Eight ounces in my UK size 9 whereas Enviropro is 303 grams or 10.7 ounces in The same size they both have an eight Millimeter drop but with a super blast The stack height is 45.5 millimeters of The heel and 37.5 at the forefoot with The kimbara pro it's 42 millimeters heel And 34 millimeters of the forefoot they Both have dual density midsoles and with A super blast you've got a big top layer Of FF turbo that's asics's best foam the Stuff used on the metaspeed series and Then a thinner layer of the FF blast Plus foam you see on things like the Magic speed and lots of shoes actually So shoot a phone they use across their Range and it just gives a slightly Firmer more durable base to the shoe You've got a mesh upper with some Padding around the heels pretty Lightweight job all round there are side Walls of foam your foot sits within an Internal heel counter to try and add Some stability to what was a very big Shoe it's also quite wide and then on The outsole you've got aha plus rubber Used fairly sparingly but it does cover The key impact areas on the shoe there Is some exposed foam there and actually Even little pockets of gaps that you can See through