stable than the magic Speed 3 in general If that's something that you're looking For It also feels a little bit more Versatile and a bit more comfortable Running out those more comfortable Pace When you're not running at your quickest Too so the Mac X and the magic Speed 3 Were two shoes I was really excited About for this year both of them fit Into this super trainer category that's Getting bigger and bigger all the time And both are good shoes I'll say that Off top of the bat but I think they end Up being quite different in the runs I Really liked using them for uh the Hoka Is more cushioned heavier more built up More training oriented for me it's got a Nice smooth ride it's a comfortable ride But it doesn't really have a lot of Explosiveness when you start to look at Faster Paces I think it's probably a Little bit more bounce to it than the Magic Speed 3 because of that peaba foam On the top of the sole there but overall I found it a shoe that I preferred using For relaxed runs you know controlled Cruises long runs you know I picked up The pace a couple of times in it but it Did feel a little bit big and not Ideally suited to that for me whereas The magic Speed 3 is really performance

Orientated it's a very far shoe it's a Shoe that really performs well on reps I've done a park run in the shoe as well And I got all out in it and done 1K reps 40 meter reps 800 meter reps and then I Really enjoyed it for that and then I Tried some kind of more daily training Style runs on it you know short Progression runs generally easy runs I Think it doesn't feel the best for that Like it's okay it's not uncomfortable But it is a shoe that feels really Geared for Speed like and even when you Are trying to run easy you will get Tipped forward and pushed on in a way That doesn't feel entirely perfect for Those relaxed easy runs where as I do Think the Mac X has that lower gear and It feels a lot more comfortable and Enjoyable for those easy efforts if You're looking at performance at speed Though then I do think the magic Speed 3 Certainly has the edge if you're looking At a plated trainer as a fast shoe or a Shooter you could use for racing as an Alternative to carbon shoes the magic Speed 3 is a lot quicker better for Acceleration and nimbler when you're Going around corners and just in general I think a really good racing option Whereas the Mac X to me just doesn't Feel that great for those really fast Runs it's certainly a shoe that you can Do sessions in and they're fine in it

But there are a lot of shoes I prefer to Use for those sessions just lighter Shoes more Nimble shoes it's a shoe that You get into a nice rhythm with and you Can rock very nicely but if you are Trying to then turn on the gas on a Short rep or accelerate around the Corner it just doesn't feel that well Suited to it so yeah both in the Super China category but I think they're at Slightly different ends of the spectrum Within it magically 3 really is a far Shoe a fast trainer a racing option a Mac X is more of a daily trainer can Handle a little bit of everything but Loses out a little bit on that top end Speed [Music] So these are two good shoes I think the Magic speed three to me fits more a Super trainer should do in my opinion That's a really far shoe it has a plate In it and it's built for Speed and I Really like it I like using it with Speed sessions I I really enjoy doing That park run in it and I think it would Fit into rotation nicely as your speed Day Option and kind of b-race option if You're trying to preserve your full Super shoe for your best races the Mac X Is a little bit more geared towards Daily training it's a shoe that excels At the kind of runs that I probably Would just prefer to use a normal

Cushion shoe for or even something like The Mach 5 wouldn't necessarily go for a Play to shoot like this but it is a nice Shoe to use for relaxed runs it's got a Nice range to it you can use it for Speed workouts I don't think it's Perfect for those in the same way that The magic speed isn't really great for Easy runs so there are shoes that Actually don't cross over that much Despite being in the same category I Think Um that said I think probably overall The Mac X is the easier one to recommend Is the more versatile shoe I think it's True that loads of people will get on With you can use it for a nice variety Of runs and it's probably a better All-rounder but if you're looking at These two shoes for a speed first shoe So you a shoe that you're going to use For fast runs primarily then the magic B3 is definitely the better option for Me it's a much livelier more exciting Shoe as you want to be happy racing in That does almost live up to the standard Set by carbon shoes not quite it's not As explosive the phone's not quite as Good but it is a really nippy shoe Whereas the Mac X like I say is more one That I pick up to just travel around in All week and do the odd speed session in But I wouldn't love so much for all that Workouts

So my events on whether you go for the Asics Matic Speed 3 or the hokka Mac X I Think it comes down to a few things I Think if you're looking for the shoe Between these two that feels nice is to Run fast in I would say it's a magic Speed three it's lighter it really is Built for Speed and that's really what You get and that's where it really Impresses me or oppressed me in my kind Of testing in it with the Mac X I think You can run quick in this shoe but it is Heavier than the magic Speed 3 I think You have to work a little bit harder to Get something nicer out of it when you Are running at those faster Paces But Ultimately I think there might just be Three is Better Built For Those speedier Sessions I think what you have with the Mac X is maybe something that veers a Little bit more in terms of having that Versatility which I don't think you Quite get the magic speed through I Think if you wanted to run kind of more Comfortable Paces a little bit longer in This shoe and you want in a bigger level Of comfort protection and I think you're Going to get that in the Mac X where I Don't think you quite get that in the Magic Speed 3 but it really I think it Really boils down if you want a speedy And a daily trainer then I would say the Magic speed three if you want something That can give you you know work well

Face quicker but maybe not as well but Also can work for kind of like longer Runs and also feels a bit more Comfortable in terms of those kind of Less than kind of quicker Paces that you Normally do I think the Mac X will Probably give you a little bit more from That point of view but I think in terms Of the shoe that I would use long term Or would fit in somewhere my rotation a Little bit easier I think the magic Speed 3 just for those speed sessions Track sessions I would grab that over The Mac X where I think with the Mac X I Think if I want to do a comfortable long Run then maybe I would go for this that Work in places pick up the tempo but Hopefully I think there's other shoes In my rotation other shoes out there That can do that already you know in a Pretty good fashion too Okay so there you have it that is I've Taken how the Asics magic Speed 3 Compares it to the Hawker Mac X now if You've got any questions about this shoe Or you want to see other shoes compared To either of these let us know in the Comments as always like And subscribe Hit that little bell to find out about The latest videos and yeah we'll see for The next round test this video [Music]