The Saucony Kinvara Pro and Asics Superblast are both super-trainers with stack heights that exceed 40mm, and dual-density midsoles designed to deliver a comfortable and versatile ride. In this video Tom and Nick talk through the pros and cons of the two shoes, and say which of the pair they’d get.

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02:31 – How’s The Fit?
03:32 – The Run Test
10:00 – Verdict

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Hello and welcome to the Run testers my Name's Nick in this video we're going to Be comparing the Asics superblast and The Saucony kinvara Pro So the Enviro pro at the super blast are Both Big Mac stack shoes that are Designed to do a little bit of Everything really they fit into the Super trainer category of shoes as such They come with very high price tags the Asic super blast costs 195 pounds or 200 Whereas the converter Pro is 200 pounds Or 180 superlass is quite a light shoot Despite being a very big one it's 251 Grams or 8.8 ounces in my UK size 9 Whereas converter Pro is 303 grams or 10.7 ounces in the same size they both Have an eight millimeter drop but with a Super blast the stack height is 45.5 Millimeters at the heel then 37.5 at the Forefoot with the converter Pro it's 42 Millimeters heel and 34 millimeters of The forefoot they both have dual density Midsoles and with a super blast you've Got a big top layer of FF turbo that's Asics's best phone the stuff used on the Metaspeed series and then a thinner Layer of the FF blast plus foam you see On things like the magic speed and lots Of shoes actually so shoot a phone they Use across their range and it just gives A slightly firmer more durable base to The shoe you've got a mesh upper with Some padding around the heels pretty

Lightweight job all round there are side Walls of foam your foot sits within an Internal heel counter to try and add Some stability to what is a very big Shoe it's also quite wide and then on The outsole you've got a heart plus Rubber used fairly sparingly but it does Cover the key impact areas on the shoe There is some exposed foam there and Actually even little pockets of gaps That you can see through the FF blast Plus layer and with Saucony the midsole Again is your density the top layer is Power run PB again it's the foam used on Talking's Races well the sucking Endorphin Pro races anyway the Endorphin Elite uses the power on HG foam then the Bottle layer is power run and you've Also got a power run plus sockliner so Three layers of power run in total hoop Blast doesn't have a plate in it but With the canvara pro you have a Three-quarter length carbon plate Running from around here to the front of The shoe and you've got Saucony speed Roll geometry going on as well to create A nice Village ride the upper has a lot Of little plastic overlays around the Front there again you've got good Padding at the heel and internal heel Counter small side walls of foam to Create some stability in a very big shoe And then there's no outsole at all on The canvaro pro you've got the power Run

Phone that's been molded to create a Tread there so the grip is still pretty Good but you don't have any rubber on The bottom there to increase the Durability at all Foreign By Tom to talk about the fit of the two Shoes Tom can you give me your Impressions of the fit yes so these are Both UK size eights uh I'm a UK size Eight uh the super blast I have found to Be very comfortable nice bit of room in The forefoot uh quite plush uh all round Really comfortable shoe converter Pro Pretty similar uh I'd probably say I Didn't find the camera Pro as Comfortable it's probably a little bit More restrictive for me but I mean I'd Still stick to my size in in both of Them fair enough yeah I have my normal UK size which is a uk9 with these two Brands that's a us10 it's the same size I have in all the brand shoes from Asics And Saucony and yeah no problems at all Fits me really well good amount of room The soup blast is quite roomy in the toe Box sometimes Asics gets a bit tight With some of its race issues but this Has got a good amount of room up front Good hold around the midfoot and heel no Concerns of either in my normal running Shoe size [Music] Foreign

