The Adidas Prime X 2 Strung and Asics Superblast are two incredibly fun and bouncy shoes to run in, with both sporting massive stacks of impressive foams and, in the case of the Prime X 2, two carbon plates. Both are also very expensive shoes, however, especially since they’re best used as all-rounder daily trainers rather than racing options, in our experience. In this video Tom and Nick talk through the pros and cons of both shoes.

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02:37 – How’s The Fit?
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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and in this video we're going to Be comparing the ax super blast and the Adidas adiso Prime X2 [Music] Strong so the prime X2 and superlast are Two very expensive very high stack shoes That really can do a little bit of Everything but they're very much Examples of modern shoes and all the Tech they pack into the mid celles and Indeed the very high prices you have Here which is £195 or $200 for the super Blast £250 or $300 for the prim X2 Strong very hard to say those prices Without wincing a little bit Su blast is A lighter shoe it weighs 251 G or 8.8 o In my UK size 9 whereas the prime X2 is 33 G or 11 oz in my uk9 superlast has an 8 mm drop and stack height is 45.5 mm at The heel and 37.5 at the 4 foot the Prime X2 has a 6.5 mm drop stack heite Is 50 mm at the heel 4 43.5 mm at the 4T So the prime X2 is build as a racing Shoe from Adidas with all the tech that Got in the mid here you can see why You've got three layers of the Brand's Light Strike Pro foam that's the the Best foam they have in the lineup it's Used on the adios Pro 3 you was three Layers of Light Strike Pro and they Sandwich two carbon plates in the Midsole you got a few cutouts in the Bottom of the shoe there that show off

Some of the tech but notably the medial Side has been filled in a bit more with The prime X2 to make it a bit more Stable than the original shoe and Generally we've got a quite wide base Compared to the first version of the Shoe again with stability in mind you've Got this Continental rubber outside with Pretty good coverage there the whole 4 Foot's covered two strips of the back Not a lot of exposed foam and then the Strung upper which is layered Yarns and A new booty style fit on the shoe Compared to the first version basically Have that sock style tongue that hugs The foot rather than a separate tongue Little bit of padding around the heel But overall it's fairly lightweight on Top with the quite considerable weight Of the shoe packed into the midsole the Superlast has a dual density midsole With a big thick layer of asx's FF turbo Foam which is the same foam used in Things like the metas Speed Racing shoes You've got a smaller layer of FF blast Plus on the bottom there just to give a Slightly more durable bottom to the shoe You've got side walls of foam an Internal heel counter which you don't Really have on the primx and a really Wide base here to encourage ability with That high stack of a fairly soft and Bouncy foam in the mids Sal there got a Mesh shupper with a bit more padding

Around the back than you get on the Primx 2 uh though it's still quite Lightweight up top then you've got ahar Plus rubber used on the outside used Fairly sparingly they have covered the Key impact areas but you are getting Better coverage actually with the adid Dash shoe although the exposed time you See here is the FF blast plus which like I say is a bit more Hardy than the FF Turbo used in the rest of the [Music] Mid all right then Tom has entered The Fray now to talk about fit Tom how about The fit of these shoes uh super blast I've been wearing for a very long time I Think it's a very comfortable shoe Always goes on about how long he's had It every time yeah yeah I'm really proud Of the length of time I've had this shoe Um I would say super blast is a very Comfortable shoe it has the feel of a I suppose I suppose it's like a a Max Cushion shoe in some respects and for me It does feel like that it's slight Nicely plush inside um I'm a size eight In the UK this is a size eight I fits me Perfectly there's plenty of space in the For foot for me uh it's not the widest Shoe but it's it's definitely not a Narrow shoe um I yeah would stay to my Size in this I think it's very Comfortable uh the Adidas um now I had Some major issues with the first uh

First version of this um and I know that Adidas are Generally slightly smaller than other Shoes uh so I think I probably should Have gone up half size in the first Version um with this though I'm still a Size eight in this and I haven't had any Issues with it at all there's not loads Of space in the 4 foot so for some People they might need to go up uh half Size but I was completely fine with it I Found it very comfortable and I much Prefer this upper with this sort of sock Section on it to the original version Yeah I've got my usual size and B in the UK which is UK 9 in Adidas it's a US 9.5 It's a 10 in the A6 of the US which Probably why Adidas often feels a bit Small cuz they're always a 9.5 super Blast no concerns at all really Comfortable fit roomy toe box Ed that Sometimes comes up a bit narrow and Short in the uk9 for me but it's never That bad and this is a roomy shoe like Say Tom says I think it has a fit Similar to something like the Gel Nimbus Almost despite the fact it is a you know Fast shoe uh so yeah no concerns there I Did not love the fit of the Prime ex Strong one which ripped my heel to Pieces didn't actually feel like it Locked down tight enough given that it's Such a big stack of foam you're going to Run fast in it I think it's much

