The Puma Deviate Nitro 2 and Asics Magic Speed 3 are two of the better super-trainers available. The Puma is very versatile and can handle a lot of training while still being fast, while the Magic Speed 3 is very light and a viable alternative to full carbon racing shoes. Nick has put plenty of miles on both shoes and talks through the pros and cons of each in this video.

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Asics Magic Speed 3 Review:
Puma Deviate Nitro 2 Review:

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00:15 – Design And Key Stats
02:10 – How’s The Fit?
03:00 – The Run Test
06:48 – Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and in this video going to be Comparing the ax magic Speed 3 and the Puma devi8 Nitro [Music] 2 so the magic Speed 3 and the d8 Nitro 2 are both super trainers I think it's Fair to say they're both among the Better super trainers out there with Lightweight fast designs with plates That work well either as a training Partnership for a full carbon racer or To use as a racing shoe themselves the Magic Speed 3 cost £60 in the UK $160 in The US the DV8 Nitro 2 is $160 in the US As well but it's £45 in the UK so a Little cheaper the magic Speed 3 is the Lighter shoe it's 221 G or 7.8 oz in a Uk9 whereas the Puma dev8 nitr 2 is 276 G or 9.7 o in a uk9 magic speed has a 7 Mm drop and the DV8 Nitro 2 has an 8 mm Drop with a stack height of 38 mm at the Heel and 30 at the 4 foot magic Speed 3 In the men's shoe is 36 mm at the heel And 29 mm at the 4 foot and in the women Shoe both those measurements Dro a Millimet so it's 35 mm at the heel and 28 at the for foot looking at designs You've got a mesh upper on the pummer With a fair amount of padding at the Back there and some power tape additions To add a bit of structure to the upper The midsole is a dual density midsole With a top layer of pummer nitro Elite

Foam that's nitrogen infused PX on top Of the Nitram which is nitrogen infused TP you've got the power plate running Through that which is 70% carbon 30% TPU And youve got a pag grip out soole with Pag grip ATR at the back it's a thick Out soole with plenty of coverage there In the key areas and it offers really Good grip aex magic speed to has a very Lightweight upper it's a motion wrap Upper the same as on the metas speed Series of racing shoes little bit of Padding at the back but in general the Whole upper is designed to keep things Nice and light then you have an FF blast Plus midsole there's two layers of foam But they're both FF blast plus with a Carbon plate running through it which You can see on the bottom thanks to that Cutting out then you have got reasonable Outsole coverage again though it's a Much thinner and in general more Lightweight outsole than the pummer with Cutouts wherever they can to save weight And you've certainly got a little less Coverage at the heel in particular than On the Puma it comes to the fit I have a uk9 For both shoes which is a us10 that's my Normal UK size for both Brands and the Fits me pretty good in both of them the Puma devi8 Nitro 2 I've got no concerns About the fit at all has a good Comfortable hold at the heel and midfoot

With enough room in the toe box none of The heal R issues that were present with The first edition of the DV8 Nitro the Magic Speed 3 has a tighter more racy Fit it's a little bit tighter around the Toes and if you were to get an attic Shoe of the same size from the more Relaxed training range I think like the GEL Nimbus it would have more room in The toes but it's a bit more cramped in The magic speed to give you that race of Feel but I had no real concerns about it It's a comfortable upper good hold at The heel and midfoot again say neither Of them are the widest shoes in the World but I have quite narrow foot Doesn't really bother me but the aex in Particular is quite torpedo like so that Would be something to look out for So I've done a lot of running in both of These shoes and I am a fan of both of Them the Puma devi8 Nitro 2 was the one That I tested first it's a real Allrounder of a shoe you've got more Padded upper than on the aex and more Outsole which does make it a little bit More suitable for using day in day out For a variety of training runs and You've also got a slightly higher Midsole as well with I'd say a less Aggressive geometry you haven't got Quite such an aggressive 4-ot rocker in Particular that you do have on the aex You can still move nice and fast in the

Pumier devi8 Nitro uh to though and I've Used it for a variety of fast training Runs from allout track reps of short Distances to longer hard Tempo runs like A hard hour I remember doing in the shoe And really bouncing through it very Happily because although it doesn't have The flashiest ride it's a little bit Flatter than a lot of the Super Shoes Less bouncy despite the impressive Foams In there it does deliver really whenever You ask it to run fast it helps to Preserve your energy roll through Efficiently and just keep pushing on Those long hard runs or really get up in Your toes and Sprint on shorter reps so Overall it's the kind of shoe that you Learn to love over time like when you First step into it doesn't necessarily Feel amazing or that fast or that Impressive all round but you can use it Again and again and again for lots of Different runs and it keeps delivering a High level of performance and then you Really start to love it over time as a Result which is obviously what you want In a training shoe you're going to use a Lot whereas the magic Speed 3 feels much More like a racing shoe uh it really When you pull it on it feels very light You got aggressive 4-ot rocker you feel A bit more grounded and it certainly Just feels very quick indeed you've got That Nimble feeling because of the