To the run test then so these are two Massive shoes loads of cushioning Underfoot uh feel quite different though It's fair to say Tom what have you been Your impression of these two shoes on The Run well the the two shoes that I've Had very very different experiences from From the off basically so when I first Picked up the super blast and started Testing it I was the first run tester to Get hold of this over to Botany Christmas actually just after I was Bragging about that yeah well you know I Often get things before you lots nice to Actually uh have something to talk about Um the uh so I started wearing it and I Was instantly impressed by this shoe I Thought it was really fun uh versatile Shoe it's a lovely Cruiser the Cushioning is quite uh nice but also has A little bit of pop in it not loads but A little bit it's just a great versatile Shoe and I've I stopped using it a while Back uh because I had a loaded loads of Other shoes to test and recently for Birthday marathon training I've picked It up again and started using it for Some longer runs and it is as good as I Remember it's just a lovely shoe to wear You could use it for easy runs you can Use it for Tempo runs Um and I think the thing about the Mid-soft foam is it's not really for Term but it does have a nice bit of kick

To it as well so you can pick up the Pace quite nicely in it so yeah Absolutely love the superlass I think It's One of the best shoes that's come out Did it come out this year ended last Year this year end of last year yeah I Think I I'd Echo a lot of that all Around like it's got the big stack of Foam but it's really lightweight it's Really lightful it is I think mine's Like 250 grams in a UK 9 which really Changes the feel of a shoe that's this Big you know if you're not looking at it It doesn't feel that big and I think Yeah it's really versatile I've Loved Using it I think it's at its best for Those long runs like you say it's not Got the softest sinking bouncing feeling As you might expect given the size of it But it does have a little bit of oomph There it's quite stiff so you can get a Good bit of pace going through it I'll Turn down the track in the shoe I've Done a really horrible session doing I Think like six sets of uh five minute Reps of a certain heart rate and really Was pushing hard to get the heart rate Up to those levels and it is really Versatile I don't love it for all that Speed stuff but you can do it in it and Then everything else I do love it for Like it's really such a good Cruiser Like and despite it it is a little bit

Ungainly to look at and it's not but not Actually the smoothest shoe in the world But it still feels pretty smooth and It's got so much going for it across a Variety of runs which all is what is Meant to be true of the canvara pro as Well that's you know a shoe that's also Got a lot going on the missile big high Stack plate in there as well but it Doesn't quite add up to the same kind of Experience on the run for me how about You Tom yeah so I think when we first Reviewed the canvaro pro I I really Didn't like it at all Um when I was first testing it I was Actually Coming off of an injury or just I just Come off an injury so I wasn't that fit At the time and I think that really made It not work for those runs I just didn't Enjoy those runs at all it felt very Heavy it felt very clunky I think I said It felt a bit like a clog in the in the Review you did call it Um and I every time I ran in it over That period I felt the same thing and I Know other people have reviewed it and Said that it's actually quite a good Shoe I just couldn't get my head around It um when I first started testing it Now after I've been doing marathon Training for a while and I'm quite fit I've tried it again Um and to give it a little bit of a

Second chance I do think it's now that I'm a bit fitter and I'm running faster In my Um sort of Base pace for easy runs is Probably a little bit faster and a Little bit I'm a little bit easier find It a little bit easier to do those runs I do think it's a bit better than what I Initially thought Um it's definitely better when you pick Up the pace a bit but still I do I still Think it's a heavy Very firm clunky shoe and just when you Compare it to most of the other options Out there I just don't think it's Anywhere near uh versatile or as Enjoyable as as their options yeah I Think my view is pretty slightly soft I Don't know over time but it doesn't Really mean I've come around on it I Still don't think this is a really great Shoe uh I think the impact of the best Foam in this shoe which is that thin Layer of power on BB foam is really Muted by the thick layer of power on Underneath the insole everything about It and it is really big and heavy so It's got a decent rocker to it and you Can find a Groove with it at times like And you just roll through and it feels Okay like I think it's okay for those Easy runs but you know that's it's not Brilliant for them I still prefer I Think it's a more comfortable shoe and I

