Like my top super trainer bic is this The Asics magic speed three now I Probably would have gone for the Sony Dolphin Speed 3 as well like some of the Other guys but the fit hasn't really Worked for me I think it's also maybe an Argument to say that the Mach 5 is quite A nice super training in my eyes anyway Um but in terms of those new super Trainers that have launched you know That none of them have been perfect and I think you know they haven't been all In one shoe that I thought they would be But I think the one that's worked best For me has been an issue that definitely Veers more towards a faster sheer one That you can use for your speed sessions And for race day it's not a shoe that Really is built for running a little bit Easier in like some of the other super Trainer shoes in this video but in terms Of the one that's impressed me the most It has been this you know it allows you To take the pressure off using your Probably less durable and kind of top Tier carbon shoes and giving that Feeling of running in those shoes but With something in a more durable kind of Design and I like the fact it's nice and Snappy it's you know it's very light as Well definitely prefer kind of more Lighter kind of super train