The best way to find out if the ASICS Metaspeed Sky Paris is a good marathon race shoe is to run a marathon in them. So that’s what we did. Run Tester Kieran took ASICS’ new carbon race shoe for a solo 26.2 miles around the streets of London to see what they’re like over the long haul. Hit play to find out how he – and the shoes – got on in our ASICS Metaspeed Sky Paris marathon test.

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Details: Stack height, drop, weight and price
0:50 – Shoe whip round: what’s new
1:29 – The Marathon Test
7:54 – Marathon Test Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers so How do you know if a shoe is any good For a marathon well the best way to do That I find is to go and run a marathon Distance in it so I have got the aex Meta speed Sky Paris on my feet and I'm About to go do a solo Marathon around The Streets of London to find out if This is any good before that I'll give You some quick details on what's new About this shoe and then we'll take it On some really quick details then Starting with the stack the metas speed Sky Paris has 39 and a half Ms in the Heel 34 1/2 Ms in the 4 foot for a 5 mil Drop it weighs in an impressively light 6.6 o or 187 G in my UK men's 8 and a Half test shoe that makes it the Lightest super shoe on the shelves right Now price-wise it will cost you £220 or $250 in the [Music] US let's give you a really quick shoe Whip around then with the as6 metas Speed Sky Paris has a new midsole Featuring a big St of flight foam turbo Plus peber foam there's a full length Flat carbon plate that sits higher in The mids soole and that's been widened In the 4ft region to improve the overall Bounce from the foam during toe off up Top you've got new motion wrap upper 2.0 And apparently that's approximately 8% More breathable flip them over and

There's a usual fairly thin and minimal Strategic rubber out sold for grip and To protect in the high impact areas There's not a huge amount of it here in The Hills that's one thing that we've Seen from Super Shoes in the Past So I think the plan for this solar Marathon is going to be to do 5 miles at Easy Pace as a warm up and then I'm Going to try and Link together 10 miles At my target marathon Pace uh for today which should be around 650s and then after that I'll probably Do another five easy and I might see for The last stretch of it what I've got to Really sort of push that I'm trying to Sort of recreate got some long run speed And fatigue out there and probably a Little bit further than most people Would normally run in marathon training But I was just want to I'm a bit behind On my long runs and I just wanted to use The 20 M I thought might as well use it To test the issues properly so yeah Anyway we'll go and see how that [Music] Goes [Music] So then I'm coming up to 6 miles in and The first thing to say about those first 6 mil easy in this shoe is this a shoe You definitely have to run in it took a While to get used to the platform it's

Very wobbly it's sort of very Inconsistent to begin with doesn't feel Entirely natural for those first Miles When you're running at easy Pace it took A while I think for the foam to come Alive or that midso to come alive and For me to start feeling like I'm in Control the shoe and not the other way Around now I'm moving and I'm kind of Cruising along and I've sort of dialed In and I so like I understand the shoe a Bit more at that easy Pace it feels much Better it's felt much more happy to Cruise along in I'm getting much better Landings any second now I am going to be Punching it up to Marathon Pacer we'll See how we get on [Music] There [Music] 16 miles done in just over 2 hours 2 Hours 10 I'm just taking a little Walking break before I go and do the Last 10 so of SL easier that marathon Pace segment actually was absolutely Bang on the shoes really came to life When I started to punch out those faster Kind of marathon Paces I was going also Slightly faster than Marathon at times They cornered well and some twisty turny Bits I feel like the overall kind of Hold on the foot is really good it's no Hot spots no rubbing Everything feels Nice and secure but what I'm really

Excited about in these shoes is that Kind of midle ride is really quite Lively there's there's loads of that Sort of springy cushion there's also a Stiffness I think to the to the base Which gives you a nice sort of spring Forward a bit of propulsion in the shoes They feel nice and light they're nice And Nimble you do have to be Concentrating on placing your feet kind Of with Precision you're trying to get That energy back out and you got to run Well in these shoes you've got to be in Good form to get the most out of them But like them when I was doing that that Worked a treat and there's no harshness At the moment coming back up so really Interesting I wasn't sure when I did my Earlier test for this the shorter fast Runs whether or not it might be a little Bit you know not protective enough over The long distance but so far foot Fatigue wise they've been great we'll Find out this is sort of where it really Sort of kicks in in the next 10 miles When everything gets a bit more tired And you start to drag a bit that's when You really sort of get a sense of a shoe And whether or not it's going be good For you in those last miles of a Marathon so yeah we've got about 10 Miles to go probably about another hour And a half running at the pace I'm going To move I about go and get on with

