The Hoka Mach X and Asics Superblast are two of the best super-trainers available. The Superblast has a huge stack of bouncy foam and the Mach X has a Pebax plate in its dual-density midsole. Both are versatile and fun to run in, but which gets our vote? Tom and Nick discuss both shoes and pick their favourite in this video.

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02:04 – How’s The Fit?
03:11 – The Run Test
10:13 – Verdict

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Hello I want the lancasters my name's Nick and in this video we're going to be Comparing the Asic super blast and the Hoka Mac X So the Asic super blast and Pokemon X Are both shoes that fit into the Category of super trainers uh one has a Plate for Pokemon X the super blast Doesn't but it does have a very high Stack of asics's best foam super blast Is the more expensive shoe it costs 195 Pounds or 200 whereas the hook Mac X is 160 pounds or 180 dollars super Blaster Light issue is 251 grams or 8.8 ounces In my UK size 9 whereas the hokemac x is 265 grams or 9.3 ounces in the same UK Size despite the fact the super blast is A very high stack it tops out at 45.5 Millimeters at the heel and has an eight Millimeter drop whereas the hokumac x is A five millimeter drop and a stack Height of 39 millimeters in the heel in The men's shoe and 37 millimeters in the Women's shoe looking at the soup blast You've got a lightweight mesh upper a Little bit of padding around the heel And then you've got a dual density Midsole with a very thick layer of Asics's FF turbo foam the same Bouncy Stuff you get on the meta speed series Earns a thinner layer of FF blast plus Foam underneath that you've got Sidewalls of foam an internal heel count And a pretty wide design all to try and

Create stability given the high stack Height of the shoe and then you've got a Rubber outsole with fairly minimal Coverage but all the key impact areas on The bottom of the shoe are covered with The Mac X you've got a creole Jacquard Mesh up here with a game with a little Bit of padding around the back of the Shoe to increase its comfort for daily Training the pro fly x dual density Midsole has a top layer of Heber foam Over a bottom layer of EVA foam and the Shoe has a p-backs plate running through The middle of it with hoka's usual meta Rocker design there's also side walls of Foam on the Mac X it's got a reasonably Wide base again to create stability uh Despite the fact that you're dealing With soft Foams and high Stacks here the Mac X has a rubber outsole with pretty Good coverage which marks it out from The previous shoes we've seen in the max Series which have just had rubberized Eva outsoles All right I'm doing my Tom now and we're Going to talk about the fit of these two Shoes first Tom do these shoes fit They do fit and they fit fine the um Super blast uh Yeah it's um I'm a size 8 in the super Blast uh it fits come very comfortably It's quite plush for what I would expect From a shoe like this super trainer Um and yeah I've had no issues at all I

Definitely stay to my UK size uh eight And then the Hawker Mac X I know she did That before I probably say it's a bit Narrower than the super blast um but I Didn't have any issues at all I'd still Stay in my size 18 issue as well yeah I've got my normal UK size nine in both Shoes uh they do it slightly differently With Asics the uk9 is a us10 and with Hoka a us it's a US 9.5 in general the The Hawker I think is a little bit more Cramped and narrow either narrow for That suits me fine both shoes I've had a Completely fine fit in my normal UK size Definitely get a little bit more room in The toes and the super blast it feels a Little bit more relaxed fit in general Um but I was very happy in my normal Size Onto the run test uh let's start the Super last time you had this a long time Before any of us uh actually and uh now I've got it I'm happy to talk about it Because I was a bit jealous that I Didn't get to run in it because you're Very excited about it from the start Yeah it's a funny one um because I got It so much earlier than anyone else well You're the only other person who's got It at the Run testers but because I got It so much earlier I I really liked when I first started wearing I was quite Surprised I didn't I think you told me That it was worth getting in or you

People were talking about it quite a bit So I didn't really know much about it When I got it Um I assumed it'd probably just be like You know the Nova blast or something but I really enjoyed it from the office it's A really interesting shoe when you first Start wearing it because it doesn't feel Like you'd expect and it it doesn't feel Like many other shoes either it's it's Just It's just a lovely shoe to wear for all Different types of runs I I think when I Was when I started running in it I was Um I was I thought it was like a speed Shoe so I was just I was using it for Like faster runs Tempo runs Um but then for easy runs it felt great As well uh and it's just As them all I think just it's just a Really great comfortable all-rounder and Um I think I mentioned it the other day Where it doesn't have a plate in it but It feels like there's more to this shoe Like it like it should have a plating It's just there's a nice bit of rigidity To the midsole and there's a nice bit of Pop in it and Um yeah I really I really enjoy the shoe I actually put it down Full I don't know about March because We've had a lot of the shoes to test and I was doing a marathon stuff and only Recently now you've got it again have I