Improved with the prime x 2 I prefer This uh saki booty thing here as well I've got a good lock down around the Midfoot no heel rub in this shoe It Generally feels a bit more dialed in Even though the lacing system looks a Bit suspect for you know a big high Stack bouncy shoe like this that you're Going to run quick in so I was really Happy in my normal size yeah it's not a Small shoe like addas well if I get my Normal UK size sometimes will'll be Small and I'll need to size up like the Adios Pro 3 with the primx 2 I was very Happy in in my normal UK [Music] Size right onto the run test uh let's Start by talking about the super blast Tom since you've had it such a long time Apparently um well I've had it for ages Glad you mentioned it love the super Blast I just think it's a fantastic Allrounder um that does a lot of things It is it is really comfortable you can Use it easy runs it does it very well But also it's quite um it's you can use It faster as well it's you can you can Really pick up the pace I've used it for Quite a lot of my Tempo training when I Was training for Berlin um and I think The thing about it is it's even though It's like a big stack of um midell foam It's quite a um it's not firm foam but The actual structure of the shoe is

Quite firm so you get a nice pop off When you run so if you're picking up the Pace and you're running at speed it Really does a nice job of that um yeah I Just think it's a really solid fast um It's not the lightest sh in the world But it's it's a light shoe for for what It looks like um and and how it performs So um yeah I think it's a great shoe Versatile yeah I agree like it's def got A certain stiffness to it which does Help with the pace and I was mooching Around in it bit today I also use my Walking around shoe everywhere so Comfortable um and I think you get a lot More of the bounce when you start Running fast I think you're just going Around at easy Paces it's comfortable it Doesn't feel notoriously doesn't feel Very very very springy at all but it Does have a stiffness to it that rolls Through okay and then it has got a lot More Pace you might expect for a slab of Phone with no plate or anything in it It's still quite stable despite the fact It hasn't got any plate in it I find so You can do bit of everything like I've Gone down the track and done fast reps In the shoe I've done a really hard Punishing Road session in this shoe Where I normally use a carbon shoe and It performed pretty well I think all Around it's yeah pretty spectacular all Around shoe it does do a bit of

Everything it's a nice option for easy Runs though some people might prefer Less stiff feeling on those runs um but Yeah a really good shoe all around and Then obviously the prime X2 is build a Bit more as a racing shoe I personally View it more as a super trainer I think It works really well as a super trainer Rather than allout racer CU it's quite Heavy but Tom primx 2 what your thoughts Well the first thing you say about primx To is that it is really heavy I'm just Holding it here and it just feels like a Ridiculously heavy shoe if I if you gave Me this shoe and I didn't know anything About it I I wouldn't think it was a Fast running shoe um but the build of The all the sort of technical bits in The in the midsole there's like three Layers of midso foam is there two plates In it two plates it just it it does Despite that weight it it feels really Faster when you're out running in it I I've done a couple of part runs in this And I wasn't even going for a PB but I've got very close to my PB which is Not what you'd expect from a shoe that's This heavy um I I really like the shoe I I think the sweet spot for it is those Longer Tempo runs where you need to Maintain a consistent Pace um and it Just it's very nice at doing that it Just cruises you through a a like my my Um Tempo pace is like four 4 minute 05

Km and I was doing that a lot over the Past um couple of months for marathon Training and I found the shoe just work Perfectly for it I just could lock in Keep at that pace and the shoe just felt Really just enjoyable and and just Energetic and and nice uh and I think With the original version of it I I got That same feeling but um it just felt a Little bit I keep Ming about it being a Little bit wobbly and a little bit Unstable but it was really unstable um But I think with this one it just feels Less energetic but more cruisy for me I I always get more bounce from the primx 2 than the primx one which I think is a Faster shoe like it's a bit warbly it's A shoe that I I don't find unstable I'm Running in good know flat conditions Like a track or a fast stretch of road But it's not one I just take out Everywhere the primix 2 I do think you Can take out pretty much everywhere it's Stable enough to just go around your Local Pavements which I don't know Everywhere in London to me seem like They're a bit routy there's people there They're a bit uneven nothing's that well Maintained but I do think it's Spectacularly balanc it's probably the Balc ISO out there it feels really good At loads of different Paces think like So I do a lot of kind of easy to steady Runs in my daily training just