Did when I did try and pick up the Pacing issue running on similar actually Exact same spot near me trying to run And do a run to heart rate in the shoe It just fell just not getting much back I really don't think I can engage the Plate in it get much Bounce from the Foam or anything and I was putting a lot Of force on it but in that session I was Running 330 348k pays and just trying to Go and just didn't really feel suited For that and I still don't think it's That also to the other end of the Spectrum sorry it ends up being Shoe designed to lots of things it does Do lots of things but I don't know if it Does them that well for me at any point And it's just a lot of weight you know The big heavy the big stack shoe like This you expect a bit of weight but Actually what the super blast has shown In this area is that it doesn't have to Be that heavy if you've got a big shoe Like this if somebody had made the Midsole all from power on PB maybe it Would have been a much lighter shooter More enjoyable experience that kind of Thing they obviously made decisions it's More stable it's a pretty stable shoe But I imagine the super blast is Unstable because it's so wide so yeah it Ends up a shoe that is okay but I Struggle to think when I'd want to pull It out and use it compared to other

Shoes I'd also show actually one last Thing would be that the um not having an Outsole is a bit of a strange thing for A shoe like this like I did you know you Get a bit more feel for the ground but You've not really any feel for the Ground because it's such a big shoe it's Okay on grip and durability but it isn't As good on grip and durability as a shoe With an outsole so it's a really Expensive shoe that you can use lots of Running that doesn't have an outsole That seems a strange system it's not Like Asics put loads of rubber on the Outside of super blast but there's Enough there that will protect the foam A bit and help with longevity and these Are really expensive shoes you're meant To use for lots of different runs you Want longevity really well I have we're Well aware of my issues with running Shoes at the moment the the back section I like to destroy on any super shoe I've Taken that down quite heavily on here Yeah so I've taken the uh the tread off Of the bottom of that so and that's Probably only in about 90k after doing This so I'd love to know how fast you'd Be if you weren't scuffing your feet as You wrap so would I so would I Um yeah but that's yeah it's nothing Good I'm not sure Foreign Shoes big super trainer style shoes with

Big price tags Tom which are you getting If you're choosing one of these tissues Well I'll do this in two ways one is if You offer to be both these shoes I would Go the superlass straight away no Questions asked it's the easiest choice At two pairs of shoes I'd probably have Uh it's just better more comfortable Um more versatile I enjoy running in the Shoe it's a holiday shoe you can take it Away and you can do all your runs in it Just really like this shoe Um canvara Pro I don't pick it up for Any runs basically so it's an easy pick For me and the other side of that is Coming down to price but these are both Two very expensive shoes so when you're Paying that much money for those for for A pair of shoes you want it to be really Really good because there's a lot of Competition out there now for any you Know some very expensive shoes out there That do a good job but yeah you've got To pay the money for them and I just Don't think you get it from the Canberra Prayer I think the super blast even in The super blast I would say is probably A bit too pricey for what it is but um It's at these two I if I spending that Much money I'd I'd want the superlust Yeah I suppose that the Gap in price is Pretty bit bigger in the US where Pricing's a little bit crazy here in the UK and it's a better Chief but you know

If you are looking purely on price and Starting to find these things suit plus Too expensive there are a lot of other Shoes I'll be getting ahead of the Canvara probably better too but Um which we've talked about in our full Review but so I know it's going to Detail here but yeah like you're spend a Lot of money on these shoes to get a Shoe that some people will never be Worth to me like we love the superloft We've you know whacked lyrical about it Many times in videos but I still want to Say that you should expect a Life-changing experience like a hiking Issue it is a very very good daily train It does everything really well and I Really love using it but for some people That will not be worth two hundred Dollars 200 quick I think it will never Be worth that and you can find great Shoes for a lot less than that but if You are spending a lot of money the Super blast will give you a very good Experience whereas I think if you spend A lot of money in the converter Pro I Don't think it really delivers very much I think I'd prefer to use a super blast Or any kind of run really so if you're Putting in a pulling in a Big Mac stack Shoe here super blast is my preference For sure doesn't have the plate but that Doesn't really in any way limit its Performance compared to the converter

Pro uh you just got I think a better Phone and a better geometry and setup to The shoe that means it moves a lot Better at any kind of pace and part of That is just the fact it's so much Lighter I think and you get the outsole At the end of it as well so yeah all Around I go for super blast and if you Are really worried about price I Wouldn't get the camera Pro I get Something else