Lightweight and although stack height Isn't that different it does feel a Little bit more grounded and direct than The pummer it's got much more of a roll Through ride than the pummer which I Said like I say has quite a bit more Snap to it quite flat feeling whereas With the aex you do get a noticeable Rocker as you go through and that helps To really deliver the speed across the Same kind of runs you I talked about With the pummer there it's very good Obviously for short stuff because it is So light and Nimble but it can protect The legs and help you roll through long Hard Tempo runs or you know Marathon Pac Sessions that kind of thing really very Well I've also raced in the magic Speed 3 because it does feel so much like a Full racing shoe I did a 5K park run in It and yeah it really does deliver a Performance very close to the level of a Full-blooded carbon shoe for that kind Of thing especially over shorter events Because all the ingredients are there Except for the foam which is not asx's Best foam this FF blast plus is not Quite as exciting and bouncy as the FF Turbo foam that asex has and if you're Running in the meta speed and then the Magic speed you will notice that Difference but actually using the shoe By itself that phone feels pretty good It's more bouncy than you might think

Given it's the phone that's used across The aex range on much more relaxed Training shoes as well and when paired With the carbon plate and the aggressive Of the shoe it does deliver a really Fast ride compared to previous models of The shoe and indeed the pumer you lose a Little bit of Versatility because it Obviously doesn't have as extensive an Out soole it's much thinner the upper is Obviously a bit more racy and built for Those fast sessions but same time I do Quite like just mooching around in the Magic Speed 3 as I did enjoy the magic Speed too as well like I said the foam Is just quite balanced and works for a Few different things you got that Aggressive geometry and you might find That you're running your uh you know Easy or steady runs a little bit quicker Than you probably should but it's a Comfortable shoe for sure and if you're Not going to be straying onto light Trails or anything like that you're not Going to mess up the outside too much so If you're just on Pavements I do think It works quite well as a general shoe When I was running both at the same time Uh it's certainly noticeable that the Aex feels a little bit smoother a little Bit softer at the back as well I'd say The pummer has a flatter ride and kind Of just feels okay but the aex feels Really good it's kind of thing where if

You pulled on both shoes for one run or Used them side by side you think oh the Aex is are much more exciting better Shoe it's a lighter shoe it's faster Shoe it feels great but like I say over Time as you use both shoes the merits of The Puma really come into play because It is still comfortable it still feels Good and it almost feels better the Longer into runs you get and it always Delivers it's a really practical shoe in That sense and you can use it for all Those speed sessions magic speed does a Lot of great things as well and it feels Great when you first P it on but I do Think over time the uh extra benefits You get from the Puma do start to tell If you're using it more as a training Shoot for Sure verdict I think these are almost Two slightly different kinds of super Trainers they both work as training Partners but with the magic speed it's a Training partner shoe in the sense that I think you use it for the same reasons That you use your carbon plate racing Shoe so if you did have the ax racing Shoe or any others you could use the Magic speed for all your speed sessions And then maybe some races that you're Not so fussed about like when I went and Did a park run in the shoe I wasn't Fully fit it was very wet want to go and Run a hard run out but I wouldn't

Necessarily use my main carbon racing Shoe if I only had one in my rotation Magic Speed 3 certainly fits the build As a shoe that will step in there and do Your speed sessions and your races or it Also works just as a cheaper carbon Plate racing shoe compared to things Like the metas speed Sky series is if You do want a carbon racer you don't Want to spend over2 200 magic speed is a Really good option is a fast racing shoe That works a nice range of distances Then the pummer is a training partner in A slight different way in that it eats Up all of your training miles pretty Much and then you could have your racing Shoe for race day and maybe you'd use Your racing shoe occasionally for the Odd speed session because the pumer Isn't quite as light and aggressive as a Full carbon shoe or the magic Speed 3 Does all your speed sessions really well In my experience but I still would swap From this two-way racing shoe if I was Going to go all out even at just a Fairly relaxed race whereas the magic Speed 3 I think has a little bit more Chops when it comes to the highend PACE Side of things the racing side of things Than the pummer and then the pummer Obviously has the edge when it comes to Just general use practicality better Outsole more rugged and padded upper it Does really break down like that for me

Like the magic Speed 3 is not a Badu I Think to use for a bit of everything as An allrounder but you've got to be on The right surface you've got to enjoy The slightly more aggressive feeling of It for even really quite chilled runs Whereas the Puma does have that balanced Traditional training shoe feel but then It does have a lot of pace if you do Start using it for your speedia sessions Then another big difference that Actually ends up being the case in Practice is pric they're quite similarly Priced on RP but the DVA Nitro 2 is one Of those shoes that is always in sales I Think last time I checked earlier today It was 80 quid for lots of different Colorways and things like that just make It even more attractive proposition Because if you are looking for a Training partner shoe it does everything Really well it's nearly always in sales There's a nice range of colors pretty Goodlooking shoe as well and I'd Probably say that's the one I'd go and Pick up if you are looking for an Alternative to a full carbon race racing Shoe or really want a very fast shoe to Add to your lineup as your training Partner super trainer then the magic Speed 3 is a faster shoe something more Exciting shoe to use as well than the Pummer but yeah the trade-off there is Versatility and maybe Comfort over those

Longer easy runs so yeah overall both Are really good shoes I hope they're the Kind of shoes that will end up in sales As well the atic I know the pummer is But hopefully the atics ends up dropping Near1 pound as well and then you've got A really nice lightweight fast shoe that You can use for a variety of purposes But overall in practicality the pummer Probably wins the day if you're looking At these as super train that you want to Do a nice chunk of training [Music] In that's our comparison or the magic Speed 3 and the Puma dev8 Nitro 2 let us Know what you think of both shoes in the Comments below please do like and Subscribe ring the little bell and we'll See you next Time