Picked it up again I've just been out For running it and um yeah I'm really Enjoyed it I think it's just a really Fluid enjoyable Um Cruiser that can do quite a lot of Stuff and I really like the ff2 and mid Softball midsole foam as well yeah I Agree I really love this shoe as well Well I told you when I got it in I was So excited and I actually couldn't use It for a while because we had a few Other shoes for embargoes I had to test First I was just walking around in it Looking forward to running in it and it Didn't disappoint it's got an amazing Midsole like the FF turbo phone we Haven't really tried on anything outside The meta speed in a series of racing Shoes and it's it feels different than This year's it's bigger it feels a bit Softer because it hasn't got the plate a Bit bouncier and like I said it really Can just do a little bit of everything It's um there's only light for its size For one and it feels almost you know Everyone was raving around the Nova Blast and I didn't really like it that Much this feels like what people were Saying about the Nova blast in a way It's like it's it's really bouncy it's Really fun it's really stable because It's such a big issue with so much width It is a huge shoe actually we were just Talking about this full size it's so

Much bigger than the Mac X in you know Similar size uh same size in the UK but It's just a lot going on there's that Big hill bevel so much foam on the first But it could really move like I took it Down the track and I was did some 800 Meter reps in it and you just you're Running really quick you don't feel like You're you don't really have any ground Feel um but you can run very fast in it I don't think that's what it's best at It's certainly amazing more for long Runs Tempo runs daily training but yeah I really enjoy it for very easy runs Probably my favorite runs in there are Just long runs Either with like a progression paste to Them or just relax long runs if you just Tick over really nicely so yeah it's Brilliant so much fun to use all around Now the Mac X now this issue that we Were also really really excited about Before using it uh probably hasn't quite Lived up to that excitement for me but How have you found itself well I I think It was sort of the opposite for me Because when I got the super Blaster I Wasn't really expecting a lot I didn't Know which about it I just I didn't know What it was for but when the hooker Max X was first mentioned I think all of us We went wow we've we've been banging all About the back five for so long and the Mach 4. hokka Mac x with a calm plate in

This is going to be something special MP Backsplate Um so I think it's it just doesn't Really If you're excited about it because it's Like that I'll come back five but better It isn't the hogga mac5 but better it's A different sort of shoe I don't think It's a bad shoe I just think it's not Really like a standout shoe it's very Nice Cruiser it it's nice and Comfortable to run in it's the sort of Shoe that you know you go out for a run You pick it up it's gonna do the job Does it does what you want it to it just Doesn't excel in any area where you've Got something like the sockney Endorphin Speed series that shoe excels in a lot Of areas it's re it's really fast it's Really comfortable it's just a great All-rounder Um I don't think this really does Anything exceptional it's just a solid Shoe that sort of sits in the middle of Daily shoes and a little bit faster but Um yeah where did you find it yeah I was Obviously super excited about it and Great colors great heritage for the Huggermack line you know good phones and Everything and the first run out of the Box I really enjoyed it like I did a Little progression run and I thought Yeah it was pretty good at all those Paces and I was looking forward to

Trying other runs I think it's going to Feel great for everything and it Actually just kind of left it there like It felt pretty good for the paces I did On those runs it was decent and easy Pace decent at a steadier Pace didn't Really like it when I actually pushed to Really fast runs I thought it was good Just not great Um compared to the rivals mentioning Like the Endorphin speed I think it's a Better shoe for cruising around in Probably better for long runs it's Comfortable it's stable but it's yeah it Lacks the wow factor that I don't think The Foams and the plate underfoot really Feel that amazing they're not that soft And bouncy there's a good rocker to it But yeah it just does lack a little bit I think for what I'd expect it didn't Actually feel very different to just Normal you know trainers like this is a Whole thing with supertronics is you're Paying a lot of money for a daily Trainer that's got something about it That makes it a little bit better than The normal daily trainers you could buy For a lot less and I found with a Mac X I didn't really get a whole load extra From it compared to some of the standard Day trainers Um so what I liked it and I think Actually it's got It's risen in my uh Estimation since I tested it because