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] It [Music] Marathon is done in the aex meta speed Sky Paris I did it in about 3 hours 35 Good chunk of marathon pace in there Steady to begin with like first six Miles 10 mes marathon pace and then the Rest of it just kind of what I could Manage picked up the pace at the end There as well to see how they felt with Tired legs and what they would give me If I needed to go fast Last Mile in the Marathon and overall here's what I think These are good Marathon shoes initially When you're going slow at an easier Pace There's not stability and protection There I find them a little bit wobbly I Don't think that they'll necessarily Help if your form is a bit ragged they Are good when you are dialed in running Really well with good form and punching Out concentrated steady marathon pace Miles you know just ticking over they Respond really well when you're Landing You know you make good ground connection Getting that punch off but you're Putting something into the floor the Cushioning is plenty there's lots of Spring in them I think there's a really

Good energy in them from the kind of Overall stiffness of that midsole and They clip along really well they aren't Really the most stable when you rock Back and when you're running a bit Ragged there's a couple of times Actually my ankle sort of rolled a Little bit where I wasn't really paying Attention in those last miles to where My footsteps were going on uneven Pavements and whatnot so you have to Still be focused I think with these Shoes they Corner well though overall The Comfort on the feet is good the foot Fatigue well protected right to the end Even those last miles I felt pretty Heavy legged and these shoes there was Nothing coming up from the road to worry About you know particularly on the balls Of the feet where sometimes in carbon Shoes or some shoes you know you just Feel a bit of that that road coming Through or yeah you just feel the feet Tiring a bit there's nothing from that Here there's good protection from that Sort of cushioning perspective there's Not good protection overall when you're Talking about you know maybe looking After you from a stability point of view And not kind of you know having those Kind of hips wobbling and all those kind Of things but I think if you are able to Race a marathon in this shoe and you Know you're going to be able to hold

Your form and dial it in for 26 miles I Think these shoes are going to do a Really good job they've they've been Really Ace out there today actually I've Really enjoyed running in them they feel Nice and light they're ni and Nimble They're really agile there's plenty of Pop to them that Marathon test has Really only sort of confirmed what I Found when I did the speed session in These shoes and that is that I I really Enjoy running them I think mics have Made a very good shoe Here so back at the office recovered From the marathon and I wanted to give You a really quick sum up verdict now That that is over that solo Marathon Tes Has been done what can I say about the Aex meta speed Sky Paris well I think This is a cracking shoe the new midsole Foam has great spring to it there's a Nice stiffness to the ride I think that Really adds that to that kind of feeling Of propulsion that's what I really want In my carbon shoes they're incredibly Light they're really nice and agile very Precise you get exactly the kind of Punch you want from a carbon Rao they Feel Lively and they make you feel like You want to go out and race I think There's a real smidge of the vaporfly 2 About these shoes I love the vaporfly 2 And something more Compact and more Direct compared to those bigger carbon

Shoes that we've seen recently the Alphafly the New Balance SE Elite V4 the Endorphin Pros they do take some running In you have to learn the shoe a little Bit I find in those early miles and They're 100% better when you're moving Well with good locked in form and that Leads me to offer one word of caution Overall on these for the marathon Particular they're not very stable shoes And I think think you have to be running With good focused form to get the most Out of them they're also not going to be Your best friend at Mile 22 if your form Has gone to the dogs they're not really That forgiving and accommodating but if You're well trained if you're confident You can move light and fast on your feet For the full 26.2 I think aex has made a Very compelling Marathon shoe here it Might be better over the Half Marathon Distance for some Runners but I'm Certainly weighing it up as a potential Shoe that I used to run the Manchester Marathon in approximately 3 weeks I Think it is so there you have it that Was my 26.2 M solo Marathon test of the Aex metas speed Sky Paris I hope you Found it useful if you've run in the Paris please let us know how you've been Getting along with them would you choose It as your Marathon shoe if not what Else are you like to be lacing up if You're doing a spring Marathon very soon

And as ever don't forget to hit like if You like the video subscribe if you can Share this with other Runners that Really helps too if you're interested in Marathon shoes I did a solo test of the Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 I'm going to pop That video up on the channel about now Otherwise thank you very much for Watching The Run testers and we hope to See you again soon happy running people