Progressing from around 430 okay down to Around 335 340 okay and it just ticks Off all those Paces really well that's Just down to just the top of my marathon Pace and I think it's a good marathon Pace shoe certainly and a good Tempo Shoe like you say I think it doesn't Necessarily feel great at allout PACE Just because it is a big shoe to try and Turn your legs over in but it's Certainly got the bounce for it and it's It feels like the flight time in the Shoe is just massive because it is so Bouncy and actually the weight doesn't Come into play that much I actually did A little poodle around in Bow shoes Earlier just to kind of see how they Feel and I don't really notice the Difference in weight that much even Though this is like 75 grams heavier in My size the primx compared to super Blast it doesn't feel that because it is So bouncy and it it was a lot bouncier Than the superlast actually at slow Paces I found um but then when you start Running fast the super blast gets Bouncier and the primx does as well but They have a slightly more even feel but I think where it might have a little Edge compared to super blast is not Necessarily all out speed but holding a Speed over the long distances is where The plates I think come in a bit which You don't have on the super blast it's

It's still quick it's Nimble you can Hold good Paces in it it's great for That but I think you get a little bit More punch from the prim X to because of The extra Tech in the midsole here yeah My my only thought on this cuz I've only Got half no I've probably done about 18 Miles in this uh in training uh I think I might use it for Abington next weekend Um because I'm not going to be racing Abington and and my my my concern is That it does feel really good up to the Distances that I've done but I'm just Worried that that weight is actually Going to become noticeable in the latter Stages of a marathon yeah when your feet Legs are tired picking it up we had both Of the same feeling I think with the Super comp trainer from you balance the First version of that which is amazingly Bouncy but start to drag a bit over 20 Miles but I don't know I don't really Have that feel that it's got a more Aggressive setup as well in terms of Things like the geometry compared to the Super blast which is a built a bit more Like a daily trainer in the way it lines Up I think Adidas we're still pitching This as a racing shoe even though I Think it works better as a trainer but Yeah I do think you get a bit more punch From it it's a little bit wobbler than The superlast is a more stable shoe the Super blast certainly I'd say it's got a

Wider base and all that but hasn't been A big problem for me with the primx I Wouldn't necessarily view that as a Massive concern but it's certainly not a Very stable [Music] Shoe onto the Verdi vent on we got two Exaggeratedly high shoes here with Exaggeratedly high prices as well uh Which one would you go for and what Would you use it for I guess as well Yeah so I think these are two very Expensive shoes and if we did this Versus or versus with one of these shoes And another shoe the chances are that I Would always say I might want one of These shoes but I'd end up buying the Other one because the price of these is Ridiculous uh but these are in a pretty Similar price bracket although obviously The the prime X is another 50 Quid on Top of the super blast even then the Super blast are expensive uh I would say If we took the price out of the equation I would probably go for the um Prim X at The moment just because I think it even Though they're both versatile shoes even Though um you can do faster stuff in the Super blast I think I can I'd rather Pick up the prime x 2 for those those Tempo runs that I was talking about um And those faster efforts uh just just Things they got a little bit more to it And it's you you can really pick up the

Pace quite a bit in it what you can in The super plastic just just not as much For me yeah that's for I think probably Where I am as well I think it's really Hard to call cuz I do like the super BL So much and I still have this like warry Of the Prime to it just doesn't keep you Honest like cruising through daily Training just feels almost too easy like My heart rate is not moving up enough as It should but I suppose the price Difference in the UK is about 50 qu it's About $100 in the US and that is a Substantial price rise the super blast Cuz I wouldn't use either of these shoe As a racing shoe I don't think they're Fast enough obviously they're illegally High stacked but I just don't think They're as fast as the racing shoes I Use like the Bly 3 which is so much Lighter and Nipper nippier than them so If I'm using them as a training shoe I'm I would save the money because the super Blast is a brilliant training shoe does Everything really well and I'd rather Have the cheaper shoe from these two Like UT I'd probably would then say well Save the money even more and go and pick Up the Endorphin speed or the ads Boston 12 but picking between them it is a big Saving and it is a fantastic experience Running the super blast money out the Equation I do think you get a better Experience from the primx to it's it's a

Phenomenally balancy shoe I know people Kind of have a bit of negative look at It compared to the primx one which is That more exciting faster shoe uh but I Do think this is the better training Option because it's got the stability It's got the um just generally better Fit on the upper I mean the primx one is Colored for me because it ripped my heel Shreds every time I tried to run it but Uh the prim is just so much fun to run In and it is bouncier than the super Blast for kind of cruising Paces fast Paces not too much in them but yeah it's A bit of a toss off you've got the Plates here which will help you hold Good Paces over long distances the super Lass is a lot lighter which as someone Like me who's got high Cadence turns Over their feet over quite High isn't Necessarily a big bounding run we'll Feel less bounce later on in the run it Probably just have the lighest but even Then I still think the prime X2 is a bit Quicker so yeah money is no no option I'd probably pick up the prim X2 but Given the saving the super blast is such A good shoot I'd probably get a super Blast I Agree