Since then we've tested a couple of Super Trends we didn't like at all like They can borrow a pro and the New Balance um SC Trainer which do a similar Job to the Mac action that they're Geared more towards daily training but I Think the Mac X is a more enjoyable Shooter running than them it still I Think suffers by comparison to the best Super trailers on the market and it Doesn't really Stand out in the way that a super blast Does it just when you pull the bus on it Feels like something different it feels Really exciting you're spending a lot of Money but you are getting a really fun Shoe that can do loads of stuff and with The uh Mac X it feels like oh I pulled On a good shoe here but I don't think I Pulled it anything particularly special And I'm not sure I'm paying super super Trainer prices for it yes I'd agree yeah It's it's not the sort of shoe that I I Look at my cupboard of dozens of shoes Uh like like tonight I went out for a Run it was just an easy run it's not not A bad pace for me but I wasn't really Good at getting out for it I saw the Super blast thought I want to put that On Um saw the back X didn't even cross my Mind I didn't think I'm gonna put that One on tonight so yeah it's just it's Just not a shoe that I think

Really you know impresses in any way but It's fine every time I want it it's Gonna be completely fine I just you know For the price um I'm not reaching for it Yeah I think it's just a good shoe it's Just a really good shoe and that kind of Isn't enough I think in this category Really when there's already really good Shoes from like the Mac five as a more Normal shoe Foreign To the verdict I think we've probably Made it quite clear which way we're Going to go here Um Tom which would you pick out of these Two shoes yeah super blast obviously I Think super blast is just more enjoyable It's just a great shoe to pick up but I Think it's more versatile I think it it Just has a lot more going for it I love The foam I think I think the real I Think that foam is where the the magic Happens it's just a you don't get a lot Of Foams like this I don't think it's It's it feels soft Um but not too soft and it's really got A really nice bitey bounce back to it as Well which I really enjoy about this Shoe Um and you just you just you just get Something from the shoe I you know Sometimes you wear a shoe and you Remember the experience that you have in That shoe I get it from the super blast

So I can I can look back on the times I Run out guide I remember how that feels Whereas the Mac X is just just fine just Just does the job I don't really notice Anything about it I don't really think Um there's a there's like an experience From it that is is noticeable Um I think if you bought a pair of these Um you would be happy I don't think You'd be annoyed that you bought them Um but also if you tried a few other Super trainers I think you'd probably go I wish I'd bought that other one yeah I Mean there's a price difference consider Here but the super blast I think is is You know merits its price thing in a way Like it's a really really good shoe it's Really versatile you spend a lot of Money on it but it's pretty hard wearing And it's going to replace probably two Shoes around your rotation because it Can do so much stuff and it's really Enjoyable to run in now obviously the Mac X is a bit cheaper maybe it's a Slightly more um normal shoe that more People get on with I don't know but I Don't really see any area of performance That I really prefer the Mac x to the Superbus even with the plate I thought The super blast has got the similar Levels of pace with fast runs the Mac X Is just a little bit cheaper if you're Really just going on money then there's Other shoes I'd be getting instead of

The Mac X for the same price things like The Endorphin speed and I think the Superloft is worth a little bit extra It's a shoe I'm desperate to start Popping up in sales basically because It's having now tested it and loved it The only thing that really holding back From really saying that's great you know Whacking in my rotation is the fact that It is 200 quid for what is a phenomenal Daily trainer but you know still is a Daily trainer and usually I say save Your money on those you can spend them On carbon shoes but um yeah in this case I would be paying the extra to get a Super blast it's just a real experience Like you say when I was out on my run Earlier I I was thinking I I got a fear That um the same thing will happen with The super blasters with an overblast and I liked the first note blast quite a lot Um that that they're going to make some Changes in the second one and it's going To lose that You know why why Everyone likes it so Much Um you know nobloss is like a real Surprise hit for Asics like they weren't Really talking depressed about it Dishing out samples trying to get a load Of hyper and it was really successful And then the suit blast was kind of the Same it was quite hard to get a pair Into review and discuss it and like

Because we all work for Outlets outside Of the Run testers and yeah this wasn't Really um wasn't really happening I Think now maybe there was a bit of an Under supplier as well which probably Helped you know get the hype going and Now they've come out Pushing it a lot more I think because They realize I've got a big hit on their Hand so hopefully they don't change Loads about it or just just leave Everything to refresh shoes every year Some more colors because this is a Really good color actually some of the Early ones weren't great So that's the comparison of the hookah Mac X and the Asics super blast let us Know what you think in the comments Below please do like subscribe ring the Little bell and we'll see you next time